Procrastination Can Harm Your Productivity

It is common for us to feel a bit lazy sometimes. We are aware that we have important to task to finish with but we still choose to ignore it or do other mundane things. It might be fine if it happens once or twice. However, it can bring harm to your productivity if you cannot control your sense of procrastination. 

Dealing with procrastination

During this pandemic, it is easy to forget that we still have work to do and we are still chained to deadline even if we work from home. Lots of people admitted they they feel more relaxed and laid-back working from home during pandemic, making them almost forget about their important tasks most of the time. 

Procrastination doesn’t always mean you have time management problem or you have problem at all. It happens but the way you deal with it is what matters here. If you keep thinking about why you feel so lazy or why you keep delaying your task, you may grow guilty about it. Then, it will wither your mood and turn it into negative emotions which make you even less productive. 

What you can do to deal with procrastination is realize that you are an adult with responsibility. You are aware of those responsibilities and how you need to fulfill them instead of following your inner child to procrastinate. There are also things you can do to stay focus and productive.

First thing first, sort out your tasks by the level of their urgency. When you have list of important works to do, you can assess how much time you need to finish it. Then, make sure to follow the timeline. This way, you still have a schedule to follow with and no feel as lost. If it is possible, finish your work before the deadline and reward yourself with something if you make it. 

Make a day-to-day plan if you tend to procrastinate your work. Sometimes, it is easy to feel unbothered with work knowing it can be done in weeks. You tend to choose the last minute to do it instead of doing it in right away. With a day-to-day plan, you know exactly what you have to do in every hour of your day. It will make you feel prepared of what you need to do to stay productive without losing a quality time for yourself. 

Also, it is important to realize that the more time you have in a day, it is possible for you to fill it with unnecessary things. Knowing that you have all day to stay at home can make you feel at ease. However, it will make you feel guilty the more you fill your times with unnecessary activities. 

Therefore, always treat your day like it is a very limited period. Make it as valuable as possible you you will always think of important things to do. Procrastination is not a disease or disorder. You can fix it and start positive habit so you can stay productive no matter what happens. 

Bali Beach Villas, A perfect setup for an intimate and personalized holiday

Why is Bali beach villas so popular and the perfect getaway? Villas by the beach are not cheap so there is a lot you should consider before staying. Starting from personal services, facilities, and others. When you arrive at the villa, you will realize that Bali is a paradise that awaits you. There are many beach activities that you can do throughout the day. The staff of the beach villas helps you to arrange your holiday schedule.

Bali beach villas a beginning of your adventure

Bali beach villas with a premium facilities | Kibarer

Your adventure starts from the villa by exploring the nearest beach to enjoy the waves, sand beach, and sunbathing. You definitely want to pamper yourself while staying at Bali beach villas. The staff can not only help you organize your holiday schedule, but are also very well trained to provide all the care you want. Some popular villas offer traditional aromatherapy massages to relax the body and mind. Aromatic massage can also improve sleep quality and help relieve insomnia. Your vacation in the villa is really high quality.

A perfect setup for an intimate and personalized holiday

Bali beach villas, a perfect setup for an intimate and personalized holiday

The hospitality offered at Bali beach villas is world-class. All you have to do is pack your goods and fly to Bali. The villa is the perfect escape from life and urban activities very quickly. Bali villas offer spacious rooms and luxurious atmosphere. This is the perfect accommodation for organizing intimacy and private holidays. Swimming pool facilities, garden area, full-service kitchen, and others.

Where to find the best location of Bali beach villas?

Bali is surrounded by beaches and it is easy to rent villas along the coast. The question is whether the price matches your vacation destination? Are the services and facilities of the villa that you will be in accordance with the price you pay? You can choose the location you wish. The Seminyak area is one of the most popular for holidays with full fun. Bars, restaurants, bars, hotels, and international standard villas await you. Seminyak area is ready to welcome your vacation and pamper you like a queen and king. Bali beach villas along the Seminyak area offer a lot of luxury with the best facilities and services.

Another location in Nusa Dua. The Nusa Dua area is no less popular for you looking for a villa along the beach. Nusa Dua is a beautiful area in Bali with white sand, beaches, and easy access to Jimbaran, Uluwatu. Throughout the Nusa Dua area offers for those of you who want to enjoy peace during the holidays. Determining the location of Bali beach villas according to your holiday destination is important. Don’t forget to look for information about the facilities, services, and location of the villa that you will be occupying.

You need to pay attention, the weather in Bali is very friendly and allows you to travel throughout the year. Make reservations and prepayments when you travel in July and September. Regardless of when you visit, you will not be disappointed with the choice of staying at Bali beach villas.

Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

When you run your own business, there is so much in your plate. Sometime, you feel overwhelmed with so many things you should handle in one day. Thus, making a to-do-list beforehand can help you to work more efficiently because you won’t feel confused anymore of what to do. You have already listed things you need to complete in that day. However, sometimes completing your to-do-list itself is such a hard work.

Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

Accomplish goals through to-do-list

For some people, it is easier to accomplish their daily goals when they have already a list of things they must do. Some people may be more spontaneous at work but for many people, it just doesn’t work. If you are a to-do-list entrepreneurs who relies a lot on your list, here are several tips to complete it more efficiently to keep your productivity in business as well.

Easiest task first

Lots of people say that it is better to tackle the easiest tasks first. However, you can try the opposite. Tackle the hardest tasks first then move on the the easier ones. This way, you don’t have chance to procrastinate. Sometime the hardest task is what makes you feel like you are dying at work. If you can finish them first, you will be able to complete the easier tasks with lighter heart and better mood. Consider easier tasks as your reward or a breather after completing difficult tasks.

Set realistic goals

Completing Your To-Do-List Efficiently

Sometimes, your to-do-list seems too hard to complete because you set the unreachable goals. Thus, you feel like there is no goal being achieved even after you complete every task on your to-do-list diligently on daily basis. Thus, try to set more realistic goals for yourself. Your goal might be to land a big partnership. Instead of focusing on this goal, you can put your focus more on the actions or the process. See if you make any progress with your effort to reach the goal. 

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Forget your progress

When you make progress regardless how big or small it is, don’t forget to celebrate it. Being harder on yourself than to others sometimes is a common trait of entrepreneur. Thus, be more kind to yourself by rewarding yourself after achieving a success or goal. Celebrating your progress that make you getting closer to your bigger goals is what can keep you going. The reward is like your motivation or encouragement for you to keep moving. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose celebration. You can feed yourself your favorite meals for dinner after completing particular difficult tasks. 

List is helping you to achieve goals

Making and having a list doesn’t make the work itself easier. The purpose of making a list is to organize your tasks so you can work more efficiently. It is like methodical approach to complete your task because everything is plan from the more difficult tasks to the easier one or from the more urgent ones to the less one. This is an effort to make you do your job more efficiently so you don’t waste time picking and choosing tasks.

A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

At this point, most of us might get bored with the quarantine and isolation due to the global pandemic spread. With the coming of summer, we all dream of our yearly escape—probably somewhere tropical and blissfully isolated. Not that kind of frustrating mandatory isolation that we all forced to do. Out of all blissful destination in the world, Flores is one of the place you might want  to go. The remote and yet increasingly famous land of the dragons; the hidden escapade where nature run freely in her wild beauty. The land that can only be explored by sailing in Komodo liveaboard phinisi, traversing the scenic archipelago, passing uninhibited islands and hidden beaches.

A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

For now, we might be restricted to travel to these beautiful places. What we can do is entertaining ourselves with the imagery of having a joyous holiday in the middle of nowhere—like the Komodo, Flores. And one of beautiful thing on this secluded sailing trip happens early in the morning, when the day has just started. 

A Quiet, Early Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

The moment you open your eyes from the comfort of the cabin, you see soft rays of sun light seeps from slit of wooden walls and the window. You heard faint sounds from the crews, getting busy preparing the day in Komodo liveaboard. Some are busy in the kitchen, others are cleaning decks or preparing sails. The morning has just begun. Get out from your cabin; the sky is clear, the air is fresh and the boat and all its surrounding is still basking from the golden light of the sun. Waking up in the middle of wilderness, you will feel the magic hanging in the air; when the ocean is still half sleepy, the boat is half empty, and the world is just waking up from a lumber sleep. 

Tranquil Yoga Retreat on the Deck

A Tranquil Morning in Komodo Liveaboard

One thing that could the Komodo’s serenity to the utmost is yoga retreat. Stretch your body on the liveaboard deck, bathing in the healthy vitamin D from the sun, and let the natural sounds of ocean waves guide your mind into focus and tranquility. A lot of Komodo liveaboard tours have yoga retreat on their package—and this a nice luxury to have. 

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A Fulfilling Breakfast with Wonderful Backdrop

It’s hard to beat delicious breakfast on the sea. Like, you might have enjoy several seaside dining before, but having meals literally on the sea is something else. Also, you can always expect balanced, restaurant-quality meals on good liveaboard. Generally, they serve light yet fulfilling meals for breakfast like toasts, veggies, and freshly sliced fruits with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Komodo Liveaboard Briefing for Trip of the Day

When everyone on the liveaboard is awake and have had their breakfast, the captain (or your  travel leader) will give a brief summary of the day’s trip. They will explain destinations of the day, rules on each destination, and important cautions. Be sure to pay attention carefully—one wrong move and your life could be at stake. 

So that’s the beauty of slow morning in Komodo liveaboard. Can you picture having it after the quarantine mess is over? 

Tips For Successful Virtual Home Selling

There have been many countries reopening and lifting up social distancing measures. However, the situation has not been exactly normal or like what it used to be. Not to mention that ‘new normal’ is now emphasized even in the countries where infection has totally stopped. It still affect how business works including in home selling. 

Successful virtual home selling

Business property has been affected greatly as well due to the pandemic. Selling a home has become more challenging int he middle of the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean you can just stay without doing anything. There are many things you can do to stay productive. You can do your best to sell a home during this hard times. Here are some tips:

Earning trust from future buyers is not easy because you have to give proof of the condition of the house. Usually, the buyers come to inspect the place themselves. With how limited access to go outside today, it still possible to earn your buyers’ trust. You can make unedited video showing the real condition of the property. You can also FaceTime with your buyers so they can see themselves the property without any filter or edit. They can see the property in real time. 

Virtual home selling is not only relied on the good video but also reliable audio. Even research shows that quality audio is more important than video. You can create great narration to attract more buyers. However, they won’t be able to receive the message if the audio is poor. You can tell the story properly without quality audio. 

Be more open about giving the information your buyers needed. Buying a property is not a simple thing for your buyers. They need to make sure that they make the right decision. To make the right decision, they need enough information that is trusted and reliable. Therefore, don’t hesitate to deliver information your buyers need. Your buyers will gain more confidence if you do so.

Virtual experience in home selling is not limited to showing the property in real time. You can also provide more experience by virtual consultation, video walkthrough, home staging, and more. This makes your buyers more interested to know more about the property and what they need. By providing more experience, it helps your buyers to make decision as well. 

Since you are heavily relied on virtual approach, you need to provide high quality material. As mention before, you need to deliver quality audio and video. You also need to take high quality pictures. Make sure that the pictures are not blurry. They should show accurate impression of the property as close as possible. 

Attract your buyers by setting up the right lighting to the property. Also, engage your buyers more by humanizing the space. You can showcase the property in a more humane perspectives. You can show the the surrounding neighborhood to make the buyers feel more engaged and attracted. Show the authenticity of the space as interesting as possible. 

Staying over in Bali Villas is Better Than in Hotels. Here’s Why

For many travelers, one of the reasons why they visit Bali is that the island has so much to offer. Bali is not like any places they have ever seen before. Its tropical vibes and rich cultural heritage are among many things that keep a lot of globetrotters coming and even staying in Bali. There are many ways to make the best out of your vacation time in Bali. Let’s say you are coming to the island to disconnect from your busy daily schedule and just relax yourself.

staying over in Bali villas is better than in hotels | villabalisale

Staying in Bali Villas is the Answer

You may not realize this, but staying in villas gives you more comfort, peace, and enjoyment. The whole building is only for yourself to occupy. It means that you get to do whatever you desire without having to share a place. Bali villas are also beautifully architected which will make you want to stay one more night there. It is basically your home away from home. If you are thinking about what you can do to entertain yourself in the villa, you can lay by the pool on a bean bag chair because most Bali villas have a swimming pool or doing yoga in the backyard at sunset and the list goes on.

Beautiful Beaches

Now that you have found a place to stay during your vacation in Bali, let’s see how you can make your trip more memorable. It is commonly known that many travelers come to Bali for its beautiful beaches. You can drive or even walk for a few minutes from your Bali villas and you will suddenly see the sandy beach and glimmering sea. There are also a lot of villas in Bali having a beachfront view. You can just open the door and see the ocean beauty.

Cultural Journey

Another aspect that gains a lot of interest from travelers around the world is Balinese culture. Most people in Bali are Hindu which means that their culture and traditions are influenced by religion. There are many ways you can learn about Balinese culture. Visiting museums or art galleries located around Bali villas is a fun way to learn about the history of Balinese culture. Many Hindu temples are also open for the public to visit.

Local Cuisine

Many travelers enjoy going on a vacation because they can taste different food from different destinations they visited. Since food bonds people together, tasting local cuisine is a good way to get to know the people and perhaps their culture as well. And your stay in Bali villas will not be complete without at least tasting one of Balinese cuisine. It is not very hard to find them because there are many restaurants or food stalls nearby.

Planning For Your Brand Successfully

For your business to keep growing, your brand should be thriving too. Planning for your own brand is essentials when you are the business owner. Keep in mind that the world keeps changing. You cannot just change the world but make your business more adaptable so it won’t get left behind. Keeping your business adaptable and ever-evolving is a challenge but you can do it with the right approaches.

Making your brand more adaptable

Your brand cannot stay static if you want your business to thrive. Therefore, you have to make your brand more adaptable and flexible. It is also a day by day process because planning for your brand is continual thing to do. By planning for your brand, you can maximize the potential for success. It is important for you as business owners to be more proactive while anticipating your customers’ demands and needs.

Look at the future

When you decide to plan for your brand, it means you are looking forward for the future of successful business. It is important thing you need to do to keep your business thriving. First, you need to stay alert with every factors that might affect your industry. It can be anything from political changes to technological trends. Don’t let yourself unaware of things that could hurt your business significantly. When you are aware of those factors, you will know what to anticipate. You can make your plans ahead of time to anticipate possible impacts so that your business will keep thriving without hassle.

Create strategic planning process

Build your own discipline by creating strategic planning process. This can help you stay focus on your goal while improving your efforts. Ongoing strategic plan is good for long term success as well because everything is systemized and calculated more thoroughly according to some factors and changes that might impact your business. Ongoing strategic plan is such a great help for you to reach your goal more effectively and successfully.

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Learn something new

Don’t hesitate to learn something new. It also includes learning more about your competitors in the industry. You can learn something from them by knowing who they are and what they are capable of. Not to mention that by knowing your competitors, you learn how to differentiate yourself from them. You can even learn something from their mistakes. Thus, you won’t make the same mistakes with your brand. However, make sure that it is something to learn not to obsess.

Focus on your talent

Know what kind of talent you need to build your business and increase your brand credibility. If you can look for new talents early then it is good. It makes you more sure to choose the one that you really need to help you grow your business. Remember that you have to make your brand a living, breathing thing in order for your business to keep growing. And one of the most influential factors is the talent you choose. You don’t know when new opportunities will arise. When it does, you will know who to choose.

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

A set of remote islands in the eastern of Indonesia that get famous for its prehistoric Komodo Dragons turns out to be hiding one of the best dive destinations in the world. It conveniently sit right at the heart of world’s treasured coral triangle. The epicentre of biodiversity of corals, fishes, and thousands other species of marine lives. The Komodo receives strong, rich nutrients currents from the north to the south of the park which is also the reason why the underwater life is so abundant and pristine. Its national park status further protects the life that’s growing there. Diving in Komodo is not just about taking a plunge and back to the surface with dazzling photos. The sheer abundance of marine life there can make a very humbling experience for us divers. This is how diving in Komodo would make you feel so thankful.

You Get to Travel the Edge to the World for Diving in Komodo

The second you decide to visit the underwater of Komodo, you know you will travel to the edge of the world. Komodo is not like any other tropical destination like Maldives or Thailand. The islands are wild, rugged, and raw. They are mostly unspoiled and untouched by human intervention. Being in one of Komodo’s island, you will get to explore the jagged and undulating islands, covered with savannah and almost devoid of civilization. It gives the impression of standing on the edge of the world, really. You will also see how nature could be so majestic when left on its own.

Diving in Komodo Brings You to Amazing Creatures

The Humbling Experience of Diving in Komodo

The Komodo’s underwater house more than one thousands species of tropical fishes and 260 coral species known in the world. It also a sanctuary of rarer species such as “Mola Mola” the ocean sunfish, giant manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, to the endangered dugongs. Komodo also gives you the opportunity to meet smaller rare species like pygmy seahorses, blue ringed octopus, clown frogfish, and many others. The moment you submerge to Komodo’s water, you will see how the universe filled with rich biodiversity. Diving in Komodo will always leave you in awe.

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The Richness of Komodo’s Underwater Gives More Knowledge

By now, you’ve already knew just how rich Komodo is compared to other dive sites in other part of the world. Each coral formations and uncommon creatures you encountered down there expose you to new knowledge. You might have seen them through documentaries and photos, but diving in Komodo allows you to get first hand experiences to observe and make connection with the creatures. Suddenly, you are not as knowledgeable as you might think you are. There are so many things under the water that you don’t even know its existence yet.

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Growing small business requires you to manage the finance well. One of the most common reasons of why small business is more failure-prone is due to lack of cash. Therefore, it is essential for you to manage your money if you want to build your small business successfully. However, it is not as simple as it sounds because even some of successful people admitted they were lazy to do manage their finance thoroughly. One of the most common obstacles in managing money is differentiating personal and business finances.

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Money management for successful small business owners

Finance is essential for business. Financial management plays important role to the success of your small business. Therefore, playing it smart and detailed can pay off all the troubles. You can use some strategies to manage your finance well. Here are some of them:

Emergency saving fund

Always remind yourself to have emergency savings fund. The majority of financial planner suggest that small business owners should at least have three to six moths worth of living expense, after taxes, in an emergency savings fun. The emergency fund is necessary because the downturn in business can be unpredictable. It is also possible for seasonal fluctuations in cash flow to happen. Your emergency saving fund can be your life saver during those periods.

Detailed personal finance

Managing Your Money For Small Business Owners

Manage your personal finance as detailed and thorough as you do to your business finance. Keep in mind not to mix them both. Separating them is essential so that it won’t cause any problems in the future. Also, it is highly suggested that you manage your personal credit card (if you have any). most small business owners have credit card. Make sure to make it stay solid by paying your bills on time even if you are in tight situation. This is a strategy to prevent you from costly mistakes. Your business finance is important for your small business. However, your personal finances need to have stronger foundation too.

Save for retirement

Invest more for your retirement. It is often forgotten because most of business owners tend to invest a lot of their profits back into the business. Meanwhile, there are more great options you can pick. The amount of the investment for retirement you can start depends on your income as well as qualifying factors. Not to mention that you also have wide selections of investment options to pick. Investing in broader range of opportunities is a good idea because your current business is already your biggest investment after all.

Think about diversified portfolio or assests

Even if you are considered young, you can start investing. However, make sure that you invest in a diversified portfolio of assets instead. Therefore, they will be more appropriate for your risk tolerance as well as time horizon. However, sometimes, it also depends on your own personal goals. You may have already had your own investment goals you want to achieve. It can determine the percentage of your portfolio of assets. If you aim for long-term investment, stock can be the best option for you especially when you are young entrepreneur.

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

For someone who can dive, scuba diving feels a lot like being a child again. To get surrounded by colourful wonder; to find everything is new and exciting; to get lost in strange lands of corals and blue sea; and to experience all the mysterious, unexplored worlds once again. You are allowed to be your naïve self again so you can get mesmerized with all the intricated beauty of the sea. Those are just a tip of the joy that scuba divers feel on their underwater adventure. And that’s obviously part of the reason why you express interest on learning how to dive. But here are things that they might not tell you; the ups and downs of diving for beginners.

UP: Scuba Diving for Beginners Opens Your World

There’s no doubt about that. By being able to breathe and move underwater, divers have more to explore on this planet than non-divers. Soon after completing your scuba diving for beginners, you will get to feel all the new senses of exploring an entirely different world. Pretty much as illustrated above. For one that’s never been experiencing the underwater before, your first dive will be totally life changing.

DOWN: You Might Get Frustrated with Some Skills

Diving for beginners is not easy. There are so many things to learn and almost everything is complicated. We have seen divers getting really nervous on controlled breathing through device, getting panicked when the smallest thing went wrong, struggling on mask removal, and many other things. When you can’t handle the stress properly, learning to dive could seems so much. It won’t be surprising if you feel like giving it up in the middle of the course. The key for this is perseverance and strong faith on yourself. You can do it and you will go to the real underwater world soon!

The Ups and Downs of Diving for Beginners

UP: Scuba Diving, for Beginners and Beyond, Keep Your Body Fit

Ever heard about the young that want to be swimmers cause swimmer has the ideal body? It’s actually the otherwise; swimmer gets ideal body because they swim. And the same thing applies to scuba diving. Swimming and diving requires your entire body to work. Your hands, your upper body, and your feet are constantly moving. These two sports are the best, most effective holistic workout that you can get. Also, you need to be always in shape if you want to dive properly. You cannot dive properly if you are overweight or under exercise.

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DOWN: Diving is Not Cheap

Let’s get real. Diving lessons for beginners could be quite pricey—even though they are so worth it! The trip out to the sea also cost money. Also, once you get the taste of the underwater magic, your holiday will rotate on the newest dive sites to try. That also cost money. Scuba gears, both renting or buying on your own also cost money. Diving is not a cheap hobby—and you need a really good financial menagerie to keep it in budget. However, the incomparable experiences and flows of new knowledges you get after each dives definitely outweigh the cost!