Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

When you run your own business, there is so much in your plate. Sometime, you feel overwhelmed with so many things you should handle in one day. Thus, making a to-do-list beforehand can help you to work more efficiently because you won’t feel confused anymore of what to do. You have already listed things you need to complete in that day. However, sometimes completing your to-do-list itself is such a hard work.

Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

Accomplish goals through to-do-list

For some people, it is easier to accomplish their daily goals when they have already a list of things they must do. Some people may be more spontaneous at work but for many people, it just doesn’t work. If you are a to-do-list entrepreneurs who relies a lot on your list, here are several tips to complete it more efficiently to keep your productivity in business as well.

Easiest task first

Lots of people say that it is better to tackle the easiest tasks first. However, you can try the opposite. Tackle the hardest tasks first then move on the the easier ones. This way, you don’t have chance to procrastinate. Sometime the hardest task is what makes you feel like you are dying at work. If you can finish them first, you will be able to complete the easier tasks with lighter heart and better mood. Consider easier tasks as your reward or a breather after completing difficult tasks.

Set realistic goals

Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

Sometimes, your to-do-list seems too hard to complete because you set the unreachable goals. Thus, you feel like there is no goal being achieved even after you complete every task on your to-do-list diligently on daily basis. Thus, try to set more realistic goals for yourself. Your goal might be to land a big partnership. Instead of focusing on this goal, you can put your focus more on the actions or the process. See if you make any progress with your effort to reach the goal. 

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Forget your progress

When you make progress regardless how big or small it is, don’t forget to celebrate it. Being harder on yourself than to others sometimes is a common trait of entrepreneur. Thus, be more kind to yourself by rewarding yourself after achieving a success or goal. Celebrating your progress that make you getting closer to your bigger goals is what can keep you going. The reward is like your motivation or encouragement for you to keep moving. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose celebration. You can feed yourself your favorite meals for dinner after completing particular difficult tasks. 

List is helping you to achieve goals

Making and having a list doesn’t make the work itself easier. The purpose of making a list is to organize your tasks so you can work more efficiently. It is like methodical approach to complete your task because everything is plan from the more difficult tasks to the easier one or from the more urgent ones to the less one. This is an effort to make you do your job more efficiently so you don’t waste time picking and choosing tasks.