The Best Advice of Getting Feet Tattoo in Bali

How many people think of having their first tattoo on their feet? This is not a popular decision, obviously. But feet tattoo is just too gorgeous to skip. We have seen tattoos of high towering city, gothic cathedrals, victorian steampunk, henna motifs, to simple astronomical signs engraved beautifully to one’s feet. Some even loves to draw lovely water lily lines while on their vacation in Bali! On level of pain, though, feet tattoo is definitely not the easiest. In fact, you might want to hold back your tears from bearing the severe pain. But worry not. We are here to prepare the best advice to have if you want to have feet tattoo done in Bali. 

The Best Advice of Getting Feet Tattoo in Bali

Yes, It’s Gonna Hurt. So Bear for It

We have warned you before, and we’re going to warn you again. Even the best tattoo parlour in Bali won’t be able to make it less painful than it already is. You see, foot is all about bone and skin. The side of foot is softer and cushiony, which could dull the pain. However, the top of the foot got nothing to pad the skin with the bones. It’s only has bunch of nerve endings that would only make your pain even worse. You might won’t feel it on the lining process. It feels more like someone is scratching you on weird way, endlessly. But once it’s over, you will taste the real pain. That’s when the tattoo artists decide to get into the next step; colouring and shading. Prepare to hold on the chair for your dear life. 

Choose the Best Tattoo Design while in Bali

Not every tattoo is best applied in foot. Thin, sharp towers with intricate details (think of picturing Hogwarts castle to your feet) is undoubtedly breathtaking, but it would cost you lots of blood and screams. Unless you are very strong or have high tolerance to pain, choose smaller tattoos with simpler designs. But not too small cause foot tattoo tends to quickly turn into a mess of smudged ink from frequent friction with the footwear. Black lines as the best. Their minimalistic design is in favour with the current trends and they require little to no colouring and shading. That means you are going to spend shorter time in pain. 

Choosing Gentle Tattoo Artist Bali is the Best Decision You Can Have

You don’t want to rush into any artists if you want to have the best experience of getting foot tattoo in Bali. Having gentle artist to take care of the tattooing process could at least helping you bearing the pain. You want someone who know how to handle foot tattoo quickly and precisely, not too rough on stabbing the skin, and not too heavy handed.

Numb It with Cream 

The best thing to do if you can’t handle the pain is seeking help from numbing cream. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be totally pain-free, though. Unfortunately, you will still be suffering especially when the numbing effect has wear off. The effect might vary between people, so don’t expect too much.