The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

For someone who can dive, scuba diving feels a lot like being a child again. To get surrounded by colourful wonder; to find everything is new and exciting; to get lost in strange lands of corals and blue sea; and to experience all the mysterious, unexplored worlds once again. You are allowed to be your naïve self again so you can get mesmerized with all the intricated beauty of the sea. Those are just a tip of the joy that scuba divers feel on their underwater adventure. And that’s obviously part of the reason why you express interest on learning how to dive. But here are things that they might not tell you; the ups and downs of diving for beginners.

UP: Scuba Diving for Beginners Opens Your World

There’s no doubt about that. By being able to breathe and move underwater, divers have more to explore on this planet than non-divers. Soon after completing your scuba diving for beginners, you will get to feel all the new senses of exploring an entirely different world. Pretty much as illustrated above. For one that’s never been experiencing the underwater before, your first dive will be totally life changing.

DOWN: You Might Get Frustrated with Some Skills

Diving for beginners is not easy. There are so many things to learn and almost everything is complicated. We have seen divers getting really nervous on controlled breathing through device, getting panicked when the smallest thing went wrong, struggling on mask removal, and many other things. When you can’t handle the stress properly, learning to dive could seems so much. It won’t be surprising if you feel like giving it up in the middle of the course. The key for this is perseverance and strong faith on yourself. You can do it and you will go to the real underwater world soon!

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

UP: Scuba Diving, for Beginners and Beyond, Keep Your Body Fit

Ever heard about the young that want to be swimmers cause swimmer has the ideal body? It’s actually the otherwise; swimmer gets ideal body because they swim. And the same thing applies to scuba diving. Swimming and diving requires your entire body to work. Your hands, your upper body, and your feet are constantly moving. These two sports are the best, most effective holistic workout that you can get. Also, you need to be always in shape if you want to dive properly. You cannot dive properly if you are overweight or under exercise.

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DOWN: Diving is Not Cheap

Let’s get real. Diving lessons for beginners could be quite pricey—even though they are so worth it! The trip out to the sea also cost money. Also, once you get the taste of the underwater magic, your holiday will rotate on the newest dive sites to try. That also cost money. Scuba gears, both renting or buying on your own also cost money. Diving is not a cheap hobby—and you need a really good financial menagerie to keep it in budget. However, the incomparable experiences and flows of new knowledges you get after each dives definitely outweigh the cost!