Fact of Lizard King on Top Komodo Tours

Fact of Lizard King on Top Komodo Tours

The core zone of the Komodo National Park is the Rinca island region. If you are in Top Komodo Tours you will realize that the area is a protected zone. In the sense that it is not allowed to change human activities in it, except for science, research, or education. The ancient animal habitat has indeed made Komodo and Rinca islands the most attractive destinations. Until the management was rumored to have agreed on a project similar to Jurassic Park on Rinca island.

It is also reported that the minister of environment and forestry has implemented safety principles related to the use of heavy equipment at the project site. Until there was a Savekomodo hashtag. Had circulated and became viral a photo in the middle of the project was running. Where there is a truck carrying iron trellis is stopped in the middle of the savanna and is blocked by one of the lizard kings, Komodo Dragons. 

Top Komodo Tours on Rinca Island

Komodo dragons that live on this island are indeed more aggressive than other islands around it. The reason is that Indonesia’s tropical weather makes Rinca’s savanna dominated land hotter. The characteristics of the geographical conditions make our lizard king different, even though its size is not as big as Komodo in other places. Because these ancient animals belong to the carnivorous group, in Top Komodo Tours you will find some important rules.

Like menstruating women, it is not recommended to travel to lizard king’s place. The reason is, this lizard king is very happy to smell the smell of blood and is always too attracted to his attention by the smell of blood that is not fresh. However, even though there is no official prohibition. It is better for women who are menstruating to keep their distance from the lizard king and stay with a group and the guide. 

The lizard king is not just a reckless beast. But this ancient lizard does have a very aggressive but patient slow lethal tactic. Although they can run at a speed of twenty kilometers per hour, they prefer to set traps in search of food. And the Komodo Dragons do not immediately eat its prey that is in a trap. Instead, these animals will kill its prey and leave it until it is surrounded by flying insects. Because the lizard king prefers to eat meat with the unfresh blood. 

The Great Lizard King on his Podium

Since the year two thousand eleven, UNESCO has designated Komodo Dragons as a one of the world heritage sites that must be preserved. Also as the seven wonders of the world. The assessment is based on the voting results of the entire world community. Komodo island was discovered in nineteen and ten, and it was Steyn Van Hensbroek who had named it. At that time the numbers were still around two thousand five hundred. 

Efforts to maintain this world heritage have indeed teased a lot of gossip, as well as criticism of its management, as well as the Indonesian government. However, in two thousand and seventeen, National Geographic determined that Komodo island was one of the ten best tourists attractions in the world. 

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