Bali Tattoo Studio Facts to Consider Before Getting Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are cute and trendy and they certainly has their own charm. However there are certain things you need to be aware of before you contact your Bali tattoo studio and decide that you’re getting tiny tattoos. Tiny tattoos have the advantages of being easily hidden. It’s perfect for people who might have certain restrictions that limit them to have body art or body modifications, whether it’s because of work or other reasons. It’s certainly convenient in this context. However, if you don’t have such restrictions, have you thought of why you’re opting tiny tattoos instead of regular-sized ones?

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Tiny tattoos are great, but they come with their own set of complications. Before you get tattoo Bali with your desired design, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

Bali tattoo studio trend on tiny tattoos 

Tiny tattoos are here and they’re going to stay, that’s for sure. Many people love them, some first-timers think it’s a good idea for their first tattoo to be a tiny one. But before you decide on a cute little tat, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

There are Bali tattoo artists who won’t do tiny tattoos 

Art is a highly personal endeavor. And this of course applies to body art just as much as any form of art. Aside from the personal styles and fortes of each artist, you need to remember that some artists just are not willing to do certain types of tattoos. It can be that your artists just don’t specialize in that type of tattoo, or they simply don’t like doing tiny tattoos. Many artists in Bali tattoo studio consider their works speak as their own means of advertisements. And let’s face it, tiny tattoos just won’t do that. Some people won’t even notice they exist. Whatever their reasons  are, know that some artists just won’t do them. 

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Tattoos with fine lines fade fast 

Tattoos are meant to last forever on your skin, yes. But your skin changes. It shed and stretch and grows. Needless to say, tattoos change over time. Discolorations, fading, and everything that could happen to your skin will happen to your tattoo. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that tiny tattoos that usually consist of really fine lines are going to get the most of the burnt of whatever happens to your skin. Tiny tattoos fade faster, that’s just fact. 

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Tiny tats are cool and all but are they going to last? 

Those who are just considering their very first tattoo might think that going small is the right way. And it is. But going tiny might just disappoint you in the long run. The mechanism in tiny tattoos often mean that they’re not going to last for as long as regular tattoos. It’s a simple fact that fine lines will fade faster, period. If you want your very first tattoo to be something that will last, it’s better to rethink getting a tiny one. You can consult with your artist on how to create a design that’s originally for tiny tattoos to a regular-sized one, with less fine lines. 

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