Recognising the Best Tattoo Artist in Bali

The question that hangs in the minds of everyone who’s about to get a tattoo in Bali. How do you tell the best tattoo artist Bali from the bad one? After all, Bali has hundreds of tattoo parlours you can find at any corner—and hundreds more aspiring tattoo artists with incredible portfolios. Finding the best artist would be like looking for needles in a haystack. It’s hard unless you are having direct recommendation from someone you trust. Before you get the next tattoo in this island, know how to recognise a good tattoo artist to pierce a lasting art into your skin. 

Recognising the Best Tattoo Artist in Bali from Bad Ones

Best Tattoo Artist Bali Takes Health and Safety Precautions Properly

You know you are being handled by a good tattoo artist if they understand the safety and health regulations of tattoo. They only use sterile and single use needles, and they always wear gloves to prevent infections and cross-contaminations. Some of the best tattoo artist in Bali even use single use inks, which is superior in quality but come very expensive than regular inks. 

The Line Work Makes It Obvious

On of the easiest way to recognise good quality tattoo artists is by examining the line works from their portfolios. Regardless of the style, any tattoo artists should display a solid and consistent line work in their tattoos. Lines are the backbone of a tattoo. If the tattoo has poor, jagged lining, you could be sure that their quality doesn’t meet the standard. 

Never Taking Drunk Customers

Under no circumstances a tattoo artist do the work to clients who’s under influence. They should never take a client who cannot give a fully conscious consent. First, there’s high chance that the tattoo would turn as a lifetime regret. Second, alcohols and drugs make the skin bleeds more than normal and rise the risk of infections. 

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Their Arts Project Good Color Saturation 

There’s a lot of cases where customers complains about patchy tattoos and the ones that drastically fades in short time. Bad tattoo artist often uses “skin to ink rejection” for excuses, but this is actually not the truth. Colour doesn’t just “fell out” as what they said. Often, patchy colours was due to incorrect manner of ink application or improper healing of the skin. Which was caused by the lack of skill of the tattoo artists themselves. The best tattoo artist in Bali could make the seemingly impossible color blend and saturation on skin possible. They could bring even near-skin colors like yellow and pastel looks vibrant on the skin and blends seamlessly with stronger colour, such as blue or purple. 

Best Tattoo Artist Bali Have Original Arts on Their Portfolios 

Just like any other form or arts, the best artists is the one who could produce their own original artworks. There’s a huge difference between taking inspiration from a work of other artists and a plain duplication of the work. It’s not illegal to copy a tattoo. However, a good tattoo artist would understand the ethics of arts and discourage their clients from being a copycat. More often than not, the original artworks would still far more superior than the copy. Especially if you try to remake them in for much cheaper price.