Developing Unique Personality For Your Business

Developing Unique Personality For Your Business

Personality is what makes us who we are. It is something unique and it is not always related with person because the same goes for business. Business regardless the size has its own unique personality which can gives off certain vibes to people. It can make people attracted and become a loyal customer or turn their heads to the other direction. So what kind of personality should you develop for your business?

Showing who you are through your business’s personality

One of many ways you can connect more with your customers is to show who you are. And nothing can do it better than your business’s personality. However, it is not something easy to develop either. Sometimes, business owners try to copy their competitor’s personality to gain the same impact. However, it is not a guarantee that the same success will be achieved especially because customers today are very smart.

Successful and unique business personality needs to be developed properly. It is important for your business’s persona to match in every aspect of your business such as product/service, mission, culture, brand, etc. Develop personality that your customers can relate with. Hence, it is essential for you to get to know your customers first. Narrow down your target audience. Once you know them, you can decide how to develop business’s personality they can relate with. 

Showing who you are through your business’s personality

Then, you need to perfect your voice and tone to develop your business’s personality. Keep it cohesive so you use the tone that is appropriate with who your customers are. You don’t want tot use a casual, silly tone to your customers who are a group of business professional. Find out what kind of voice and tone your customers will love the most, it can be something more with professional, casual, or funny vibe. 

Tell a good story to develop your business’s personality because who dislike good story? Storytelling is not uncommon in business marketing strategy. It can make you being noticed by your audience if you deliver good story with the right strategy. If your business’s stories are not pretty, don’t be afraid. Don’t focus on telling the glamorous part. Tell the story of how your business grow from having nothing to how strong it is today. It is inspiring for others. 

Always stick to your own brand’s guidelines. It helps keep your business’s personality  consistent. It will be easier for the audience to digest because you don’t just randomly use different colors, logo, visuals, or font. Make your personality look unique but stay consistent. Keep in mind that consistency is one of quality customers like about a brand. You need to show consistency of your business’s personality in every place such as website, marketing materials, social media, emails, etc. If you constantly changing, you ask customers to keep up and know your business. And mind you, they won’t. 

How Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Gain Benefits From Being Active On Social Media

How Introverted Entrepreneurs Can Gain Benefits From Being Active On Social Media

Many people often assume that business field is only for extroverted people because it requires lots of talks in public settings, interactions with many people, and engage in various social events. However, it is not entirely true. Business field is for everyone who has drive and passion to success regardless of their personality tendency. Being introvert doesn’t make you has less chance to be successful entrepreneur. 

Gaining benefits from social media interaction for introverted entrepreneurs

For introverted business owners because for them, conversation and networking don’t come as naturally. Hence. Social engagement can be overwhelming. However, there is online engagement now that introverted entrepreneurs can optimize with. There are many benefits introverted entrepreneurs can gain from it, such as:

One of the benefits from being active on social media for introverted entrepreneurs is more control on the interaction. They can take control of who, how, and when the interactions go. They can use social media interaction to grow both professionally and personally. It also helps to build confidence because you can use it as practices to be more prepared for face-to-face opportunities. 

Through social media interaction, introverted entrepreneurs can articulate their thoughts well. If you are introvert, you will know that articulating your thoughts is one of the biggest challenges. One of the easiest options is by pouring down all your thoughts through writing. Social media interaction allows you to think through of what you think rather than blurting it out. Also, you can have more confidence to make interaction with people you are not confident with to interact in real life. 

Social media can connect you with people who have similar mind like yours. Meeting with like-minded people doesn’t come as easy for introverted entrepreneurs. Hence, social media interaction can give you that. You can even build a closed group or community to join interesting discussion, share valuable information, as well as boost your brand image online. 

Building client base is often the goal of being active on social media for entrepreneur. However, you should not satisfy on that even when you are an introvert. Social media engagement can result in better understanding of your audience. You will get to know your community and what they are looking for. This way, you also allow your audience to see who you really are as a founder of your business. Human touch you add while building genuine relationship with your audience can boost your brand as well. 

Social media can be a good source for conversation starters. When you are an introverted entrepreneur, it is often hard to find conversation starter. However, social media provides you various posts with various themes you can use as conversation starter. You can use social media to view your industry trends, personalities, and news. You can repost the latest news for example and use it for the talking points in in-person interactions. By using social media as a tool for more engagement, you will also grow more confident to comment and convey their thoughts on the matter. 

Reaching New Level Of Growth In Time Of Uncertainty

Reaching New Level Of Growth In Time Of Uncertainty

2020 is one of the hardest survival races for every business around the world. Many didn’t make it while few are still standing in the time of uncertainty. Many businesses hope for 2021 to be a better year with how vaccine programs started running. However, we cannot deny that we are still in the zone of uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, and complexity. Surviving in this zone is not easy especially for small business. However, it is not impossible to do it with the right plans and strategies.

How to reach growth in uncertain times

Everywhere just like how 2020 wrecked havoc. It is challenging but not impossible to survive and even thrive even during uncertain times. What you can do first is understanding the situation first. 

We all know that we are living in uncertainty now. What kind of uncertainty we are dealing with right now is what you need to understand. The uncertainty we are facing now means that we no longer can predict what the future will look like. There is not tool that can make accurate prediction. Even with vaccine being made and spread, there is no guarantee that the global pandemic will end anytime soon. Also, keep in mind that the pandemic is not going to be the only challenge waiting for you in the future.  

Times now are volatile. It means that changes are now happening drastically and rapidly. We all see how exchange rates fluctuate in every minute. There are new global trends emerging everyday. Even the foundations and principles are shifting constantly. It shows how volatile the world we are living now. Growing business in this volatile world can be hundred times harder. 

We are also living in the zone of ambiguity. It is more challenging to be on the same page because every party has their own differences. Nothing is black and white anymore and it is even harder to make decision. Growing business in this kind of world is more daunting because nothing is clear and lack of agreement makes it even worse. 

The time is now full of complexity since modern world is multifaceted as many people call it. You need more than one skill to be successful in what you aim for. In building business for example, you need not only financial management skills to succeed but also other skills such as leadership, communication, and more. We are forced to keep developing our abilities to not be left-behind. 

One of the key ingredients to success in this uncertain, complex, ambiguous, volatile time is plan. It may not seem a good solution for the world full on uncertainty. However, a good plan can help as a clear guidelines for actions. When you plan ahead, you won’t be caught off guard by sudden shifts or crisis. You already calculated every possible scenario so you know the risk and how to pivot effectively. 

Tips for Business Leaders To Grow Remote Workforce Successfully

Tips for Business Leaders To Grow Remote Workforce Successfully

Last year can be considered one of the most challenging times for every business leaders. The problems that come due to the global pandemic have put everyone in difficult situation. There have been many shifts happened including remote work. It is not actually something new and the global pandemic certainly not the sole cause of it. It has happened for at least a decade. However, it is probably the first time ever for full-timer to work remotely and it happens almost globally.

How business leaders optimize remote workforce

In the past, remote work was mostly applied for freelancers and contractors. Today, remote work is still considered necessary to help reduce the case of the covid-19. Remote workforce needs to be optimized to help business grow steadily. And here are things business leaders can do to make it true:

Giving financial support to your remote workers. During remote work, your company may have lower its expenses. However, it is different with the situation your employees face during remote work. Their electricity bills go up significantly and all. Hence, it is important to provide financial support especially when you are in developing countries.

Transition your business into remote work environment comes with its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges is to maintain well-established connection for communication. To do this, you need to leverage good communication tools that are reliable for everyone. There are many helpful programs and services you can use to make the transition goes smoothly.

To ensure the flow of your business operation, it is important to improve your documentation. You need to document your work processes because during remote work, you work with your employees with different time zones in different places. Through good documentation, your business operation will still running smoothly even if there is change of members.

It may be the best idea to appoint different managers to manage different teams if you have more than 20 or more full-time employees who work remotely. Managing many employees during remote work by yourself can be very overwhelming. However, it will not be a problem if you have more than one manager. This way, you can keep your team feeling cohesive while working and function like a genuine team.

Goals and expectations should be communicated clearly. Working from different locations can cause huge misunderstanding and miscommunication. You can start with a definite plan to make sure everyone knows what their roles and responsibilities are. Good communication should be maintained consistently. You can do it through regular video calls since it is the closest approach to how things done when meeting in-person like when you were still in the office.

To boost your remote workforce, you need to make sure that everyone is doing okay both with their work and personal life. Working from home may bring different challenges for different people. Hence always check in on your remote employees. Also, provide healthy work hours which allow your employees to work productively while still have plenty of time to spend with their families.

Personalizing Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Personalizing Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Even with so many marketing strategies out there, emails are still considered one of the most effective ways. Email marketing is an excellent strategy to get to know your audience while building loyal customer base. Then, you can use what you have gathered to create more unique and interesting promotions to raise engagement and increase sales. Email marketing will be more effective and impactful when you personalize it. 

Personalization in email marketing

Personalization is one of the keys in successful marketing. It is one of the ways to reach more customers because what you offer are relevant to what your customers need. By personalizing email marketing, you will be able to create more engaging, relevant contents that your customer enjoy. So how to personalize your email marketing?

Pay attention to your subject line and personalize it. Since subject line is the first thing that your customer see when receive an email, you need to make sure that it is something that can make your customer want to open and read their email. For example, you can use your customer name in your subject line. Relevant, conversational, personalized subject line is a good start for effective email marketing strategy. 

Personalize your email marketing by using your customers’ order history. By analyzing your customer’s history, you will find out what their interests are. Customers buy something based on their interest. This way, it create higher chances for customers to read your email because the contents are matters to your customer’s interest. 

Personalization in email marketing

Use special days to attract more customers via email marketing. For example, you can send your customers who have a birthday on that day an exclusive discount. However, you have to put some limit. For example, they can only use the special discount during their birthday week. Hence, it will get them to take action. You can also use the day your customers subscribed as a special anniversaries where you can send or offer special price. 

During the sign-up process, make sure to ask your customers questions related to their interests or pain points. You can use the information to know how to deliver personalized contents in the future. Make sure to let them know that the question being asked are important to personalize contents relevant to their interest they will receive in the future. Then, you can segment each of customers into different categories or interests. Hence, you know which customers to receive which emails. 

Segmenting your leads can help a lot in personalizing your email marketing. You can use the information you have gathered to create more unique, personalized, and relevant contents for your customers. By personalizing email marketing, your chance to build loyal customer base is higher. Personalized emails can make your customers feel more special and valued. 

Personalizing email marketing is a good way for your business to be one step ahead from your competition. Hence, take time to find out what your customers want and need so you can personalize email accordingly. The result will be helpful in boosting and growing your business significantly.

Get Your Business Adapted To The New Normal

This year is seen as one of the most remarkable moment because it is when the crisis hits greatly. Our lives are affected significantly

and we are forced to adapt the new environment. Things started going back to normal. However, instead of going what we used to before the pandemic, we have the new normal now. It is not only about how we protect ourselves when go outside. The new normal also affect the way we run our business. Getting it to adapt to the new normal is a must.

Get Your Business Adapted To The New Normal

Adapting to the new normal in running business

Running a business in the middle of crisis is very challenging because you need to make lots of life-changing decision not only for yourself but also for your team members and employees. Innovation is they to survive the crisis because only those who innovate can overcome any situation even the hardest one.

Planning for the new normal

Getting your business adapted to the new normal must be pretty challenging because it comes with its consequences. You need to plan long-term vision for the future of your business. Digital transformation is to be expected and it will keep evolving even after the pandemic. You need fast acceleration to keep up with the new normal.

Innovation on products and services

Being innovative is not only about the new work culture you implement within your organization. It is also critical to the product transformation you may need to undergo. It is important to listen to the demand in the market to deliver the right products your customers want and need. The changes in our live have brought changes in the type of need and demand from your customers. Therefore, taking their account into consideration is very critical.

Think about new work culture

Get Your Business Adapted To The New Normal

Implementing new culture within your organization is necessary so your business stay run smoothly. Some changes are needed such as weekly virtual meetings, virtual happy hours, virtual white-boarding, using digital tools to track individual performance, etc. For your business, you can treat these changes as improvement of culture.

See changes as new opportunity

It is also important to see the shifts to business and economy in general as new opportunity. This can help you to keep going. There must be ways you find to grow your business even more after the crisis. Maybe you won’t be able to do it immediately. However, making long-term decisions is a good start. Meanwhile. Short-term decisions are still critical to control your cash flow as well as sustainability. Maybe, it is the right time for you to take chances so treating the new normal as new opportunity might be what is good for you.

Effective communication is the key

During this crisis, it is important to establish effective communication to ensure the transparency as well as keep the engagement. Virtual world is new opportunity for your business to survive and thrive. With innovation, your business will always be more prepared to face any different scenario.  Communication and transparency are also critical elements to keep. Grasping the opportunity during crisis is not so impossible anymore if you can think and act with innovation.

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

During lockdown, we have adapted in response to the given situation. People adapt in so many ways even though some may find it frustrated still to deal with the pandemic especially those who have business to handle. The crisis is slowly getting better. It is not impossible for use to go back to the ways it used to before. However, there must be some productive and healthy habits you can pick up from the lockdown you can still practice even after the crisis ends. Those habits can help you handle your business and life better. 

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

Keeping productive and healthy habits for post lockdown

When the crisis is over, we have to pick up the pace. However, there have been many new rules and policies for us to keep moving forward without putting our health and life at risk. During the lockdown, you must develop some habits that considered productive and healthy. Those can be beneficial if you keep them. Here are several of them.

Take new ways to keep being productive

You are more guarded in spending your time to stay productive. This habit comes from the fear of going out during lockdown. During the pandemic, you are more cautious to go outside because you know the risks. Thus, you take appropriate measure to deal with the situation. It makes your creativity to bloom because you find solution to every problems caused by inability to go outside. You can develop this habit even after the lockdown ends, making you able to control your time better.

Do something new during spare time

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

During lockdown, many people have more time to do whatever they want. Some pick up some new skills, and some develop new habits. You can keep the positive ones such as the motivation to read and learn something new to spend your spare time. There is also a habit of searching and gaining information from many sources virtually. You realize that you can gain information from anything and they can be reliable. This habit is good to keep so you still build your personal development.

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Rethink of relationships

During lockdown, you develop relationship in quite different ways. Before, you may think that you have to meet directly to make friends. However, it doesn’t necessarily true after dealing with the pandemic. You can stay connected with many people and build relationships. You realize that communication is not only about seeing face to face. Reaching out to people wherever their location is won’t be a problem anymore when you realize that technology can make the process even easier. This habit will help you in socializing even after the lockdown is lifted. 

Developing empathy and kindness

During lockdown you develop habit to show your empathy and kindness in every way possible. You realize that it is not only who suffer and that you can help each other to feel better. It may develop your empathy to another level, making you realize that helping and caring for others can make differences. Reaching out to people, checking on their well-being, as well as being more understanding are habits you can keep. 

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

Building your brand also means that you have to sell yourself so your products and services can be received well. However, ‘selling’ yourself in business niche doesn’t mean sharing your personal life or making some sensation. In professional world, you can sell your expertise to gain more audience so you have more chances to build your customer base. Therefore, it is important to know how to show your expertise.

Showing your expertise in business niche

Your expertise has lasting results for your business. That’s how important it is. Building your expert authority has higher chance to increase your business revenue. Not to mention that it helps a lot as well in building reputation, credibility, and trust. However, it is not always easy to position your expertise in business niche. Here are some tips:

Provide valuable information

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

Always provide valuable information in your website for your audience. When your audience find something useful or valuable, they will come back later when they need answer or solution and they think your expertise can help. For example, your business is selling high-tech devices. Aside from providing information about how good your products are, you also need to educate and give information more about things related to high-tech devices. For example, you post content about some tips to differentiate high-quality devices or how to do the maintenance of high-tech devices, etc.

Do not limit yourself to share your content

Our website is not the only platform where you can share your valuable content. You can guess blog in another influencer’s blog. Also, make sure that your website has the easy plug-ins where your audience can share the content through various platforms such as social medias. It helps a lot in building your authority. You may also take advantage of SEO tools if you think it’s necessary to boost your publication online.

Be a great leader

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

It sounds simple yet hard to achieve. Every individual has their own quality. However, becoming a great leader is not something impossible to achieve. You can do it started by practicing good habits on daily basis. The way you do things daily affect how you play your business. Therefore, building positive habits will give big influences in establishing your true expertise. You can also learn more about self-management and self-development. It allows you to understand yourself more and what strength you can offer as a leader. Remember that every individual has unique strength and do not be afraid to use it.

Build connection and positive relationship

Remember that even if you have great expertise within your business niche, there might be things you don’t know about. However, it won’t be a big problem if you know people who to connect and direct with. Do not wait until people call you. You can reach experts or influencers first instead and build relationships. This way, you gain more referrals from customers as well as industry connection.

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is very challenging to make decision when your business faces crisis. Just like every business is facing right now, the crisis is caused by the pandemic of coronavirus. It is inevitable and the only thing we can do is adapt and do the best we can to survive. However, there might be those who face more challenger during the crisis while handling their business. Finding certainty is important to know the future of the business itself. 

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

How to be clear in decision making during crisis

Running a business requires you to think and do carefully because every decision you make will affect the whole business. Also, there are those who just started their small business and suddenly had to face the pandemic and their plan got ruined. It is not easy to find clarity in the middle of this kind of situation. You may start searching another job or keep going with what you have even if it is uncertain. However, it will be better if you can gain clarity before making any decision.

Navigate Your Plan 

Even if your business faces the crisis, it doesn’t mean you should just quit and give it up. You must have your plan that you made before in the initial stage of building your business. You can be disappointed or even a bit frustrated with the situation but you also have the power to get back up. Look into your initial plan and see if there is something you can take a note of that helps your business to stay strong even in the middle of crisis. 

Keep on tracks with business activities

It is also easy to fall into procrastination when you are dealing with crisis because you feel like the world is going to end. However, it is even better if you can pick up your routine and keep your tasks in track. You can make new plan of day-to-day activities and see what you can accomplish. Daily fulfillment will build your hope up, making you gain more positivity. This is also a way of visualizing your dream. You may feel like your dream of being successful entrepreneur just crushed. However, you may feel recharged once you pick up your routine. 

Meet or talk with people to gain some clarity

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is different between thinking yourself and talking with people. Talking with people allow you to gain more perspective so you can see your problems from different angles. It is not possible for you to gain solution from the conversation even if the others don’t really give you the answer or advice you expected. Somewhere along the conversation, you may be struck with an idea you have never thought of before. 

Share the struggles 

You can also try to form alliances with people who may share the same struggles as you. This can form new strength for you and your business to get back up and stay strong facing the crisis. Do not limit yourself to just meet people with the same interest. It is great to meet new people. 

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

It is not easy to face the challenge of global pandemic especially when you have so many things to deal with. Running a business, taking care of your family, and many other matters can take a toll on you. Suffering from stress is more likely these days because how the pandemic has affected economy and cause such a downturn in history. Thus, improving your mental health is a very important issue. 

Maintaining and improving your mental health

Your mental health is important just like your physical health is. When you are stressed, your body won’t listen to you and this can cause you to be less productive in your days. Even with limited access to go outside and find something to release your stress, you can maintain and improve your mental health at home. Here are some tips for you. 

Stay in touch 

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Stay in contact with people you love even if it is through virtual connection. Sometimes, we absorb positive energy from the people we interact with instead of our own within. Thus, stay connected with people especially the ones with positive energy can help a lot in maintaining your sanity during this crisis. Encourage your employees to do so as well so they still can find balance between fulfilling their work and staying in touch with their loved ones. 

Write a journal or diary

For some people, writing can be a self-healing experience. By writing down what they found funny, bizarre, or even tough, they feel like they can channel out their emotions through the right way. It helps them to think, reflect and feel at ease knowing that they can go through this phase well. You may try this method to maintain your mental health. 

Take some time for meditation

Meditation is also considered effective to maintain and improve mental health especially for entrepreneurs who feel like their life revolves around their work. It can help channel out your mind and disconnect it from your workload even for awhile. Thus, you can come back feeling more refreshed and recharged because your mind is more at ease. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Do not be afraid to appear vulnerable in front of your family or friends when you talk with them. You can talk about your highs and lows during video calls with people you trust. It doesn’t mean you can find solution or good advice by talking out your vulnerability. By sharing what you experience to them, it helps you to focus on something that matters the most. Besides, you can also listen more to the struggles your friends or family experience as well. This can make you feel you are not alone in this.

Do physical activities

Dealing with business and personal matters can cause you mental dilemma and stress. You can do something to distract you from all the stress and burden by practicing physical activities to keep you moving. You can swim, play basketball, or follow some fun exercise through video. It can help build positive and healthy energy into your body because your body release toxin that cause your stress.