Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

It is true that the competition in business is tough. There are those who went far to achieve their goal to be a successful. However, you don’t have to be ruthless to be successful. There are many ways you can achieve success without taking advantage of others or being selfish. There are also many reasons why people working in business industry often willing to go too far to achieve their goals. One of them is that they forget that it is beyond transactions. Business is also about building relationship. 

Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

Selfless service in business

Not many entrepreneurs are aware of the idea of giving relationship. Most of them know only taking relationship where they take as much as possible without giving something in return as long as they benefit their own business. It may work for some time but it won’t make your business last. Therefore, you may consider giving selfless service and focus more on being helpful to others both your customers or the team you lead. To do so, you have to focus on the right things.

Giving selfless service is like long-term investment

It benefits you and the other. However, you may not receive the benefit in an instant. Therefore, you have to stop expecting for instant gratification. Imagine this as planting the seed. It may take times before you can harvest. When you help others, make sure to not expect something in return. Focus more on how this act can help build strong relationship. Also, make sure to not keep track of what you do for others. Do not expect credit either. Make sure that you help them for them not for you. 

Selfless service to increase trust

Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

Try practicing selfless service in your working environment. As the leader of your team, you can try spreading selfless service to increase trust. It will help strengthen the bond between the members in your team as well. The spirit of giving selfless service will result in positive working culture. Make sure that the service is not in exchange of favor or forgiveness either. The help you or team members give to each others is a form of goodwill and no motive behind the act. This will help your team grow better. 

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Show appreciation

If you are on the receiving end of the selfless service, make sure to show your gratitude. Saying thank you won’t make you less charismatic. Writing a thank you letter won’t make you look bad. This kind of act is important to show people that you appreciate their service or help. This is not only applied to your business partners but also your team members and customers.

Focus on positive things

Giving selfless service will also help you to focus on positive things. You will not blame the others easily. If you want to make your team members grow their potential, encourage them through positive acts. Do not just giving them punishment when they make mistakes. Instead, give them feedback and input to help them fix it and do better. This is also an act of selfless service.