How Running Can Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

How Running Can Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

Running is one of the most commonly practiced physical activities. There are many benefits of running for your body such as building muscle, improving cardiovascular health, losing weight, maintaining stamina, etc. Through studies, it was found that runners gain around three years of life over non-runners. Also, running can help improve your knees and back. In addition, running can help maintaining blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. 

Running to improve your mental health

However, the benefits of running don’t stop at your physical health. Running also brings benefits your mental well-being. Thus, many people, regardless of their professions or background use this physical activity to keep their mental-health in check. Here are ways running benefits your mental well-being:

Managing your stress better

Running brings significant benefit to manage stress because after a run, your body releases endocannabinoids. It is chemical substance similar to cannabis that floods your bloodstream and reach your brain. This results in calmer, relaxed mind. No wonder many people, especially those business leaders do this physical activity to stay focus because the level of stress can be reduced significantly. 

Boosting your mood

When you feel upset, try running instead of laying down on bed. It is known that running can help lift up mood. Running as mood booster is scientifically proven. As mentioned earlier that after a run, your mind feels a lot calmer. Hence, it reduces the level of anxiety and depression. Running helps your body to plumps more blood into your brain. Some nerves and parts of the brain that contribute to mood changes will be eventually affected positively through running. 

Helping mental health issues recovery

If you are in the process of recovery for your mental health issues, running can is one of the most recommended physical activities to try. Regular running can give the same effects similar to what medication does to relieve symptoms or anxiety and depression. Many professional therapist recommend and encourage their patients running to support their recovery journey. However, make sure that you are not overdoing it especially if you have other physical health issues. Make sure to talk with your therapist and doctor to get the best advice and suggestion. 

Maintaining your focus

Running can help you more focus because it helps you sleep better as well. Running helps your body to relax which makes you easier to fall asleep at night. By having a good night’s sleep, your brain works in highest potential, making you facing no difficulty to stay focused. It also results in affecting your mental health positively because you can see people with great daily sleep tend to be in better mood. They don’t get easily irritated by small things and blow up. 

Running is an activity full of benefits both for your physical and mental well-being. It is also easy to carry out anytime and anywhere. You don’t need particular equipment to do it optimally either. Hence, start a good habit of running and include it in your daily routine to help boost your overall health.