Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

You have long fancied the underwater life ever since you watched the ocean documentaries programs on telly. The love for marine have pushed you to learn how to dive and get the courses. You begin to learn to breathe under the water, move under the water, and maintain the stability all in hope to be able to meet the fishes. After all the hard works, now you are finally a licensed beginner open water diver. You begin dreaming for a wonderful diving trip; to see all exotic fishes and colourful coral reefs in all around the world. But which site is best for scuba diving for beginners? 

Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

When you are just a diving rookie, you need to be picky of the dive sites to visit. Not all dive site is safe for beginner. It should be shallow, low in currents, quite warm, and easy to access. When you just start a dive trip, Bali can be your best choice. There are tons of reasons why Bali make the best site for scuba diving beginners. The natural beauty of this island has attracted many tourists—and marine lovers are not an exception. The so-called Island of God hides invaluable underwater treasures beyond its coastal borders.

Why Bali is Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners

Diving in Bali is Available for All Time of the Year

Why Bali is Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners

When you just started in diving, you might have limited time between daily works or school and actual time for having a diving holiday. That’s why having a dive site that’s available anytime is a huge benefit. It also indicates that this certain dive destination has stable conditions which allows diving to be performed all year long. 

Relatively Shallow Depth

Some of the best thing that send Bali’s underwater into fame are its two features: the shallow depth  and the richness of the marine’s biodiversity. It’s quite unbelievable to see such brimming ocean life in such shallow depth. At Tanjung Benoa or Amed, for example, you can see tons of fishes and corals in just 7 to 10 meters below the surface! Another example is Tulamben, where you can explore a beautifully coral-covered sunken wreck, the phenomenal USAT Liberty, at just 3 meters down. There are lots of another dive sites in Bali which is low in currents and shallow in depth, but gives a very satisfying dive! Bali is hands down among the best scuba diving for beginners

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It’s Not Only Best for Scuba Diving for Beginners — It’s Near From Other Tourist Attraction Too!

Looking for Best Scuba Diving for Beginners? Try Bali

Come to Bali for the dive, stay for the perfect tropical vacation. When you’re done diving, Bali has thousands of attractions spread on the island. Beaches, beach clubs, ancient temples, mountains, sunrise and sunset sightings, you named it all. Anytime when you are not busy swimming with the fishes you can visit other places such as Pandawa beach, Uluwatu, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and the various beaches of the south and north Bali. It’s perfect for divers who are travelling with a non-diver friends/ family member!