How to Deal With On Page Optimisation of Your Site in 2019?

Google has been updated its algorithm last 12th March of 2019 ago and there have been many changes in SERP and affecting many sites in the world. Many of you may have found some sites before on the first page, can be thrown away to the next page or even can’t be found on the 100 first page of result.

Simple on page optimisation for your website in 2019 you can do right now.

But, even though that Google had just updates the core algorithm that are affecting the sites until today, there are still the benefits to know about the on page optimisation so you can still optimising your site to be ranked on first page and top of the result.

Many SEO services may never told you that all of the contents that are displaying on your site right now can be optimised in many possible ways. Those are your own assets that can support the site optimisation itself.

And by saying about the on page optimisation, it all about how to maximise all of the contents along with the website design and development itself if you have all of that skills. But if not, you may will need the website designer and developers as well as the service like the Bali SEO to help your site rank well on search engines.

On page optimisation for your site in 2019

If you just got your own business site and don’t know how to to start your own SEO campaign, you can actually start by evaluating your on page contents are.

I am assuming that you don’t know much or even a bit about the website design and development, so I think you will need a help about that since they are also important for your site’s SEO score.

The design can make your site loaded faster or slower, the colour combination used on the site can make your visitors being comfortable or won’t spend a lot of times in your site, the lack of information you are providing can also be the answer of how fast the visitors are closing their tabs when visiting your site. All of those are contributing in starting your own SEO campaign related to the web design and development.

But don’t worry since it will be done just by buying the theme or template for your new business site so you can then focus on the other parts of the on page optimisation.

Here are things you can do for this 2019 to rank your site well on search engines just by depending on the on page optimisation.

1. Make sure you are researching for the keywords you want your site to be ranked

Researching the keywords for on page optimisation of your site in 2019

If you want your site to be ranked well on Google, then you have to know which keywords that are typed by the users that are related to your business site. Using the Google Keyword Planner or what is now called as the Google Ads as the free tool for that will allowing you to know which keywords that will be targeted and how many the volume is along the competition level.

If you are targeting the keywords with higher volume but have a high level of competition, it will be a luck if your site can be ranked on first page which is mean that will only happen once among the billions of chance.

So, you’d better started off with the low competition keywords to make your site ranked well by the time.

2. Use and apply the keywords in all possible parts of your site

There are things called as the Meta Title and Meta Description. If you don’t know about both, you’d better find how to make use of them right now.

Keywords are flexible where you can apply them into the title of the contents, the URLs, name and the alternative text for your images and videos, image captions, and many more.

So does when you are writing the article or the business offers for your customers, make sure that the targeted keywords are mentioned in the page but you should use them often to avoid spamming and keyword stuffing. Make it naturally readable and human friendly since human are the one that are you writing for.

3. Write long content is better and even keep on recommending by SEO professionalists

How do you think about the articles with a 500 words and the 1,000 words? Which one will have complete or in-depth information?

The longer the content you are writing, the more information your visitors can get and it will also a great way for on page optimisation since search engine will see your page is complete. Moz itself has been created the Page Authority (PA) to score every pages in a site which one is better and can be ranked well on Google comparing to the pages on other sites.

Writing long will allow you to talk more about the important things of what you are concerning of and the readers won’t also get a half information about the topic.

The interesting thing about that is your long written contents can also increase their social media shares since many may found them pretty much complete than the others.

But if that won’t be possible to write long content since you may are offering the products and will only allowing you to write around 300-500 words, make sure you are putting the keywords in and you can simply deal with the Keyword Density.

4. Include your page with representative images and interesting videos if possible

Include with the images and videos of your optimised contents

The next on page optimisation you can apply for this 2019 is to make use of the image and video format files. Both are the clickable assets so your visitors are tempting to read the other pages in your site as well.

Using the image and video files for a long content can also helpful in breaking the page not to be bored and rigid so people will keep on reading your contents no matter how long it is.

Videos and images are also helpful in making your site ranked well on Google. It is because many of the search engine result pages are even shown the images or videos on the top 1 of Google. You must have been seen the videos on YouTube become the very top link on search results right?

5. Don’t forget the relevant internal links

Internal links are the recommendation for the readers to read along the other references that are so much related to the recent topic they are reading.

If you are using the internal links in your site, make sure that as much as possible, they are the relevant links so each pages can also increase the Page Authority of the other linked pages. And relevant is the main key for that. No doubt about that.

And to be honest, using the internal links can also increase the pages to be ranked well on search engines. The more a page is getting recommended, it is possible that it will be the most read and popular page of a site. Later on, when people are spending more of the times on that page, its Bounce Rate can be reduced and people may are sharing it all the times so you will get the advantages of the internal link itself and the social signal, etc.

Later, no doubt that the page can be on first top of Google search for the related keywords that you are targeted.