Best Time to Enjoy Surf School Portugal

Bali, Hawaii, and Thailand might be the ones to first come to mind when you think about surfing. Have you ever guess that Portugal is among best destination to surf as well? Thanks to the influence of the Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean, Portugal is blessed with marine Mediterranean climate which made it just perfect for surfing holiday. Summer in Portugal is 5-7º cooler, and winter are 2-3º warmer. The midl climate and great variety of waves along the coastline make Portugal a perfect surfing destination for all levels. It might went unheard, but Portugal surf tradition has been around since a hundred years ago! Today, the culture blossomed and many surf school Portugal and other surfing-related business flourished along the Portuguese coasts. 

Enrolling in Surf School Portugal for Every Season

The beaches are open for over 300 days a year and seasoned surfers practically can surf all time of the year. Beginners, however, might want to pay more attention to weather details—which would influence their surfing experience. 

Enrolling in Surf School Portugal for Every Season

Spring Season 

March to May are definitely our favourite. The seas are not too rough, the weather is just perfect, and the streets are blooming with flowers. If it’s your first time to come to Portugal, spring would definitely leave the best impression. Coming to Portugal during this season, we suggest you to look at surf school around the Matoshinhos, Peniche, Lisbon, and Espinho. 

Summer Season

May to September mark the season when the waves are smaller and less frequent. It’s best for vacationer or beginners who just begin their surfing debut. However, popular beaches and surfing spots might get crowded, especially on July and August, the peak of summer. You don’t need to be picky with surfing places during summer. All surfing spots are in their best condition. A lot of surfing school in Portugal open their class in summer. Programs are plentiful. Many surf school offer exciting side programs that you can’t find in winter!

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Autumn Season

September to November are just the best shoulder season for surfing. Many surf school and camps around Portugal coastline still open in this season. Some even offer cheaper accommodation. The weather is fantastic, but the crowds are drastically decreasing. It still generally feel like summer—with emptier beaches. The waves starts to get bigger and more thrilling, yet the water is still in its warmest. If you seek a more challenging surf experience, this is the time to go. Unlike other European country up there, Portugal still get plenty of sun during the autumn season! 

Winter Season

December to February offers something different for surfers. During this month, you will experience light to hard raining. Snows only fall in the norther region, while the south is practically dry with moderate temperature. The waves are bigger and attractive to the pros. Not all surf spot are accessible during winter. Look to the southern region. Lisbon, south of Peniche, and the Algarve provides good shelter from the rain and the winds. We know a number of surf school in Portugal which open winter surf camps, mostly around Algarve and Lisbon.