Be Successful in Fruit Juice Business!

The fruit juice business, especially refreshing and healthy drinks, will always exist and promise until the future. Because it is one of the main human needs. Below are the benefits of having a fruit juice business:

Most wanted

The fresh and healthy fruit juice business will always be sought after. Because a healthy body is a condition that everyone wants. One way is to drink fruit juices that contain lots of fiber and vitamins. A person’s immune system increases with drinking fruit juice.


Fruit juice drinks with a variety of flavors such as grapes, apples, strawberries, lychees, mangoes, guava, avocado, melon, watermelon, dragon fruit, soursop, papaya, etc. are experiencing a trend and boom now. High market demand makes this business profitable. So if you are a beginner trying to sell fruit juice business will certainly sell well.


The type of beverage business that will be profitable and selling well forever is a drink that contains benefits for the health of the human body such as fruit juice business. Thus, my friend supports the government’s program to nourish the Indonesian nation.

Be Successful in Fruit Juice Business!

How to Start a Fruit Juice Business for Beginners?

To find out how to open a fruit juice business, here are the steps to start a fruit juice business for beginners, including:

Business Capital Preparation

The first thing to do is to prepare a business capital for fruit juice in the form of reserve money, buy a blender, straw, spoon, plastic, packaging cover press machine, sweetened condensed milk, various kinds of fruits, sugar, boiled water, carts, tables, chair, etc. For business equipment, fruit juices like blenders make sure it’s of good quality

Business Location of Fruit Juice

Choose a business location that is very strategic. Characteristics are easy to reach from all directions by consumers, easily recognized by the market, etc. For example the fruit juice business location on the edge of a busy highway, around the campus, and so on.

Fruits Supplier

After the fruit juice business equipment is complete and the business location, the next step is to get a supply of quality fruits. You can get it on traditional markets, etc. Do not let the fruits that you buy as raw material for rotting fruit juice.


Consumers will feel bored with the taste of the fruit juice. When the sales turnover of fruit juices drops sharply then that’s when you need to innovate fruit juice. So that the fruit juice business is still selling well and big profits. There are various ways that can be taken to innovate fruit juice like adding new taste.


Choose your own brand that is easy for people to remember and unique. This is to distinguish from competitors for example, “Our Juice”. The brand name of the fruit juice business must be listed in the booth of the cart to be seen by many people.

Affordable prices

For the price of fruit juice per glass, make sure it’s affordable for the market share that you’re aiming for. The price of fruit juice per serving must be cheaper than competitors without leaving quality.


Another factor that greatly supports the success of opening a fruit juice business is maintaining cleanliness from the start of raw materials, the appearance of the cart, the appearance of the seller, etc.

Those are the detail explanations about the fruit juice business. Try it!