The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

Dreaming of a relaxing beach holiday? You might be thinking of spending some weeks at somewhere tropical like Bali. And there’s nothing like staying at a Bali beach resort to have that calming tropical break. The all-inclusive resort has this certain appeal where it allows you to enjoy a private beach right at your doorstep, being away from the crowds, and counting in your foods and drinks into one convenient payment. On Benoa resort you will have all the advantage of staying at an all inclusive resort, but that also means you got to weigh in the cons as well.

Pros: The Pristine Location of Benoa Resort

Most resorts are nestled far from touristy crowds and they always find the best beaches to build the resort in. The Benoa resort, for example, has a very pretty white sand beach—the Nudi beach—at the property. Resorts offers high degree of privacy and security in one of the most beautiful place in the destination. That means no one can disturb you while you are enjoying the scenic view and pristine oceanfront.

Cons: Less Exposure to Cultural Experience

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

Since resort is usually quite remote, walled up, and separated from native communities, it lacks of genuine cultural exposure. Whether you are in Thailand or Maldives, no one can really tell. The experience would be almost the same—pools, private beaches, and palm trees. Unless you are willing to step out from the resort, you won’t get the real charm of what the destination has to offer.

Pros: Stay Longer for Less

Some resorts offer discounted price for longer stay. How that’s not a deal? With four days stay or more you get one night stay for free. This is the perks of resort that you might not get in other holiday accommodation.

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Pros: The Convenience of Benoa Resort is A Win

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

You don’t need to bring multiple towels for holiday. The resort has both room towels and beach towels for outdoor swim. They have pool bar where you can grab any drinks you want without leaving the water. The Benoa resort also has two restaurants to dine in and kids can even eat for free. Breakfast is included and snack bars are never too far away from where you stay. When you are away, the resort’s staffs will readily clean your room and stock up the amenities. It’s also packed up with variety of exciting activities and entertainments. A holiday at the Benoa resort is always easy; it’s made for convenience at its upmost.

Cons: Unadventurous Holiday

Do not expect a daring, adventurous events when you are expecting an easy life. Food, for example, are made to appeal travellers of all ages, which means food choice would be more generic and probably less authentic. It’s also easy to get trapped in the comfort of resort where you would have less desire to explore hidden beaches off the beaten paths, finding rare gems, or simply trying out new restaurants during the holiday.

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

During lockdown, we have adapted in response to the given situation. People adapt in so many ways even though some may find it frustrated still to deal with the pandemic especially those who have business to handle. The crisis is slowly getting better. It is not impossible for use to go back to the ways it used to before. However, there must be some productive and healthy habits you can pick up from the lockdown you can still practice even after the crisis ends. Those habits can help you handle your business and life better. 

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

Keeping productive and healthy habits for post lockdown

When the crisis is over, we have to pick up the pace. However, there have been many new rules and policies for us to keep moving forward without putting our health and life at risk. During the lockdown, you must develop some habits that considered productive and healthy. Those can be beneficial if you keep them. Here are several of them.

Take new ways to keep being productive

You are more guarded in spending your time to stay productive. This habit comes from the fear of going out during lockdown. During the pandemic, you are more cautious to go outside because you know the risks. Thus, you take appropriate measure to deal with the situation. It makes your creativity to bloom because you find solution to every problems caused by inability to go outside. You can develop this habit even after the lockdown ends, making you able to control your time better.

Do something new during spare time

Productive And Healthy Habits To Pick Up From Lockdown

During lockdown, many people have more time to do whatever they want. Some pick up some new skills, and some develop new habits. You can keep the positive ones such as the motivation to read and learn something new to spend your spare time. There is also a habit of searching and gaining information from many sources virtually. You realize that you can gain information from anything and they can be reliable. This habit is good to keep so you still build your personal development.

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Rethink of relationships

During lockdown, you develop relationship in quite different ways. Before, you may think that you have to meet directly to make friends. However, it doesn’t necessarily true after dealing with the pandemic. You can stay connected with many people and build relationships. You realize that communication is not only about seeing face to face. Reaching out to people wherever their location is won’t be a problem anymore when you realize that technology can make the process even easier. This habit will help you in socializing even after the lockdown is lifted. 

Developing empathy and kindness

During lockdown you develop habit to show your empathy and kindness in every way possible. You realize that it is not only who suffer and that you can help each other to feel better. It may develop your empathy to another level, making you realize that helping and caring for others can make differences. Reaching out to people, checking on their well-being, as well as being more understanding are habits you can keep. 

Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

You have long fancied the underwater life ever since you watched the ocean documentaries programs on telly. The love for marine have pushed you to learn how to dive and get the courses. You begin to learn to breathe under the water, move under the water, and maintain the stability all in hope to be able to meet the fishes. After all the hard works, now you are finally a licensed beginner open water diver. You begin dreaming for a wonderful diving trip; to see all exotic fishes and colourful coral reefs in all around the world. But which site is best for scuba diving for beginners? 

Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

When you are just a diving rookie, you need to be picky of the dive sites to visit. Not all dive site is safe for beginner. It should be shallow, low in currents, quite warm, and easy to access. When you just start a dive trip, Bali can be your best choice. There are tons of reasons why Bali make the best site for scuba diving beginners. The natural beauty of this island has attracted many tourists—and marine lovers are not an exception. The so-called Island of God hides invaluable underwater treasures beyond its coastal borders.

Why Bali is Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners

Diving in Bali is Available for All Time of the Year

Why Bali is Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners

When you just started in diving, you might have limited time between daily works or school and actual time for having a diving holiday. That’s why having a dive site that’s available anytime is a huge benefit. It also indicates that this certain dive destination has stable conditions which allows diving to be performed all year long. 

Relatively Shallow Depth

Some of the best thing that send Bali’s underwater into fame are its two features: the shallow depth  and the richness of the marine’s biodiversity. It’s quite unbelievable to see such brimming ocean life in such shallow depth. At Tanjung Benoa or Amed, for example, you can see tons of fishes and corals in just 7 to 10 meters below the surface! Another example is Tulamben, where you can explore a beautifully coral-covered sunken wreck, the phenomenal USAT Liberty, at just 3 meters down. There are lots of another dive sites in Bali which is low in currents and shallow in depth, but gives a very satisfying dive! Bali is hands down among the best scuba diving for beginners

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It’s Not Only Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners — It’s Near From Other Tourist Attraction Too!

Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

Come to Bali for the dive, stay for the perfect tropical vacation. When you’re done diving, Bali has thousands of attractions spread on the island. Beaches, beach clubs, ancient temples, mountains, sunrise and sunset sightings, you named it all. Anytime when you are not busy swimming with the fishes you can visit other places such as Pandawa beach, Uluwatu, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and the various beaches of the south and north Bali. It’s perfect for divers who are travelling with a non-diver friends/ family member!

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

Building your brand also means that you have to sell yourself so your products and services can be received well. However, ‘selling’ yourself in business niche doesn’t mean sharing your personal life or making some sensation. In professional world, you can sell your expertise to gain more audience so you have more chances to build your customer base. Therefore, it is important to know how to show your expertise.

Showing your expertise in business niche

Your expertise has lasting results for your business. That’s how important it is. Building your expert authority has higher chance to increase your business revenue. Not to mention that it helps a lot as well in building reputation, credibility, and trust. However, it is not always easy to position your expertise in business niche. Here are some tips:

Provide valuable information

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

Always provide valuable information in your website for your audience. When your audience find something useful or valuable, they will come back later when they need answer or solution and they think your expertise can help. For example, your business is selling high-tech devices. Aside from providing information about how good your products are, you also need to educate and give information more about things related to high-tech devices. For example, you post content about some tips to differentiate high-quality devices or how to do the maintenance of high-tech devices, etc.

Do not limit yourself to share your content

Our website is not the only platform where you can share your valuable content. You can guess blog in another influencer’s blog. Also, make sure that your website has the easy plug-ins where your audience can share the content through various platforms such as social medias. It helps a lot in building your authority. You may also take advantage of SEO tools if you think it’s necessary to boost your publication online.

Be a great leader

How To Show Your Expertise In Your Business Niche

It sounds simple yet hard to achieve. Every individual has their own quality. However, becoming a great leader is not something impossible to achieve. You can do it started by practicing good habits on daily basis. The way you do things daily affect how you play your business. Therefore, building positive habits will give big influences in establishing your true expertise. You can also learn more about self-management and self-development. It allows you to understand yourself more and what strength you can offer as a leader. Remember that every individual has unique strength and do not be afraid to use it.

Build connection and positive relationship

Remember that even if you have great expertise within your business niche, there might be things you don’t know about. However, it won’t be a big problem if you know people who to connect and direct with. Do not wait until people call you. You can reach experts or influencers first instead and build relationships. This way, you gain more referrals from customers as well as industry connection.

A Virtual Trip Inside the Famous Komodo Dragon Island

A Virtual Trip Inside the Famous Komodo Dragons Island

The worldwide pandemic has forced us to take refugee inside the safety of our house and practically stripped our opportunity to go outside to see the world. That means lots of us cannot go travel right now as international boundaries are temporarily closed and safety measures are tightened up. For some of us, quarantine and travel restrictions result in devastating travel cancellations. Just like the Komodo National Park, where travellers need to gave up their long-awaited trip until further notices. The Komodo Dragon Island and its surrounding are closed for now, but you can still take a peek some bits of the park. For you who are supposed to be basking in the beauty of Komodo this summer, these semi-virtual tour might help.

Aerial View of Komodo Dragon Island

Komodo island from above

The first thing you’ll see upon your arrival to the Lost World—I meant the Komodo National Park. Book a window seat cause you will see some of the most scenic aerial landscape! From the plane you’ll witness arrays of brownish little islands sprung from the vast blue ocean—a promising sight for adventures!

The Gate of National Park

gate before the national park

The first thing you will see before entering the national park on Komodo Dragon Island. This is where you buy your tickets and get a ranger to guide the walk. No trip inside the island should be done without ranger’s companion. You might as well kill yourself.

The entrance fee will cost you Rp 150.000 on working days and Rp 250.000 on the weekend if you are a non-Indonesian national. This doesn’t include ranger fee which cost Rp 80.000 per group.

Hiking Trails

A Virtual Trip Inside the Famous Komodo Dragons Island

There are three hiking routes in Komodo Dragon Island you can choose: short, medium, and long. Longer routes doesn’t guarantee more sightings of the dragons, but it does give you more opportunity to spot them in the wild. The hiking trails grants superb scenery of rustic dry forests, ocean view from the Regatta hills, buffalo’s waterhole (where they love to soak!) and some rugged terrains. If you are lucky, you might spot Timor deer or wild boar beside the dragons!

Dry Forest on Komodo Dragon Island

vegetation inside the national park

In contrast with lush tropical greens forests and green jungles in most areas in Indonesia, the dry forest in Komodo Dragon Island is totally something else. Instead of forest canopies, high-rise Lontar palm Borassus trees punctuates the skyline, growing scattered in the terrain. The base of the hills and valleys are dotted with Kepuh tree (Sterculia Foedita), Midnight Horror/ Bungli (Oroxylum indicum), Tamarind, Kesambi tree (Schleichera oleosa), Java Cassia, Orange Jessamine (Murraya paniculate) and other tropical deciduous plants.

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Open Grass-Woodland Savanna

A Virtual Trip Inside the Famous Komodo Dragons Island

The Komodo Dragon Island is predominantly covered with open grass-woodland savannah—which contributes to its Jurassic-esque charm. Most of the land grows Ohwi grass, bristle grass, spear grass, Christmas grass, and Kangaroo grass. They are the best for Komodo’s dry climate and make such beautiful bushes especially during the dry season!

Komodo Dragons’ Beach

Dragon Lizard on the beach

If you find np dragons inside the forest, try the beach. They usually love to lie idle in one of Komodo Dragon Island’s white sands beaches, basking in the sun and relax—much like their hooman visitors! The giant lizard also loves to just strutting down the coastal line, sometimes even playing in the water when they like to.

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is very challenging to make decision when your business faces crisis. Just like every business is facing right now, the crisis is caused by the pandemic of coronavirus. It is inevitable and the only thing we can do is adapt and do the best we can to survive. However, there might be those who face more challenger during the crisis while handling their business. Finding certainty is important to know the future of the business itself. 

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

How to be clear in decision making during crisis

Running a business requires you to think and do carefully because every decision you make will affect the whole business. Also, there are those who just started their small business and suddenly had to face the pandemic and their plan got ruined. It is not easy to find clarity in the middle of this kind of situation. You may start searching another job or keep going with what you have even if it is uncertain. However, it will be better if you can gain clarity before making any decision.

Navigate Your Plan 

Even if your business faces the crisis, it doesn’t mean you should just quit and give it up. You must have your plan that you made before in the initial stage of building your business. You can be disappointed or even a bit frustrated with the situation but you also have the power to get back up. Look into your initial plan and see if there is something you can take a note of that helps your business to stay strong even in the middle of crisis. 

Keep on tracks with business activities

It is also easy to fall into procrastination when you are dealing with crisis because you feel like the world is going to end. However, it is even better if you can pick up your routine and keep your tasks in track. You can make new plan of day-to-day activities and see what you can accomplish. Daily fulfillment will build your hope up, making you gain more positivity. This is also a way of visualizing your dream. You may feel like your dream of being successful entrepreneur just crushed. However, you may feel recharged once you pick up your routine. 

Meet or talk with people to gain some clarity

Finding Certainty For Your Business In The Middle Of Crisis

It is different between thinking yourself and talking with people. Talking with people allow you to gain more perspective so you can see your problems from different angles. It is not possible for you to gain solution from the conversation even if the others don’t really give you the answer or advice you expected. Somewhere along the conversation, you may be struck with an idea you have never thought of before. 

Share the struggles 

You can also try to form alliances with people who may share the same struggles as you. This can form new strength for you and your business to get back up and stay strong facing the crisis. Do not limit yourself to just meet people with the same interest. It is great to meet new people. 

No-Fail Tips on Arranging Furniture Yogyakarta

No-Fail Tips on Arranging Furniture Yogyakarta

Here’s one thing that’s always in the mind of homemakers; furniture arrangements—interior designing in the smallest scale. Arranging furniture is vital on making a comfortable, stylish room that’s vibrant with personality. However, most house owners would be just satisfied by placing chairs and tables wherever space was available. Even the most expensive furniture won’t be any good if you don’t give a good thought on the arrangements. When it comes to lay outing your dressy furniture Yogyakarta, you don’t want to waste your money on careless installation. 

These simple tips not only changes furniture arrangement game; it allows you to maximise the space that you have and the functionality of the furniture while giving a strong character to the house.

Measure the Room Before Buying

No-Fail Tips on Arranging Furniture Yogyakarta

You want to know how much space you have before you start filling in the furnitures. Take out your measuring tape and measure the length and the breadth of the room. After you’re done with the big picture, measure other irregular bits like the fireplace or the bay windows. This applies not only for brand new room, but also if you want to fill a space on already a used room. 

Create A Focal Point from One of the Furniture Yogyakarta

When you arrange a room—like the living room for example—you want to create a focal point on the room to centre the attention. It can be the sofas, the TV, or a  french window on the side. When you know the focal point, building the room will come easy. You start to figure out what kind of furniture Yogyakarta you want to buy and how to arrange them. 

A Touch of Asymmetry Enhance the Beauty!

No-Fail Tips on Arranging Furniture Yogyakarta

Buying a set of couch, ottoman, table, and rocking chair at once might save you time, but it also take away your chance to play with creativity. Not everything in the room should be in the same heights and colour. A natural themed wood-and-glass table, for example, would bring modern chic vibe when paired with a set of deep grey cushion. Just like outfit, you are free to mix and match furniture Yogyakarta with anything else to create a theme!

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Furniture Yogyakarta Arrangements on Small Spaces

Maximising space for comforts is the key when it comes to arranging furniture Yogyakarta into small spaces. Before everything else, find the best place in the room to put on your largest piece—like the drawer or sofas. The longest wall usually works for this. Then, if for example you watch TV (or do some console gaming) in your living room, you can put the TV facing the sofa. Skip another bulky furniture like TV table. Mount it to the wall instead. Then, start filling in the space with small, practical furnitures. if you put a secondary seating like a single seater, pout a lamp table in the corner between these seatings to provide lighting for both. A small cabinets could serve both as storage and additional table/ serving bar. Think about dual-function when you are arranging a small space room!

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

It is not easy to face the challenge of global pandemic especially when you have so many things to deal with. Running a business, taking care of your family, and many other matters can take a toll on you. Suffering from stress is more likely these days because how the pandemic has affected economy and cause such a downturn in history. Thus, improving your mental health is a very important issue. 

Maintaining and improving your mental health

Your mental health is important just like your physical health is. When you are stressed, your body won’t listen to you and this can cause you to be less productive in your days. Even with limited access to go outside and find something to release your stress, you can maintain and improve your mental health at home. Here are some tips for you. 

Stay in touch 

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Stay in contact with people you love even if it is through virtual connection. Sometimes, we absorb positive energy from the people we interact with instead of our own within. Thus, stay connected with people especially the ones with positive energy can help a lot in maintaining your sanity during this crisis. Encourage your employees to do so as well so they still can find balance between fulfilling their work and staying in touch with their loved ones. 

Write a journal or diary

For some people, writing can be a self-healing experience. By writing down what they found funny, bizarre, or even tough, they feel like they can channel out their emotions through the right way. It helps them to think, reflect and feel at ease knowing that they can go through this phase well. You may try this method to maintain your mental health. 

Take some time for meditation

Meditation is also considered effective to maintain and improve mental health especially for entrepreneurs who feel like their life revolves around their work. It can help channel out your mind and disconnect it from your workload even for awhile. Thus, you can come back feeling more refreshed and recharged because your mind is more at ease. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable

Improving Mental Health To Stay Sane And Productive

Do not be afraid to appear vulnerable in front of your family or friends when you talk with them. You can talk about your highs and lows during video calls with people you trust. It doesn’t mean you can find solution or good advice by talking out your vulnerability. By sharing what you experience to them, it helps you to focus on something that matters the most. Besides, you can also listen more to the struggles your friends or family experience as well. This can make you feel you are not alone in this.

Do physical activities

Dealing with business and personal matters can cause you mental dilemma and stress. You can do something to distract you from all the stress and burden by practicing physical activities to keep you moving. You can swim, play basketball, or follow some fun exercise through video. It can help build positive and healthy energy into your body because your body release toxin that cause your stress.

Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Whether you are an ocean-addict or a scuba diving beginner, going for diving holiday is always undeniably fun. For the entire week, your days would be filled with bright blue ocean, warmth of sunlights, breeze of tropical winds, and arrays of astonishing ocean creatures living in the depth of the sea. The beauty of underwater worlds on numerous dive sites in Bali is seriously captivating—no divers would be satisfied just on one plunge! They’ll want more and more dives; and luckily this island is kind of heaven for underwater enthusiasts. Now, diving holiday in Bali will get divers to move around dive sites, and here’s how to enjoy them the most. 

Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Plan your Bali dive sites destination 

Bali has lots of diving sites around the island! Tulamben, Amed, and Nusa Penida are just to name a few. Each of the said sites even have sub, smaller sites within the region. And we haven’t even start on the stunning Gilis—the sister island of Bali which is also awesome diving destinations alternative for divers and snorkelers alike. Choosing the right Bali dive sites is essentials. You want to dive in places that suits your skills and interests. Bali’s underwater has so much to offer; underwater temples, spots of rare animal sighting (Manta Rays and Mola Mola!), muck diving, and many more!

Arrange the dive holiday with a dive center

One way to make your diving holiday much easier. Since you will be having lots of Bali dive sites to explore, it would be very helpful to have professionals taking care of your diving needs. They will be the one responsible to manage the dive trips, arrange transportations between the sites, and everything in between. Mature and experienced dive centre like the Atlantis Bali Diving is very reliable to arrange a worry-free dive holiday. You are practically left only to enjoy all the dive sites for yourself while they deal with the minuscule hassles. 

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Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Sometimes, some dive sites in Bali are just too pristine to be enjoyed just for diving alone. They are usually not the 4 or 5 star luxury resorts—but just more than enough to give a comfortable place to sleep. Lots of dive resorts on Bali’s most popular diving sites—like the Tulamben and Nusa Dua—are more proud for having stunning oceanfront views without all the grandeur of 5 star resort. And they are not just any oceanfront; they are the ocean where you will take the plunge later. Staying at dive resorts buys more time for exploration at the particular dive sites. It also gives you the possibility to dive at smaller, less known sites around. 

Have a good dive vacation, folks!

Procrastination Can Harm Your Productivity

It is common for us to feel a bit lazy sometimes. We are aware that we have important to task to finish with but we still choose to ignore it or do other mundane things. It might be fine if it happens once or twice. However, it can bring harm to your productivity if you cannot control your sense of procrastination. 

Dealing with procrastination

During this pandemic, it is easy to forget that we still have work to do and we are still chained to deadline even if we work from home. Lots of people admitted they they feel more relaxed and laid-back working from home during pandemic, making them almost forget about their important tasks most of the time. 

Procrastination doesn’t always mean you have time management problem or you have problem at all. It happens but the way you deal with it is what matters here. If you keep thinking about why you feel so lazy or why you keep delaying your task, you may grow guilty about it. Then, it will wither your mood and turn it into negative emotions which make you even less productive. 

What you can do to deal with procrastination is realize that you are an adult with responsibility. You are aware of those responsibilities and how you need to fulfill them instead of following your inner child to procrastinate. There are also things you can do to stay focus and productive.

First thing first, sort out your tasks by the level of their urgency. When you have list of important works to do, you can assess how much time you need to finish it. Then, make sure to follow the timeline. This way, you still have a schedule to follow with and no feel as lost. If it is possible, finish your work before the deadline and reward yourself with something if you make it. 

Make a day-to-day plan if you tend to procrastinate your work. Sometimes, it is easy to feel unbothered with work knowing it can be done in weeks. You tend to choose the last minute to do it instead of doing it in right away. With a day-to-day plan, you know exactly what you have to do in every hour of your day. It will make you feel prepared of what you need to do to stay productive without losing a quality time for yourself. 

Also, it is important to realize that the more time you have in a day, it is possible for you to fill it with unnecessary things. Knowing that you have all day to stay at home can make you feel at ease. However, it will make you feel guilty the more you fill your times with unnecessary activities. 

Therefore, always treat your day like it is a very limited period. Make it as valuable as possible you you will always think of important things to do. Procrastination is not a disease or disorder. You can fix it and start positive habit so you can stay productive no matter what happens.