The Ups and Down of Three Days in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Some of the world’ best gems are harder to access and one of them is the remote and Jurassic-looking Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site national park boast stunning natural scenery both below and above the water. The Komodo is an archipelagic landscape—the natural park has a string of around twenty islands spread in Flores Sea. This mean embarking on liveaboard Labuan Bajo day trips or multiple day trips is your only choice to see what Komodo has to offer. Mind you, however, that this destination is very remote and with its breathtaking beauty, comes certain challenges. Here we will strip naked all the ups and downs of liveaboard sailing in Komodo, Labuan Bajo.

The Ups and Down of Three Days in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Incomparable Natural Landscapes

The Komodo National Park won’t be like anything you have seen before. You are going to see series of barren, yellowish islands looming for turquoise waters, looking like straight from the movie set of the lost world. The national park is filled with every natural paradise you dream about. Steak white beaches, empty beaches, pink beaches, transparent water, and dragons. Not the fire-breathing dragons, but actual toxin-inducing killer lizard. What lies underwater is even more magical. Healthy and beautiful blooms of coral formations, turtles, pelagic, the majestic and graceful Manta Ray, tiny little pigmy seahorses, and thousands school of dishes in one dive. We haven’t even star talking about ethereal sunrise and and sunset in Komodo. You would experience one of the most NatGeo-like sunset of your life, watching thousands of flying bats fly off the Bat island, screeching on crimson sky, from the comfort of liveaboard Labuan Bajo. And when the night come, the clear sky displays arrays of glistening stars and the milky way galaxy. The natural wonders of Komodo is simply incomparable. It’s a perfect place to look a slice of Indonesia—and the world—that’s away from the crowds. 

Basic Accommodations on Average 

With so much that the Mother Nature could offer, however, Flores is still way far from Bali in terms of accommodation, transportation, and food. Finding a good budget hotel that worth the bucks could be quite a challenge. A really low-cost hotel might give you a somber, grubby, and dubious rooms. However, Labuan Bajo is now growing and they have more decent backpacker hostels and luxurious hotels than before. Prices can be more expensive than the same room facilities in Bali, though. 

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Hotel-Standard Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Exist, But with Price Tags

Going to explore the Komodo with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo means that you will need to choose between four types of liveaboard boats. The cheapest, around $300 and lower, might sleeps you on decks with thin mats and shared bathrooms. Mid range liveaboard start around $300 to $400 per night per person with bunkbeds and again, shared bathrooms. The actually decent and lovely liveaboard falls in the semi-luxury Komodo liveaboard category, which also a traveler’s sweet spot. Price ranges from $400 to $500/person/night, which includes private cabins, gorgeous ship designs, air conditioned rooms, and sometimes, ensuite bathrooms. However, they sell fast and actually quite pricey for a multiple day trips. In the top of the all liveaboard class is the luxury liveaboard Komodo, which comprises of all yachts and cruises. Expect to spend $500 and higher per night in this front liner phinisi