Actively Preparing Your Business For Difficult Seasons

Running a small business in such complex, competitive environments requires you to know how to prepare it for difficult seasons. It means, your small business should be flexible and adaptive year-round. It’s vital for small business owners and leaders to build forward momentum that happens year-round to be able to remain steadfast and growing. 

The key of building flexible and adaptive small business

To build a small business that is flexible and adaptive year-round, you need to own quality leadership which makes you brave to take it step further. You need to have willingness, ability, and confidence to not only prepare your small business for but also learn from difficult experiences. You need to build strategic approach that can help you navigate your business smoothly in a year. 

Have a strategic mindset

It’s important for your small business to be nimble to react responsively to changing customer and industry demands. And you need to approach it by navigating the future with strategic mindset. You might be interested to implement a one-size-fits-all approach but that likely comes with limited results. For larger businesses, it’s possible to simply copy, tweak a little, and implement. It may result positively because they have established and greater resources. 

Meanwhile, small businesses cannot afford those resources and reach. For small businesses, the process may take longer time before they get the path toward solid footing as well as sustained growth and scalability. Throughout the process, small businesses need to build reflexive adaptability to market changes and also inherent unpredictability of customer base. 

Have a nimble mindset

For small business owners, it’s essential to take time and energy to adapt to company’s identity, structure and industry. In this case, a nimble mindset is also needed to allow for reflexive adjustments. This way, it will be easier for small businesses to find success in any challenging situations. When you have nimble mindset, you will be able to build more agility to adjust marketing budget for slower seasons.

Maximize opportunity that arise

To create an adaptive company and culture, you need to know how to maximize opportunities when they arise. With more strategic thinking, you will be unburdened by constrictive strategic planning. It allows you to be more creative with your way of thinking. It allows you to maximize what you have so you can find even the smallest opportunity during difficult seasons. 

Grow proactive mindset

In order to grow a more adaptive and flexible business, you need to grow a proactive mindset as well. It means, you are not just waiting on the opportunity to come or waiting until something bad hits your business. You can create different scenarios and plan for the solutions instead. This way, you already have a plan to remain steady when difficult situations hit you. 

By having proactive mindset, you know how to map out scenarios based on your advanced analysis. Thus, you are able to set strategies reflective of the best-case scenarios. Throughout the process, you need to proactively monitor the progress and results. 

Building the Perfect Vacation Home in Bali: Choosing the Contractor

Some people come to Bali for a two-week vacation, and some people stay and build their new life on the island. You can build your dream house or villa rentals for business, but before that, it’s crucial to know how to choose the right Bali contractor. Otherwise, your dream villa might not come true as how you imagined. Make sure to bookmark this page for a handy guide when you are dealing with general contractors in Bali. 

Bali contractor

Building the Perfect Vacation Home in Bali: Choosing the Contractor

Look for Word-of-Mouth Recommendation

Begin by asking your friends and family for recommendations, or browse the ex-pat community in Bali who have to build their own dream home here. Speak with a building inspector who will be able to recommend contractors who regularly adhere to code requirements. You can also visit your local lumberyard, which regularly deals with contractors and will be able to recommend those who purchase high-quality materials and offer the best price for the project.

Spend Time to Call the Contractor You’ve Found

Once you’ve created a list, give each of your prospects a quick call and run through the following builder Bali some interview questions, like:

  • Do they accept villa projects that are as big or as small as yours?
  • Are they willing to offer bank or supplier references for their financial standing?
  • Can you get a list of their former clientele from them?
  • How many other tasks would they be working on concurrently?
  • How long have they been collaborating with their suppliers?

The answers to these questions will provide information about the company’s availability, dependability, capacity to give your job their full focus, and the ease with which the work will be completed.

If You Feel Clicked, Meet Them in The Office

Now, you’ve probably got a list of a few contractor companies in Bali that you think would fit your project. Choose three or four contractors to meet for estimates and further conversation based on the phone interviews. A contractor should be able to answer your inquiries in a way that is both satisfactory and comforting. Tom notes that since this individual will be in your home for extended periods of time, it’s critical that you two communicate effectively. However, don’t let personality deceive you. Before you choose a contractor, check with your state’s consumer protection agency and other people who have worked with them to be sure they don’t have a record of conflicts with clients or subcontractors.

Compare Each Bali Contractor You’ve Chosen for Plans and Bids

After calling and meeting them, you now have a small list of potential contractors whose résumés appear solid and whose work ethics seem responsible. It’s time to quit thinking about your previous job and start anticipating your upcoming assignment. A diligent contractor will require not just a full set of plans but also knowledge of the goals and budget of the homeowners. Ask everyone to lay down the cost of materials, labor, profit margins, and other charges so that you may compare offers. Materials typically make about 40% of the entire cost, with the remaining costs consisting of overhead and a 15–20% profit margin.

Always Get Extra Careful with Low-Cost Projects

Got a contractor that offers to do your project at significantly lower costs than other contractors? Don’t get fooled by price easily. There’s a huge chance that this contractor is cutting corners or, worse, desperate for employment. Comfort should be considered equally important to or more important than technical proficiency in your decision. How well you and the contractor communicate is the single most crucial factor in choosing a contractor. If everything else is equal, it’s preferable to spend more money on a contractor you can trust.

Seal the Deal 

When you’ve find the right construction company in Bali, seal the deal by putting it in writing. Create a contract that outlines every phase of the project, including the payment schedule, start date, and anticipated completion date, the materials and products to be used, and a requirement that the contractor obtains lien releases, which protect you in the event that he doesn’t pay his bills,  from all suppliers and subcontractors. It is not about mistrust to want a clear contract. It has to do with guaranteeing a renovation’s success.

Trick Yourself To Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

Trick Yourself To Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated
Original public domain image from Flickr

Lots of people say that we need to drink at least eight glass of water per day to stay hydrated. However, every individual may have different needs because how much water you should drink is calculated by various factors such as your overall health, your activeness, the climate in which you live in, etc. For some people eight glass of water a day can be too much or not enough. It is just rough calculation of how much water you should drink, not a mandatory one. You may need more than eight glass of water a day if you work outdoor or under harsh sun exposure with rigorous activities. 

Drinking more water in disguise

Keep in mind that water is not the only source you should get to stay hydrated. There are many fruits which in water composition that can also hydrate your body. You can trick yourself into consuming foods and drinks that are packed with water but disguised as something else. Here are some of the tricks you may consider:

Opt for foods that are high in water

There are many foods that are high in water such as cucumber. In fact, it is water disguised as vegetable. This delicious and versatile vegetable contain more than 90 percent of water. You can incorporate cucumber into your daily meals such as salads, salsa, or slice of toast. There are more foods that are high in water as well such as berries, watermelons, melons, mangoes, tomatoes, apples,  pears, peaches,  and lettuces. By opting for more of these foods alike, you will hit your daily water target effortlessly.

Making your own drinks

Instead of grabbing sodas or other high-sugary beverages, consider making yourself your favorite drinks that are healthier and more delicious. For example, you can make iced tea where you can control the amount of water you want. You can also control how much sugar you want to use. If you feel too lazy to keep making a cup of iced tea each time you crave for it, why not making a jug of flavored tea and infuse it as you wish. Keep it in the fridge and you can enjoy it anytime you want. 

Consider dilution

Sometimes, there are types of foods or drinks you can part ways with such as beer, high-sugary fruit juice, and even caffeinated drinks. Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are known to be dehydrating. To keep yourself hydrated, try dilute your favorite drinks with water. For example, drink a glass of water after you finish your beer.

Hydrate your outside part too

Being hydrated is vital not only for the organ inside your body but also for your skin. In fact, it is the largest organ of your body and you need to keep it hydrated. Spray some face mist every 3 or 4 hours, and cool yourself down for better body temperature control. Your skin tends to dry out especially during cold months, so spritz away to keep it hydrated. 

Five Ways to Increase the Appeal of Your Seminyak Vacation Rental

Five Ways to Increase the Appeal of Your Seminyak Vacation Rental

Let’s get brutally honest. The competition for villas in Seminyak is tight. As one of the most popular coastal area in Bali, Seminyak is packed with private rentals, hotels, boutique hotels, backpacker hostels, and all sort of accommodation. If you have a private villa in Seminyak, you better play your game right. That means amping up your vacation rental and make it more appealing to guests. You want to stand out from the competition and retain the loyalty of your previous guests. 

Here is a list of advice that, when put into practice, may make owning a vacation home a good investment and set it apart from the competitors.

Display the Best Feature or Potential of Your Seminyak Villas

Sometimes the are potentially stunning, private roof terraces with sweeping ocean views that were deserted, with just a few shabby lounge chairs or no furniture at all! It is regrettable when owners fail to highlight such beautiful outdoor living spaces because a penthouse with an ocean view is definitely a cash maker. A table or seating space, a few potted plants, and a few accessories may make a magnificent change and a captivating selling point for visitors.

Get Serious in Home Decor

Get Serious in Home Decor

When choosing a place to stay while traveling, do you consider the interior’s appearance? You almost certainly are without even being aware of it. While costs and locations are important considerations when reserving lodgings for travels, visitors should also make intelligent decisions regarding the accommodations’ physical look. 

If you want your rental to stand out from other villas in Seminyak, you need to get serious is your interior decor. Visitors enjoy staying in attractive places because they want to feel at “home,” and the decor may have a significant impact on a person’s mood. This is crucial because you want them to feel comfortable.

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Don’t Have the Budget for Decoration Upgrade? Play Up the Ambience & Services

In order to create a distinctive and alluring atmosphere in your Bali Seminyak villa, an owner does not need to invest a lot of money. The simple nuances are what make guests happy. If you have a barbecue, make sure the grill is clean and ready to use, as well as that the propane tank is full. Make sure all remote controls’ batteries are in good shape and that all of the gadgets are in good working order. Think of small additional service you can give to the guests.

Think of an information booklet with emergency numbers, appliance and waste disposal instructions, popular local attractions, and eateries will be useful to new guests. Additional amenities include keeping milk in the refrigerator for coffee, offering laundry detergent, and giving calm background music when guests arrive.

Provide Amenities That Guests Will Love

Provide Amenities That Guests Will Love

Make sure your property has both a distinctive feature to set it apart from the competition and popular facilities that guests will adore. If you own a private villa close to the Seminyak beach, you might want to provide free surf board, bikes, or beach picnic sets. One of the most popular amenities in a lot of villas in Bali is bath tub, so you can try to incorporate that as well. A game area with flat-screen TV, Playstation, yard-sized Connect 4, a ping-pong table, and other games, is also quite popular with visitors. Basically, think of things that can make guests’ vacation better in your rental. 

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Keep the Cleanliness A Top Notch 

If you plan on having visitors stay on your property, cleanliness is a crucial issue. The rental should be well cleaned before new visitors come, whether you plan to do the cleaning yourself or employ a maid. Housekeeping should be a consideration while you decorate this area. Furniture that is going to be simple to clean is what you should get. Shag rugs are far too difficult to vacuum, fluffy blankets are frequently quite challenging to clean, and some fabrics cannot be washed. Thus, it is necessary to keep them all in mind. 

Make More Mindful And Relaxing Home

Make More Mindful And Relaxing Home

It highly recommended to live more mindfully and conscious because it can improve yourself mentally. You home is where you spend your time the most. Hence, it should be the first thing to come in mind when you plan on living more mindfully. Home can affect you significantly that living in safe, comfortable environment can help you feel better of your life. Creating conducive home for mindful living is possible. 

Tips to create more mindful, relaxing living space

Home is supposed to be where you feel safe the most. It should be the place where you feel more at peace. You can have more mindful, relaxing living space by creating serene and comfortable vibes with these tips:

Create minimal living space

It is not about the size of your living space. It is about how your living space arrangement is. How you out your things and organize them tidy. When your living space is so messy with too many items, it is easier for you to get in a bad mood. Hence, try decluttering your living space and make it tidy and organized. You can get ride or give away items you don’t really need. Make sure every item in your home has purpose. Decluttering can make your feel lighter. 

Add your favorite scent

Add your favorite scent

Coming home to smelly place is not an easy way of comfortable living. Hence, try adding scent in your home to make it smell good. Also, you may choose aromatherapy scent to help you relax at home. It helps you release all the tension after working all days outside. Scented candles, incense, oil diffuser, or even burning oils are some of the options you can choose to add some scents in your living space. The most recommended one is oil diffuser because you can use natural essential oils and the diffuser itself is usually easy and safe to use. 

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Add elements of nature

It is also highly recommended to add more elements of nature into your living space. For example, you may add potted plants in various areas of your home. Being more connected to the nature can help a lot in having peaceful mind. If you are not a green thumb or experienced in the matter of planting, you can choose simple plants that need low maintenance. Various options include cacti, succulent, and ferns. Or, you can also add water since it is also element of nature. Set a place where water can running peacefully and aesthetically. The sound of running water helps a lot to ease your mind. 

Consider installing fireplace

Fireplace can be relaxing and warming at the same time. Installing a fireplace can a good alternative for you who want to create more mindful, relaxing living space. The crackle of the flames and the warmth they radiate give you a sense of comfort. Find the right type of fires that are not time-consuming. Install fireplace that is easy to maintain as well such as enclosed fireplace since it is safer and cleaner. 

A Mind-And-Body Healing Trip in Bali Family Beach Resorts

A Mind-And-Body Healing Trip in Bali Family Beach Resort

Life may be demanding. We’re frequently rushing from one deadline to the next, never taking a breather. However, the relentless grind can be detrimental to your mental health and productivity. That’s why it’s critical to relax, take a mental break from work, and allow yourself to refuel. Because work is such an important aspect of our identities, anything that rubs up against it or challenges it might cause issues. We understand that our job contentment has an impact on our entire life satisfaction. Especially when you also have a family to take care of. It takes a good parent with stable mental health to maintain the balance of work, provide for the family, and watch over the kids. This why you need to take a break to reset back to the baseline, and spending a few days in Bali family resorts seems like a good idea. 

Take An Actual Time Off—Don’t Do Anything!

While this appears to be a no-brainer, it must be stated explicitly. It’s also critical to set technology limitations and ground rules that you can keep to once you’ve made the decision to take time off.

You need time off not only when you’re not working, but also when you’re not thinking about work. To avoid being lured back into it, turn off pop-up notifications and alerts on your mobile devices.

Allow Yourself A Good Sleep

While it’s vital to unwind, it’s also crucial to participate in an activity that interests or challenges you. It’s actually beneficial to be engaged in anything else that you find engaging or stimulating for stress recovery experiences. If you’re going on a beach vacation and expect to spend most of your time there, find some other activities to do, even if it’s only for an hour a day.

Plan Relaxing Things to Do with the Family

Plan Relaxing Things to Do with the Family

It’s critical to schedule a relaxing activity during your trip, such as meditation or yoga, a walk, or reading a nice book. This family beach resorts in Bali have special mother & daughter spa session to relax and bond together. 

And this varies from person to person. It’s a jam-packed schedule when planning a holiday. You return from your vacations feeling as if you need a holiday from your vacation. Even if you have a jam-packed holiday agenda, it’s crucial to include some down time or soothing activities.

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Engage in Mind-Stimulating Activity!

Release the endorphins! While it’s vital to unwind, it’s also crucial to participate in an activity that interests or challenges you. It’s actually beneficial to be engaged in anything else that you find engaging or stimulating for stress recovery experiences. If you’re going on a beach vacation and expect to spend most of your time there, find some other activities to do, even if it’s only for an hour a day. Try to sign up for Balinese cooking class with your family or have an adventurous banana boat

Embrace the Island Living with Your Family in the Bali Resorts to the Fullest

Forget the hustles and bustles of the city. Being in a beach resort in Bali with your family means you can just wear sandals wherever you go, having brunch at 10 am, spending mornings and evenings in the beach, playing in the pools with your kids all day, and unwind in the sun. Be present! Allow yourself to be as carefree as possible! Let the kids eat ice cream with you. Live in the moment and forget all the worries behind. 

Cyber Risks To Avoid When Running A Business

Today’s business is very dependant on computer system because it is one of the key for efficient business operation. The problem is, computer systems comes with all risks you need to be prepared for. One of the real concerns is cyber risk or cyber threat. Cyber risks can impact your business in so many ways. A cyber loss can damage your business in so many ways such as hurt your business operation, lose customers, etc. It can financially damaging as well. 

Young women using computer, Cyber security concept.

Cyber risks you should avoid at all cost

There are many types of cyber risks that can threaten your business such as property destruction, threat of data loss, ransom demands, It hack, etc. Experiencing all those potential threats can result in costly disruption as well as harm your brand’s reputation. Developing cybersecurity is essential for any kind of business that rely on computer system. And here are some of the most common cyber risks your business should avoid:

Internal cyber risks

Internal cyber risks come from your employee. Some of the most common internal cyber risks include your former or current employees sabotaging and stealing the data of your company. They may do it to disclose the information to the public or hand it to the other parties for money. There are many potential scenarios and intention for this kind of case.

It can be also something your employees do accidentally. For example, they leave their system opened without logging off first, giving opportunity to other irresponsible people to take advantage of the situation. Sometimes, employees are not aware of the risks they have by having the access to the company’s system. Therefore, it is important to educate, inform, and develop your staffs to be more aware of cyber risks and train them how to prevent and deal with those threats. 

External cyber risks

External cyber risks are when people from outside your company seek to illegally use data for various purposes. This kind of threat can halt business operation. The problem with external cyber risk is that it is not so easy to track where they come from. For example, malware attack, it can be sent by hackers to purposely attack your system so they can execute unauthorized actions. 

There is also a risk of malvertising. It is where malware is planted into the system to redirect users to malicious websites. The users’ data are mined for further ad targeting, causing further damage. And there is also ransomware. This is the kind of malware that locks up the system operations of your business. It make the renders website and system unusable until the ransom is paid as demanded by the perpetrators. 

To avoid being the victim of cyber attacks, make sure to regularly update your computer system as well as security programs. Encrypt data for safer data storing and accessing. It is also essential to protect unbound data so it won’t be easily stolen. Then, train your staffs to be more knowledgeable and skillful in dealing with potential security threats.

Luxurious Liveaboard Komodo, Sailing To The Home of Biggest Lizard

The phinisi ship is an authentic Indonesian ship, specifically from the Sulawesi region. Currently, many ship operators in Labuan Bajo are competing to provide more amenities on phinisi ships. There are a variety of phinisi boats available in Labuan Bajo. The facilities and size of the ship are what distinguishes one from another. Of course, the price will vary. The beauty of Labuan Bajo is unforgettable. Every moment and experience is imprinted on the memory. However, what makes the luxury liveaboard Komodo trip unique is that you can help save the Earth. You also get a full 3-day 2 nights experience in one of the most beautiful areas in East Nusa Tenggara!

Luxurious Liveaboard Komodo with landscape view

Liveaboard Komodo sailing trip, exploring diving & snorkeling spots

Sailing with a phinisi is ideal for those looking for a relaxing vacation that is not rushed. Fast boats, on the other hand, are a better option if vacation time is limited. Phinisi, on the other hand, is ideal for island hopping, or traveling from one island to another in a relaxed manner. These islands are located along the Sape Strait, which connects Flores Island’s Bajo to Sumbawa. Rinca, Padar, and Komodo are the three main islands that you must visit if you are traveling to Labuan Bajo.

The facilities provided vary according to the level of luxury of the ship, but in general, the phinisi boats available for tourism in Labuan Bajo are quite comfortable. The crew usually consists of the captain, tour guide, cook, and a few other people. The bare necessities are sleeping cabins with air conditioning, bathrooms, and onboard dining.

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Imagine having dinner on the luxury liveaboard Komodo while looking right, left, in front, and behind you at the clear blue sea and a group of beautiful islands. It is not impossible, and the view of other phinisi ships that have stopped in the middle of the sea adds to the stunning scenery. Don’t worry about food spilling from the table due to the swaying of the waves; the captain will usually look for calm seas.

On Komodo Island, tourists will also dive and snorkel. The underwater world of Komodo Island and the Komodo National Park area is very beautiful. In fact, it is one of the best dive sites in the world. The underwater world of Komodo Island has about 386 types of coral reefs, 70 types of sponges, and seaweed as a home for thousands of species of fish, and green turtles. There are six different types of whales, sharks, and rays, as well as ten different types of dolphins.

The climate around Komodo National Park tends to be dry, this makes the hill land drier and rocky. No wonder this area is very suitable to be used as a trekking area because the hills are quite steep and challenging. Even so, the exotic land in Komodo National Park blends perfectly with the beauty of the sea so charming.

Meet The Dragon, the world’s largest lizard species

Komodo Island is very famous in foreign countries, even being named the new seven wonders of nature in 2013, which is an award for the seven best natural tourist attractions in the world. Komodo Island is the largest island in the Komodo Archipelago, which is the only island inhabited by local people.

Other animals that tourists may encounter while trekking include horses, deer, various bird species, snakes, and monitor lizards. Because there are snakes that live underground, it is preferable to wear boots. Tourists will also pass through the water hole, which is a resting and drinking spot for dragons while trekking. Tourists can observe Komodo dragons drinking and resting under the trees surrounding the water hole.

The length of the trekking path is 1-8 kilometers, according to the chosen trekking route, namely short, medium, long, and adventure. If tourists choose long and adventure trekking, they will explore beautiful forests, rivers, and hills. Meanwhile, for short trekking, the trip ends on top of the hills with an amazing view of the bay. However, the four trekking routes pass through the water hole.

To get around or trekking, you must be accompanied by a ranger, namely a Komodo dragon guide and handler, called a ranger, for the safety of tourists. Ranger will provide tourists with a stick with a forked end, which is made of one type of tree as a ‘weapon’ to weaken the Komodo dragon. If the Komodo dragon attacks, the end of the forked stick is used to press the dragon’s neck so that in a short time the dragon will weaken and stop attacking.

How To Plan A Great Social Media Campaign

Plan A Great Social Media Campaign

In today’s marketing strategy, social media platform has been considered one of the most effective tools to connect, communicate, and engage more with target audience. It is true that social media is useful in so many ways. However, not many people know how to use it effectively. In growing your business, social media can be such a booster to draw more customers in. Hence, engagement with target audience on social media should be nurtured properly. And here are ways you can do to improve the engagement:

Choose the right social media outlets

Before making any campaign, make sure to choose the right social media outlet. There are many different social media outlets out there but not all of them is right for your business. You need to focus on outlets that can be beneficial for your business. Social networks vary including TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Identify your target audience

After choosing the most fitted social media platforms, you need to identify your target audience. Find relevant leads based on the metrics you set such as geographic location and keywords. Finding the best leads may take time but it ensure you get engaged with high-profile people who are more likely to become customers of your brand. 

Craft your content

Sample content for social media post
Sample content for social media post

Content is just as powerful as any other marketing tools if you make the one that is meaningful, full of information, and relevant. It is vital that you make content that is engaging and interesting. If you don’t have time to write or make content, hore professionals who know what they are doing. Make each content as unique as possible for each social media platform you use. 

Don’t forget the hashtag

Hashtag is also important for social media campaign. It is one of the keys to reach and build your audience. By finding popular hashtag within your niche, you will be able to elevate your visibility that fit your industry and target audience. With the right hashtag, you will be easier to find by your audience. 

Use relevant, interesting elements

If you aim for more views, make sure to deliver interesting, relevant visuals on your posts. It can be interesting images that are relevant with the content. Make sure to also update your profile and cover photos from time to time. You may implement videos to get even more engagement. Make sure that the video is in good quality. 

Be responsive

To get the best outcomes from social media campaign, you need to be responsive when it comes to your audience since they expect you to listen and respond to them as fast as possible. If not, they will easily move to another brand that respond better and quicker. 

Be inviting

Make your social media handle a welcoming place for your audience to engage more. Give a reason for people to follow your social media handle. Also, customize information to match your audience. Don’t send out repetitive monotonous automated messages to everyone since it is not the most effective ways to engage with them. 

Why You Need to Start Marketing Your Villas Bali in Facebook

Why You Need to Start Marketing Your Villa Bali in Facebook

A well-thought-out Facebook marketing campaign for your vacation rental can open up a world of possibilities for your company. According to the most recent marketing research, digital consumers spend more than two and a half hours every day on social media. Facebook remains a major participant in the social sector, with 2.85 billion monthly active users. This means your market might largely in Facebook! And with features like photos, videos, and ads, facebook can be a great tool to market your Bali villas rental in Bali!

Here’s all you need to know about using Facebook to promote your vacation rental and get more direct bookings.

Why Should I Advertise My Vacation Rental on Facebook?

When it comes to the vacation rental market, it’s easy to see why Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for property managers and owners.

It enables owners to display photographs of their short-term rentals alongside intriguing descriptions in order to persuade potential visitors to book.

We are, without a doubt, living in the digital age. And going where your audience is is one of the most efficient strategies to sell your vacation rental online. With billions of users each month, Facebook is the ideal platform for reaching a wide audience – and it’s completely free!

Facebook is An Ideal Platform to Showcase Your Property

Post a few high-quality images of your vacation home (both inside and out) to give new visitors to your page something to look at. Because these photographs will be the first thing people see when they visit your website, it’s critical that they stand out. Use photos that highlight the best features of your vacation home rentals. If you have quality images of your Bali villa rentals on OTAs, there’s no reason to not use them on your Facebook business page as well.

Facebook is An Ideal Platform to Showcase Your Property

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Promoting Your Facebook Post to Reach Audience

The best way to get started is to tell your friends and family about your page. You can invite individuals to like and visit your page from your personal Facebook profile.

This is the quickest approach to get people to visit your page and start spreading your name. Your friends will be more likely to share your page with their own networks once they learn about your property.

Post Engaging Contents Regularly!

The job doesn’t end now that your page is up and functioning. It is recommended practice to post engaging content on a frequent basis to keep drawing new visitors. Don’t always promoting your villa rental. Make a high quality contents! Talk about the surrounding in your post and create a compelling story. Here are a few suggestions for things you should post on a frequent basis:

  • Make a list of local events and activities to do
  • Specials rates and discounts available on your vacation rental that can help guests save money
  • Any interesting news or updates concerning your vacation rental
  • Beautiful images and engaging short videos of your Bali holiday rental 
  • Share reviews from past guests

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Put Your Contact Information

Even though people can directly send you a message in the Marketplace, the more contact details you offer, the better your chances are that they’ll communicate with you. Give a complete contact information on each of your Facebook post. Be sure to write down a phone number, email address and the website’s URL of your Bali villas every time. Also, try to respond to messages from your audiences as soon as you get one. They can be your potential guests!