Best Scuba Diving Trip Hack for Beginners You’ve Never Heard

Best Scuba Diving Trip Hack for Beginners You’ve Never Heard

Scuba diving is that kind of exciting sport that allures people to explore the other side of the world. It’s always exciting to learn how to blow bubbles under the water, but it’s not always easy. Especially when you are very new to scuba diving. it’s just something completely new and complex to master! While you might have heard best scuba diving tips for beginners, you might never heard these hacks before. Believe us, this helps. 

On Picking Best Scuba Diving Shop for Beginners

It’s very essential to find a reputable dive shop, especially for those who are complete beginners in scuba diving. As this will shape your fundamental learning about scuba diving, you’ll want to learn with professionals who know what they are doing and how to teach. 

Pack A Dry Bag — It Helps

Be it a dive class or dive trip, having a dry bag would be a great help. Not many divers think about this until they are veteran enough to know how helpful it is to have a bag that really keep your essentials from getting wet. 

Never Skip the Briefing 

Never Skip the Briefing

You might think it’s simple, but learn the briefing carefully is one of the best way scuba diving beginners could improve their skills. The brief will tell you about dive condition, the route you’ll take, and what marine life you’ll see. Never shy away from asking questions if there’s something you don’t understand about the brief.  

Learn Your Best Scuba Diving Entry for Beginners

One of the best scuba diving tips beginners should learn and master is the entry technique. There are several types of entry: the giant stride, wading entry, back roll, and seated entry. Each entry is best for different scenarios, but you might develop a preference among one of them. 

Perfecting Your Buoyancy 

Buoyancy control is probably the second most important thing aside of breathing technique. All divers are continuously working on their buoyancy control, so start to work on it while you are still a beginner. 

Stay Hydrated During the Dive Trip

Do you know that you’ll still be sweating underwater just like you do on the land? You might not realised it because your body is wet. Whether you are having a dive trip in the saltwater or studying dive techniques in the pool, it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated.

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Best Trick for Beginners in Scuba Diving: the 4 Times Pauses

Best Trick for Beginners in Scuba Diving the 4 Times Pauses

Have you ever heard about the four time pause? It’s about getting in the habit of inserting four pauses in your dive plan. It’s very important for taking a time to get collected and keep yourself in check. Not many divers know this and it would be very beneficial for scuba diving beginners to learn this. 

On your dive plan, insert the first pause after you geared up, to remind yourself if you forget anything and make sure everything feels alright. The second pause is when you enter the water and just before you submerge. It’s time to check on your weight belt, the currents, and your dive buddy. Third pause should be when you reach the maximum depth. Before you move off, check your feeling, your equipment, buoyancy, gauges, and everything else. This is also the time to check on your surrounding and mark any scene you can recognise when returning back to this point. The last pause should be when you have finished your safety stop and just before you go surface. At this point, check if you heard any sound of propellers and recheck your buoyancy again. With enough practice, the 4 times pauses will train you to be more sensitive, careful, and collected during the dives.