Building the Perfect Vacation Home in Bali: Choosing the Contractor

Some people come to Bali for a two-week vacation, and some people stay and build their new life on the island. You can build your dream house or villa rentals for business, but before that, it’s crucial to know how to choose the right Bali contractor. Otherwise, your dream villa might not come true as how you imagined. Make sure to bookmark this page for a handy guide when you are dealing with general contractors in Bali. 

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Building the Perfect Vacation Home in Bali: Choosing the Contractor

Look for Word-of-Mouth Recommendation

Begin by asking your friends and family for recommendations, or browse the ex-pat community in Bali who have to build their own dream home here. Speak with a building inspector who will be able to recommend contractors who regularly adhere to code requirements. You can also visit your local lumberyard, which regularly deals with contractors and will be able to recommend those who purchase high-quality materials and offer the best price for the project.

Spend Time to Call the Contractor You’ve Found

Once you’ve created a list, give each of your prospects a quick call and run through the following builder Bali some interview questions, like:

  • Do they accept villa projects that are as big or as small as yours?
  • Are they willing to offer bank or supplier references for their financial standing?
  • Can you get a list of their former clientele from them?
  • How many other tasks would they be working on concurrently?
  • How long have they been collaborating with their suppliers?

The answers to these questions will provide information about the company’s availability, dependability, capacity to give your job their full focus, and the ease with which the work will be completed.

If You Feel Clicked, Meet Them in The Office

Now, you’ve probably got a list of a few contractor companies in Bali that you think would fit your project. Choose three or four contractors to meet for estimates and further conversation based on the phone interviews. A contractor should be able to answer your inquiries in a way that is both satisfactory and comforting. Tom notes that since this individual will be in your home for extended periods of time, it’s critical that you two communicate effectively. However, don’t let personality deceive you. Before you choose a contractor, check with your state’s consumer protection agency and other people who have worked with them to be sure they don’t have a record of conflicts with clients or subcontractors.

Compare Each Bali Contractor You’ve Chosen for Plans and Bids

After calling and meeting them, you now have a small list of potential contractors whose résumés appear solid and whose work ethics seem responsible. It’s time to quit thinking about your previous job and start anticipating your upcoming assignment. A diligent contractor will require not just a full set of plans but also knowledge of the goals and budget of the homeowners. Ask everyone to lay down the cost of materials, labor, profit margins, and other charges so that you may compare offers. Materials typically make about 40% of the entire cost, with the remaining costs consisting of overhead and a 15–20% profit margin.

Always Get Extra Careful with Low-Cost Projects

Got a contractor that offers to do your project at significantly lower costs than other contractors? Don’t get fooled by price easily. There’s a huge chance that this contractor is cutting corners or, worse, desperate for employment. Comfort should be considered equally important to or more important than technical proficiency in your decision. How well you and the contractor communicate is the single most crucial factor in choosing a contractor. If everything else is equal, it’s preferable to spend more money on a contractor you can trust.

Seal the Deal 

When you’ve find the right construction company in Bali, seal the deal by putting it in writing. Create a contract that outlines every phase of the project, including the payment schedule, start date, and anticipated completion date, the materials and products to be used, and a requirement that the contractor obtains lien releases, which protect you in the event that he doesn’t pay his bills,  from all suppliers and subcontractors. It is not about mistrust to want a clear contract. It has to do with guaranteeing a renovation’s success.