Building A Great Company Culture When Building Your Business

Building A Great Company Culture When Building Your Business

Growing your business is not only about selling products or service. You need to build it from the inside as well because as you build your success, you are working with a team that you need to lead. What is the point of having employees who feel dreadful to come to work. Creating a great company culture will help a lot in making your employees feel safe and comfortable in doing their job. It makes them feel more motivated and appreciated. 

Important things to build great company culture

The global pandemic has shifted the way our business operated. You may have some of your employees working from home and others coming back to the office regardless of the working arrangement, it is a must to create and maintain great company culture that make your employees feel accepted and appreciated. And here are important things to pay attention to:

Be a listening leader

Leadership quality is very important when building a business because you lead your own team to reach success. Instead of instilling fear, you must present yourself to be a good leader who are willing to listen, to help, to appreciate, and celebrate. Cultivate mutual respect with your employees so they are not afraid to voice out their thoughts. Be more accommodating to what they need as long as they are reasonable. 

Provide support

It is common for business to not always at the top. Sometimes, your business experience turbulence and the ones that will help you through it all is your team. Hence, make sure that you build solid foundation with your relationships. Always focus on giving support to help and encourage each other, be it between co-workers or between leader and employees. Support can be in so many forms. A supportive environment will be able to transcend any barriers. It is so powerful because everyone work towards the same goals in such positive environment to also grow individually. 

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Provide autonomy

Encouraging your employees to give their best doesn’t mean to breathe in their neck all the time. It means you, as the leader give them the freedom they need to grow and improve. Make sure that your employees know they are given trust and independence so they can voice out their opinions freely. They are allowed to think and decide on their own and take initiative. Mutual trust is essential in creative positive company culture and environment. Autonomous culture won’t make people become uncontrollable or wild. 

Make room for fun

Working responsibly doesn’t mean you and your employees should stay on professional mode all the time. Make room for fun and humor so everyone is excited to work and interact with each other. Allow everyone to loosen up because it is what sparks creativity. Harmless humor will help boost everyone’s mood while working. Not to mention that involving humor and fun creates friendly and comfortable environment for everyone. When everyone is happy, their creativity will increase. It automatically helps boost business to the next level. 

The Hidden Cost of Running Bali Villas Seminyak No One Tell You

The Hidden Cost of Running Bali Villas Seminyak No One Tell You

Having a beautiful Bali villas in Seminyak can provide you with more than just a lovely spot to spend your summers and holidays. Especially as Seminyak is one of the main tourist hub in Bali—lined with popular beaches and dotted with stellar restaurants, boutique shops, cafes, and pura. 

Investing in a vacation rental in Seminyak can also help you enhance your monthly income flow, diversify your investment portfolio, and qualify for a number of tax breaks. Unfortunately, novice and seasoned investors alike tend to overlook a few vacation rental investment property fees. Having a villa in Seminyak—or any other areas in Bali—is not always profit and flowers. Here are seven hidden fees of running a vacation rental that no one tell you about. 

Increased Utility Bills for Your Bali Villas Seminyak

Increased Utility Bills for Your Bali Villas Seminyak

If you buy a vacation property in a hotter environment, such as Bali, you could end up paying up to 25% more on power bills. Unfortunately, because the guests do not have to pay for utilities, they prefer to leave lights on while they are not in the room and turn down the air conditioning more than they would in their own houses.

The Cost of Landscape Care

Other regular maintenance charges to keep it ready for each guest may be incurred. This could include garden and landscaping care, pool or hot tub service, and so on. You will need to hire a small local landscaping business to mow the lawns and clean the outside areas of the villa Seminyak on a regular basis.

Professional Property Management 

Another cost to consider is hiring or relying on a professional property management or rental management firm. They can take a lot of your burden, from bookings, cleanings, to other managerial issues. However, professional property manager usually charge a percentage of each booking.

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The Cost of Marketing Effort to Promote Your Bali Villas Seminyak

The Cost of Marketing Effort to Promote Your Bali Villas Seminyak

If you want your Seminyak villas to be successful, you need devote a significant portion of your vacation rental property budget to marketing. Summer vacation house rentals are becoming more popular, which means more competition. List your home on as many websites as possible, place an ad in the local newspaper, and increase your social media presence! Whatever it takes to set your property apart from the competition. 

In the age of social media, you might also need to allocate budgets for social media ads and probably influencers to promote your Seminyak private villa Bali. Today many travelers find their dream vacation rental through social media, so you need to catch up. 

Hiring A Photographer

If your budget allows, hiring a professional photographer to capture the interior and exterior of your home is also a good idea. Professional images increase the likelihood of a property selling for more than its asking price by 35%. The point is that the more eyes on your vacation rental, the more likely it is to be rented.

The Taxes and Fees 

In contrast to traditional passive income homes, holiday rental properties do not allow tenants to pay for their own utilities. Utilities, such as gas, power, trash, water, and wifi, will add up. While you can include these costs in the rent you charge, if you want to stay competitive, you should keep your fees as low as possible. You should also consider the expense of hiring an accountant. While this charge isn’t required, it’s a good idea, especially if you’re new to investing.

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The Insurance Cost for Your Seminyak Villas

While seaside homes and beautiful mountain cottages are extremely popular among vacationers, they can also be dangerous (in the eyes of a lender). The cost of insurance can build up quickly in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes, mudslides, and other natural disasters. You should also include liability insurance in case any of your visitors damage your property or injure themselves while on your premises. Certain online providers, such as AirBnB or VRBO, provide some insurance, but don’t expect them to cover everything. Do your homework and choose a plan that suits you and your requirements.

Being A Superb Host of Luxury Villa in Canggu Bali: A How To

Being A Superb Host of Luxury Villa in Canggu Bali: A How To

Vacation rental business is big in Bali, and it’s in tight competition with hotels and resorts. If you own a vacation rental in beach town like Canggu, you’re likely to meet guests who prefer small, locally owned hotels than large, chain hotels. They may enjoy the atmosphere of a location, the privacy of a house, or the unique characteristics of a property, for example. Some tourists, on the other hand, like the comforts of deluxe hotels. They may be worried that they would be lost and agitated in a new place with no one to guide them. A vacation rental concierge service could entice this sort of guest to reserve your property. So, when you run a luxury villa in Canggu Bali, what can you do to make your guests feel truly pampered and have a memorable stay? Today we share the secrets with you. 

Make Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali Like A Five-Star Hotel 

Make Your Luxury Villa Canggu Bali Like A Five-Star Hotel

Picture yourself running a five star hotel in the size of a house. What do guests wants from a luxury hotel? Researchers from HomeAway (now Vrbo) and the University of Texas showed that tourists are 73% more likely to recall their vacation if they are pleased and enthused about it throughout the planning phases, before they even start the trip. It’s all about making your visitors happy, after all. Start by giving them a warm welcome letter and a list to local eateries and activities. Guest staying in short-term rentals are nine times more likely to desire to explore local culture than those staying in a hotel.

Make Your Villa Look Incredible

Make the space seem amazing. Decorate and decorate your home to make it a welcoming environment for your visitors. If the appearance of your property impresses your visitors, they may even share it on Instagram. And that’s free promotion for you right now!

Bring in the True Luxury to Your Villa Canggu Bali with Smart House System

It’s 2021 and the term luxury doesn’t only apply to big house with infinity pools and china tableware. Today, a simple house could feel truly luxurious with smart technology devices. If you haven’t already, it’s time to install it in your luxury villa. In 21st century, smart-home technology gadgets will be required for all vacation rental owners. They not only add value to your home (which your visitors will enjoy), but they also provide security for your property, making running a vacation rental business much easier.

Smart locks are a simple solution to make life easier for your visitors. They’re changing the way property managers and homeowners keep their visitors satisfied. Nobody will ever have to worry about misplacing a key again. All our guests have to do with smart locks is look at their phones and enter in the given key. It’s as simple as that!

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Offering Concierge Services

Offering Concierge Services

One thing that makes a five-star hotels and resorts experience so different from the rest is the utmost concierge service that they give to their guests. Luxury vacationers love it when everything is made easy by a simple phone call. If you want to bring in the true luxurious vibe from outside and inside in your Canggu Bali villas, it’s time to provide concierge services. 

Housekeeping Services

Some visitors may not want to tidy up after themselves. They’re taking a break! Some guests may prefer to stay with you rather than with your competitors if you can work out a contract with your cleaning crew to clean the property every day.

Grocery Services

Imagine being able to inform your visitors that when they come, their fridge will be packed with their favorite delicacies. You can include it in their stay’s cost. How are you going to get the groceries? Hire someone to pick up the meals for you using an online job board.

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Highlighting Your Outdoor Space

Do you have a swimming pool or a hot tub in your yard? Make sure to promote all outstanding outdoor features of your luxury villa Canggu Bali across all of your booking platforms! Create a mini-wellness sanctuary in your garden that your visitors will like and never want to leave. Make sure to invest in some high-quality patio furniture that will allow everyone to sit or lie by the pool comfortably. You should also give excellent pool towels and consider having an outside cooking area so they can grill food without having to leave the pleasant environment you’ve created.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Business

Many people think of outsourcing as a way to cutting cost. However, there is so much more to it. When it comes to outsourcing, what you will find is almost everything related to ‘employment solutions’. there are many things that can be handled trough outsourcing such as staffing, call centers, remote work, and virtual customer service. For small business, it can be such a powerful tool to use more than just a cost-saving measure. 

The Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Business

Real benefits of outsourcing for small businesses

It is often misunderstood that outsourcing is only for big businesses because small and medium businesses won’t get any benefits from it. However, it is entirely wrong. In fact, small and medium businesses can take advantage of outsourcing. And here are some of real benefits of outsourcing for both small and medium businesses:

Double and even triple your workforce

Outsourcing can help in saving money but the more important thing is that it can help double and even triple your workforce in an effective ways without spending too much money. By outsourcing you get the drive that is needed for your business to catch on quickly and compete with other companies in the market. Just imagine what your small business can do if you can afford triple the staff of what you currently have. You will be able to try new tactics, impress your client more with quick response, and even improve your product and service for your customers. 

Have access to talented and dedicated professional

Outsourcing companies have their employees trained professionally, making them individuals with great talent and dedication. It is hard for you to find those kind of professional in such a short time unless you partner with outsourcing company. You can have highly qualified and highly capable people work for you without spending too much money. You may also afford to pay the top salaries in another country with more spending power, allowing you to punch above your weight. It is one of the most efficient ways for you to find talented people with strong passion and purpose. 

Building 24/7 team without excessive cost

In most countries, 24/7 is cost prohibited. Also, it is hard to provide your service 24/7 especially when you are not hotels or fintech company. Meanwhile, there are many benefits from providing service 24/7 such as increased sales and improved customer service, making your customers more loyal to you. However, not many businesses can afford it. However, outsourcing makes it possible for you to build 24/7 team without spending too much money. With offshore team, you also have the option to work in different time zone, providing around-the-clock service for customers from all over the world. 

Offering competitive advantage for your business

With outsourcing, your business will be more ready to face the competition even in global scale because you will be provided with more workforce consisting of dedicated and talented professionals. You will gain benefits both operationally and strategically. Competitive advantage is truly important when it comes to growing your business especially when the competition is very tight. 

Recognizing Your Pattern Of Making Decision In Business

Running your own business means you need to be ready for whatever problems that come to you. Sometimes they are easy to solve and sometimes they are so complex. Regardless, every individual has their own pattern in solving problems. It is all coming from the process of making decision. In business, recognizing your own pattern in solving problems and making decision is a big deal. 

Recognizing Your Pattern Of Making Decision In Business

How to recognize your pattern

A pattern informs your processes that can become your method of problem-solving and decision-making. It is also possible for people to be unaware unconscious of the pattern they have been used. Even if you feel like that, you can leverage those unconscious things to make them less unconscious. In making decision and solving problems, awareness and intentionality do matter. Those are your tools to face any challenge while running your business. And here are what you can do to improve your decision-making and problem-solving processes:

Be specific

It is crucial to be specific about the decision or problems you face. Ask yourself more specific questions that can lead to more definite answers. Too general questions will only lead to vague answer which may raise another problem instead. When you are being specific, it brings more clarity into the decision to be made or the problem to be solved. To achieve the clarity, you need to have specific view of the timeframe, destination, and others impacted by the decision. 

Ask feedback from others

Sometimes, the problem you face feel harder or more complicated for you because you only see it from your point of view. Hence, it is wise to ask feedback from others you trust who can give you objective feedback. However, make sure to be selective in choosing those people. At least those few people are the people you respect and who know your gaps. Those kind of people know your blind spots, what you are good at, and potential pitfalls. They will be able to challenge you with vital questions, and you will become more open to receive that. When you ask for feedback from the others, you will be informed with more options that you probably have never though before. It means, you have more options to be taken as the best solution accordingly. 

Collect a data

It is normal for you to get stuck when trying to make decision even after contemplating alone or discussing it with the people you trust. If this is the case, then you may consider going back and get few people to weigh in and repeat the process. It can be called as collecting data. Some people may see it as pushing off decision to other people. However, it is indeed the value of collecting data you are searching for. This kind of approach works well for deductive thinker who tend to gather information from numerous sources before making decision. Keep in mind that this is not a plot to put a blame on someone. It is to share and garner learning from divers expertise. 

Maximising Your 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu for Bigger Space

Maximising Your 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu for Bigger Space

Who says that vacation houses have to be a luxury mansion with five bedrooms and a separate maid room? In a relaxed island like Bali, even one-bedroom house could appeal to guests. Small house rentals in popular areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Legian, or Sanur are no less popular than bigger ones. Owning a 3 bedroom villa in Canggu, for example, might even be more lucrative than a 10 bedroom ones simply because most guests are travelling in small groups; couples, small families, or small band of best-friends. With careful designing, a small to medium villa rental could provide ample space for everyone. This is how you should maximise the space at your small villa rental.

Creating Spaces to Share for Everyone

It’s important to optimize the common area when building a holiday rental. The majority of people like large open living, dining, and kitchen spaces. No guest likes to be locked in the kitchen preparing meals while the rest of the group is in another room. Remember that guests choose to rent a villa rather staying in a hotel to ensure that everyone is together. The shared living rooms are the best places to concentrate on the distinctive selling factor that will get your property rented. Guests look for top-of-the-line equipment, high-end finishes, plenty of seating space in the living room, bar top dining, and a place to eat as a group.

Maximising the Occupancy for Your 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu

Maximising the Occupancy for Your 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu

A vacation rental usually houses guests within its maximum occupancy limit, sometimes even more. You will have 6 guests if it is a 3-bedroom home, 16 guests if it is an 8-bedroom property, and so on. To make sure that your villa is always booked, you need to know to whom you need to market the house. If you have a 3 bedroom villa Canggu, you might want to market it to small families and group of friends. This is perfect as parents can have their room, while the kids could have each for their own.

Invest on King Beds

Buy many king beds as your property’s room and money will allow. Many of our guests don’t have a king bed at home, so it’s a vacation perk that would definitely keep me coming back! You can fill all the three bedrooms with king beds or swap one of them with bunk beds!

Sleep More with Bunkbeds in the 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu!

Sleep More with Bunkbeds in the 3 Bedroom Villa Canggu!
Image credit: Instagram @taketinytrips

Yes, bunk beds. They are not just for solo travelers who shares the room with strangers. Bunkbed are great for kids and teens—and there are a lot of fun bunkbed that makes the staying experience even more exciting! Consider stacking two or three beds on top of each other to accommodate a large number of people in the same amount of space as a single bed. Bunkbeds help to accommodate four people in a room that regular bed can only sleeps two.

Using bunkbed also provides for greater storage and lounging areas while also freeing up walking space. Plus, we all know that images of decluttered rooms are appealing to potential tenants, right? Keep the room open and inviting by bunking your beds.

Bunkbed for the Adults

Sometimes, the adults want to have fun with bunk beds, too. This is a great option too if your target markets are teens and young adults who travel with their friends. Think about sorority group! Bunk beds also come with adult size, which is great news for villa owners. You can choose this route to sleep many people comfortably as well as frees up spaces in the room.

Nurturing Your Leadership Growth To Be Successful

Nurturing Your Leadership Growth To Be Successful

To become a successful leader, you need to build and develop qualities that make you different for the rest. It takes time to reach the level of success you expected because even a seasoned leader still needs to learn. Leadership is not something to learn once and done. It is a life long learning journey in which perseverance is needed. Also, important factor to become a successful leader is growth. If you stay stagnant with your leadership growth then success will seem far-fetched. With positive growth, you can maximize your effectiveness to prepare for the future. 

Tips for leaders to grow and develop

Successful leadership is one of important ingredients to successful business. When a company has a great leader, success is not too far to reach because a leader can infect positive energy to everyone around them, and always have composure of what to do to plan for the success. Here are some of important ways for you to nurture your leadership growth:

Gain experience by doing something

If you just read the theory without practicing it in real life then you will never learn. Instead of waiting for the experience, you need to make it as you go. If you keep thinking to wait until you are ready, you will never experience it. Hence, push yourself to do things you are not fully qualified for because you will learn as you go. This is how you create your own opportunities instead of waiting or letting them pass you by. Taking action instead of waiting is one of the qualities a great leader should develop. 

Stay curious

When you are curious, you keep wanting to know something. That is when you have the motivation to learn more and more. However, keep in mind that growth is not about knowing something more only and it is something to be found outside of your comfort zone. When you are curious, you have the motivation to get out of your comfort zone and learn more. It allows you to open your mind more. Hence, do not be afraid to try new things even if it is driven solely by curiosity because it is what drives you forward. 

Learn form every experience

There is always something to learn from each of your experience whether it is from your past or present. It will all build your future success. You may seem view something happening to you today as unrelated to your future success. However, you will find the connection if you look hard enough. You build your future success from what you have learned and experienced and it will become your solid foundation later.

Consider collaboration

Your leadership growth can be nurtured in many different ways but isolation is not the one. In fact, the most innovative and successful ideas are born out of collaboration. Hence, do not think collaboration as demeaning thing to try. Always surround yourself with diverse people with positive attitude and energy. You will know what kind of greatness it will bring once you work together. 

About Ethical Dilemmas In Business

There are many challenges business owners face. While some of them are more common than the others, there are also type of challenges that come rarely but are problematic enough to disrupt the flow of you running your business. Decision-making is part of daily basis for business owners and leader. However, it is not always so easy especially when ethical dilemmas come as the challenge. 

Most common ethical dilemmas business owners and leader often face

Ethical dilemmas are often challenging for business owners because they are hard to work through. Sometimes, the risks and rewards are not so clean-cut which make the decision-making become harder. And here are example of ethical dilemmas happened in business industry:

Compromising on product quality 

Products with cheaper costs look promising on a spreadsheet. However, what about the customers? They will notice the quality of your product because they are the one who use it. Meanwhile, your goal is to optimize the lifetime value of your customers. If you give them low quality product, the chance is high for them to move on to another brand. The bets solution for this dilemma is always stick to what’s right that is beneficial in the long term. 

Walking away from clients

Letting toxic clients go is such a dilemma for business owners and leaders. In one hand, the clients brings you good income while on the other hand the relationships you have is the toxic type. The best choice to do when you face this kind of dilemma is to let the clients go. Because maintaining toxic relationship for a long time even in business won’t bring any good outcome. 

Keeping senior employees

Keeping skillful employees is the right thing to do because they can contribute to your company. However, keeping employees just because of seniority only brings dilemma. If they are no longer competent enough to contribute to the company, it is not wrong of you to terminate them. However, do it in a non-offensive way. 

Being honest with your marketing

Creating honest marketing message is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business. This ethical dilemma seems easy to solve but not many business owners today are ready to face the truth. The best choice is to keep what’s right. It means, you need to show your care to your customers by creating honest marketing message. Tell them the truth while delivering valuable content that help them solve their problems. This is not only beneficial for your brand to standout but also help build trust with your market. 

Responding to your employee’s behavior on social media

It is difficult to give the right respond to how your employees behave outside of work. However, it is justifiable to terminate an employee over their poor behavior on social media. However, make sure that you do it with the right reasons. For example, your employee crosses a line into discriminating against particular community or delivering hate speech then you can take a decision to terminate their contract. 

Designing A Seminyak Private Villa Bali that Feels Just Like Home

Designing A Seminyak Private Villa Bali that Feels Just Like Home

So you just buy a Seminyak private villa in Bali. Congratulations! Now to the fun part; designing your villa. Whether it’s for your personal secondary residence or renting it our for second income, you want a Seminyak villa that actually feels like home. You want a beautiful villa that also functional, practical, and family friendly. Read below to learn best tips for designing you holiday home.

Choosing Location of Seminyak Private Villa Bali That Ensure Privacy

First and foremost, the location. Because the location of your construction is just as significant as the construction itself. Youur villas needed to be in a beautiful location, just a few minutes from a fantastic beach, but not at an exorbitant price due to their coastal location. Building with a view allowed us to be closer to the ocean while also giving us the privacy and space we needed to complete our project.

Design A Swimming Pool for Everyone

Design A Swimming Pool for Everyone

By everyone, we literally meant everyone in the family. Since most audience of holiday villas in Bali come from families, you want to make sure that you accommodate that market well. In a Seminyak private villa Bali, the ideal swimming pool should be accessible for the entire family while also being visible from the kitchen if you want to prepare something while keeping an eye on the youngsters in the pool. Make a huge shallow area where younger children may safely splash around and parents can sunbathe. Create a descending pool with suitable depth on the other side of the swim-up bar for swimming. When it comes to swimming, consider using a lap lane, which is excellent for a morning workout. Provide pool games and floats in your villas so you have everything you need to enjoy the water.

Designing the Kitchen

One of the most crucial rooms in a villa is the kitchen. This is where guests keep their food, prepare it, and cook it. The kitchen also serves as a delightful gathering spot for guests’ family and friends, and it contributes to the overall tone and ambiance of your villa. Aside from its practicality, many villa owners are investing in their kitchens to improve their beauty. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners use experienced contractors to help them design and build their dream kitchens.

Design A Connecting Room in Your Villa

Design A Connecting Room in Your Villa

Families who prefer villa over hotels usually want more rooms for the kids or elder parents. They love the flexibility and openness in a villa that makes communication between family member easier. However, parents with young child might be worried if they sleep in different room that’s too far away from them. That’s why it’s a good idea to build a connecting room in your Seminyak private villa Bali where parents and little kids can have their own privacy while still having easy access to each other.

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Designing Privacy in the Seminyak Private Villa Bali

The open floor plan living is usually preferred in many villas in Bali. However, how could you design a privacy in such open-floor house? Including seclusion on an individual or family scale becomes critical to keeping the space comfortable and efficient. We believe you can have it both ways: an open, flexible living area with seclusion built in.

The goal is to strike a balance between the want for privacy and the urge to take in one’s surroundings: Allow natural light and views into the home while controlling how much of the residence is visible to other people’s sight.

Prevent Yourself From Becoming An Overworked Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs say that sleep is not necessary that it is only for the dead. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to business, productivity is one of the ultimate prize. Productivity is not the result of overworking. In fact, overworking can decrease the level of your productivity because your body has its limit. 

Why overworking is not the right ingredients for success

Prevent Yourself From Becoming  An Overworked Entrepreneur

You overwork yourself to the point where you eat and sleep less. Your objective is to increase productivity by shortening your own needs. However, it doesn’t work that way. Being productive is not equal to being overworked. You may reach some goals by overworking but it is not sustainable at all. You will end up with exhausted body and less-focused mind. In this condition, you won’t be able to reach your fullest potential. You may end up getting sick indeed. You can work hard but make sure to give yourself a limit so you won’t end up with a burnout and not fall victim to overwork. Here are several tips to prevent yourself from overworking:

Have a good rest

Rest is important for every human being. Sleep truly can change your life and business. Lack of sleep won’t guarantee your success but having enough sleep means your body can function better during the day to accomplish various goals you have set. Track your sleep habits to ensure you are well-rested. Sleep six to seven hours at night so your body can recover better. Sleep is also the time when your immune system is built. You can also take a nap during the day for about fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Find a release for your stress

Have a good rest

Being an entrepreneur makes you more prone to stress because you have many responsibilities to fulfill on daily basis. There are things you need to accomplish yet you only have one brain and body. Stress are sometimes inevitable even though you know the cause of the problems. What you need to minimize the impact of being stressed is know how to release it. Piled up stress can be dangerous for your physical and mental well-being. Physical activities such as sports can help a lot in releasing your stress. Moving your body will help clear your head to focus more and improve your stamina. 

Get connected to your beloved ones

Your personal life can affect your habit in working. There are entrepreneurs who tend to overwork themselves when they face problems at home or with their personal life. Some of them may bury themselves into working more hours due to lack of connection with their loved ones such as families and friends. Therefore, it is important for you to connect with your beloved. Make time to strengthen the connection by having a phone call, video call, or text messages. The connection can make you a happier person. You will realize that working more hours will probably damage your relationship with the people you love because the connection is strained.