Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Whether you are an ocean-addict or a scuba diving beginner, going for diving holiday is always undeniably fun. For the entire week, your days would be filled with bright blue ocean, warmth of sunlights, breeze of tropical winds, and arrays of astonishing ocean creatures living in the depth of the sea. The beauty of underwater worlds on numerous dive sites in Bali is seriously captivating—no divers would be satisfied just on one plunge! They’ll want more and more dives; and luckily this island is kind of heaven for underwater enthusiasts. Now, diving holiday in Bali will get divers to move around dive sites, and here’s how to enjoy them the most. 

Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Plan your Bali dive sites destination 

Bali has lots of diving sites around the island! Tulamben, Amed, and Nusa Penida are just to name a few. Each of the said sites even have sub, smaller sites within the region. And we haven’t even start on the stunning Gilis—the sister island of Bali which is also awesome diving destinations alternative for divers and snorkelers alike. Choosing the right Bali dive sites is essentials. You want to dive in places that suits your skills and interests. Bali’s underwater has so much to offer; underwater temples, spots of rare animal sighting (Manta Rays and Mola Mola!), muck diving, and many more!

Arrange the dive holiday with a dive center

One way to make your diving holiday much easier. Since you will be having lots of Bali dive sites to explore, it would be very helpful to have professionals taking care of your diving needs. They will be the one responsible to manage the dive trips, arrange transportations between the sites, and everything in between. Mature and experienced dive centre like the Atlantis Bali Diving is very reliable to arrange a worry-free dive holiday. You are practically left only to enjoy all the dive sites for yourself while they deal with the minuscule hassles. 

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Experience Bali dive sites at its upmost at dive resorts

Best Way to Enjoy Bali Dive Sites on Holiday

Sometimes, some dive sites in Bali are just too pristine to be enjoyed just for diving alone. They are usually not the 4 or 5 star luxury resorts—but just more than enough to give a comfortable place to sleep. Lots of dive resorts on Bali’s most popular diving sites—like the Tulamben and Nusa Dua—are more proud for having stunning oceanfront views without all the grandeur of 5 star resort. And they are not just any oceanfront; they are the ocean where you will take the plunge later. Staying at dive resorts buys more time for exploration at the particular dive sites. It also gives you the possibility to dive at smaller, less known sites around. 

Have a good dive vacation, folks!