Surfing Guide in Portugal for Total Beginners

As the Europe’s westernmost mainland, Portugal have becoming the popular capital for surfers to start learn surfing. This city can be a best choice especially if you are the non-surfers before and are beginners that don’t even know what to do first but getting your own first surfboard ever. Wait, do you even know which best surfboard you should get?

Portugal is one of the best destinations for a friendly local hosts, sun-washed beaches, beautiful river and beachfront living experiences, old stories, delicious foods up to the famous port wine even though I am not a fan of it.

Almost any tourist destinations in Portugal especially the beaches for surfers has been beautifully illuminated.

Surfing guide in Portugal for total beginners

Portugal has also the huge coastline that reaches up to thousands of kilometres and you won’t believe that you are almost possible to find any surfing beaches around. That’s why it has been a place where any surfers are going even the beginners.

Guide to surfing in Portugal if you are the beginners and it is your first time surfing

Every surf spots have their own guide with useful information, helpful tips and tricks, and more. And for the beginner surfers, you may need more things to know to ensure that your surfing trip in Portugal is at its best.

Enrich yourself with more surfing guide will also the good start to learn surfing the best way. There have been many of the beginner surfers are learning on wave riding sport their self but take longer time to know some skills and techniques.

They may not doing it wrong, but they just don’t know how to control their surfboard the quick way through the right practicing.

1. Have your own surfboard

You may are even possible to surf without any clothes covering your skin at certain beaches, but not having a surfboard can be a mistake. I know that there will be some of the surf equipment rentals at the beach, but if the board is affordable enough for you, then why waiting not to buy one?

Practicing with your own surfboard when you are in Portugal will also a good way to save money during your travel. Some rentals are cheap and some are too expensive. Have your own surfboard is also to anticipate that there won’t be any beaches you are heading to with no surf rentals at all.

2. Best surfing spots in Portugal for beginners

Even though most of the beaches in Portugal are possible as the surfing spots, beginners should have been knowing where the beginner-friendly beaches they have to visit.

Some beaches are contains of rocky bottom that can be dangerous, corals and many more that can harm your safety. For my top recommended places, you can visit:

  • Foz do Lizandro at Ericeira
  • Guincho, Cascais
  • Cantinho da Baia at Peniche
  • Sao Juliao, Ericeira
  • Amado at South West Portugal
  • Vale Figueiras beach at Algarve
  • Carcavelos beach, Carcais, Lisbon Esterol Coast
  • Raposeira at Algarve and many more.

3. Spend your surf holidays at the surf school in Portugal

Surf school Portugal is a professional surf training. There are many of them where you can even free to choose the beach to start your training. Most of the surf schools are also informing their surfing lessons whether or not suit for the beginners.

In choosing the best surf school in Portugal, make sure that the surf operator have been serving the surfers for years and asking about their lessons to make the comparison with the others. You will also need to know if their surf instructors have been got their own official certificates to make sure that you are taught by the true professionals.

Last but not the least, ask the surf school in Portugal about each surf package’s itineraries since surf school is also offered as a travel package like the others. So, surfing will be your main activities but you have also another travel attractions to enjoy as well as the more destinations to visit.