A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Do you ever plan for a Komodo liveaboard with your friend but they suddenly canceled the last minute because something came up and you are left with yourself? Well, if you are already well prepared, try not to cancel your grand plan and instead just go by yourself. Being a solo traveler on the boat might be scary at first if you never did it before, but it’s not as lonely as you might think.

A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard Solo Experience

In the Komodo liveaboard, there are two kinds of trips that you can choose. One is a private charter and the other is a shared charter. Private charter is self-explanatory, while the shared charter is like a joint trip for every traveler that short on people. This is often booked by another solo traveler or people who wanted to share the experience with someone else.

So first off, you are not alone. There are plenty of solo travelers out there who are also looking for travel companions on the trip. With shared charter, you can meet these people who come from different backgrounds and have many stories to tell. Here are some tips that can make your trip more enjoyable even if you’re alone.

Get to Know Your Fellow Traveler

Socializing is a crucial part for an enjoyable solo adventure. Even if you’re not that talkative person, you must try to engage in a conversation with others on board the ship. Just simply ask where they came from and what they will expect from joining this trip, then usually you can follow from there. Try not to ask personal questions at first, talk about general topics first until they are comfortable with you.

It’s not rocket science how you handled talking with people, as long as you are friendly and not bring up inappropriate topics, people will surely have an easier time talking with you. Making new friends is an important part of the journey after all.

Having a Chat with the Crews

The crew on the cabin can also be your potential friend. They are not just there to serve you, but can share their experience and insight as well regarding the trip. Try to make small talk when you see them on a break and ask how long they work here, etc. Who knows, they may have useful information to share.

Mingle with the Groups

A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Throughout the journey, the deck should be the place that you spend time the most. Don’t spend most of your free time in your room, go and join the people on the deck. Even if you don’t really talk much, your presence alone is already leaving a good impression on others. If you happened to be good at playing an instrument like a guitar, it would be a good idea to entertain others with your performance.

Participate in Every Cruise Activities

Remember why you came on the trip, isn’t it to enjoy a wonderful adventure in Komodo? And the fact your friends can’t come with you shouldn’t change your schedule and miss out on a lot of exciting activities. Your fellow travelers are to be your friends on every activity, that’s why socializing with them is important to create a bond between all of you. Try not to skip any of the activities and enjoy every bit of what the Komodo liveaboard can provide for you.