Defining Styles of Traditional Interior Furniture in Yogyakarta

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When it comes to solid wood interior furniture Yogyakarta the country definitely does not lack high quality crafts. Rich in natural resources including rainforest, it’s no secret that Indonesia has been one of the leading forces of furniture exporters in the world. Quality hardwood materials aside, are you fond of the traditional styles produced by the local craftsmen? Furniture Yogyakarta definitely has its own styles 

Interior furniture in Yogyakarta 

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Many if not most furniture sold in Yogyakarta are supplied from Jepara; a regency known as the city of wood for its staggering supply of timber the region produces for both domestic and international market. Ordering furniture in Jepara, aside from the high quality materials, they’re also known to be highly versatile as well. By the keen eye, the handmade furniture in Indonesia can be cleverly combined with other pieces furniture that are more streamlined and modern. 

Furniture distinct motifs 

The dragon design is frequently featured in interior furniture Yogyakarta and this is undoubtedly influenced by Chinese culture. Indonesia’s own culture is influenced by numerous other culture that makes it unique; and this is reflected in the furniture industry as well. The dragon motif is particularly intricate; perfect for one of those timeless piece of furniture suitable for centerpieces of your room. 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Another distinct Indonesian carving on furniture is the mystical creature Garuda, sometimes depicted entirely as a bird (a great eagle), or a cross between a humanoid form with eagle wings. It’s one of the most intricate traditional design that has stood the test of time; and having it as a part of your home’s interior furniture would definitely stand out. Furniture with such motifs are great for centerpieces as it showcased skillful craftsmanship and history. 

Furniture Yogyakarta unique patterns 

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One of the most frequent recurring patterns in furniture Yogyakarta that you’ll find is one of the famous Batik patterns. The Wajikan is definitely among the types of Indonesian traditional patterns that occur across many types of furniture Yogyakarta. Just like many Indonesian traditional works, the carvings are often both delicate and intricate. These designs are painstakingly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it’s definitely among the unique defining characteristic of your furniture that makes it stand out. 

Aside from batik or wajikan patterns, there’s also floral pattern with curvy leaves. This type of pattern is most prevalent in traditional wooden doors in houses that still feature traditional house fixtures. However, combined with modern pieces, they could make a beautiful both complimentary and centerpieces for your interior furniture Yogyakarta. 

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Custom-made furniture 

Furniture suppliers in Indonesia are known to be quite versatile in their production. They’re known to take custom orders, whether it’s traditional interior furniture Yogyakarta or other styles. If you prefer a more contemporary style for your furniture Jogja then all you have to do is consult your furniture suppliers. In fact, many manufacturers across Indonesia have accommodated streamlined furniture styles to accommodate the changing demands of market. When looking for places that customize make sure you browse for toko mebel Jogja or mebel Jogja in Bahasa Indonesia.