Does Gold Coast is the Best Location for Surf Camp in Australia?

Gold Coast at New South Wales is considered as where the best surf camp in Australia is at. If not, at least it will be a place that can be one of those favorite surf schools in the country.

Even though that I have not many official proofs for that claim, there are reasons why it can be the best place for surfing as well as where the best surf camp can be a great place for beginners to learn how to ride the waves.

Proofs that Gold Cost can be the right location for the best surf camp in Australia

In 2007 ago, Gold Coast was the sixth largest city in Australia. In 2016 ago, the population of the city was reached up to 638,090 people. What a large number it was.

The city itself is actually has one of the best surf camp Australia located in Byron Bay—a first place that got a sunrise ray right before any other place on the continent. It is an interesting place, isn’t it?

Gold Coast as the great location for the best surf camp in Australia

Many beaches are safe for swimming and the surf points are also ideal for beginners. No wonder that the Byron Bay, Gold Coast can be the great choice for the best surf camp in Australia as well as where travelers are heading to when it comes to a surfing world in Kangaroo’s land.

Anyway, one of the recommended surf company in the world is also offering the best surf camp in Australia and located on Byron Bay, Gold Coast and some other points on the continent. The company is called as the Nomad Surfers that has been serving the surfers for years in many countries.

In fact, by the present of the surf company with years of experiences, it will really a big support for the surf activities and enthusiasts in the world to visit Australia for its surfing travel package.

The beach lines of Gold Coast is also pretty much long and is interesting. It is somehow seems to be a white linear line where travelers especially the beginner surfers can choose wherever spot they want to start practicing the knowledge they have been taught at the surf camp class.

There are also many surf lessons and rentals to visit to support your enthusiasm about surfing in Australia and start digging into the basic knowledge and techniques to master.

The surf camp in Australia is also offering some interesting options for their new students. For example, there are 2 up to 7 days of surf lesson and stay in Byron Bay or shorter just like a 2 days and nights for the weekend surf lesson. And even if you will only get a surf lesson only without any extra charge for accommodation and other activities, you sure are possible for that privilege as well.

And those just at the Byron Bay, Gold Coast alone. We are not actually digging deeper to the other locations and surf spots in Australia. But so far, I think that Gold Coast is has been the best surf camp on the continent for now. You may have the different opinion, right?