Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Running a business requires dedication and commitment. As a business owner and a leader of the team, it is your responsibility to always be there. It is your duty to monitor your business growth. It is also your responsibility to watch your team working. However, it is also possible that you cannot present yourself physically during work-related occasions. Sometimes, you have to go for business travel to meet potential clients or investors. However, you have to make sure that your business still running regardless of your absence. Of course, you may trust your team to keep everything in check. However, some tasks may still require leader’s touch. It means your role is irreplaceable. 

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Keep your business running during your absence

Every business faces different problems almost on daily basis. Some of them are minor and some others require more attentive approaches. Also, some of them can be solved by individual member of your team and some others need your involvement to solve. Frustrated clients, interpersonal disputes, or big-picture strategy are problems that require your involvement. You have to find a way to still be there even without your physical presence. Leading your team and running your business from afar is not something impossible today. 

Plan proper schedule to add office hours in your calendar

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

You can set times when your workers or team member can contact you when you are out of the office. It is important to spend one to two hours a day to make yourself available for your workers to contact you regardless the urgency. Then, make sure to share your calendar or schedule with your team  before you leave. Make sure that you set the schedule with the right time. You may need some adjustment if there is different time zone.

Create an emergency plan 

If it is impossible for you to be disturbed during your business trip for example, make sure to create emergency plan. There are many kinds of urgent situations required your touch during your absence. Sometimes those problems are the most unpredictable ones. This way, you have to make plan to make sure that your team still can get in touch when things at work is too hard to handle by themselves. You may use your smartphone to automate the emergency connection. 

Make a wait list

If you know that you will be absent for a while, you have to start making a wait list for your team so they will stay occupied during your absence. They will still have something to work from even without your monitoring. Make sure that your team stay productive in boosting your business even without your physical presence. Set some goals you want your team to achieve during your absence if possible. It is great way to keep your business running without making it slacking. 

Reach out team

Try to reach out your team during your absence regardless of how busy you are. Spend time to send message or encouragement to your team so they still can feel your presence. Snap some photos that can make your team’s spirit lit up.