Quality of Good Surf School in Ericeira Portugal

When you think about Ericeira Portugal, it’s hard to not to think about surfing. In fact, the Ericiera is one of the largest, all year round surfing destination in Portugal. This region is known for having the highest concentration of waves in Iberian Peninsula with all kind of wave variety. The swells are still pumping even at times when other beaches in Europe go flat. Surfers from all level, all round the world come to Ericeira to have an ultimate surf adventure or even learning all the basics from scratch. Naturally, hundreds of surf school blooms in Eirceira Portugal. Though that means variety of choices, it makes choosing the best Ericeira surf school quite a task. Here we have rounded up qualities that make a good surf school. Hope this helps!

Quality of Good Surf School in Ericeira Portugal

Their Instructor Should Be Fully Licensed

Never book a surf school who employ beach boys as their surf instructor. Listen, the surf instructor will be the source of all important hands-on knowledge you will get. Those tanned beach boys might be skilled in surfing, but that don’t necessarily means they are qualified to teach. A goos surf school in Ericeira Portugal should have fully licensed instructors to prove that they are compliance to teach. There are several surfing certification; ISA (International Surfing Association), ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors), and SGB (Surf Great Britain). It doesn’t really matter what certification that the instructor hold. The priority is having someone with legal requirement to teach you surfing safely. 

They Are Not Sugarcoating About Surfing

Surfing has somehow the image of being the coolest and the most laid-back sport while being identical to holiday. What they don’t tell you is that surfing is also one of the most extreme sport on earth. Beginners are often fooled on deception; thinking that surfing is as easy as it seems. The truth is, surfing requires mastering on combined skills all at once. Great physical power to paddle the board, balancing body on board, reading the waves, tides, winds, and sun, and not harming marine wildlife whilst doing all of that. That’s definitely something you could do with leisure. Find a good surf school in Ericeira Portugal that blatantly tell you about this. They should not sugarcoat surfing as something like an easy summer holiday.

Additional Fun Activities

We love surf schools that have awesome side kicks going on their camps. Side activities like horse riding, beach barbecue, yoga, or movie night. It makes a whole lot difference to staying experience at surf school!

Being Close to Ocean is A Plus for Surf School Ericeira Portugal 

When you head to surf school in Ericeira Portugal, you will want it to be as close with the beach as possible. It would be better if the closest beach suits your level. That would means less time spend to travel and more to do the actual surfing. 

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Small Groups in Ericeira Portugal Surf School

Having smaller class means the surf instructor could give more intense and focused training to students. Take notice at how much the group consist of before booking. Ideally, the peer group should not consist more than 5 students per session. Also, having a smaller group could strengthen the bonds between you and your new friends. It’s great to motivate each other, cheering for one another, and having a good time in all ways.