Catering Denpasar: Planning the Right Menu for Your Bali Event

Denpasar, the capital of Bali, is home to a wide array of culinary delight—making it a perfect destination for various events such as conferences and weddings—thanks to its diverse populations. You’ll find various cuisines from the authentic local Balinese delicacies, Sumatran cuisines, to the ever-growing popular Japanese and Korean cuisines. There are several things you can do to create a memorable dining for your guests before you make a deal to book a catering Denpasar for your event.

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There is no such a thing as the perfect menu for everyone. But that does not mean you should just skimp on the catering services in Denpasar when you’re hosting an event and order whatever, or simply let your caterer do their work without much of direction or communication. It’s no secret that catering menu is one of the keys to a successful event; no matter the occasion you’re hosting or celebrating.

Catering Denpasar: Consider the type of event that you’re hosting 

The types of event you’re going to host is one of the things that you should keep on your mind when you’re hosting an event in Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, or any other places in Bali. So before you look for recommendations and set on your search for professional caterer for various events in Denpasar Bali here are some of the things you can take into considerations:

  • Is it a quick lunch with mostly friends and family for your anniversary celebration? Do you need an experienced wedding catering in Bali that specializes in destination weddings?
  • Is it a formal dinner in a black tie occasion? Or are you having a brunch event with your colleagues together with potential clients? The types of event play a big role is one of the first things that you should consider before you think of which catering Denpasar you’d like to contact. 

Cutting costs of hiring caterers

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If you’d like to cut some costs, paying attention to the types of events is one of the first ways of doing it effectively. For instance, some events would allow you to simply order a drop-off catering, instead of a full-service one. A quick lunch event at a public place for a product lunch, for example, would make a drop-off possible. You can also order quick types of catering menu such as:

  • Sandwich with various fillings  
  • Onigiri. If you can find some good Japanese caterers. 
  • etc. 

Buffet catering Bali or a seated meal format? 

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Aside from the food, the format of the food presentation itself is going to affect what kind of catering you can get for your event. And the food presentation is also highly dependent on the meal format itself. 

Have an estimate of guest count ready 

Guest counts may also affect the meal format (buffet or plated meals) that you can choose for your Bali event. If you have over 100 guests with a particularly limited time frame and it’s imperative that your guests finish at the same time, then buffet is not going to be practical for you. 

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Consider your budget before you pick your food and your caterer 

There are numerous caterers in Denpasar that are quite affordable. Denpasar is known as the capital town of Bali, and yet, you’ll realize that prices are actually lower than, say, that of Kuta and Seminyak, which are obviously tourist areas. As long as you have your priorities straight, you’ll be able to hire catering Denpasar that’s well within reasonable cost and won’t blow a hole in your event’s budget.