The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

Dreaming of a relaxing beach holiday? You might be thinking of spending some weeks at somewhere tropical like Bali. And there’s nothing like staying at a Bali beach resort to have that calming tropical break. The all-inclusive resort has this certain appeal where it allows you to enjoy a private beach right at your doorstep, being away from the crowds, and counting in your foods and drinks into one convenient payment. On Benoa resort you will have all the advantage of staying at an all inclusive resort, but that also means you got to weigh in the cons as well.

Pros: The Pristine Location of Benoa Resort

Most resorts are nestled far from touristy crowds and they always find the best beaches to build the resort in. The Benoa resort, for example, has a very pretty white sand beach—the Nudi beach—at the property. Resorts offers high degree of privacy and security in one of the most beautiful place in the destination. That means no one can disturb you while you are enjoying the scenic view and pristine oceanfront.

Cons: Less Exposure to Cultural Experience

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

Since resort is usually quite remote, walled up, and separated from native communities, it lacks of genuine cultural exposure. Whether you are in Thailand or Maldives, no one can really tell. The experience would be almost the same—pools, private beaches, and palm trees. Unless you are willing to step out from the resort, you won’t get the real charm of what the destination has to offer.

Pros: Stay Longer for Less

Some resorts offer discounted price for longer stay. How that’s not a deal? With four days stay or more you get one night stay for free. This is the perks of resort that you might not get in other holiday accommodation.

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Pros: The Convenience of Benoa Resort is A Win

The Pros and Cons of Staying at Benoa Resort Bali

You don’t need to bring multiple towels for holiday. The resort has both room towels and beach towels for outdoor swim. They have pool bar where you can grab any drinks you want without leaving the water. The Benoa resort also has two restaurants to dine in and kids can even eat for free. Breakfast is included and snack bars are never too far away from where you stay. When you are away, the resort’s staffs will readily clean your room and stock up the amenities. It’s also packed up with variety of exciting activities and entertainments. A holiday at the Benoa resort is always easy; it’s made for convenience at its upmost.

Cons: Unadventurous Holiday

Do not expect a daring, adventurous events when you are expecting an easy life. Food, for example, are made to appeal travellers of all ages, which means food choice would be more generic and probably less authentic. It’s also easy to get trapped in the comfort of resort where you would have less desire to explore hidden beaches off the beaten paths, finding rare gems, or simply trying out new restaurants during the holiday.