Planning For Your Brand Successfully

For your business to keep growing, your brand should be thriving too. Planning for your own brand is essentials when you are the business owner. Keep in mind that the world keeps changing. You cannot just change the world but make your business more adaptable so it won’t get left behind. Keeping your business adaptable and ever-evolving is a challenge but you can do it with the right approaches.

Making your brand more adaptable

Your brand cannot stay static if you want your business to thrive. Therefore, you have to make your brand more adaptable and flexible. It is also a day by day process because planning for your brand is continual thing to do. By planning for your brand, you can maximize the potential for success. It is important for you as business owners to be more proactive while anticipating your customers’ demands and needs.

Look at the future

When you decide to plan for your brand, it means you are looking forward for the future of successful business. It is important thing you need to do to keep your business thriving. First, you need to stay alert with every factors that might affect your industry. It can be anything from political changes to technological trends. Don’t let yourself unaware of things that could hurt your business significantly. When you are aware of those factors, you will know what to anticipate. You can make your plans ahead of time to anticipate possible impacts so that your business will keep thriving without hassle.

Create strategic planning process

Build your own discipline by creating strategic planning process. This can help you stay focus on your goal while improving your efforts. Ongoing strategic plan is good for long term success as well because everything is systemized and calculated more thoroughly according to some factors and changes that might impact your business. Ongoing strategic plan is such a great help for you to reach your goal more effectively and successfully.

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Learn something new

Don’t hesitate to learn something new. It also includes learning more about your competitors in the industry. You can learn something from them by knowing who they are and what they are capable of. Not to mention that by knowing your competitors, you learn how to differentiate yourself from them. You can even learn something from their mistakes. Thus, you won’t make the same mistakes with your brand. However, make sure that it is something to learn not to obsess.

Focus on your talent

Know what kind of talent you need to build your business and increase your brand credibility. If you can look for new talents early then it is good. It makes you more sure to choose the one that you really need to help you grow your business. Remember that you have to make your brand a living, breathing thing in order for your business to keep growing. And one of the most influential factors is the talent you choose. You don’t know when new opportunities will arise. When it does, you will know who to choose.

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

A set of remote islands in the eastern of Indonesia that get famous for its prehistoric Komodo Dragons turns out to be hiding one of the best dive destinations in the world. It conveniently sit right at the heart of world’s treasured coral triangle. The epicentre of biodiversity of corals, fishes, and thousands other species of marine lives. The Komodo receives strong, rich nutrients currents from the north to the south of the park which is also the reason why the underwater life is so abundant and pristine. Its national park status further protects the life that’s growing there. Diving in Komodo is not just about taking a plunge and back to the surface with dazzling photos. The sheer abundance of marine life there can make a very humbling experience for us divers. This is how diving in Komodo would make you feel so thankful.

You Get to Travel the Edge to the World for Diving in Komodo

The second you decide to visit the underwater of Komodo, you know you will travel to the edge of the world. Komodo is not like any other tropical destination like Maldives or Thailand. The islands are wild, rugged, and raw. They are mostly unspoiled and untouched by human intervention. Being in one of Komodo’s island, you will get to explore the jagged and undulating islands, covered with savannah and almost devoid of civilization. It gives the impression of standing on the edge of the world, really. You will also see how nature could be so majestic when left on its own.

Diving in Komodo Brings You to Amazing Creatures

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

The Komodo’s underwater house more than one thousands species of tropical fishes and 260 coral species known in the world. It also a sanctuary of rarer species such as “Mola Mola” the ocean sunfish, giant manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, to the endangered dugongs. Komodo also gives you the opportunity to meet smaller rare species like pygmy seahorses, blue ringed octopus, clown frogfish, and many others. The moment you submerge to Komodo’s water, you will see how the universe filled with rich biodiversity. Diving in Komodo will always leave you in awe.

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The Richness of Komodo’s Underwater Gives More Knowledge

By now, you’ve already knew just how rich Komodo is compared to other dive sites in other part of the world. Each coral formations and uncommon creatures you encountered down there expose you to new knowledge. You might have seen them through documentaries and photos, but diving in Komodo allows you to get first hand experiences to observe and make connection with the creatures. Suddenly, you are not as knowledgeable as you might think you are. There are so many things under the water that you don’t even know its existence yet.

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Growing small business requires you to manage the finance well. One of the most common reasons of why small business is more failure-prone is due to lack of cash. Therefore, it is essential for you to manage your money if you want to build your small business successfully. However, it is not as simple as it sounds because even some of successful people admitted they were lazy to do manage their finance thoroughly. One of the most common obstacles in managing money is differentiating personal and business finances.

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Money management for successful small business owners

Finance is essential for business. Financial management plays important role to the success of your small business. Therefore, playing it smart and detailed can pay off all the troubles. You can use some strategies to manage your finance well. Here are some of them:

Emergency saving fund

Always remind yourself to have emergency savings fund. The majority of financial planner suggest that small business owners should at least have three to six moths worth of living expense, after taxes, in an emergency savings fun. The emergency fund is necessary because the downturn in business can be unpredictable. It is also possible for seasonal fluctuations in cash flow to happen. Your emergency saving fund can be your life saver during those periods.

Detailed personal finance

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Manage your personal finance as detailed and thorough as you do to your business finance. Keep in mind not to mix them both. Separating them is essential so that it won’t cause any problems in the future. Also, it is highly suggested that you manage your personal credit card (if you have any). most small business owners have credit card. Make sure to make it stay solid by paying your bills on time even if you are in tight situation. This is a strategy to prevent you from costly mistakes. Your business finance is important for your small business. However, your personal finances need to have stronger foundation too.

Save for retirement

Invest more for your retirement. It is often forgotten because most of business owners tend to invest a lot of their profits back into the business. Meanwhile, there are more great options you can pick. The amount of the investment for retirement you can start depends on your income as well as qualifying factors. Not to mention that you also have wide selections of investment options to pick. Investing in broader range of opportunities is a good idea because your current business is already your biggest investment after all.

Think about diversified portfolio or assests

Even if you are considered young, you can start investing. However, make sure that you invest in a diversified portfolio of assets instead. Therefore, they will be more appropriate for your risk tolerance as well as time horizon. However, sometimes, it also depends on your own personal goals. You may have already had your own investment goals you want to achieve. It can determine the percentage of your portfolio of assets. If you aim for long-term investment, stock can be the best option for you especially when you are young entrepreneur.

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

For someone who can dive, scuba diving feels a lot like being a child again. To get surrounded by colourful wonder; to find everything is new and exciting; to get lost in strange lands of corals and blue sea; and to experience all the mysterious, unexplored worlds once again. You are allowed to be your naïve self again so you can get mesmerized with all the intricated beauty of the sea. Those are just a tip of the joy that scuba divers feel on their underwater adventure. And that’s obviously part of the reason why you express interest on learning how to dive. But here are things that they might not tell you; the ups and downs of diving for beginners.

UP: Scuba Diving for Beginners Opens Your World

There’s no doubt about that. By being able to breathe and move underwater, divers have more to explore on this planet than non-divers. Soon after completing your scuba diving for beginners, you will get to feel all the new senses of exploring an entirely different world. Pretty much as illustrated above. For one that’s never been experiencing the underwater before, your first dive will be totally life changing.

DOWN: You Might Get Frustrated with Some Skills

Diving for beginners is not easy. There are so many things to learn and almost everything is complicated. We have seen divers getting really nervous on controlled breathing through device, getting panicked when the smallest thing went wrong, struggling on mask removal, and many other things. When you can’t handle the stress properly, learning to dive could seems so much. It won’t be surprising if you feel like giving it up in the middle of the course. The key for this is perseverance and strong faith on yourself. You can do it and you will go to the real underwater world soon!

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

UP: Scuba Diving, for Beginners and Beyond, Keep Your Body Fit

Ever heard about the young that want to be swimmers cause swimmer has the ideal body? It’s actually the otherwise; swimmer gets ideal body because they swim. And the same thing applies to scuba diving. Swimming and diving requires your entire body to work. Your hands, your upper body, and your feet are constantly moving. These two sports are the best, most effective holistic workout that you can get. Also, you need to be always in shape if you want to dive properly. You cannot dive properly if you are overweight or under exercise.

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DOWN: Diving is Not Cheap

Let’s get real. Diving lessons for beginners could be quite pricey—even though they are so worth it! The trip out to the sea also cost money. Also, once you get the taste of the underwater magic, your holiday will rotate on the newest dive sites to try. That also cost money. Scuba gears, both renting or buying on your own also cost money. Diving is not a cheap hobby—and you need a really good financial menagerie to keep it in budget. However, the incomparable experiences and flows of new knowledges you get after each dives definitely outweigh the cost!

Investing In Influencers To Boost Your Business Marketing

There are many ways in which you can boost your marketing strategies. Some entrepreneurs may focus on establish digital connection with their audience. Meanwhile, there are also those who focus on networking. However, you may also consider engaging influencers. You can engage them to make a post about your brand on their social pages such as social media accounts. It is not something uncommon in business industry especially in this digital era. 

Investing In Influencers To Boost Your Business Marketing

Engaging influencers into your marketing strategy

It is already known that lots of people are engaged on online activities through various channels and platforms. However, influencers take it to another level in which they can influence their followers to massive followers effectively. They have gained trust from their followers so it is pretty easy for them to influence their followers. You can take advantage of that. 

Proceed the influencers marketing carefully

Engaging influencer to your marketing strategy cannot be done carelessly. You have to choose the right influencers who radiate similar image with the message or concept of your brand. You have to invest in influencer who can bring higher number of customers in a positive way. When you choose bad influencer, you may only get bad prospects. Make sure that you choose influencers whose followers are in alignment with your target market.

Number of follower growth

Investing In Influencers To Boost Your Business Marketing

There are also other important factors you can consider in looking for the right influencers to invest in. One of them is the number and growth of followers. One of the reasons why you decide to invest in influencers is because they have large numbers of followers who can become your customers. However, make sure that you don’t only look at their large number of followers but also its growth potential. Choose influencer whose followers keep increased every month. You can also consider based on the level of engagement of influencers with their followers.

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Do not depend on it

Investing in influencer alone is not enough to boost your marketing. You have to think of how to build the relevancy. It does matter because you ahve to make sure that the followers are somewaht interested in your brand especially since it aligns with what the influencers say through their posts. For example, if you are selling foods then you can invest in influencer who has their own ‘mukbang’ (eating show) channel on YouTube. This is also how you can build credibility of your brand because the influencer will not only promote your brand but also give their own review. It is even much better if the influencer somehow has an expertise in something related to your brand or what you sell. 

Look at engagement

As mentioned earlier that you also have to look for an influencers based on their engagement with their followers. This can be a little hard to identify. However, you can start from looking for influencers who own multiple channels. For example, look for influencers who have their own channel on YouTube and Twitter. You can see which channel has more followers and human connection. This way, you can focus your marketing strategy on influencer’s channel with stronger relationships and engagements.

A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Do you ever plan for a Komodo liveaboard with your friend but they suddenly canceled the last minute because something came up and you are left with yourself? Well, if you are already well prepared, try not to cancel your grand plan and instead just go by yourself. Being a solo traveler on the boat might be scary at first if you never did it before, but it’s not as lonely as you might think.

A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard Solo Experience

In the Komodo liveaboard, there are two kinds of trips that you can choose. One is a private charter and the other is a shared charter. Private charter is self-explanatory, while the shared charter is like a joint trip for every traveler that short on people. This is often booked by another solo traveler or people who wanted to share the experience with someone else.

So first off, you are not alone. There are plenty of solo travelers out there who are also looking for travel companions on the trip. With shared charter, you can meet these people who come from different backgrounds and have many stories to tell. Here are some tips that can make your trip more enjoyable even if you’re alone.

Get to Know Your Fellow Traveler

Socializing is a crucial part for an enjoyable solo adventure. Even if you’re not that talkative person, you must try to engage in a conversation with others on board the ship. Just simply ask where they came from and what they will expect from joining this trip, then usually you can follow from there. Try not to ask personal questions at first, talk about general topics first until they are comfortable with you.

It’s not rocket science how you handled talking with people, as long as you are friendly and not bring up inappropriate topics, people will surely have an easier time talking with you. Making new friends is an important part of the journey after all.

Having a Chat with the Crews

The crew on the cabin can also be your potential friend. They are not just there to serve you, but can share their experience and insight as well regarding the trip. Try to make small talk when you see them on a break and ask how long they work here, etc. Who knows, they may have useful information to share.

Mingle with the Groups

A Solo Traveler Tips for Enjoying Komodo Liveaboard

Throughout the journey, the deck should be the place that you spend time the most. Don’t spend most of your free time in your room, go and join the people on the deck. Even if you don’t really talk much, your presence alone is already leaving a good impression on others. If you happened to be good at playing an instrument like a guitar, it would be a good idea to entertain others with your performance.

Participate in Every Cruise Activities

Remember why you came on the trip, isn’t it to enjoy a wonderful adventure in Komodo? And the fact your friends can’t come with you shouldn’t change your schedule and miss out on a lot of exciting activities. Your fellow travelers are to be your friends on every activity, that’s why socializing with them is important to create a bond between all of you. Try not to skip any of the activities and enjoy every bit of what the Komodo liveaboard can provide for you.

Establish More Loving Work Environment 

There are many reasons causing a business to fail. One of them is less productive team. However, it also happens for a reason. There are many factors causing team members to feel unsatisfied, less motivated, and stressed. One of the most common reason is negative work environment. One of the solutions to deal with this problem is to create more loving work environment to make your team members experience happy and positive spirit on daily basis. 

Strategies to establish more loving work environment

When work environment is healthy and loving, the is higher chance of your business to achieve success. Not to mention that it is the kind of work environment that is more supporting for your team members as human beings. They are not robots so developing a work environment that is loving can build positive energy between them. 

healthy loving work environment

One of the first thing you have to fix is your business culture. There are more important and impactful factors aside from fear, scarcity or efficiency. They are compassion, empathy, authenticity, and collaboration. These aspects bring more benefit to business over time. When you show empathy and compassion within work environment, you spread positivity. There will be positive system built between team members. The systems you create within work environment should be able to acknowledge, consider, and respond to your team members’ suffering and emotions. 

A little goes a long way

Increase your appreciation to your team members so they will also do it between them. Expressing gratitude sometime is a very hard thing to do in professional setting. This happens especially because every individual has been given their own role so when they accomplish one thing, it is considered as a task instead of achievement. However, this is one of the common reasons why workers and employees are not happy with their work. They feel less appreciated. Therefore, you can express gratitude more within work environment to increase the feelings of joy, relaxation, optimism, and purpose. 

Feedback vs criticism

Stop criticizing and giving feedback instead. Feedback and criticism are two different things. When you give your team members feedback, you help them to improve and develop. When you keep criticizing your team members, they feel condemned or demoralized and it’s not a good thing. Give feedback so that your team members feel supported. They will improve themselves and try their best to perform better. 

Remember that we’re all humans

Treat your team members as human not only an asset or resource. Every individual in your team is human who has feelings, talents, strengths, weakness, potential, imperfections, and real emotions. Thus, create work environment in which you give them space to get to know and understand each other better. Make sure to create a system where everyone’s feelings are acknowledged and validated. Always remind everyone in your team that they are valued not just for what they do but also for who they are. 

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Aside from several points above. It is also important to main authentic work environment. As a leader, you can model authenticity in leading your team. Establishing more loving work environment needs trust between each other.

Defining Styles of Traditional Interior Furniture in Yogyakarta

furniture yogyakarta

When it comes to solid wood interior furniture Yogyakarta the country definitely does not lack high quality crafts. Rich in natural resources including rainforest, it’s no secret that Indonesia has been one of the leading forces of furniture exporters in the world. Quality hardwood materials aside, are you fond of the traditional styles produced by the local craftsmen? Furniture Yogyakarta definitely has its own styles 

Interior furniture in Yogyakarta 

home furniture yogyakarta

Many if not most furniture sold in Yogyakarta are supplied from Jepara; a regency known as the city of wood for its staggering supply of timber the region produces for both domestic and international market. Ordering furniture in Jepara, aside from the high quality materials, they’re also known to be highly versatile as well. By the keen eye, the handmade furniture in Indonesia can be cleverly combined with other pieces furniture that are more streamlined and modern. 

Furniture distinct motifs 

The dragon design is frequently featured in interior furniture Yogyakarta and this is undoubtedly influenced by Chinese culture. Indonesia’s own culture is influenced by numerous other culture that makes it unique; and this is reflected in the furniture industry as well. The dragon motif is particularly intricate; perfect for one of those timeless piece of furniture suitable for centerpieces of your room. 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Another distinct Indonesian carving on furniture is the mystical creature Garuda, sometimes depicted entirely as a bird (a great eagle), or a cross between a humanoid form with eagle wings. It’s one of the most intricate traditional design that has stood the test of time; and having it as a part of your home’s interior furniture would definitely stand out. Furniture with such motifs are great for centerpieces as it showcased skillful craftsmanship and history. 

Furniture Yogyakarta unique patterns 

toko mebel jogja

One of the most frequent recurring patterns in furniture Yogyakarta that you’ll find is one of the famous Batik patterns. The Wajikan is definitely among the types of Indonesian traditional patterns that occur across many types of furniture Yogyakarta. Just like many Indonesian traditional works, the carvings are often both delicate and intricate. These designs are painstakingly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it’s definitely among the unique defining characteristic of your furniture that makes it stand out. 

Aside from batik or wajikan patterns, there’s also floral pattern with curvy leaves. This type of pattern is most prevalent in traditional wooden doors in houses that still feature traditional house fixtures. However, combined with modern pieces, they could make a beautiful both complimentary and centerpieces for your interior furniture Yogyakarta. 

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Custom-made furniture 

Furniture suppliers in Indonesia are known to be quite versatile in their production. They’re known to take custom orders, whether it’s traditional interior furniture Yogyakarta or other styles. If you prefer a more contemporary style for your furniture Jogja then all you have to do is consult your furniture suppliers. In fact, many manufacturers across Indonesia have accommodated streamlined furniture styles to accommodate the changing demands of market. When looking for places that customize make sure you browse for toko mebel Jogja or mebel Jogja in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Running a business requires dedication and commitment. As a business owner and a leader of the team, it is your responsibility to always be there. It is your duty to monitor your business growth. It is also your responsibility to watch your team working. However, it is also possible that you cannot present yourself physically during work-related occasions. Sometimes, you have to go for business travel to meet potential clients or investors. However, you have to make sure that your business still running regardless of your absence. Of course, you may trust your team to keep everything in check. However, some tasks may still require leader’s touch. It means your role is irreplaceable. 

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Keep your business running during your absence

Every business faces different problems almost on daily basis. Some of them are minor and some others require more attentive approaches. Also, some of them can be solved by individual member of your team and some others need your involvement to solve. Frustrated clients, interpersonal disputes, or big-picture strategy are problems that require your involvement. You have to find a way to still be there even without your physical presence. Leading your team and running your business from afar is not something impossible today. 

Plan proper schedule to add office hours in your calendar

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

You can set times when your workers or team member can contact you when you are out of the office. It is important to spend one to two hours a day to make yourself available for your workers to contact you regardless the urgency. Then, make sure to share your calendar or schedule with your team  before you leave. Make sure that you set the schedule with the right time. You may need some adjustment if there is different time zone.

Create an emergency plan 

If it is impossible for you to be disturbed during your business trip for example, make sure to create emergency plan. There are many kinds of urgent situations required your touch during your absence. Sometimes those problems are the most unpredictable ones. This way, you have to make plan to make sure that your team still can get in touch when things at work is too hard to handle by themselves. You may use your smartphone to automate the emergency connection. 

Make a wait list

If you know that you will be absent for a while, you have to start making a wait list for your team so they will stay occupied during your absence. They will still have something to work from even without your monitoring. Make sure that your team stay productive in boosting your business even without your physical presence. Set some goals you want your team to achieve during your absence if possible. It is great way to keep your business running without making it slacking. 

Reach out team

Try to reach out your team during your absence regardless of how busy you are. Spend time to send message or encouragement to your team so they still can feel your presence. Snap some photos that can make your team’s spirit lit up.

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

It’s easy to slip into mistakes when you are new into something, and diving newbie is no different. However, a single mistakes can cause serious fatalities in diving. Here are five common mistakes frequently seen among newbie divers. Make sure you learn these on your scuba diving for beginners classes so you won’t accidentally put yourself into trouble under the water. 

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

Most Important Lesson on Scuba Diving for Beginners: Buoyancy Check!

This is one of the most frequent mistakes beginners on scuba diving do. If you find yourself over-weighted or under-weighted, that probably because you skip the buoyancy check. Keeping tab with your buoyancy is especially important if you loss or gain weight, having new wetsuits, getting on different thickness of wetsuit, or getting new BCD. You should even adjust the buoyancy if you dive in freshwater instead of the saltwater. 

Ignoring Air Consumption

One of the most notorious mistake among newbies during scuba diving for beginners classes is neglecting air consumption. Train yourself to keep a close watch to your air consumption so you could estimate your bottom time. Best time to keep yourself reminded is by keeping a chart journal of air consumption after each dive. You could see the average of your air consumption and refer to it on future dives.

Not Keeping Tab with Diving Buddy

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

Communication with dive buddy is vital—especially for beginners who are totally new underwater. Fatal accident happens when a diver couldn’t spot their dive buddy at any given time or fail to understand the communication language. Get in touch with your dive buddy and make sure your signal languages are the same. Keep a watchful eye on your buddy location. You should know the location of a person that potentially save your life—or whole life you might have to save. 

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Not Paying Attention to the Situation

When you are going underwater, you focus tend to be divided into two major things. First, the equipments and second, the surrounding marine life. It’s very common and understandable—those colourful nudibranchs could be very mesmerizing. However, missing the bigger picture could be very dangerous. You might be missing your boat, getting separated from your buddies, or descending deeper than you are allowed to. Always put awareness to your situation. Make mental notes about the currents flow, changes on current’s strength, 

Going Outside Scuba Diving for Beginners Limit

It’s easy to go a little too far from the limits when you are too excited with the life under the water. New divers often feels a little too loose as they have someone to watch over them. Someone with more advanced training to keep them safe. Subsequently, new divers might get too excited to see the wall dive a bit deeper, peek into the cave just a little bit, or basically trying a bit of new thing outside what they’ve trained for. This is dangerous. Never think that you can rely on someone and push the boundaries by yourself. Get a proper training for each kind of dive before actually try it. Never attempt to dive above your skill level.