A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

At this point, most of us might get bored with the quarantine and isolation due to the global pandemic spread. With the coming of summer, we all dream of our yearly escape—probably somewhere tropical and blissfully isolated. Not that kind of frustrating mandatory isolation that we all forced to do. Out of all blissful destination in the world, Flores is one of the place you might want  to go. The remote and yet increasingly famous land of the dragons; the hidden escapade where nature run freely in her wild beauty. The land that can only be explored by sailing in Komodo liveaboard phinisi, traversing the scenic archipelago, passing uninhibited islands and hidden beaches.

A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

For now, we might be restricted to travel to these beautiful places. What we can do is entertaining ourselves with the imagery of having a joyous holiday in the middle of nowhere—like the Komodo, Flores. And one of beautiful thing on this secluded sailing trip happens early in the morning, when the day has just started. 

A Quiet, Early Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

The moment you open your eyes from the comfort of the cabin, you see soft rays of sun light seeps from slit of wooden walls and the window. You heard faint sounds from the crews, getting busy preparing the day in Komodo liveaboard. Some are busy in the kitchen, others are cleaning decks or preparing sails. The morning has just begun. Get out from your cabin; the sky is clear, the air is fresh and the boat and all its surrounding is still basking from the golden light of the sun. Waking up in the middle of wilderness, you will feel the magic hanging in the air; when the ocean is still half sleepy, the boat is half empty, and the world is just waking up from a lumber sleep. 

Tranquil Yoga Retreat on the Deck

A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

One thing that could the Komodo’s serenity to the utmost is yoga retreat. Stretch your body on the liveaboard deck, bathing in the healthy vitamin D from the sun, and let the natural sounds of ocean waves guide your mind into focus and tranquility. A lot of Komodo liveaboard tours have yoga retreat on their package—and this a nice luxury to have. 

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A Fulfilling Breakfast with Wonderful Backdrop

It’s hard to beat delicious breakfast on the sea. Like, you might have enjoy several seaside dining before, but having meals literally on the sea is something else. Also, you can always expect balanced, restaurant-quality meals on good liveaboard. Generally, they serve light yet fulfilling meals for breakfast like toasts, veggies, and freshly sliced fruits with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Komodo Liveaboard Briefing for Trip of the Day

When everyone on the liveaboard is awake and have had their breakfast, the captain (or your  travel leader) will give a brief summary of the day’s trip. They will explain destinations of the day, rules on each destination, and important cautions. Be sure to pay attention carefully—one wrong move and your life could be at stake. 

So that’s the beauty of slow morning in Komodo liveaboard. Can you picture having it after the quarantine mess is over?