Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!

Over the recent years, the far flung Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, has become a romantic magnet for couples. The exotic sights of undulating savannah hills, crooked shores, pink beaches, and auburn landscapes overlooking emerald ocean provides stunning backdrop for fluttering love shots. More bride and grooms-to-be take Komodo sailing trip to have pre-wedding shoots on Komodo’s raw and rustic beauty. If this sounds appealing for your dream wedding, here’s our tips on how to make it work. 

A One Day Trip Sailing or Overnight Komodo Sailing Trip?

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Komodo sailing trip package usually has several options. From a one day trip to 7D8N trip to the Raja Ampat, everything is available. However, you need to set on your priorities. A week of sailing trip would be perfect for an ultimate honeymoon gateway, but for a pre-wedding shoot, a one day trip would be enough. This should give you enough time to take shots at Komodo’s most scenic spots. At least three different spots could be taken on a one day trip, comprising Padar Island, Gili Lawa, Rinca, and maybe the idyllic Pink Beach. In between the visits, you can take fabulous shoot on the phinisi boat itself! Now, how many people have shoot their pre nuptial knot on a beautiful teakwood boat?

Nautical or Rustic Decor Look Best on Phinisi Boat

photo by : George Pahountis Photography ( www.pahountis.gr )

One of the most beautiful thing on Komodo sailing trip is the phinisi boat itself. You will have a chance of sailing the Komodo in all teakwood, rustic looking, colour-coordinated boat that would be very easy to decorate. If you plan to have a session of photoshoots in the boat itself, you might need some decoration. Most yachts and small ship cruises in Komodo is already very pretty—you just need a little touch to emit the wedding vibe. To suit the all-wood look on the phinisi, pick flowers arrangement with matching color schemes with the boat. Pastels, white, and greens compliments the overlooking ocean scenery, while auburn and muted brown colours reflect the rustic vibe of Komodo’s savannah landscape. 

Wear Simpler Dresses on the Komodo Sailing Trip

 Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!
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One important thing to keep in mind while having pre-wedding on Komodo sailing trip is; wear simpler dresses. Know that you will be moving islands—going up and down the boat frequently and possibly walk in the water to reach the destination. Also, you will be hiking the hills—which will be hard to done in 3 meters tail wedding gown. 

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Take Superb Views on Komodo’s Surrounding Islands

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Now we come to the ultimate question. Which islands work for your pre-wedding shoots? 

You can start at the Pink Beach early in the morning—before the sun gets too high. The Pink beach at 6 am glows like soft cotton-candy shores. This is perfect to have a dreamy, lovey dovey shoots with your beloved. Padar island is travelers’ all time favorite and it’s easy to explain when you arrived at its famous peak. The Rinca island serves a jurassic, wild-looking backdrop with its jagged hills, tall grasses, and lontar trees punctuating the skyline. For more impressive shots featuring dramatic hills, you could opt for Bukit Cinta, Puncak Amelia, and Puncak Silvia. Other vantage points for shooting alternatives are Kelor islands, Gili Lawa, and Makassar Reefs—each is stunning with its unique features. You won’t be lacking of awesome view if you choose the Komodo for your pre-wedding destination!