Earning Positive Reviews From Customers To Boost Your Brand

Earning Positive Reviews From Customers To Boost Your Brand

There are many factors that influence customer’s buying decision. And one of them is the reviews from the previous customers or clients. Today, customer’s reviews are very essential for business to keep moving forward. There are so many brands are at risk of failure due to receiving negative reviews from the customers. And sometimes, it is not always about products but it can be something about the customer service as well. 

How to earn positive reviews from customers

Consumers often read reviews before making a purchase online. They need something to help them decide if the products or service they are going to buy are worth the money they are going to spend. Today, consumer’s reviews have the same value as personal recommendations. Hence, the reviews of your customers are very important because they are that impactful for your brand. Here are some helpful tips to help you earn more positive reviews:

Ask customers to leave review

Ask and encourage your customers to write their reviews online. Be delightful with any kind of reviews your customers give you as long as they are constructive criticism not insults or degrading remarks that sound too personal. Ask your customers nicely so they don’t fee burdened by writing the reviews. You can also ask your customers to rate if they don’t really have time to write long reviews.  You can do it during sale process. 

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Use email surveys or social media

There are many ways you can do to earn reviews and one of them is through email survey or social media platform. Make sure to make the process non-time-consuming as you don’t want to waste your customer’s precious times. You can send review invitation in many ways be it text or email. You can also use multiple platform to track your customers’ reviews. This is a great way to help you manage your online review more efficiently.

Respond to the reviews

Regardless of what type of reviews you are receiving, make sure to always give a response. Addressing both negative and positive feedback is essential to show your customers that you care about them and their concerns. Don’t pretend negative reviews to be non-existing. Use those negative feedback as ways for you to improve your business accordingly. Responding to negative reviews immediately is also an attempt to defuse the situations before things escalate uncontrollably.

Share positive reviews on various platforms

Positive reviews need to be responded and highlighted  so that everyone including your potential customers will be able to see. Show off positive reviews by sharing them on various online platforms you manage. It helps increase their visibility and in return, boosting your brand. Positive reviews will bring in more happy customers to follow suit. 

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Offer incentives

Instead of offering incentives to customers, you can incentivize your employees instead. Do it by rewarding employees who are receiving positive customers reviews. By encouraging your customers, they will be more motivated to ask customers for reviews. Offering incentives to customers is not allowed because it against Google’s guidelines.