Procrastination Can Harm Your Productivity

It is common for us to feel a bit lazy sometimes. We are aware that we have important to task to finish with but we still choose to ignore it or do other mundane things. It might be fine if it happens once or twice. However, it can bring harm to your productivity if you cannot control your sense of procrastination. 

Dealing with procrastination

During this pandemic, it is easy to forget that we still have work to do and we are still chained to deadline even if we work from home. Lots of people admitted they they feel more relaxed and laid-back working from home during pandemic, making them almost forget about their important tasks most of the time. 

Procrastination doesn’t always mean you have time management problem or you have problem at all. It happens but the way you deal with it is what matters here. If you keep thinking about why you feel so lazy or why you keep delaying your task, you may grow guilty about it. Then, it will wither your mood and turn it into negative emotions which make you even less productive. 

What you can do to deal with procrastination is realize that you are an adult with responsibility. You are aware of those responsibilities and how you need to fulfill them instead of following your inner child to procrastinate. There are also things you can do to stay focus and productive.

First thing first, sort out your tasks by the level of their urgency. When you have list of important works to do, you can assess how much time you need to finish it. Then, make sure to follow the timeline. This way, you still have a schedule to follow with and no feel as lost. If it is possible, finish your work before the deadline and reward yourself with something if you make it. 

Make a day-to-day plan if you tend to procrastinate your work. Sometimes, it is easy to feel unbothered with work knowing it can be done in weeks. You tend to choose the last minute to do it instead of doing it in right away. With a day-to-day plan, you know exactly what you have to do in every hour of your day. It will make you feel prepared of what you need to do to stay productive without losing a quality time for yourself. 

Also, it is important to realize that the more time you have in a day, it is possible for you to fill it with unnecessary things. Knowing that you have all day to stay at home can make you feel at ease. However, it will make you feel guilty the more you fill your times with unnecessary activities. 

Therefore, always treat your day like it is a very limited period. Make it as valuable as possible you you will always think of important things to do. Procrastination is not a disease or disorder. You can fix it and start positive habit so you can stay productive no matter what happens.