Growing Confidence for Kids Surf Lessons

Surfing is that kind of sport that offers excitement, constant challenges, and laid back lifestyle all rolled in one package. Once you try surfing, it will constantly consume your mind. You will always thinking about riding waves, the next technique you want to try on, reading the winds, and more. And having your kids sharing the excitement definitely feel amazing. While surfing is fun to watch in the eyes of kids, however, it could be quite discouraging for these little explorers. Teaching kids surf lessons the wrong way could potentially grow their resentment to the sea—as well as your surfing hobby—instead of joy. Rolling the kiddos to surf camps for kids is a great idea to introduce them into the fun of surfing. But first, you have to grow their confidence on the sea, and this is how. 

Growing Confidence for Kids Surf Lessons

Take Them to Swim, Swim, and Swim

Number one rules of teaching surf lessons to kids: train them to master the water! Without the confidence of good swimming skills, the lapping waves would only looks like giant monster ready to swallow them whole anytime. Let swimming be a regular part of family’s activity. Train the kids to be a confident swimmer and able to tread the water without feeling anxious. We know that not everyone have personal swimming pools in their backyard, so try the local pools. Or the apartment’s public pool, if yours has one. Once they got familiar in the water, try to take them to the ocean where the waves are smalls to nonexistent. 

Let the Love of Surfing Grows Naturally

No one likes to be push to like something, and so does your kids. Just because their parents love to surf, doesn’t mean that your kids have to follow the path. Just like how you hate your mom telling you to clean your room—or that you have to be a dentist to be successful. The more you push the kids for surfing, the less likely they want to do it. Instead, let the kids watch you having fun riding the waves and letting yourself all out. Show them your best tricks. And don’t forget to pack extra googles or little surfboard as you go, without pressuring anything to the kids. If you look happy and awesome out in the ocean, sooner or later the kids would want to try on their own.

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First Surf Lessons for Kids: the Boogie Board

This is the time that you’ve been waiting for. Actually teaching surf lessons to the kids! You could start with boogie board. It’s ideal for little surfers as it’s easier to manage and lack in sharp fins that could be dangerous for young beginners. Boogie board is great to learn how the waves and the ocean works, and gain the confidence. It’s so fun to ride with, especially with their beloved Mum/Dad steering in the front board! This could further grow kids’ interest in surfing in fun way. 

Share Your Joy of Being On the Ocean

Sometimes, the best lessons of surfing for the kids is not the surf itself. More often than not, it’s the closeness to the ocean that grow their interest on riding the waves. It’s about building sandcastles, taking parts in beach cleanups, catching crabs, snorkelling in shallow water, or trying out some paddling. It’s about enjoying the ocean at its essence.