Establish More Loving Work Environment 

There are many reasons causing a business to fail. One of them is less productive team. However, it also happens for a reason. There are many factors causing team members to feel unsatisfied, less motivated, and stressed. One of the most common reason is negative work environment. One of the solutions to deal with this problem is to create more loving work environment to make your team members experience happy and positive spirit on daily basis. 

Strategies to establish more loving work environment

When work environment is healthy and loving, the is higher chance of your business to achieve success. Not to mention that it is the kind of work environment that is more supporting for your team members as human beings. They are not robots so developing a work environment that is loving can build positive energy between them. 

healthy loving work environment

One of the first thing you have to fix is your business culture. There are more important and impactful factors aside from fear, scarcity or efficiency. They are compassion, empathy, authenticity, and collaboration. These aspects bring more benefit to business over time. When you show empathy and compassion within work environment, you spread positivity. There will be positive system built between team members. The systems you create within work environment should be able to acknowledge, consider, and respond to your team members’ suffering and emotions. 

A little goes a long way

Increase your appreciation to your team members so they will also do it between them. Expressing gratitude sometime is a very hard thing to do in professional setting. This happens especially because every individual has been given their own role so when they accomplish one thing, it is considered as a task instead of achievement. However, this is one of the common reasons why workers and employees are not happy with their work. They feel less appreciated. Therefore, you can express gratitude more within work environment to increase the feelings of joy, relaxation, optimism, and purpose. 

Feedback vs criticism

Stop criticizing and giving feedback instead. Feedback and criticism are two different things. When you give your team members feedback, you help them to improve and develop. When you keep criticizing your team members, they feel condemned or demoralized and it’s not a good thing. Give feedback so that your team members feel supported. They will improve themselves and try their best to perform better. 

Remember that we’re all humans

Treat your team members as human not only an asset or resource. Every individual in your team is human who has feelings, talents, strengths, weakness, potential, imperfections, and real emotions. Thus, create work environment in which you give them space to get to know and understand each other better. Make sure to create a system where everyone’s feelings are acknowledged and validated. Always remind everyone in your team that they are valued not just for what they do but also for who they are. 

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Aside from several points above. It is also important to main authentic work environment. As a leader, you can model authenticity in leading your team. Establishing more loving work environment needs trust between each other.