What Komodo Sailing Trip Will Bring You

Flores, another beautiful destinations in remote Southeast Asia that has just been recently reel into our radar. This far-flung haven, consist of a chain of tiny islands, sits right in the periphery of Indonesian frontier. It’s the land of the last surviving Komodo dragons, prehistoric colossal lizard who wouldn’t take a second thought to have a bite of you. But these poisonous dragons might be the luckiest beasts in the world—they get to live in a set of marvellous islands that every piece of it seems like to fall right from heaven. Cruising on Komodo sailing trip is one of the most popular thing to do here. It won’t only get you around the Komodo, but also brings you experiences out of the ordinary.

What Komodo Sailing Trip Will Bring You

A Simple Way of Living Onboard Komodo Sailing Trip

There’s something therapeutical about sailing in faraway tropical country. Maybe its the blowing salty wind and the gorgeous weather. Maybe it’s the perfect blue water that surrounds you all the time. Or maybe it’s the luxury of having to do nothing; the leisure to just lie around the decks, waiting for the boat to dock on the next destination. Komodo sailing trip could be the best gateway to free your mind from day-to-day burdens and responsibility. You have all the crew to cater your needs, sailing the Komodo boat, and even preparing your meals. Lather your sunscreen, put your hat on, don your sunglasses. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy the journey.

A Prehistoric Era Before Modern Civilisation

This is what makes Komodo sailing trip different from other topical travel. Komodo delivers no promises but its purity. Uninhibited islands. Empty beaches free of hotels, restaurants, nor busy beach huts. Bright translucent ocean. Jagged islands filled with dramatic mountains and savannah-covered hills. The Komodo is dazzling in its rusticity. No modern civilisation around—just nature radiating at its finest. Upon sailing closer to the islands, you will see how Komodo’s rugged islands stands like a set of Jurassic Park from afar. And on top of that, you got the living fossil of a specimen that survive from the Pleistocene era. This is a trip that would certainly take you back in time. 

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A Wonderland Away from Reality

There’s nothing to say about the Komodo but how freaking beautiful and mesmerising the landscape is. Its remote location, made secluded by the Flores Sea, makes this destination seems very far away from the reality you know. Every turquoise water you see would make you want to jump right away. Each little islands offers dreamy beaches—some even glistens in rosy hue. And each peaks you hike into offers stunning scenery that would left you in awe to nature’s wonder.