Tips To Build Successful Startup

Startup businesses is surely growing and increasing. With many people thinking creatively in solving daily problems, it is not impossible for you to build a successful startup as well. You can find the problems people or yourself face and try to find the solution for it. There have been various startup businesses proving their success. If you are also interested to start yours, then why not? However, it is surely not as simple as it looks. Running a startup business is just as challenging as any other kinds of businesses. 

Building successful startup

Building successful startup

Building a startup from the scratch is not easy. However, the success is very much rewarding. Launching a new startup will probably be one of the most nerve-wrecking moments in your life. There are many advice and lessons given by successful startup CEOs you might have taken a note for. They are rich in experience so their insights must be helpful. So here are some tips for building successful startup you can try as well:

Choose the right people for your team

Building successful startup

It may sound easy but not really in reality. It is quite challenging and tiring process. You need to consider many factors because you aim for long-term success. Things to consider of the talents you are going to hire include their requisite skills, entrepreneurial qualities, adaptability, passion, diversity, wittiness, ability to work in team, etc. 

Make your employees motivated and happy

Happiness can lead to increases productivity. When your employees are more motivated and happier, they will be working in their full potential. There are many ways in which you can help increase their motivation and happiness. For example, providing flexible work hours, remote work option, perks of wellness and health, proper recognition for achievements, celebration, learning opportunities, transparency, etc.

Start with good product or service

Building successful startup

Building great product and service is only the beginning of your journey. Therefore, don’t take forever to launch them. Make sure that you calculate everything perfectly so you won’t waste any time or resources to begin with. Then, do not dismiss the customer feedback you receive regardless of them being positive or negative.

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Always expect for big challenges

Regardless of what your business is, challenges are to be expected so you will be more prepared for them. There are various challenges you will face when it comes to launching a startup. They include launching great product or service, creating strong business plan, funding, hiring the right people, time management, etc. Those are just few of challenges you may face sooner or later. 

Complex problems

Keep in mind that some problems can be more complex than the others when you launch a startup business. However, your team is there to help you solve them. Therefore, do not close yourself to advice or suggestion from your team or other successful entrepreneurs. Always be open for feedback, criticism, suggestion, and advice. Even if they don’t seem like work for solving current problems, you might need them in the future.

Try This: Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners

No time is better than the holiday season to try something new. Like diving and being able to discover a whole new world underneath the ones you already know. Once you able to navigate under the water, you will suddenly have thousands other awesome destinations to explore! On the other side, having scuba diving holidays is a great way for beginners to try a new sport and get a relaxing break at the same time. So wait no more. Have a scuba diving course for your next holiday. 

Things to Do on Holiday: Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

Scuba Diving Course on Holiday for Beginners Only Take Five Days

The entry level course on PADI is Open Water Diver, and getting you certified for it only takes about four to five days, from the very start until finish. You will begin your lessons with theories of diving, which usually done in class. You can even take the theory class online if you want to shorten the course. After getting all the dive theories you need, you can start progressing to shallow, confined water training. This could be done in two to three days until you can master the dive techniques and equipment operations. Most of the confined water training will be done in the dive centre’s pool. The instructor will build your rapport during the training, and hopefully you can show progress by the days. When all courses is finished, you will have the ‘try’ open water session for your last training. 

Have Your First Scuba Dive Ever

Things to Do on Holiday: Try Scuba Diving for Beginners

The good thing is, you will complete all the certification training in less than a week. The open water finale class will be your first real scuba dive ever, and that’s guaranteed gonna be mind blowing. You will blow your first bubbles under the sea, see your first clown fish and anemones, first corals, first sharks, and countless other new things. You can spend the rest of the week planning your very firsts, real scuba diving holidays for beginners. Prepare to get busy choosing sites and calculating depth—which can be quite addictive!

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Have Your First Night Dive

If you are having your first scuba diving holidays for beginners with a dive centre (recommended!), they might at some point offer a night dive. It might be planned on the package, it might be impromptu. Whatever that is, don’t miss it. The night dive will be a yet another wonder in your life. You will see the personality of the world under the waves changes when the sun goes down. The reefs come alive with more colours, the fishes who hide during the day come out to play, and, in some places, the water even glow from certain species of algae. This scuba diving holidays for beginners might put a whole new perceptive and dimension to your life!

Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

It is true that the competition in business is tough. There are those who went far to achieve their goal to be a successful. However, you don’t have to be ruthless to be successful. There are many ways you can achieve success without taking advantage of others or being selfish. There are also many reasons why people working in business industry often willing to go too far to achieve their goals. One of them is that they forget that it is beyond transactions. Business is also about building relationship. 

Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

Selfless service in business

Not many entrepreneurs are aware of the idea of giving relationship. Most of them know only taking relationship where they take as much as possible without giving something in return as long as they benefit their own business. It may work for some time but it won’t make your business last. Therefore, you may consider giving selfless service and focus more on being helpful to others both your customers or the team you lead. To do so, you have to focus on the right things.

Giving selfless service is like long-term investment

It benefits you and the other. However, you may not receive the benefit in an instant. Therefore, you have to stop expecting for instant gratification. Imagine this as planting the seed. It may take times before you can harvest. When you help others, make sure to not expect something in return. Focus more on how this act can help build strong relationship. Also, make sure to not keep track of what you do for others. Do not expect credit either. Make sure that you help them for them not for you. 

Selfless service to increase trust

Benefits Of Giving Selfless Service In Entrepreneurship 

Try practicing selfless service in your working environment. As the leader of your team, you can try spreading selfless service to increase trust. It will help strengthen the bond between the members in your team as well. The spirit of giving selfless service will result in positive working culture. Make sure that the service is not in exchange of favor or forgiveness either. The help you or team members give to each others is a form of goodwill and no motive behind the act. This will help your team grow better. 

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Show appreciation

If you are on the receiving end of the selfless service, make sure to show your gratitude. Saying thank you won’t make you less charismatic. Writing a thank you letter won’t make you look bad. This kind of act is important to show people that you appreciate their service or help. This is not only applied to your business partners but also your team members and customers.

Focus on positive things

Giving selfless service will also help you to focus on positive things. You will not blame the others easily. If you want to make your team members grow their potential, encourage them through positive acts. Do not just giving them punishment when they make mistakes. Instead, give them feedback and input to help them fix it and do better. This is also an act of selfless service. 

Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

We are not gonna lie. Surfing is already quite challenging on its own—it’s one of the most complicated sport in earth. And teaching your kids for surf lessons are not going to be easy either. However, any surf-stoked parents know how rewarding it is to ride long waves, to search the perfect waves, to feel the addictive adrenaline rush that makes us to go back again and again. You just cannot wait for your little beans to share the fun. So you begin influencing them to the ocean—taking them to beaches, putting them to your surfboard, and eventually rolling them to kids surf camp. Or maybe, the kids are showing the interest by themselves—and as parents, you want to support them on the surf lessons. Here’s what you can do. 

Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

Buy them appropriate surfboard for their kids surf lessons

Not all new surfers need their own surfboards, but it’s certainly nice to have! If you have the budget, buying the kids age-appropriate surfboards can be the wisest thing to do. Kids under seven years old would best to ride small soft board around 6.6 ft—usually called as El Nino. This board help boost their confidence and great to surf on very small waves. Kids age 8 to 15 years old can use 7ft surf boards, or 8ft if your kids are particularly tall. Longer and thicker surfboard help with more flotation and help kids paddle and catch waves easier. It help them to ride more waves which eventually help them to grow as better surfer. And most importantly, it’s much safer than fibreglass boards as the kids will definitely fall from their boards a lot during learning.

Take Them to Somewhere Warm for Kids Surf Lessons

The best way to have kids surf lessons is by having it in warm countries. Take them to Bali, Maldives, Spain, or Portugal where the weather and the water are warm. These countries are also known to have plenty of good surf school for kids!

Best Way to Support Your Kids Surf lessons

Give Them Thicker Wetsuit than You Usually Do

It’s important to keep the kids warm during the surf lessons. They get cold quicker than adults even in warm water. Prolonged session in open water and touch of the wind can cause quick loss of heat. Give them full wetsuit to keep them comfortable, preferably thicker than what you usually wear in the same condition. A good quality 5mm wetsuit will works in most surfing condition. They can switch to short wetsuit or even going bare top when they reach puberty. 

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Buy A Pair of Wetsuit Gloves

If you live or having surf holiday in countries with colder climate like the UK or northern Europe, consider to have a pair of gloves to provide more warmth. It’s hard to find the right glove that fit your kids’ hand, so better to invest on it. 

Get Them A Rash Guards

On hotter days when they don’t want to wear wetsuits, you better have rash guards ready. They help keep kids’ bathing suits stay in place as they move. It protect their body from the wax of the board and provide more sun protection. 

Facing Marketing Challenges in Effective Ways 

Marketing is part of business and practically, no business without marketing. However, it is also one of the most challenging things most entrepreneurs and businesses face. It is common for business to struggle in the aspect of marketing. Not many of entrepreneurs or businesses can survive the wave of the challenges coming from marketing. There are various marketing methods and techniques suggested by experts but not all of them are applicable. However, it is also difficult to find the most fitted ways to increase marketing performance following each business’s characteristics and values.

Effectively overcome marketing challenges

Keep in mind that business is often unpredictable. Things may go wrong unexpectedly that you should be prepared to face any kind of situation. Marketing challenges are also varied. If you have used your own techniques and methods but the situation hasn’t become better, you may need to try different approaches or techniques to solve those marketing challenges. Here are several ways to try:

team meetings event planning

Make clever use of social media

Building personal brand in a way that attract many followings on social media platform. Raising brand awareness through social media is not something new. However, you may need to use different approach to make it more effective in facing marketing challenges. Building personal brand is important to make your followers trust you. When they do, you have more opportunities to make them choose your products and stay loyal. 


In building trust, make sure that you appear approachable and real. You can make a live every once in awhile so you can interact with your followers more. You can also try more personal approach such as sharing a little bit about your personal life. Thus, you don’t always talk about your products all the time. It makes them see you as human. They will develop deeper trust with you. It give positive impact to your marketing growth and development in the long run. 

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Connect with your networks into personal level. It is basically similar to how you approach your followers on social media. You connect with your network in more personal level to boost their trust with you. Networking opportunities don’t just appear in front of you. You have to reach out and make effort. Add some human touches to deepen your relationship with your networks. Respond to them directly instead of using automation system. They will fee more appreciated that way. Social networking connection is relational approach you can adopt to face marketing challenges. 

Content is King

Keep the engagement with your potential clients and existing customers by providing quality content. Make sure that the content is valuable and helpful for your target customers. For example, if your business is about foods, you can share some tips or information about healthy foods, or what kind of foods are trending lately. It also means that your content should be high quality but also relevant to your target customer’s interest. Hence, you don’t always have to produce content that persuade them to buy your products. This can increase the level of trust they have with you. 

Planning Destination Wedding & Determining Reliable Wedding Vendor in Bali

Wedding vendor in Bali are numerous and deciding which ones to have for your wedding is actually rather tricky. Whether you decide to host your wedding beachfront in Seminyak or Sanur, or probably opt to hold a forest garden wedding in Ubud, you’re going to need professional vendors to handle your wedding. From wedding catering Bali to wedding decor, what’s the best practices when you’re looking for the most reliable wedding vendors in Bali? 

buffet catering services bali

Choosing reliable wedding services bali

Bali as a sought-after wedding destination has numerous wedding services that it’s actually a task looking through the options. The sheer number of wedding services in Bali will blow away your focus. And many of them look promising. So what should you do when you’re looking just for the right ones for your big day? 

  • Know what you want. Each wedding vendor is different. They have their very own styles and they specialize in different types of wedding. In order to find wedding vendors in Bali you first need to define what you yourself want. 
  • Define your budget. This must be a clear estimation as well as a clear priority on your part. We’ll talk more about budgeting later.  
  • Look at the reviews and ask around. The old school way of asking your friends or relatives for recommendations still stand. Make sure to always look at the vendor’s reviews across any sites you can find them in. Ask if your relatives or friends have used their wedding services Bali. 

Determining your budget for wedding vendor in Bali 

tasty catering menu

There are numerous wedding vendors that you’re going to need to hire for your wedding. From venue, catering services, photographers, decor, and everything else; it’s simply numerous and you’re going to have to define your priorities. Which wedding vendor in Bali will you give your biggest budget to? 

Make sure that you have your list of priorities; this will reflect the overall funds you’ll be willing to spend on your wedding services Bali. Having a clear estimation for your budget is extremely helpful during the time you decide to headhunt for reliable wedding vendor in Bali for destination wedding of your life. 

Browse for real weddings shots 

wedding catering services

Often times, vendors post photos of pre-weddings instead of the actual weddings. This is something that’s pretty common. But what you’d want to look for is real wedding shots. Looking at real weddings is also something that should be noted by all brides and grooms. Experienced wedding vendor in Bali would showcase the event they’re a part of. 

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Look at the vendor’s website and portfolio 

weddig services bali

A wedding vendor’s website usually serves as their main portfolio. If your wedding vendor does not have a website that’s often a red flag. However, that isn’t always the case. Many wedding vendors prefer to join a platform where they can share their event portfolio with a community and potential customers. These platforms would be what you often see such as BrideStory and the likes. Some people 

Where to look for your wedding vendor’s portfolio 

Here are some of the most common sites where you can find Bali wedding vendor portfolio: 

  • Individual site 
  • BrideStory site 
  • Social media sites (most notably Instagram) 
  • The Bali Bride 

Responding To Your Customers Quickly

It is true that you should treat your customers like royalty. They are supposed o be placed as a hero in your business story. Therefore, attending to your customer needs is essentials. More often than not, customers rely on how they get treated instead of price tag. Most of customers won’t really mind paying more as long as they are treated as they deserve. However, this can be challenge for business owner especially consumer and customers alike tend to get more impatience and demanding. They expect you to respond to their complaint in an instant. Thus, you should find a way to do it right.

Responding To Your Customers Quickly

Giving quick response to your customers

Being more responsive to your customers is a must. it affects your credibility and reputation. Thus, never underestimate the power of your customers. They put you on pedestal and crush you the next moment.  Here are several ways you can respond quickly to your customers:

Choose the right tools to respond to your customers

Most customers often include ‘fast response’ in their improvement cards of a small business. They expect you to respond within an hour or so. Therefore, choose the right tools to communicate with your customers quickly. The fastest tool is phone call, email, text message, and social media.

Know what the customers wants

Responding To Your Customers Quickly

To be more responsive, you should know what your customers want. The only way to know it is to ask them. You can ask them which channels they prefer for more effective and efficient communication. You should take their personal preference into account. Therefore, you can decide what kind of bridge to help you maintain effective communication with your customers.

Guide customers to use preference of channels

There are customers who may not so sure of what they want or what their preferences are. You should not putting their opinion aside. Instead, guide them to channels that will serve them the best. For example, you can recommend them to use social media if you use that channels for giving faster response. 

The team should know how to respond to clients

Make sure that your team know what they should do in responding to your customers. Every customer may have different problems or complaint. You should educate your team of how to answer to your customers questions. To make it easier, prepare answer for common questions as basic knowledge for your team. And if they cannot give the answer right away, make sure to educate your team about the right procedures. 

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Do not be afraid of using technology

Responding To Your Customers Quickly

In fact, technology helps a lot in developing customer experience. Through technology, you can create self-service options for your customers. Therefore, your customers have more options of what they want to do when buying your products or services. Also, technology can help simplify things both for you and your customers. 

Add human touch in responding to your customers

They are human so they should be treated as humanely as possible. Responding quickly is important. However, listening to their problems attentively is more powerful regardless of automation or technology you can use. Human touch will make your customer experience different in a positive way.

7 Days of Sailing Trip in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

As a destination comprised of more than twenty islands stretched in the Flores Sea and dozens of dive sites sites, liveaboard boat trip is surely popular in Komodo. In fact, liveaboard sailing is the most prominent way of travel in Komodo after speed boats. The latter is the main options for people who can’t stomach the sea and prefer to stay at Labuan Bajo, making a round trip whenever they like it. But for divers, Komodo diving liveaboard is an obvious choice. Diving liveaboard gives divers latitude to explore every corner of Komodo’s underwater down to the remotest sites.

The length of Komodo diving liveaboard trip could start from three days to ten days long. However, seven days of dive trip seems to generally be diver’s favourite—and that’s for solid reasons. Here is why. 

Seven Days of Sailing Trip in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

See More Dive Sites than Divers Generally Seen 

With seven days of sailing in your hand, you have at least six active day to dive the underwater. That means you have more time to explore more dive sites—even to the lesser known one. To compare, three days of Komodo diving liveaboard sailing trip usually allows you to have 7 to 10 dives if your exclusively diving in the trip, or 5 – 7 dives if you combine it with dragon visit, island excursion, and beach play. In a week of dive trip, you can visit as much as twenty dive sites—including the famous Manta Point, Batu Bolong, Rock Castle, to the more remote such as Lighthouse, The Passage, or GPS Point. 

Get the Best of Dive with Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Seven Days of Sailing Trip in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo diving liveaboard doesn’t only give you wider chance for underwater exploration, but also give you the benefit of coming earlier to the dive site. In the morning when you are still fast asleep, the boat has started their way to the first destination of the day. This means you can get to the site before the day trippers start flowing in. 

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In three days sailing trip, you might need to give up on island excursions or be willing to have your dive time cut into half to incorporate island excursion to the trip. But if you are sailing for a week, you have plenty of rooms for island exclusion and diving—and still have the best of both worlds!

Get Pampered Longer in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Seven Days of Sailing Trip in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Getting into liveaboard diving Komodo means embarking on easy life. Living life without burden of works, social judgment, and other worries. The only things you need to be worried of is whether you can conduct correct diving technique and etiquette underwater—and whether you will see the dolphins today. Life in diving liveaboard is so relaxing. You have all your meals cooked, your dive gears prepared, and yourself pampered. On times you are not busy diving with the fishes or trekking the hills, your life would consist of chilling on lounges, kayaking, or get whole body massage on board. Such a life indeed!

Boost Your Small Business Through Smart Blogging

Blogging is not something new and lots of people start it with various purpose. Some of them want to build their popularity and some of them want to establish their business by raising brand awareness to larger audience. Blogging can be a good marketing strategy you can try. It is not as time-consuming as you thought. Blogging can be effective marketing strategy especially when you post regularly. Remember that there are many ways you can boost your business these days especially when technology has advanced. As smart entrepreneur, you should take the opportunities that technology seems to offer. 

Blogging and your small business

You might be wondering whether or not blogging truly affecting people in choosing or buying products and services. According to various statistics, it is shown that the majority of consumers made their purchase based on a blog post. Lots of people find blog post to be more informative and resourceful for them to make decision whether or not purchase specific products. How blogging boosts your small business?

Help the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By having a blog, your business will be boosted because it can automatically boost search engine optimization. Remember that search engine is one of the most important factors that can link your business and consumers. Search engine always provides fresh, valuable contents to searchers. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to have a blog and post regularly to keep your visibility on search engine. Make sure to post regular blog with the right keywords to benefit from backlinks to establish your authority in niches you are related with. 

Building Good Relationship with Customers

Posting a blog regularly is also a good way to nurture your relationship with your existing customers while attracting the new ones. Building relationship with your customers is he right thing to do to boost your small business. Do not forget to engage your blog visitor by asking them question or feedback at the end of your blog post. This is a great way to build mutual understanding and earn trust from your customers. 

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Great Way to Introduce Your Personal Brand

Boost Your Small Business Through Smart Blogging

Having a blog is a great way for you to introduce your personal brand so people know how you are different from your competitors. It is a good way to build your reputation and credibility. This will also help you to establish your business as an industry leader. Make sure that you always provide informative, insightful, inspiring posts in your blog. This way, people will see your value and they will not hesitate to come back every time they need information from your expertise. 

Connect and Reach More People

Having a blog and post informative blog regularly can help you connect with people even more. This is a way for you to give your audience corporate standards, personality, and vision of your business. To provide the value for your readers, make sure to post a blog that can help your reader to solve their problems. Also, it is even better if you can use your own unique style trough your post to make it more interesting to read. This will help even more to generate leads to your business. 

Best Diving Sites in Bali for Honeymoon

Every newlywed want to celebrate the joy of their wedding in the best way possible. And if you and the fiancée share a mutual love to the marine world, planning a dive trip for your honeymoon will be one of the best thing to do. In fact, it’s probably going to be the part of your wedding that you’ll be most excited about. Imagine to enter the underwater world, to be enveloped by serenity of the ocean, and getting surrounded by colourful tropical fishes. As your bubbles ascends, so are your  stress from the hustle and bustle of the wedding. It’s a chance to make great memories of your new life together. Bali, in the other hand, is a popular honeymoon destination for honeymoon as well as home to dozens of word class dive sites! Surrounded by palm trees and warm waters, this tiny tropical island is just perfect. Here’s our recommendation on best diving sites in Bali for any honeymooners out there. 

Honeymoon Trip to the Best Diving Site in Bali

Nusa Penida for Mola Mola and Manta Ray

The wedding represent the beginning of your life, and you should start with something big. Something big like the elusive Sunfish “Mola Mola”, the heaviest bony fish the world or the majestic Manta Ray, a flying giant in the ocean. In fact, Bali is probably the best diving place to see Mola Mola than any other part of the world. These cute monsters are deep dweller, means they naturally live in the twilight zone of the ocean. But the Nusa Penida, Bali, has that fish cleaning stations they really like and regularly visit once a year. The same cleaning station is also a favourite among the Manta Rays, who also regularly get their treatment once in a while. 

Something to Celebrate Your Life at Crystal Bay

Nusa Penida seems to have no shortage in wonders, and the Crystal Bay is one of it. Entering the Crystal Bay is like coming to a somebody’s party, underwater. The reef is brimming with life! Beautiful coral reefs bursting from the sea floor, almost like competing for a space. School of reef fishes meander there and about along the pristine coral walls. it’s seems like having your second—or third—wedding party with fishes and turtles. Crystal Bay will definitely one of your best diving in Bali

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Experience the Best Diving Bali in the Empty Menjangan

The calm and pristine Menjangan is just made for honeymoon couples. Menjangan is a bit far from the city—arounf 5 hours drive from the Nugrah Rai International Airport. But it all worth it. Due to its remote location, the Menjangan is still under the radar from mainstream tourists and the dive sites are not as crowded. The Menjangan Island features some of the most healthiest coral reefs of all Bali. This best diving sites in Bali boast spectacular underwater beauty with crystal clear water and teeming marine life. If you are on honeymoon mode and in mood for leisure diving, you will love its shallow reefs. The vibrant and colourful reefs would soon leave you in awe. Menjangan’s deeper part also features the enchanting Temple Wall, Anchor Wreck, and Eel Garden—where colonies of eels emerge from the sandy beds, dancing to the steady currents. It’s really a sight to behold!

Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime break—an escape from a dull life with dyas filled with exciting joy with your other half. It’s time to have something special for your dear life. Explore these best diving sites for your trip of live and you’ll leave with an unforgettable honeymoon experience.