Tattoo Bali Design Ideas: Mandala Tattoos’ Various Meanings and Interpretations

The Mandala designs are loved by many, including us over at tattoo Bali who always find something new to admire about different mandala designs we see. Aside from the intricate linework and the sheer display of attention to detail that these tattoo designs have, the mandala has a spiritual significance to both the Hinduism and Buddhism. The word “Mandala” itself is Sanskrit that means “disk” or “circle”. And going by that definition, there are virtually endless ways to make a mandala tattoo unique to you in terms of design.

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Getting a Mandala design for your tattoo Bali 

Although the mandala design has been increasing in popularity when it comes to tattoo Bali that does not mean that just any artist could get your tattoo done. Not all tattoo artists are adept at doing fine lineworks and such. Just like with getting any tattoos, research your artist and choose one whose portfolio reflect what you have in mind. This should be one of your top priorities before getting tattoo Bali whether you have a fixed design in mind or not.

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But what if you did not find a mandala tattoo among the works of your favorite tattoo artist or the best tattoo shop in Bali that you’ve found? That does not mean they can’t do it. So here’s to look out for before you ask the artist: 

Things to look for for a mandala tattoo artist:

  • Artists who are adept at intricate linework 
  • Artists capable of producing fine details 
  • Portfolio in symmetrical and geometrical shapes 

And remember, the best place to get a tattoo in Bali will always be happy for consultations. 

Mandala as a spiritual element

The Mandala tattoo holds spiritual concepts both in Hinduism and Buddhism, and in both religions, the design itself holds an all-encompassing concept. In Hindu meditation, the mandala represents “focus” – one of the ways to achieve a clarity of mind, to better understand the world and the cycle of life.

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The use of the Mandala design in Buddhism has fundamental similarities to that of Hinduism as well. In Buddhism, the mandala if often interpreted as a symbolic image of the universe itself. All of the symbols and elements that make up a mandala are thing that contribute to the flow of the universe itself. 

Rebirth and karmic circle: a reminder of the fickle nature of life

For some people, the mandala tattoo may represent a spiritual awareness of the phenomenon of rebirth and reincarnation. Both Hinduism and Buddhism as a whole believed in this concept, and certain mandala designs are used to represent that. But to have a mandala best tattoo in Bali, one does not have to be spiritual.

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However, the interpretation of “rebirth” itself does not have to be spiritual for it to relate to your very own personal experience. A rebirth can be interpreted as the fact that you’ve survived catastrophic events to you personally. It could also mean a continuous growth for towards a better self from the little things that you do and work for everyday.

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Tattoo meanings are inherently personal 

Just like languages or any other art form, meanings are something assigned by humans. This is the reason why one artwork can have so many different meanings. What a mandala mean to you can mean an entirely opposite concept to another. This can also mean that, people may not assign any meaning to the mandala tattoo they get. It may just be that they like the art and they decided to get it tattooed on their body. For a design as impressive as the mandalas? That wouldn’t be much of a problem, aesthetic-wise.