Trick Yourself To Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

Trick Yourself To Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated
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Lots of people say that we need to drink at least eight glass of water per day to stay hydrated. However, every individual may have different needs because how much water you should drink is calculated by various factors such as your overall health, your activeness, the climate in which you live in, etc. For some people eight glass of water a day can be too much or not enough. It is just rough calculation of how much water you should drink, not a mandatory one. You may need more than eight glass of water a day if you work outdoor or under harsh sun exposure with rigorous activities. 

Drinking more water in disguise

Keep in mind that water is not the only source you should get to stay hydrated. There are many fruits which in water composition that can also hydrate your body. You can trick yourself into consuming foods and drinks that are packed with water but disguised as something else. Here are some of the tricks you may consider:

Opt for foods that are high in water

There are many foods that are high in water such as cucumber. In fact, it is water disguised as vegetable. This delicious and versatile vegetable contain more than 90 percent of water. You can incorporate cucumber into your daily meals such as salads, salsa, or slice of toast. There are more foods that are high in water as well such as berries, watermelons, melons, mangoes, tomatoes, apples,  pears, peaches,  and lettuces. By opting for more of these foods alike, you will hit your daily water target effortlessly.

Making your own drinks

Instead of grabbing sodas or other high-sugary beverages, consider making yourself your favorite drinks that are healthier and more delicious. For example, you can make iced tea where you can control the amount of water you want. You can also control how much sugar you want to use. If you feel too lazy to keep making a cup of iced tea each time you crave for it, why not making a jug of flavored tea and infuse it as you wish. Keep it in the fridge and you can enjoy it anytime you want. 

Consider dilution

Sometimes, there are types of foods or drinks you can part ways with such as beer, high-sugary fruit juice, and even caffeinated drinks. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are known to be dehydrating. To keep yourself hydrated, try dilute your favorite drinks with water. For example, drink a glass of water after you finish your beer.

Hydrate your outside part too

Being hydrated is vital not only for the organ inside your body but also for your skin. In fact, it is the largest organ of your body and you need to keep it hydrated. Spray some face mist every 3 or 4 hours, and cool yourself down for better body temperature control. Your skin tends to dry out especially during cold months, so spritz away to keep it hydrated. 

Eating Habits That Benefit Your Skin Health

Eating Habits That Benefit Your Skin Health

Your skin is important because its role to protect your body. Not to mention that your skin affect your appearance. By having healthy skin, you can see the glow you radiate even without so much makeup being dabbed. The key to glowing, healthier skin lies on your plate. The healthier the things digested into your gut, the more benefits your skin gets. Aside from choosing the right skincare products, it is also important to choose the best foods and adopt good eating habits in general, such as:

Eggs in everyday menu

Eggs are the sources of protein and other important nutrients needed by your body. They are also great sources of lutein that help skin stay hydrated and firm. Not to mention that eggs also contain amino acids which contribute to boost collagen production for the skin. Include eggs in your everyday diet is a such a good eating habit to implement. Besides, eggs are so easy to find. 

Consuming vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant to fight against free radicals, making your skin healthier. In fact, vitamin C is important key for clear, glowing skin. Not to mention that it is also great source to boost your immunity, making your body more able to protect itself from infection. Include foods contained high vitamin C such as orange, lemon, papaya, broccoli, guavas, sweet potato, pineapples, and more. If you are limited to reach those foods, you may consider taking vitamin C supplement recommended by your doctor. 

Do not skip veggies

No matter what meals you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, always include variety of vegetables in them. Vegetables are sources of vitamin and minerals good for body as well as skin. They help protect your skin from UV rays. They also keep your skin hydrated and damage-free. Opt for fresh vegetables in various types and colors. Bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, carrots, cabbages, tomatoes, radish, lettuces are some of vegetables that can be found easily in the markets.

Go nuts

Nuts are sources of vitamin E which is a great key for healthy skin. Vitamin E is important aspect to promote healthy skin-cell growth. Not to mention that they also contain fatty acids such as omega-3, as well as selenium, and zinc to prevent your skin from sagging prematurely. Nuts help maintain your skin to look youthful and plump. Nuts can be combined with any kinds of foods you like from porridge to salad, nuts are pretty flexible to blend in. 

Limit red meats and go for fish

Instead of red meats, it is more recommended to include fish into your diet. Fish are reliable sources of fatty acids such as omega-3 which help build healthier skin cells in your body. Fish are also good to help deal with inflammation which in turn prevent your skin from flaking and dry. There are many types of fish you can include in your daily meals such as sardines, salmons, cod, tunas, etc. Fish are also easy to be made into variety of delicious dishes. 

What to Consider Before You Buy Your Organic Skin Toner

What to Consider Before You Buy Your Organic Skin Toner

Toner is the skincare step you do after cleaning your face and prepping your skin before serum or moisturiser. It can give your skin an extra burst of skin-healing chemicals that can be personalized to suit any skin type or condition. There are tons of toners available in the market; but for people put high consideration to their well-being, organic skin toner is simply the best. 

Toners used to be limited to astringents that, while beneficial for some people with oily acne-prone skin, were far too harsh for any other skin type. They often contained alcohol, which can dry out all but the oiliest of skin, stripping away the skin’s natural barrier. Today though, formulas have come a long away, and there are organic toners for any skin type and to treat any number of underlying conditions.

When it comes to toners, you’ll want to match the components to the problems you’re seeking to solve. Before you start looking for the best toner for your skin, there are a few things you should know.

Be aware of your skin type and problems

What to Consider Before You Buy Your Organic Skin Toner

When looking for a new skincare product, the type of skin you have is always a major consideration. Using a treatment designed to treat oily skin on someone with dry or sensitive skin, for example, could be harmful. 

Normal, dry, sensitive, oily, or mixed skin are the many types of skin. If you’re not sure which skin type you are, read our guide to the best natural face washes and cleansers, which includes a description of each skin type. If you still require assistance, you can speak with your doctor or dermatologist.

Aside from the various types of skin listed above, you may have other concerns or conditions that you’d like to address, such as antiaging and fine lines and wrinkles, breakout reduction, and dull, patchy skin. Different toners can be used to target a variety of issues. Determine what you want to treat, then study the labels and make your decision. 

Switching to Organic Skin Toners & Other Products? Add One New Thing at A Time

Switching to Organic Skin Toners & Other Products? Add One New Thing at A Time

If you add an organic toner to your skin care routine or replace your current toner with a new one, be sure it’s the only change you make. You’ll be able to see how the product affects your skin this way. If you change anything else, you won’t be able to tell which adjustment in your routine had an impact on your skin.

If you notice any negative side effects, stop using it right away. With frequent use, minor issues such as modest redness or irritation will normally worsen. Thus, you really don’t want to have any unpleasant responses to a toner that you are going to be using everyday. Sometimes adjusting the amount you apply (typically by lowering it) will help relieve irritation, but more often than not, you’ll have to try a different toner. Remember that skincare is a journey, not a goal, and that you should continually be checking in on your skin’s health to reevaluate your needs.

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Think About How You Usually Use Your Skincare

Depending on how the toner is made, there are a few different ways to use it. Some solutions are thin liquids that can be distributed with your hands or a cotton ball, while others are misters. If you are applying the toner at home, whichever toner you use won’t be a problem. But if you are going to the gym or travelling, you might want to consider misting toner. There’s also newest organic toners in soaked pads, which makes the application even easier! Not everyone have to adjust their toner based on their lifestyle, but sometimes this consideration helps. 

How Running Can Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

How Running Can Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

Running is one of the most commonly practiced physical activities. There are many benefits of running for your body such as building muscle, improving cardiovascular health, losing weight, maintaining stamina, etc. Through studies, it was found that runners gain around three years of life over non-runners. Also, running can help improve your knees and back. In addition, running can help maintaining blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. 

Running to improve your mental health

However, the benefits of running don’t stop at your physical health. Running also brings benefits your mental well-being. Thus, many people, regardless of their professions or background use this physical activity to keep their mental-health in check. Here are ways running benefits your mental well-being:

Managing your stress better

Running brings significant benefit to manage stress because after a run, your body releases endocannabinoids. It is chemical substance similar to cannabis that floods your bloodstream and reach your brain. This results in calmer, relaxed mind. No wonder many people, especially those business leaders do this physical activity to stay focus because the level of stress can be reduced significantly. 

Boosting your mood

When you feel upset, try running instead of laying down on bed. It is known that running can help lift up mood. Running as mood booster is scientifically proven. As mentioned earlier that after a run, your mind feels a lot calmer. Hence, it reduces the level of anxiety and depression. Running helps your body to plumps more blood into your brain. Some nerves and parts of the brain that contribute to mood changes will be eventually affected positively through running. 

Helping mental health issues recovery

If you are in the process of recovery for your mental health issues, running can is one of the most recommended physical activities to try. Regular running can give the same effects similar to what medication does to relieve symptoms or anxiety and depression. Many professional therapist recommend and encourage their patients running to support their recovery journey. However, make sure that you are not overdoing it especially if you have other physical health issues. Make sure to talk with your therapist and doctor to get the best advice and suggestion. 

Maintaining your focus

Running can help you more focus because it helps you sleep better as well. Running helps your body to relax which makes you easier to fall asleep at night. By having a good night’s sleep, your brain works in highest potential, making you facing no difficulty to stay focused. It also results in affecting your mental health positively because you can see people with great daily sleep tend to be in better mood. They don’t get easily irritated by small things and blow up. 

Running is an activity full of benefits both for your physical and mental well-being. It is also easy to carry out anytime and anywhere. You don’t need particular equipment to do it optimally either. Hence, start a good habit of running and include it in your daily routine to help boost your overall health.

A Destination Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

A Destination Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort what to Know!
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Bali has a distinct and dynamic culture to go along with its stunning scenery of clean beaches and green hills, which make it just a perfect backdrop for a wedding. The island also has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it ideal for outdoor weddings on the beach or in the middle of a tropical jungle. Many luxury hotels and resorts make excellent use of their surroundings, providing unique wedding settings for those planning a wedding in Bali. Places like Nusa Dua beach resort is popular for its secluded, white sand beaches and calm water. It’s a great place to tie the knot, indeed. But before you rush to book your upcoming wedding, here are some important things you need to know.

Determine Your Budget for Nusa Dua Beach Resort Wedding

The first step in determining your wedding budget1 is to sit down with your fiancé and any other significant family members who may be contributing to the overall expense. You should first establish how much money each of you is comfortable putting down, and then look into how far that budget will carry you. It’s a good idea to have an anticipated guest count and a list of your non-negotiables on hand so you don’t miss out on anything that’s particularly important to you as a couple. Keep in mind that with destination weddings, the couple is not required to cover the costs of each guest’s airfare and resort stay.

Blocking Rooms in Nusa Dua Beach Resort for Your Guests

Blocking Rooms in Nusa Dua Beach Resort for Your Guests
Image source: Instagram @dolokphotography

Guests could sleep in the same resort as you or in other hotels. Some brides and grooms, though, choose to sleeps their family in the same hotel for convenience reason. However, here’s the big question; who will pay for the rooms?

Traditionally, guests are expected to cover their own accommodation and transportation costs, but it’s critical that you make this as obvious as possible. Provide recommendations for lodgings or booking websites to subtly set expectations. If you’ve reserved a hotel room block, make it clear that each guest must book their own room. The finest tools for spreading the news will be your wedding website and save-the-dates.

Ask for Group Discount, if Possible

Many locations and resorts are aware of the growing popularity of destination weddings and are keen to participate. Most hotels, like the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort provide some type of destination wedding package at an incredibly low price to stay competitive,. Weddings in resorts bring in a lot of money with little effort on their side. When scheduling a major event like a wedding, there’s no harm in asking your resort or venue about freebies and bonuses. Free lodging for a specific number of nights, a percentage off your stay, a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite—the possibilities are endless!

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Go Easy on Decoration

When Bali’s sparkling white sands and blue ocean is your backdrop, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought decorations. A large portion of your cash for a conventional wedding will be spent on flowers and adornments to give the venue a certain aesthetic. Destination weddings, on the other hand, focus on the location’s natural beauty and use it as décor. You may save thousands of dollars on your wedding budget by utilising the beautiful landscape of your location as a background.

Research the Requirements Before You Get Married

For international couples, getting married in Bali is a simple process according to Indonesian regulations. To begin, prospective foreign brides and grooms must provide proof of affiliation with one of the five authorized religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Catholic-Christian, and Protestant-Christian. They must next produce legal documentation to prove their identity. The couple must then pay an administration charge for the marriage as the final stage. In comparison to some other wedding locations abroad, these processes for obtaining a legal marriage are simpler and faster.

Hire A Local Planner to Help You

Hire a wedding coordinator that is familiar with the area or specializes in destination weddings. They’ll be able to guide you through the many alternatives for local vendors, events, and locations. They will also have access to fascinating “insider” information that will enhance the personalization and customization of your wedding or event.

Do Visit the Nusa Dua Beach Resort Before the Wedding

You should visit the location once before making a reservation and again three to four months before the wedding to confirm arrangements. Arrive at least five days early to make those selections and have hair and makeup trials if a second trip isn’t possible.

Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!

Over the recent years, the far flung Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, has become a romantic magnet for couples. The exotic sights of undulating savannah hills, crooked shores, pink beaches, and auburn landscapes overlooking emerald ocean provides stunning backdrop for fluttering love shots. More bride and grooms-to-be take Komodo sailing trip to have pre-wedding shoots on Komodo’s raw and rustic beauty. If this sounds appealing for your dream wedding, here’s our tips on how to make it work. 

A One Day Trip Sailing or Overnight Komodo Sailing Trip?

image via bridestory

Komodo sailing trip package usually has several options. From a one day trip to 7D8N trip to the Raja Ampat, everything is available. However, you need to set on your priorities. A week of sailing trip would be perfect for an ultimate honeymoon gateway, but for a pre-wedding shoot, a one day trip would be enough. This should give you enough time to take shots at Komodo’s most scenic spots. At least three different spots could be taken on a one day trip, comprising Padar Island, Gili Lawa, Rinca, and maybe the idyllic Pink Beach. In between the visits, you can take fabulous shoot on the phinisi boat itself! Now, how many people have shoot their pre nuptial knot on a beautiful teakwood boat?

Nautical or Rustic Decor Look Best on Phinisi Boat

photo by : George Pahountis Photography ( )

One of the most beautiful thing on Komodo sailing trip is the phinisi boat itself. You will have a chance of sailing the Komodo in all teakwood, rustic looking, colour-coordinated boat that would be very easy to decorate. If you plan to have a session of photoshoots in the boat itself, you might need some decoration. Most yachts and small ship cruises in Komodo is already very pretty—you just need a little touch to emit the wedding vibe. To suit the all-wood look on the phinisi, pick flowers arrangement with matching color schemes with the boat. Pastels, white, and greens compliments the overlooking ocean scenery, while auburn and muted brown colours reflect the rustic vibe of Komodo’s savannah landscape. 

Wear Simpler Dresses on the Komodo Sailing Trip

 Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!
Image via tomodachiphotography

One important thing to keep in mind while having pre-wedding on Komodo sailing trip is; wear simpler dresses. Know that you will be moving islands—going up and down the boat frequently and possibly walk in the water to reach the destination. Also, you will be hiking the hills—which will be hard to done in 3 meters tail wedding gown. 

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Take Superb Views on Komodo’s Surrounding Islands

image via bridestory

Now we come to the ultimate question. Which islands work for your pre-wedding shoots? 

You can start at the Pink Beach early in the morning—before the sun gets too high. The Pink beach at 6 am glows like soft cotton-candy shores. This is perfect to have a dreamy, lovey dovey shoots with your beloved. Padar island is travelers’ all time favorite and it’s easy to explain when you arrived at its famous peak. The Rinca island serves a jurassic, wild-looking backdrop with its jagged hills, tall grasses, and lontar trees punctuating the skyline. For more impressive shots featuring dramatic hills, you could opt for Bukit Cinta, Puncak Amelia, and Puncak Silvia. Other vantage points for shooting alternatives are Kelor islands, Gili Lawa, and Makassar Reefs—each is stunning with its unique features. You won’t be lacking of awesome view if you choose the Komodo for your pre-wedding destination!