Self-Awareness in Running A Business

Starting a business and leading a team to run it sounds daunting. However, it is not impossible to do successfully. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect leader. Humans are bound to make mistakes at some points. Running a business is also not an easy thing to do since there are challenges and risks you always have to calculate. One of the best qualities you should have when running a business and leading your team is self-awareness. It is not only the ability to know how you feel about yourself or what you want. Self awareness is also about the ability to know how others perceive you. 

The importance of self-awareness when running a business

Running a business cannot be done alone because it requires various tasks beyond your own expertise. You need others who can complement your skills and expertise so you can complete each other. Working with a team is not easy as well. However, it will be truly worth it once you build a solid team. But first, you have to know the importance of self-awareness when you work with a team. 

Self-Awareness in Running A Business

Self awareness lead to conscious decisions

Self-awareness is important when running a business because it can lead you to make a conscious decision about the mood or energy you will inject when you work with a team. It is important to not let negative color of your behavior shown when you are with your team. Why? Because it will affect them significantly. Negative energy will affect them greatly. It doesn’t mean you should pretend to be someone else or maintain a fake face when you are working in a team. It just means you should have self-awareness of how others will perceive you with your current energy. 

Setting up mood and energy

Before facing your team, make the right decision of what kind of energy or mood you want to others to perceive. There are many types of energy you can build depending on the situation or condition such as levity, urgency, etc. If it is too hard to imagine how to make the right decision through self-awareness, let’s see the simple example:

You come into the meeting room panting like you have been running to reach the room. This will affect the people inside the room negatively. Since you are the business owner, they will think that you rush into the meeting means you have other priority other than the business and the team. They will also tiptoe during the meeting because they will feel like you are in sensitive mood. When you use your self-awareness, you will make the right decision before entering the meeting room by fixing yourself, regulating your breath, and calming yourself as to not appear you just run or in a rush. When you enter the room, the others won’t trace negativity that will affect their energy. 

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Sometimes, it is easy to forget something simple. However, those small things can affect your business greatly, be it affecting your employees or yourself. That’s why it’s important to build your self-awareness while running your own business.