The Effect Of Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business

The Effect Of Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business

In business, one of the rules in setting goals is to make it achievable or attainable. It is understandable to follow the rule since more attainable goal is more possible to achieve. In business, things realistic and logical should what drive us to move forward. So why setting a goal that is impossible to achieve in the first place? However, will it really affect business badly if you set unrealistic goal?

Create the sparks through unrealistic goals

In setting business goals, there is rule followed by business owners called SMART. The A in the acronym stands for achievable or attainable. However, for some startup following SMART goal may not be a smart move. In fact, setting some unrealistic goals could create some necessary sparks to take your business to another level so here is how to explain it.

Unrealistic goals help overcome fear of failure

Unrealistic goals help overcome fear of failure

Many business owners struggle with the fear of failure especially in the beginning. Meanwhile, fear of failure will only reduce your chance of reaching success. Failure and success cannot be separated and they often go hand in hand. Just because you have failed, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to succeed. In business world, there is never a bad thing to become familiar with failure. It helps improve your resilience and perseverance to grow better. 

When you fail at something while building your business, your failure teaches you valuable lessons for your current and future business ideas. Do not consider failure as your ticket to doom but use it as learning opportunity. It only comes when you go through the experience yourself because the book won’t teach you that kind of learning opportunity. 

Unrealistic goals help keep you motivated

With unrealistic goals, you are driven to work harder because you are full of motivation to reach them. Your goals may seem unrealistic but you still have to work harder to make them more possible to attain. Also, there are many talented people in the world but not all of them can reach their success. What distinguish successful people from the average ones is their hard work and determination. Hence, setting unrealistic goals don’t always create bad effects. You can make them your motivation to put in more work. 

Unrealistic goals help you become more committed 

Growing a business is not an easy thing to do since you need to make sure everything is in the right order for you to achieve your goals. There are many challenges you need to overcome on daily basis and if you are not committed enough, it will be easy for you to give up. Hence, unrealistic goals can help build your perseverance, making you more fully committed to the cause of growing your business. 

When you are more motivated, you are the goals will keep you no matter how unrealistic they are. You can consider unrealistic goals as something you desire so you always have the motivation to overcome any obstacle that come in your way. 

Being A Superb Host of Luxury Villa in Canggu Bali: A How To

Being A Superb Host of Luxury Villa in Canggu Bali: A How To

Vacation rental business is big in Bali, and it’s in tight competition with hotels and resorts. If you own a vacation rental in beach town like Canggu, you’re likely to meet guests who prefer small, locally owned hotels than large, chain hotels. They may enjoy the atmosphere of a location, the privacy of a house, or the unique characteristics of a property, for example. Some tourists, on the other hand, like the comforts of deluxe hotels. They may be worried that they would be lost and agitated in a new place with no one to guide them. A vacation rental concierge service could entice this sort of guest to reserve your property. So, when you run a luxury villa in Canggu Bali, what can you do to make your guests feel truly pampered and have a memorable stay? Today we share the secrets with you. 

Make Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali Like A Five-Star Hotel 

Make Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali Like A Five-Star Hotel

Picture yourself running a five star hotel in the size of a house. What do guests wants from a luxury hotel? Researchers from HomeAway (now Vrbo) and the University of Texas showed that tourists are 73% more likely to recall their vacation if they are pleased and enthused about it throughout the planning phases, before they even start the trip. It’s all about making your visitors happy, after all. Start by giving them a warm welcome letter and a list to local eateries and activities. Guest staying in short-term rentals are nine times more likely to desire to explore local culture than those staying in a hotel.

Make Your Villa Look Incredible

Make the space seem amazing. Decorate and decorate your home to make it a welcoming environment for your visitors. If the appearance of your property impresses your visitors, they may even share it on Instagram. And that’s free promotion for you right now!

Bring in the True Luxury to Your Villa Canggu Bali with Smart House System

It’s 2021 and the term luxury doesn’t only apply to big house with infinity pools and china tableware. Today, a simple house could feel truly luxurious with smart technology devices. If you haven’t already, it’s time to install it in your luxury villa. In 21st century, smart-home technology gadgets will be required for all vacation rental owners. They not only add value to your home (which your visitors will enjoy), but they also provide security for your property, making running a vacation rental business much easier.

Smart locks are a simple solution to make life easier for your visitors. They’re changing the way property managers and homeowners keep their visitors satisfied. Nobody will ever have to worry about misplacing a key again. All our guests have to do with smart locks is look at their phones and enter in the given key. It’s as simple as that!

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Offering Concierge Services

Offering Concierge Services

One thing that makes a five-star hotels and resorts experience so different from the rest is the utmost concierge service that they give to their guests. Luxury vacationers love it when everything is made easy by a simple phone call. If you want to bring in the true luxurious vibe from outside and inside in your Canggu Bali villas, it’s time to provide concierge services. 

Housekeeping Services

Some visitors may not want to tidy up after themselves. They’re taking a break! Some guests may prefer to stay with you rather than with your competitors if you can work out a contract with your cleaning crew to clean the property every day.

Grocery Services

Imagine being able to inform your visitors that when they come, their fridge will be packed with their favorite delicacies. You can include it in their stay’s cost. How are you going to get the groceries? Hire someone to pick up the meals for you using an online job board.

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Highlighting Your Outdoor Space

Do you have a swimming pool or a hot tub in your yard? Make sure to promote all outstanding outdoor features of your luxury villa Canggu Bali across all of your booking platforms! Create a mini-wellness sanctuary in your garden that your visitors will like and never want to leave. Make sure to invest in some high-quality patio furniture that will allow everyone to sit or lie by the pool comfortably. You should also give excellent pool towels and consider having an outside cooking area so they can grill food without having to leave the pleasant environment you’ve created.

Nurturing Your Leadership Growth To Be Successful

Nurturing Your Leadership Growth To Be Successful

To become a successful leader, you need to build and develop qualities that make you different for the rest. It takes time to reach the level of success you expected because even a seasoned leader still needs to learn. Leadership is not something to learn once and done. It is a life long learning journey in which perseverance is needed. Also, important factor to become a successful leader is growth. If you stay stagnant with your leadership growth then success will seem far-fetched. With positive growth, you can maximize your effectiveness to prepare for the future. 

Tips for leaders to grow and develop

Successful leadership is one of important ingredients to successful business. When a company has a great leader, success is not too far to reach because a leader can infect positive energy to everyone around them, and always have composure of what to do to plan for the success. Here are some of important ways for you to nurture your leadership growth:

Gain experience by doing something

If you just read the theory without practicing it in real life then you will never learn. Instead of waiting for the experience, you need to make it as you go. If you keep thinking to wait until you are ready, you will never experience it. Hence, push yourself to do things you are not fully qualified for because you will learn as you go. This is how you create your own opportunities instead of waiting or letting them pass you by. Taking action instead of waiting is one of the qualities a great leader should develop. 

Stay curious

When you are curious, you keep wanting to know something. That is when you have the motivation to learn more and more. However, keep in mind that growth is not about knowing something more only and it is something to be found outside of your comfort zone. When you are curious, you have the motivation to get out of your comfort zone and learn more. It allows you to open your mind more. Hence, do not be afraid to try new things even if it is driven solely by curiosity because it is what drives you forward. 

Learn form every experience

There is always something to learn from each of your experience whether it is from your past or present. It will all build your future success. You may seem view something happening to you today as unrelated to your future success. However, you will find the connection if you look hard enough. You build your future success from what you have learned and experienced and it will become your solid foundation later.

Consider collaboration

Your leadership growth can be nurtured in many different ways but isolation is not the one. In fact, the most innovative and successful ideas are born out of collaboration. Hence, do not think collaboration as demeaning thing to try. Always surround yourself with diverse people with positive attitude and energy. You will know what kind of greatness it will bring once you work together. 

A Destination Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

A Destination Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort what to Know!
Image source: Instagram @holidayinnbalibenoa

Bali has a distinct and dynamic culture to go along with its stunning scenery of clean beaches and green hills, which make it just a perfect backdrop for a wedding. The island also has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, making it ideal for outdoor weddings on the beach or in the middle of a tropical jungle. Many luxury hotels and resorts make excellent use of their surroundings, providing unique wedding settings for those planning a wedding in Bali. Places like Nusa Dua beach resort is popular for its secluded, white sand beaches and calm water. It’s a great place to tie the knot, indeed. But before you rush to book your upcoming wedding, here are some important things you need to know.

Determine Your Budget for Nusa Dua Beach Resort Wedding

The first step in determining your wedding budget1 is to sit down with your fiancé and any other significant family members who may be contributing to the overall expense. You should first establish how much money each of you is comfortable putting down, and then look into how far that budget will carry you. It’s a good idea to have an anticipated guest count and a list of your non-negotiables on hand so you don’t miss out on anything that’s particularly important to you as a couple. Keep in mind that with destination weddings, the couple is not required to cover the costs of each guest’s airfare and resort stay.

Blocking Rooms in Nusa Dua Beach Resort for Your Guests

Blocking Rooms in Nusa Dua Beach Resort for Your Guests
Image source: Instagram @dolokphotography

Guests could sleep in the same resort as you or in other hotels. Some brides and grooms, though, choose to sleeps their family in the same hotel for convenience reason. However, here’s the big question; who will pay for the rooms?

Traditionally, guests are expected to cover their own accommodation and transportation costs, but it’s critical that you make this as obvious as possible. Provide recommendations for lodgings or booking websites to subtly set expectations. If you’ve reserved a hotel room block, make it clear that each guest must book their own room. The finest tools for spreading the news will be your wedding website and save-the-dates.

Ask for Group Discount, if Possible

Many locations and resorts are aware of the growing popularity of destination weddings and are keen to participate. Most hotels, like the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort provide some type of destination wedding package at an incredibly low price to stay competitive,. Weddings in resorts bring in a lot of money with little effort on their side. When scheduling a major event like a wedding, there’s no harm in asking your resort or venue about freebies and bonuses. Free lodging for a specific number of nights, a percentage off your stay, a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite—the possibilities are endless!

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Go Easy on Decoration

When Bali’s sparkling white sands and blue ocean is your backdrop, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on store-bought decorations. A large portion of your cash for a conventional wedding will be spent on flowers and adornments to give the venue a certain aesthetic. Destination weddings, on the other hand, focus on the location’s natural beauty and use it as décor. You may save thousands of dollars on your wedding budget by utilising the beautiful landscape of your location as a background.

Research the Requirements Before You Get Married

For international couples, getting married in Bali is a simple process according to Indonesian regulations. To begin, prospective foreign brides and grooms must provide proof of affiliation with one of the five authorized religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Catholic-Christian, and Protestant-Christian. They must next produce legal documentation to prove their identity. The couple must then pay an administration charge for the marriage as the final stage. In comparison to some other wedding locations abroad, these processes for obtaining a legal marriage are simpler and faster.

Hire A Local Planner to Help You

Hire a wedding coordinator that is familiar with the area or specializes in destination weddings. They’ll be able to guide you through the many alternatives for local vendors, events, and locations. They will also have access to fascinating “insider” information that will enhance the personalization and customization of your wedding or event.

Do Visit the Nusa Dua Beach Resort Before the Wedding

You should visit the location once before making a reservation and again three to four months before the wedding to confirm arrangements. Arrive at least five days early to make those selections and have hair and makeup trials if a second trip isn’t possible.

Developing Unique Personality For Your Business

Developing Unique Personality For Your Business

Personality is what makes us who we are. It is something unique and it is not always related with person because the same goes for business. Business regardless the size has its own unique personality which can gives off certain vibes to people. It can make people attracted and become a loyal customer or turn their heads to the other direction. So what kind of personality should you develop for your business?

Showing who you are through your business’s personality

One of many ways you can connect more with your customers is to show who you are. And nothing can do it better than your business’s personality. However, it is not something easy to develop either. Sometimes, business owners try to copy their competitor’s personality to gain the same impact. However, it is not a guarantee that the same success will be achieved especially because customers today are very smart.

Successful and unique business personality needs to be developed properly. It is important for your business’s persona to match in every aspect of your business such as product/service, mission, culture, brand, etc. Develop personality that your customers can relate with. Hence, it is essential for you to get to know your customers first. Narrow down your target audience. Once you know them, you can decide how to develop business’s personality they can relate with. 

Showing who you are through your business’s personality

Then, you need to perfect your voice and tone to develop your business’s personality. Keep it cohesive so you use the tone that is appropriate with who your customers are. You don’t want tot use a casual, silly tone to your customers who are a group of business professional. Find out what kind of voice and tone your customers will love the most, it can be something more with professional, casual, or funny vibe. 

Tell a good story to develop your business’s personality because who dislike good story? Storytelling is not uncommon in business marketing strategy. It can make you being noticed by your audience if you deliver good story with the right strategy. If your business’s stories are not pretty, don’t be afraid. Don’t focus on telling the glamorous part. Tell the story of how your business grow from having nothing to how strong it is today. It is inspiring for others. 

Always stick to your own brand’s guidelines. It helps keep your business’s personality  consistent. It will be easier for the audience to digest because you don’t just randomly use different colors, logo, visuals, or font. Make your personality look unique but stay consistent. Keep in mind that consistency is one of quality customers like about a brand. You need to show consistency of your business’s personality in every place such as website, marketing materials, social media, emails, etc. If you constantly changing, you ask customers to keep up and know your business. And mind you, they won’t. 

Best Shark Diving in Bali: Where to Meet the Beasts!

When you have more dives to notes in your dive logs and spent few holidays exploring underwater, you will start wondering if it’s possible to dedicate dives for meeting one of the ocean beast; the sharks. The most misunderstood fish thanks to Hollywood movies; sharks remain as one of the most feared fish despite its incredibly small fatalities. Aside from the highly aggressive Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Bull Shark, and Great White Shark, sharks are mostly harmless—and are totally wholesome! These are where you can meet sharks and have the best diving in Bali

Best, Remotest Diving in Bali for Shark: the Gili Biaha

Best Shark Diving in Bali: Where to Meet the Beasts!

Nicknamed the Shark Cave, it’s easy to imagine why Gili Biaha will be your best diving experience with sharks in Bali. Gili Biaha is a small rock island rounded by grass outcrop in the tip of Candidasa, the eastern side of Bali. The site hosts two dive sites; the Biaha Slope and Shark Cave that can be combined in one diving when the currents allow. Dropping only 12 meters from the surface, you will arrive at the cave. It’s surrounded by soft corals, black corals, and gorgonians that make up the gorgeous underwater landscape. Though the cave lies in pretty shallow depth, getting there is not easy. The site is famous with strong currents that can be dangerous for inexperienced divers. But once you get inside the cave, you will see numerous white-tip sharks sleeping inside, tucked comfortably in the crevices. The cave is sharks’ favourite spot to get relaxed after hunting in the night before. They are mostly calm and not aggressive—unless they smell some food in your pocket!

Near the Wreck: Shark Point Tulamben 

Gili Mimpang: Best for Rarer Sharks

You might know Tulamben for its legendary USAT Liberty wreck, that lies only in 3 to 25 meters from the surface. But have you ever heard of Shark Point in Tulamben? Located close to the Drop Off, the Shark Point is located within 20 – 30 meters deep from the surface. That means this dive site, just like the Gili Biaha, is reserved only for experienced divers. It’s probably the best diving site in Bali if you want to see white tip sharks, black tip sharks, and grey reef sharks all in one place. While the black tip and white tip generally show no aggression, grey reef sharks can be quite cranky. They can feel annoyed and threatened upon being followed. So definitely keep your distance and do not make startling movement when you come to their area. Keep an eye if they show signs of aggression; arching their back and dorsal fin to appear larger, and swimming side to side with exaggerated movement. When they do this, keep calm and slowly back away, but never turn your back from them. 

The Black tip reef sharks also regularly patrol around the Tulamben Drop off at any given time. Thriving marine life in Drop Off invites the sharks for easy meal, which is why these majestic creatures are often found lurking around. The slow currents and relatively shallow depth make this site excellent for beginners and even snorkelers as well. One of the best diving with shark in Bali where you can wait for the toothy creature while admiring blooming corals on the wall. 

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Gili Mimpang: Best for Rarer Sharks 

Gili Mimpang: Best for Rarer Sharks

The White tip and black tip reef sharks are the most popular in Bali and are quite easy to be spotted everywhere. However, if you want to see rarer sharks that cannot be spotted in other sites in Bali, head to Gili Mimpang. Located close to Gili Biaha and Tepekong that’s famous for the shark cave, Gili Mimpang makes an excellent vantage point for shark sighting. You can expect the regular white tip and black tip swimming around, but if you look closer, you might notice the lazy, carpet-like Wobbegong Shark hiding under reef rock. The colour of this sharks resemble corals and they have whiskers around their face and mouth which looks just like carpet’s tassels. You might also spot Cat Shark, a small shark that stay inside holes and crevices on reefs. These sharks eat small invertebrates and totally harmless to human!

So, have you decide your shark diving destination yet?

How Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Gain Benefits From Being Active On Social Media

How Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Gain Benefits From Being Active On Social Media

Many people often assume that business field is only for extroverted people because it requires lots of talks in public settings, interactions with many people, and engage in various social events. However, it is not entirely true. Business field is for everyone who has drive and passion to success regardless of their personality tendency. Being introvert doesn’t make you has less chance to be successful entrepreneur. 

Gaining benefits from social media interaction for introverted entrepreneurs

For introverted business owners because for them, conversation and networking don’t come as naturally. Hence. Social engagement can be overwhelming. However, there is online engagement now that introverted entrepreneurs can optimize with. There are many benefits introverted entrepreneurs can gain from it, such as:

One of the benefits from being active on social media for introverted entrepreneurs is more control on the interaction. They can take control of who, how, and when the interactions go. They can use social media interaction to grow both professionally and personally. It also helps to build confidence because you can use it as practices to be more prepared for face-to-face opportunities. 

Through social media interaction, introverted entrepreneurs can articulate their thoughts well. If you are introvert, you will know that articulating your thoughts is one of the biggest challenges. One of the easiest options is by pouring down all your thoughts through writing. Social media interaction allows you to think through of what you think rather than blurting it out. Also, you can have more confidence to make interaction with people you are not confident with to interact in real life. 

Social media can connect you with people who have similar mind like yours. Meeting with like-minded people doesn’t come as easy for introverted entrepreneurs. Hence, social media interaction can give you that. You can even build a closed group or community to join interesting discussion, share valuable information, as well as boost your brand image online. 

Building client base is often the goal of being active on social media for entrepreneur. However, you should not satisfy on that even when you are an introvert. Social media engagement can result in better understanding of your audience. You will get to know your community and what they are looking for. This way, you also allow your audience to see who you really are as a founder of your business. Human touch you add while building genuine relationship with your audience can boost your brand as well. 

Social media can be a good source for conversation starters. When you are an introverted entrepreneur, it is often hard to find conversation starter. However, social media provides you various posts with various themes you can use as conversation starter. You can use social media to view your industry trends, personalities, and news. You can repost the latest news for example and use it for the talking points in in-person interactions. By using social media as a tool for more engagement, you will also grow more confident to comment and convey their thoughts on the matter. 

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wayag Island

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wayag Island

When it comes to tropical getaway, Indonesia is usually top the list. Indonesia offers numerous places for a perfect holiday, whether it is just a weekend trip or a long holiday. Wayag Island is one of the beautiful islands within the Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia. The island is a tropical paradise that keeps many surprises and secret spots for all kinds of tourism. Wayag is a dream island for adventure lovers. Wayag holidays can be spent lazing on the stunning beaches, exploring the nearby islands, diving in the outstanding place, taking in beautiful inland vistas. However, if you hadn’t the opportunity to visit it yet, here are five reasons to visit Wayag immediately!

Wayag Island has many stunning beaches

What are the biggest reasons to trip to Wayag Island? Of course, the beaches! Wayag is a home to pristine beaches. Most travelers come to Wayag in search of a relaxing holiday and stunning beaches. Depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for, every stunning beach has something different to offer. Also, underwater life is fantastic and you can get a chance to go diving or snorkeling. Therefore, you can see the colorful reefs and beautiful fish. Wayag’s pristine beaches with soft and white sand are waiting for you!

Wayag Island has fantastic weather

Wayag has very good weather  all year with some rainy days. From May to September, it rains a lot more than the other months, but not so bad. Therefore, if you want to relax in this tropical paradise and do a bot of diving and snorkeling around the island, then any time is great.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Wayag Island

Amazing water adventure

Wayag is a getaway to a world of fun things to do. The island is well known for its gorgeous and lively marine life. Most travelers visit the island from all over the world to discover underwater beauty. The water around Wayag is clear and makes for a great destination to spot the colorful marine life and coral. A holiday to Wayag would not be complete without some scuba diving or snorkeling. Take a break from sunbathing with some exciting water adventures! So, this amazing water adventure is waiting for you!

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Dazzling sunrises and sunsets

The stunning islands are home to some of the best sunsets and sunrises in the world. So, you will be spoilt for choice when picking a perfect spot to watch them. Settle down on the beautiful beach with a cocktail in hand and watch the sky set alight as the sun sets over the Wayag Sea.

The island is a top sailing holiday destination

The best way to enjoy the island is by boat.  Living on the blue sea while enjoying the magical beauty of Wayag will be a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime. Enjoy the serenity of island life and sit back and relax to the sound of rolling waves!

Putting Your Business Priority On Building A Solid Brand

Putting Your Business Priority On Building A Solid Brand

Growing a business is like art. There is no one definite formula to build successful business. Every entrepreneurs have different stories of their experience building their successful business. Some of them focused more on selling while others focused more on slow and steady growth. There are no clear steps to steps on how to thrive when it comes to growing a business. One thing for sure is that having a solid brand and putting is as your priority can help a lot for your business to thrive. 

Building a solid brand as your first focus in business priority

Building a solid brand is more than just choosing the right logo, color or voice of your company. It is also about building trust with your customers and making a name of your business within the industry. Branding is just as important as any other aspects in business. Through branding, you establish healthy relationship with customers while marketing efficiently. 

The presentation of your branding

Even through many surveys, the results showed that the presentation of a brand can lead to revenue growth by up to 33%. even simple thing such as color palette can affect your branding. Color, voice, logo, and everything related to your brand are used as the signature that make your business easier to recognize. Recognition can help a lot for generating robust sales. Therefore, a rock solid brand is essentially one of the keys for your business to success. 

Portraying your iconic image

Building a solid brand as your first focus in business priority

Branding is about showing and delivering the virtue of your business quirks. Those are something customers often try to find from a brand. They want to know what your company stands for, what traits and characteristics your company have to attract them, and so on. You can also use branding to properly introduce your company in certain light you want your customers to see. It is like positioning your company in the right light for your customers to notice. However, branding takes it to another level. 

Branding to create demand

The idea of branding is more than just to raise recognition but also to create demand. Hence, customer will not only look for the product or service but more particularly for your specific brand. They can find the same products or services you offer from other brands with the same quality. It makes your business easier to beat in the competition. However, you will win the competition if you have solid brand to begin with that makes you standout from your competition. Remember that you have created demand for your brand through branding. 

Branding for advertising campaign

You can also apply your branding strategies for advertising campaigns. Branding strategies can help you generate more sales, making your business grow steadily well. A targeted advertising or unique marketing campaign will be more successful if you have already solid brand with high demand. Keep in mind that online space is so crowded right now. To be the one that standout can help a lot to thrive within tough competition. And to do so, you need to start with your creative branding experiment to fish for explosive result. 

Five Things You Will Love about Padar Island

Five Things You Will Love about Padar Island

As part of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World and a Unesco Heritage, the once remote Komodo National Park is now growing in popularity. One of its island, the Padar Island also grows as one of the most popular destination in Komodo—thanks to its Jurassic-looking, mountainous landscape that lures tourists in. Nowadays Padar is a must-visit destination for every liveaboard trip that sails to Komodo. Though this island seems barren in life, its charming beauty is hard to resist. These five things would make you love your visit to Padar even more!

The Surreal Exoticism of Padar Island

The Surreal Exoticism of Padar Island

There are few places in the earth where the view is an absolute bless. Padar is one of them. Jagged mountain and hills make up the topography of this island, stretched out facing the Flores Sea. Four crescent beaches, each blessed with different colour of sands formed just right in the foothill. The top viewpoint is the place where you want to see it all. Hiking to the top is not easy; rocky paths and scorching heat from the sun make the trek a bit challenging. Once you reach the top, however, you will be rewarded by breathtaking panoramic scenery overlooking the Komodo National Park! Take your moment to savour the exotic landscape. It’s not everyday you can take a selfie in a stunning backdrop like this.  

There’s No Manmade Building in Sight

One thing we love so much about Padar Island is how pristine this little remote island feels. Thanks to its rocky topography, it seems like nobody thinks this island is suitable for building a home. No man made building or any sort of modern facilities—aside of the wooden stairs—are in sight. Completely unadulterated by any touch of modern civilization, Padar feels like completely a world away from the blitz and buzz of the world. 

Dozens of Captivating Photography Spot in Padar Island

Dozens of Captivating Photography Spot in Padar Island

The iconic landscape view from the top of Padar’s viewpoint is one thing, but it’s not the only spot in Padar that worth a snap. Even before reaching the main viewpoint, Padar offers hundreds of scenic landscape to be photographed. The exotic curve of the hills; the pointy cliff and grassy hilltop; how the wavy hills meets one another in harmonious outlook; how the brownish terrain create a spectacular contrast with the deep turquoise ocean below; Padar is the real embodiment of panoramic galore, indeed. Bring wide lens and drone to get your best shot of Padar!

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A Place to See Breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset

Do you know that Padar Island is one of few place on earth to see both sunset and sunrise? The island is so small that you can go see the sun rise and fall in both direction. And with almost zero obstruction in the way, watching the sky changes colours during these two moments feels absolutely magical. 

No Komodo Hiding in the Crisps Savannah Bushes 

Though Padar is part of the Komodo National Park, it’s officially declared as dragon-free. Some rumours say there are three wild dragons that lives in the north part of the island, but there’s no evidence to prove the claim. That means you can go explore the exotic Padar Island without worrying about dragon’s ambush!