Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

We are not gonna lie. Surfing is already quite challenging on its own—it’s one of the most complicated sport in earth. And teaching your kids for surf lessons are not going to be easy either. However, any surf-stoked parents know how rewarding it is to ride long waves, to search the perfect waves, to feel the addictive adrenaline rush that makes us to go back again and again. You just cannot wait for your little beans to share the fun. So you begin influencing them to the ocean—taking them to beaches, putting them to your surfboard, and eventually rolling them to kids surf camp. Or maybe, the kids are showing the interest by themselves—and as parents, you want to support them on the surf lessons. Here’s what you can do. 

Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

Buy them appropriate surfboard for their kids surf lessons

Not all new surfers need their own surfboards, but it’s certainly nice to have! If you have the budget, buying the kids age-appropriate surfboards can be the wisest thing to do. Kids under seven years old would best to ride small soft board around 6.6 ft—usually called as El Nino. This board help boost their confidence and great to surf on very small waves. Kids age 8 to 15 years old can use 7ft surf boards, or 8ft if your kids are particularly tall. Longer and thicker surfboard help with more flotation and help kids paddle and catch waves easier. It help them to ride more waves which eventually help them to grow as better surfer. And most importantly, it’s much safer than fibreglass boards as the kids will definitely fall from their boards a lot during learning.

Take Them to Somewhere Warm for Kids Surf Lessons

The best way to have kids surf lessons is by having it in warm countries. Take them to Bali, Maldives, Spain, or Portugal where the weather and the water are warm. These countries are also known to have plenty of good surf school for kids!

Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

Give Them Thicker Wetsuit than You Usually Do

It’s important to keep the kids warm during the surf lessons. They get cold quicker than adults even in warm water. Prolonged session in open water and touch of the wind can cause quick loss of heat. Give them full wetsuit to keep them comfortable, preferably thicker than what you usually wear in the same condition. A good quality 5mm wetsuit will works in most surfing condition. They can switch to short wetsuit or even going bare top when they reach puberty. 

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Buy A Pair of Wetsuit Gloves

If you live or having surf holiday in countries with colder climate like the UK or northern Europe, consider to have a pair of gloves to provide more warmth. It’s hard to find the right glove that fit your kids’ hand, so better to invest on it. 

Get Them A Rash Guards

On hotter days when they don’t want to wear wetsuits, you better have rash guards ready. They help keep kids’ bathing suits stay in place as they move. It protect their body from the wax of the board and provide more sun protection.