Try This: Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners

No time is better than the holiday season to try something new. Like diving and being able to discover a whole new world underneath the ones you already know. Once you able to navigate under the water, you will suddenly have thousands other awesome destinations to explore! On the other side, having scuba diving holidays is a great way for beginners to try a new sport and get a relaxing break at the same time. So wait no more. Have a scuba diving course for your next holiday. 

Things to Do on Holiday: Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

Scuba Diving Course on Holiday for Beginners Only Take Five Days

The entry level course on PADI is Open Water Diver, and getting you certified for it only takes about four to five days, from the very start until finish. You will begin your lessons with theories of diving, which usually done in class. You can even take the theory class online if you want to shorten the course. After getting all the dive theories you need, you can start progressing to shallow, confined water training. This could be done in two to three days until you can master the dive techniques and equipment operations. Most of the confined water training will be done in the dive centre’s pool. The instructor will build your rapport during the training, and hopefully you can show progress by the days. When all courses is finished, you will have the ‘try’ open water session for your last training. 

Have Your First Scuba Dive Ever

Things to Do on Holiday: Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

The good thing is, you will complete all the certification training in less than a week. The open water finale class will be your first real scuba dive ever, and that’s guaranteed gonna be mind blowing. You will blow your first bubbles under the sea, see your first clown fish and anemones, first corals, first sharks, and countless other new things. You can spend the rest of the week planning your very firsts, real scuba diving holidays for beginners. Prepare to get busy choosing sites and calculating depth—which can be quite addictive!

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Have Your First Night Dive

If you are having your first scuba diving holidays for beginners with a dive centre (recommended!), they might at some point offer a night dive. It might be planned on the package, it might be impromptu. Whatever that is, don’t miss it. The night dive will be a yet another wonder in your life. You will see the personality of the world under the waves changes when the sun goes down. The reefs come alive with more colours, the fishes who hide during the day come out to play, and, in some places, the water even glow from certain species of algae. This scuba diving holidays for beginners might put a whole new perceptive and dimension to your life!