What Set the Best Komodo Liveaboard with the Rest

The recently famous Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia is basically still very remote and located off the beaten paths, but its wonder is almost unbeatable. The last land of the prehistoric Komodo Dragons totally looks like a set of island hat are just thrown off from the “lost world”. This frontier destination is fully covered by crips savannah lands, sparkly beaches, and magical wonders. Anyone visiting these barren islands will be totally awed by the rugged beauty. And what’s better than embarking on the best liveaboard Komodo to enjoy this breathtaking destination? Here are three top qualities that set the best liveaboard in Labuan Bajo than regular, more budget sailing ship. 

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

It’s not just sailing across the Komodo or visiting destinations. The best liveaboard Komodo knows how sailing can turn into an uncomfortable events and how to make you feel like at home. Or better, if they could. They are basically a floating starred hotel and they really do take it seriously. You can expect to see a very comfy double spring beds in well-lit cabins and cushiony sofas that will take your seasickness away. They know that the Komodo can be very hot during the day, so they make sure all indoor rooms are air conditioned. And whenever you feel tired after adventure, you can always take a blissful rest at the window-side loungers or just relax on the beanbags at the deck. Some of the most luxurious liveaboard here even have private outdoor jacuzzi! Take a leisure bath with a glass of champagne in your hand all while you enjoy the passing sceneries. 

They Take Interior Design Seriously

You will instantly know which liveaboard Komodo is the best simply by looking at the interior. They know that pleasure is also felt in the eyes. Decorating the interior of the ships with matching themes and colour are just as important as presenting creature comforts to the passengers. 

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The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

Another thing that’s just widely different from low to budget Komodo liveaboard with the best ones are the food. In lower price liveaboard, you can expect to find basic foods for all three meal times. Common menus are Mie goreng, nasi goreng (fried rice), some simple veggies, eggs, Indonesian traditional home cooking, and simple international dishes like pasta. In high-profile liveaboard, their professional chefs are able to serve classier menus like lobsters, jumbo prawn, sushis, barbecue, international take on Indonesian local dishes, down to cheese platters and creme pudding for treats.