Investing More In Content Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Business

The value and credibility of content marketing has been proved and that is why today companies invest in more on it to skyrocket their business. With content marketing, the goal is faster to achieve because it is more targeted and specific. Through content marketing, a company has a channel to to increase their brand visibility while showcasing their leadership expertise to their target audience. With the right content management strategy, your business will be able to grow significantly. 

Planning for a strong content management strategy for your business

With how our world keeps moving toward digital age, solidifying your content management is a must. People spend their most of their time online. It should be used as a platform and channel for you to implement your strategy to the fullest. And here are how you can utilize content strategy management to boost your business:

Defining your business objectives

Before utilizing content management strategy, it is best that you define your business objective first. There are many things that can be your ultimate goals such as reaching wider audience, boosting your revenue, driving more traffic into your web, increasing brand awareness, boosting social media engagement, etc. Identify and decide your objectives so that you can determine what strategy to implement with your content management. With clear, specific goals, you get to plan more targeted strategy that works. 

Identifying your target audience

To utilize your content management strategy, you have to first identify who your target audience is. Who are they and what they need or interest are important factors to determine the success of your strategy. Remember that different audience may consume different content. Hence, you can generalize your audience. Instead, pay attention to their interest, behavior, and needs to provide the right content meant specifically for them. Then, identify how they consume content. Some people might like consuming contents through podcast, social media, etc. Then, you can tailor the best strategy that fits their unique needs. 

Determine the type of content

After identifying the type of target audience, next you have to decide what type of contents to deliver. There are many different forms of contents you can create such as blog posts, podcasts, brochure, video, etc. Today, video is one of the most consumed types of content by people. You may also use videos to boost your business. Start with small project so that you can actually see the progress and measure the result more accurately. Hence, you can decide what steps to do next or what to adjust accordingly.

Be consistent in utilizing your content management strategy

When it comes to content creation, you need to manage it constantly to build trust with your target audience. Keep in mind that trust and reputation is not built overnight. It needs constant nurture to build good relationships with your audience before they become loyal customers. To make sure the process is not overwhelming for you, always start small with your strategy and set realistic goals. Keep monitoring the progress until you get the ultimate recipe.

Komodo Tour Packages And How To Choose A Reliable One

Visiting Komodo National Park to see the famed Komodo dragons is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The national park, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, is the best accessed from Labuan Bajo, a tiny port town on the Indonesian island of Flores. Komodo Tours and the surrounding islands are easily organized in Labuan Bajo, and while many travel writers advise waiting until you are in town to schedule a tour, this is a huge error. The trips provided by locals are poorly run, with a clear disregard for safety.

Komodo Tour Packages And How To Choose A Reliable One - sundeck lelya liveaboard

Furthermore, the excursions are rushed, the boats frequently break down, and they do not adhere to the set timetable, which means you may miss out on some of the national park’s best sights. It’s recommended to book your Komodo tour online in advance with a more reputable operator to ensure you enjoy the best possible vacation.

Why Shouldn’t You Go on an incapable Komodo Tour provider?

Before arriving at Labuan Bajo many tourists did a lot of research regarding the best tours to the Komodo Islands. Making a reservation for a Komodo tour online is pricey. Wait until you get to Labuan Bajo to schedule a trip, find a komodo tour provider suggested by several travel bloggers.

As soon as you arrive in Labuan Bajo, your aim is to select the greatest Komodo island tour available. Along the main street, there is a slew of tour companies, each providing something slightly different.

Half of the tour businesses had a lot of negative ratings, while the other half didn’t have any internet presence at all – which was a bit of a red flag given the other local operators’ awful reviews.

One of the frequent themes in the negative reviews was that the local operators’ boats were often ancient and unreliable. Not only are the boats unreliable, but many of them are filthy and infested with rats.

No matter how many times you read that you should book your Komodo tour once you reach Labuan Bajo, don’t believe it. Although the trips you may book online are more expensive, the price difference is perfectly justified because the tours are of significantly greater quality.

It’s fairly common for tour operators in Labuan Bajo to mislead you in order to get you to book a tour with them. You will meet a number of people who lie to about their itinerary. Their tour company said the itinerary included a stop at Padar Island, but on the day of the tour, they were told they wouldn’t be going there as they didn’t have the time.

Where can You get a dependable operator?

We can’t stress how important it is to select a trustworthy operator, especially if you’re planning a multi-day trip or a liveaboard. Despite the fact that it will cost extra, it is well worth it. Searching TripAdvisor for a reputable operator is the first step.

Make sure the excursions are sorted by ‘best reviewed’ before searching through providers. Examine the top operators’ TripAdvisor pages and read reviews to confirm that the bulk of feedback is good and that there are no recurring concerns with their tours.

Once you’ve determined that an operator is trustworthy, go to their TripAdvisor page and click on the website link to check what types of tours they provide and if they have an itinerary that meets your requirements.

The Effect Of Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business

The Effect Of Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business

In business, one of the rules in setting goals is to make it achievable or attainable. It is understandable to follow the rule since more attainable goal is more possible to achieve. In business, things realistic and logical should what drive us to move forward. So why setting a goal that is impossible to achieve in the first place? However, will it really affect business badly if you set unrealistic goal?

Create the sparks through unrealistic goals

In setting business goals, there is rule followed by business owners called SMART. The A in the acronym stands for achievable or attainable. However, for some startup following SMART goal may not be a smart move. In fact, setting some unrealistic goals could create some necessary sparks to take your business to another level so here is how to explain it.

Unrealistic goals help overcome fear of failure

Unrealistic goals help overcome fear of failure

Many business owners struggle with the fear of failure especially in the beginning. Meanwhile, fear of failure will only reduce your chance of reaching success. Failure and success cannot be separated and they often go hand in hand. Just because you have failed, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to succeed. In business world, there is never a bad thing to become familiar with failure. It helps improve your resilience and perseverance to grow better. 

When you fail at something while building your business, your failure teaches you valuable lessons for your current and future business ideas. Do not consider failure as your ticket to doom but use it as learning opportunity. It only comes when you go through the experience yourself because the book won’t teach you that kind of learning opportunity. 

Unrealistic goals help keep you motivated

With unrealistic goals, you are driven to work harder because you are full of motivation to reach them. Your goals may seem unrealistic but you still have to work harder to make them more possible to attain. Also, there are many talented people in the world but not all of them can reach their success. What distinguish successful people from the average ones is their hard work and determination. Hence, setting unrealistic goals don’t always create bad effects. You can make them your motivation to put in more work. 

Unrealistic goals help you become more committed 

Growing a business is not an easy thing to do since you need to make sure everything is in the right order for you to achieve your goals. There are many challenges you need to overcome on daily basis and if you are not committed enough, it will be easy for you to give up. Hence, unrealistic goals can help build your perseverance, making you more fully committed to the cause of growing your business. 

When you are more motivated, you are the goals will keep you no matter how unrealistic they are. You can consider unrealistic goals as something you desire so you always have the motivation to overcome any obstacle that come in your way. 

Things That Ruin Your Credibility With Investors

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

Trust is needed when it comes to building healthy relationships with your investors. It is not only your project that can be at risk when you neglect that factors but you also may lose your credibility with the other investors. Finding the right investors is already challenging and you don’t want to ruin your credibility by taking the wrong steps. 

Building trust with investors

Looking for investment partners is not something new in business. When you work on a serious project that add value to customer with such an innovative ideas then looking for the right investors is necessary. However, you need to be careful in doing so because wrong steps might put your credibility in vain with investors. And here are things you can put into consideration:

When it comes to investors and investments, be realistic. It means you need to make sure that you are taking only the right number of investors and the right amount of money from them. Too many investors and too many investments will overwhelm you. You need to be realistic with your valuation and calculate the timeline when your investors can expect a return. 

Remember that more money doesn’t guarantee your project to be successful. When you get high cash, it means you need to give quick return. It brings more pressure on your side so remember to also always have exit strategy and manage expectations that you can handle. 

It is also important to pursue the right investors. Money is essentials but not the only factor to consider when finding the right investors. Hence, it is essential that you know what kind of investors you need. Do you want investors who pour their money generously but impose requirements that you are not able to fulfill? Or do you want short-term investors who aim for quick return? 

The answer is in yourself. You need to know what kind of capital that suits your business’s project. This way, you can avoid ruining your own credibility. Remember that your business needs to grow in the long run. It is best if you make business model and stabilize it beforehand so then you know what you are looking for.

Another thing that can ruin your credibility with investors and investment is the way you use your capital. Money is like a weapon in business and if you don’t know how to use it or where to funnel it to the right area of your project then it will be a waste. It won’t do nothing to your business but ruin its credibility. Therefore, you should make business plan to communicate with your investors. Your business plan should lay out your step-to-steps milestones. This way, investors know your sustainable growth. 

It will also help your credibility if you are prepared with business plan as well as a set of achievable long-term and short-term goals. Then, always deliver regular reports to your investors to keep them engaged and know the progress of their investment to the worthy project. 

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is very challenging to make decision when your business faces crisis. Just like every business is facing right now, the crisis is caused by the pandemic of coronavirus. It is inevitable and the only thing we can do is adapt and do the best we can to survive. However, there might be those who face more challenger during the crisis while handling their business. Finding certainty is important to know the future of the business itself. 

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

How to be clear in decision making during crisis

Running a business requires you to think and do carefully because every decision you make will affect the whole business. Also, there are those who just started their small business and suddenly had to face the pandemic and their plan got ruined. It is not easy to find clarity in the middle of this kind of situation. You may start searching another job or keep going with what you have even if it is uncertain. However, it will be better if you can gain clarity before making any decision.

Navigate Your Plan 

Even if your business faces the crisis, it doesn’t mean you should just quit and give it up. You must have your plan that you made before in the initial stage of building your business. You can be disappointed or even a bit frustrated with the situation but you also have the power to get back up. Look into your initial plan and see if there is something you can take a note of that helps your business to stay strong even in the middle of crisis. 

Keep on tracks with business activities

It is also easy to fall into procrastination when you are dealing with crisis because you feel like the world is going to end. However, it is even better if you can pick up your routine and keep your tasks in track. You can make new plan of day-to-day activities and see what you can accomplish. Daily fulfillment will build your hope up, making you gain more positivity. This is also a way of visualizing your dream. You may feel like your dream of being successful entrepreneur just crushed. However, you may feel recharged once you pick up your routine. 

Meet or talk with people to gain some clarity

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is different between thinking yourself and talking with people. Talking with people allow you to gain more perspective so you can see your problems from different angles. It is not possible for you to gain solution from the conversation even if the others don’t really give you the answer or advice you expected. Somewhere along the conversation, you may be struck with an idea you have never thought of before. 

Share the struggles 

You can also try to form alliances with people who may share the same struggles as you. This can form new strength for you and your business to get back up and stay strong facing the crisis. Do not limit yourself to just meet people with the same interest. It is great to meet new people. 

Establish More Loving Work Environment 

There are many reasons causing a business to fail. One of them is less productive team. However, it also happens for a reason. There are many factors causing team members to feel unsatisfied, less motivated, and stressed. One of the most common reason is negative work environment. One of the solutions to deal with this problem is to create more loving work environment to make your team members experience happy and positive spirit on daily basis. 

Strategies to establish more loving work environment

When work environment is healthy and loving, the is higher chance of your business to achieve success. Not to mention that it is the kind of work environment that is more supporting for your team members as human beings. They are not robots so developing a work environment that is loving can build positive energy between them. 

healthy loving work environment

One of the first thing you have to fix is your business culture. There are more important and impactful factors aside from fear, scarcity or efficiency. They are compassion, empathy, authenticity, and collaboration. These aspects bring more benefit to business over time. When you show empathy and compassion within work environment, you spread positivity. There will be positive system built between team members. The systems you create within work environment should be able to acknowledge, consider, and respond to your team members’ suffering and emotions. 

A little goes a long way

Increase your appreciation to your team members so they will also do it between them. Expressing gratitude sometime is a very hard thing to do in professional setting. This happens especially because every individual has been given their own role so when they accomplish one thing, it is considered as a task instead of achievement. However, this is one of the common reasons why workers and employees are not happy with their work. They feel less appreciated. Therefore, you can express gratitude more within work environment to increase the feelings of joy, relaxation, optimism, and purpose. 

Feedback vs criticism

Stop criticizing and giving feedback instead. Feedback and criticism are two different things. When you give your team members feedback, you help them to improve and develop. When you keep criticizing your team members, they feel condemned or demoralized and it’s not a good thing. Give feedback so that your team members feel supported. They will improve themselves and try their best to perform better. 

Remember that we’re all humans

Treat your team members as human not only an asset or resource. Every individual in your team is human who has feelings, talents, strengths, weakness, potential, imperfections, and real emotions. Thus, create work environment in which you give them space to get to know and understand each other better. Make sure to create a system where everyone’s feelings are acknowledged and validated. Always remind everyone in your team that they are valued not just for what they do but also for who they are. 

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Aside from several points above. It is also important to main authentic work environment. As a leader, you can model authenticity in leading your team. Establishing more loving work environment needs trust between each other.

Defining Styles of Traditional Interior Furniture in Yogyakarta

furniture yogyakarta

When it comes to solid wood interior furniture Yogyakarta the country definitely does not lack high quality crafts. Rich in natural resources including rainforest, it’s no secret that Indonesia has been one of the leading forces of furniture exporters in the world. Quality hardwood materials aside, are you fond of the traditional styles produced by the local craftsmen? Furniture Yogyakarta definitely has its own styles 

Interior furniture in Yogyakarta 

home furniture yogyakarta

Many if not most furniture sold in Yogyakarta are supplied from Jepara; a regency known as the city of wood for its staggering supply of timber the region produces for both domestic and international market. Ordering furniture in Jepara, aside from the high quality materials, they’re also known to be highly versatile as well. By the keen eye, the handmade furniture in Indonesia can be cleverly combined with other pieces furniture that are more streamlined and modern. 

Furniture distinct motifs 

The dragon design is frequently featured in interior furniture Yogyakarta and this is undoubtedly influenced by Chinese culture. Indonesia’s own culture is influenced by numerous other culture that makes it unique; and this is reflected in the furniture industry as well. The dragon motif is particularly intricate; perfect for one of those timeless piece of furniture suitable for centerpieces of your room. 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Another distinct Indonesian carving on furniture is the mystical creature Garuda, sometimes depicted entirely as a bird (a great eagle), or a cross between a humanoid form with eagle wings. It’s one of the most intricate traditional design that has stood the test of time; and having it as a part of your home’s interior furniture would definitely stand out. Furniture with such motifs are great for centerpieces as it showcased skillful craftsmanship and history. 

Furniture Yogyakarta unique patterns 

toko mebel jogja

One of the most frequent recurring patterns in furniture Yogyakarta that you’ll find is one of the famous Batik patterns. The Wajikan is definitely among the types of Indonesian traditional patterns that occur across many types of furniture Yogyakarta. Just like many Indonesian traditional works, the carvings are often both delicate and intricate. These designs are painstakingly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it’s definitely among the unique defining characteristic of your furniture that makes it stand out. 

Aside from batik or wajikan patterns, there’s also floral pattern with curvy leaves. This type of pattern is most prevalent in traditional wooden doors in houses that still feature traditional house fixtures. However, combined with modern pieces, they could make a beautiful both complimentary and centerpieces for your interior furniture Yogyakarta. 

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Custom-made furniture 

Furniture suppliers in Indonesia are known to be quite versatile in their production. They’re known to take custom orders, whether it’s traditional interior furniture Yogyakarta or other styles. If you prefer a more contemporary style for your furniture Jogja then all you have to do is consult your furniture suppliers. In fact, many manufacturers across Indonesia have accommodated streamlined furniture styles to accommodate the changing demands of market. When looking for places that customize make sure you browse for toko mebel Jogja or mebel Jogja in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Bali Tattoo Studio Facts to Consider Before Getting Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are cute and trendy and they certainly has their own charm. However there are certain things you need to be aware of before you contact your Bali tattoo studio and decide that you’re getting tiny tattoos. Tiny tattoos have the advantages of being easily hidden. It’s perfect for people who might have certain restrictions that limit them to have body art or body modifications, whether it’s because of work or other reasons. It’s certainly convenient in this context. However, if you don’t have such restrictions, have you thought of why you’re opting tiny tattoos instead of regular-sized ones?

bali tattoo studio

Tiny tattoos are great, but they come with their own set of complications. Before you get tattoo Bali with your desired design, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

Bali tattoo studio trend on tiny tattoos 

Tiny tattoos are here and they’re going to stay, that’s for sure. Many people love them, some first-timers think it’s a good idea for their first tattoo to be a tiny one. But before you decide on a cute little tat, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

There are Bali tattoo artists who won’t do tiny tattoos 

Art is a highly personal endeavor. And this of course applies to body art just as much as any form of art. Aside from the personal styles and fortes of each artist, you need to remember that some artists just are not willing to do certain types of tattoos. It can be that your artists just don’t specialize in that type of tattoo, or they simply don’t like doing tiny tattoos. Many artists in Bali tattoo studio consider their works speak as their own means of advertisements. And let’s face it, tiny tattoos just won’t do that. Some people won’t even notice they exist. Whatever their reasons  are, know that some artists just won’t do them. 

studio tattoo bali

Tattoos with fine lines fade fast 

Tattoos are meant to last forever on your skin, yes. But your skin changes. It shed and stretch and grows. Needless to say, tattoos change over time. Discolorations, fading, and everything that could happen to your skin will happen to your tattoo. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that tiny tattoos that usually consist of really fine lines are going to get the most of the burnt of whatever happens to your skin. Tiny tattoos fade faster, that’s just fact. 

tiny tattoos fine lines bali

Tiny tats are cool and all but are they going to last? 

Those who are just considering their very first tattoo might think that going small is the right way. And it is. But going tiny might just disappoint you in the long run. The mechanism in tiny tattoos often mean that they’re not going to last for as long as regular tattoos. It’s a simple fact that fine lines will fade faster, period. If you want your very first tattoo to be something that will last, it’s better to rethink getting a tiny one. You can consult with your artist on how to create a design that’s originally for tiny tattoos to a regular-sized one, with less fine lines. 

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Tattoo Bali Design Ideas: Mandala Tattoos’ Various Meanings and Interpretations

The Mandala designs are loved by many, including us over at tattoo Bali who always find something new to admire about different mandala designs we see. Aside from the intricate linework and the sheer display of attention to detail that these tattoo designs have, the mandala has a spiritual significance to both the Hinduism and Buddhism. The word “Mandala” itself is Sanskrit that means “disk” or “circle”. And going by that definition, there are virtually endless ways to make a mandala tattoo unique to you in terms of design.

bali tattoo

Getting a Mandala design for your tattoo Bali 

Although the mandala design has been increasing in popularity when it comes to tattoo Bali that does not mean that just any artist could get your tattoo done. Not all tattoo artists are adept at doing fine lineworks and such. Just like with getting any tattoos, research your artist and choose one whose portfolio reflect what you have in mind. This should be one of your top priorities before getting tattoo Bali whether you have a fixed design in mind or not.

tattoo bali mandala

But what if you did not find a mandala tattoo among the works of your favorite tattoo artist or the best tattoo shop in Bali that you’ve found? That does not mean they can’t do it. So here’s to look out for before you ask the artist: 

Things to look for for a mandala tattoo artist:

  • Artists who are adept at intricate linework 
  • Artists capable of producing fine details 
  • Portfolio in symmetrical and geometrical shapes 

And remember, the best place to get a tattoo in Bali will always be happy for consultations. 

Mandala as a spiritual element

The Mandala tattoo holds spiritual concepts both in Hinduism and Buddhism, and in both religions, the design itself holds an all-encompassing concept. In Hindu meditation, the mandala represents “focus” – one of the ways to achieve a clarity of mind, to better understand the world and the cycle of life.

lotus mandala tattoo design

The use of the Mandala design in Buddhism has fundamental similarities to that of Hinduism as well. In Buddhism, the mandala if often interpreted as a symbolic image of the universe itself. All of the symbols and elements that make up a mandala are thing that contribute to the flow of the universe itself. 

Rebirth and karmic circle: a reminder of the fickle nature of life

For some people, the mandala tattoo may represent a spiritual awareness of the phenomenon of rebirth and reincarnation. Both Hinduism and Buddhism as a whole believed in this concept, and certain mandala designs are used to represent that. But to have a mandala best tattoo in Bali, one does not have to be spiritual.

ankle tattoo mandala.jpg

However, the interpretation of “rebirth” itself does not have to be spiritual for it to relate to your very own personal experience. A rebirth can be interpreted as the fact that you’ve survived catastrophic events to you personally. It could also mean a continuous growth for towards a better self from the little things that you do and work for everyday.

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Tattoo meanings are inherently personal 

Just like languages or any other art form, meanings are something assigned by humans. This is the reason why one artwork can have so many different meanings. What a mandala mean to you can mean an entirely opposite concept to another. This can also mean that, people may not assign any meaning to the mandala tattoo they get. It may just be that they like the art and they decided to get it tattooed on their body. For a design as impressive as the mandalas? That wouldn’t be much of a problem, aesthetic-wise. 

How Technology Affects Business In The Future

There is no doubt that technology is a powerful aspect in our life including how a business runs. Running a business is considered easy today in operative matter. That’s why it is important to acknowledge the existence of technology if you decide to run a business, online or not. It is powerful tool you can use to optimize the chance of your business to grow bigger. In fact, lots of people agree that technology will inevitably change the way we live and work. Technology has created variety of devices that contributes in transforming the world of business gradually and surely. 

Business and technology in the future

There are lots of business owners who focus their company on technology-oriented. Advanced data as well as automatic system are often used to develop the way the business works. There are many aspects of business are affected by the rapid growth of technology such as product manufacturing, customer service, bookkeeping, marketing analysis, and many more. That’s why it is hard to separate business and technology because it makes the advancement of business more significant.

business tech

However, it is also known that not all people can accept the way technology morphs itself into the world of business. Some of people in the business industry are still facing some hurdles in using technology for the growth of their business not only because they don’t like it but lack of in-house technical expertise. Even though most of business goers acknowledge and embrace technology, difficulties are inevitable. However, it would be such a waste to miss the opportunities of business’s rapid advancement due to the inability to use advanced technology. 


The use of advanced technology in your business can be significant especially in the efficiency of works and performance. There is a wide range of jobs in the business you have to handle. Some of them are repetitive. Therefore, you can automate a system to make those works easier to handle with proper technologies. Therefore, you can allocate the time for other urgent and important matters. 

Train your workers

To optimize the use of technology for your business in the future, you have to   teach your team how to use if properly. Thus, the technology you use won’t go to waste. You can upskill your current employees without hiring new people who have experienced in AI use. You can create special training program for your current employees to perform their task using high-technology devices or AI.

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Artificial Intelligence

Today, lots of business owners try to implement AI or Artificial Intelligence to their business operation. It is not a bad idea but it has its own hurdles to face. It is important to figure out the challenges and optimize the long-term value. It will be beneficial if you can navigate your technological strategies to specific objectives of your business. Thus, it is highly suggested to not just follow what kind of technologies the others use for their business because it might not work the same for yours. You have to know and understand your business along with its characteristics and objectives.