Establish More Loving Work Environment 

There are many reasons causing a business to fail. One of them is less productive team. However, it also happens for a reason. There are many factors causing team members to feel unsatisfied, less motivated, and stressed. One of the most common reason is negative work environment. One of the solutions to deal with this problem is to create more loving work environment to make your team members experience happy and positive spirit on daily basis. 

Strategies to establish more loving work environment

When work environment is healthy and loving, the is higher chance of your business to achieve success. Not to mention that it is the kind of work environment that is more supporting for your team members as human beings. They are not robots so developing a work environment that is loving can build positive energy between them. 

healthy loving work environment

One of the first thing you have to fix is your business culture. There are more important and impactful factors aside from fear, scarcity or efficiency. They are compassion, empathy, authenticity, and collaboration. These aspects bring more benefit to business over time. When you show empathy and compassion within work environment, you spread positivity. There will be positive system built between team members. The systems you create within work environment should be able to acknowledge, consider, and respond to your team members’ suffering and emotions. 

A little goes a long way

Increase your appreciation to your team members so they will also do it between them. Expressing gratitude sometime is a very hard thing to do in professional setting. This happens especially because every individual has been given their own role so when they accomplish one thing, it is considered as a task instead of achievement. However, this is one of the common reasons why workers and employees are not happy with their work. They feel less appreciated. Therefore, you can express gratitude more within work environment to increase the feelings of joy, relaxation, optimism, and purpose. 

Feedback vs criticism

Stop criticizing and giving feedback instead. Feedback and criticism are two different things. When you give your team members feedback, you help them to improve and develop. When you keep criticizing your team members, they feel condemned or demoralized and it’s not a good thing. Give feedback so that your team members feel supported. They will improve themselves and try their best to perform better. 

Remember that we’re all humans

Treat your team members as human not only an asset or resource. Every individual in your team is human who has feelings, talents, strengths, weakness, potential, imperfections, and real emotions. Thus, create work environment in which you give them space to get to know and understand each other better. Make sure to create a system where everyone’s feelings are acknowledged and validated. Always remind everyone in your team that they are valued not just for what they do but also for who they are. 

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Aside from several points above. It is also important to main authentic work environment. As a leader, you can model authenticity in leading your team. Establishing more loving work environment needs trust between each other.

Defining Styles of Traditional Interior Furniture in Yogyakarta

furniture yogyakarta

When it comes to solid wood interior furniture Yogyakarta the country definitely does not lack high quality crafts. Rich in natural resources including rainforest, it’s no secret that Indonesia has been one of the leading forces of furniture exporters in the world. Quality hardwood materials aside, are you fond of the traditional styles produced by the local craftsmen? Furniture Yogyakarta definitely has its own styles 

Interior furniture in Yogyakarta 

home furniture yogyakarta

Many if not most furniture sold in Yogyakarta are supplied from Jepara; a regency known as the city of wood for its staggering supply of timber the region produces for both domestic and international market. Ordering furniture in Jepara, aside from the high quality materials, they’re also known to be highly versatile as well. By the keen eye, the handmade furniture in Indonesia can be cleverly combined with other pieces furniture that are more streamlined and modern. 

Furniture distinct motifs 

The dragon design is frequently featured in interior furniture Yogyakarta and this is undoubtedly influenced by Chinese culture. Indonesia’s own culture is influenced by numerous other culture that makes it unique; and this is reflected in the furniture industry as well. The dragon motif is particularly intricate; perfect for one of those timeless piece of furniture suitable for centerpieces of your room. 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Another distinct Indonesian carving on furniture is the mystical creature Garuda, sometimes depicted entirely as a bird (a great eagle), or a cross between a humanoid form with eagle wings. It’s one of the most intricate traditional design that has stood the test of time; and having it as a part of your home’s interior furniture would definitely stand out. Furniture with such motifs are great for centerpieces as it showcased skillful craftsmanship and history. 

Furniture Yogyakarta unique patterns 

toko mebel jogja

One of the most frequent recurring patterns in furniture Yogyakarta that you’ll find is one of the famous Batik patterns. The Wajikan is definitely among the types of Indonesian traditional patterns that occur across many types of furniture Yogyakarta. Just like many Indonesian traditional works, the carvings are often both delicate and intricate. These designs are painstakingly handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and it’s definitely among the unique defining characteristic of your furniture that makes it stand out. 

Aside from batik or wajikan patterns, there’s also floral pattern with curvy leaves. This type of pattern is most prevalent in traditional wooden doors in houses that still feature traditional house fixtures. However, combined with modern pieces, they could make a beautiful both complimentary and centerpieces for your interior furniture Yogyakarta. 

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Custom-made furniture 

Furniture suppliers in Indonesia are known to be quite versatile in their production. They’re known to take custom orders, whether it’s traditional interior furniture Yogyakarta or other styles. If you prefer a more contemporary style for your furniture Jogja then all you have to do is consult your furniture suppliers. In fact, many manufacturers across Indonesia have accommodated streamlined furniture styles to accommodate the changing demands of market. When looking for places that customize make sure you browse for toko mebel Jogja or mebel Jogja in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Running a business requires dedication and commitment. As a business owner and a leader of the team, it is your responsibility to always be there. It is your duty to monitor your business growth. It is also your responsibility to watch your team working. However, it is also possible that you cannot present yourself physically during work-related occasions. Sometimes, you have to go for business travel to meet potential clients or investors. However, you have to make sure that your business still running regardless of your absence. Of course, you may trust your team to keep everything in check. However, some tasks may still require leader’s touch. It means your role is irreplaceable. 

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

Keep your business running during your absence

Every business faces different problems almost on daily basis. Some of them are minor and some others require more attentive approaches. Also, some of them can be solved by individual member of your team and some others need your involvement to solve. Frustrated clients, interpersonal disputes, or big-picture strategy are problems that require your involvement. You have to find a way to still be there even without your physical presence. Leading your team and running your business from afar is not something impossible today. 

Plan proper schedule to add office hours in your calendar

Keep Your Business Functioning Even Without Your Presence

You can set times when your workers or team member can contact you when you are out of the office. It is important to spend one to two hours a day to make yourself available for your workers to contact you regardless the urgency. Then, make sure to share your calendar or schedule with your team  before you leave. Make sure that you set the schedule with the right time. You may need some adjustment if there is different time zone.

Create an emergency plan 

If it is impossible for you to be disturbed during your business trip for example, make sure to create emergency plan. There are many kinds of urgent situations required your touch during your absence. Sometimes those problems are the most unpredictable ones. This way, you have to make plan to make sure that your team still can get in touch when things at work is too hard to handle by themselves. You may use your smartphone to automate the emergency connection. 

Make a wait list

If you know that you will be absent for a while, you have to start making a wait list for your team so they will stay occupied during your absence. They will still have something to work from even without your monitoring. Make sure that your team stay productive in boosting your business even without your physical presence. Set some goals you want your team to achieve during your absence if possible. It is great way to keep your business running without making it slacking. 

Reach out team

Try to reach out your team during your absence regardless of how busy you are. Spend time to send message or encouragement to your team so they still can feel your presence. Snap some photos that can make your team’s spirit lit up.

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

It’s easy to slip into mistakes when you are new into something, and diving newbie is no different. However, a single mistakes can cause serious fatalities in diving. Here are five common mistakes frequently seen among newbie divers. Make sure you learn these on your scuba diving for beginners classes so you won’t accidentally put yourself into trouble under the water. 

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

Most Important Lesson on Scuba Diving for Beginners: Buoyancy Check!

This is one of the most frequent mistakes beginners on scuba diving do. If you find yourself over-weighted or under-weighted, that probably because you skip the buoyancy check. Keeping tab with your buoyancy is especially important if you loss or gain weight, having new wetsuits, getting on different thickness of wetsuit, or getting new BCD. You should even adjust the buoyancy if you dive in freshwater instead of the saltwater. 

Ignoring Air Consumption

One of the most notorious mistake among newbies during scuba diving for beginners classes is neglecting air consumption. Train yourself to keep a close watch to your air consumption so you could estimate your bottom time. Best time to keep yourself reminded is by keeping a chart journal of air consumption after each dive. You could see the average of your air consumption and refer to it on future dives.

Not Keeping Tab with Diving Buddy

Scuba Diving Mistakes Beginners Frequently Do

Communication with dive buddy is vital—especially for beginners who are totally new underwater. Fatal accident happens when a diver couldn’t spot their dive buddy at any given time or fail to understand the communication language. Get in touch with your dive buddy and make sure your signal languages are the same. Keep a watchful eye on your buddy location. You should know the location of a person that potentially save your life—or whole life you might have to save. 

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Not Paying Attention to the Situation

When you are going underwater, you focus tend to be divided into two major things. First, the equipments and second, the surrounding marine life. It’s very common and understandable—those colourful nudibranchs could be very mesmerizing. However, missing the bigger picture could be very dangerous. You might be missing your boat, getting separated from your buddies, or descending deeper than you are allowed to. Always put awareness to your situation. Make mental notes about the currents flow, changes on current’s strength, 

Going Outside Scuba Diving for Beginners Limit

It’s easy to go a little too far from the limits when you are too excited with the life under the water. New divers often feels a little too loose as they have someone to watch over them. Someone with more advanced training to keep them safe. Subsequently, new divers might get too excited to see the wall dive a bit deeper, peek into the cave just a little bit, or basically trying a bit of new thing outside what they’ve trained for. This is dangerous. Never think that you can rely on someone and push the boundaries by yourself. Get a proper training for each kind of dive before actually try it. Never attempt to dive above your skill level. 

Understand Branding More For Successful Business

Brand is one of the key factors that can lead your business to success or failure. Choosing the kind of brand you want to introduce to the audience is important stage. Your brand represents your business in general. However, there are also many entrepreneurs and businesses who failed to understand what their brands are. Remember that brand is not only about logo or lines of motto. It is not only about beautiful color you apply to the logo either. It is more than creating attractive visual using digital platforms.

Understand Branding More For Successful Business

Understand your business brand more

Building brand awareness is part of important step when running a business. It helps you to introduce your brand to wider range of audience. However, what you try to introduce of your brand is more than something superficial. Your brand is more than a sappy line or visually-pleasing logo. It is the identity of your business. Therefore, paying attention more tot he purpose and concept of your brand is important. 

Business is an ongoing process

Your business brand is not a one-and-done creation. Your brand is something that need continuous nurture and maintenance. You should treat it a growing entity. You can even view your brand as living and breathing being. The physical aspect of your brand is more like physical foundation to help people focus on what your business is about and the value it carries. However, the real branding requires continuous management. Your brand might be the solid foundation but you still have to continue working to lead into successful business. 

Show it worth

Understand Branding More For Successful Business

One of the most important things of branding is showing proof of its worth. You are introducing your brand to gain interest from audience. Then, you use it to make people understand more about your business. Then, you use your brand to keep them loyal by proofing its worth. The proofs come from various forms. It can be contents that show the nuances of who you are and what you know. It can be a social proof of people involved in your business such as testimonials from other customers. These kinds of proofs don’t come into your door and just casually knock on it. In fact, they require time and effort to obtain. However, they benefit your business int he long run. 

Show specific proof

It is also highly suggested that you show more specific proofs. Quality over quantity is better concept in showing the proofs of your brand worthiness. Make sure that your brand delivers specific messages your audiences can catch on easily. Thus, you have to use the right strategies for effective branding. Your strategy and message should be clear and direct when it comes to branding. This way, you will be able to collect quality and specific proofs to show to your audience. The main point of branding is to build trust with your customers. It is also a way for you to build your credibility and reputation that is hard to earn but easy to crush. By understanding your branding more, the higher the chance to get successful. 

Komodo Yacht Charter to Wonderful Town of Ruteng

Near Labuan Bajo, there’s a town that took the attention of many people due to its uniqueness. This small town is named Ruteng, located east of Labuan Bajo. Although In the opposite direction from the Komodo Islands, many Komodo Yacht Charter is willing to take you there for a short trip.

Komodo Yacht Charter Take You to Wonderful Town of Ruteng

Why Komodo Yacht Charter take their guests here?

There’s a lot of unique things in the town that can pick tourist’s interest. From its religious area, its iconic whip fighting tradition and the uncommonly shaped rice fields, Ruteng can surely be an additional place to visit while you’re in Labuan Bajo.

The Thousand Churches

Ruteng is a capital town for Manggarai Regency, and the population is mostly Roman Catholic residence. Because of this, you can see there’s a lot of Catholic Church all over the city and even a cathedral. The amount of church within the area is so many that sometimes Ruteng is called “The Town of Thousand Churches”.

Saying a thousand might be a bit too much, but considering that Ruteng has about 52 community of churches despite being a small town is truly amazing. Even most of the motels there are accommodated by the local church, so it’s no wonder that plenty of people also come here for religious purposes.

Caci, Manggarai Traditional Dance

Komodo Yacht Charter Take You to Wonderful Town of Ruteng

Aside from the religious aspects, Ruteng also famous for its local dance called Caci. Caci is a form of war dance performed by two males who are going to fight each other using a whip and shield. The history of this dance comes from Manggarai old tradition between males to prove their bravery and valor. “Ca” means one and “Ci” means test, and Caci itself meaning “A one on one test of agility”.

Eventually, it ended up as a traditional dance with the addition of music and song. In this dance, the dancer only allowed to hit the opponent on the upper torso area. Caci dance is conducted on marriage and local ceremonies, usually to celebrate a special occasion or just being grateful for the gift that God gave them.

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The Spiderweb Rice Fields

Now this one is probably what you have seen the most on social media. Ruteng is the biggest producer of rice in Flores island, but what’s interesting is how their rice fields look. Unlike the traditional rectangular shape, rice fields in Ruteng are shaped like giant spider webs in a wide area. There’s a hill near the area where you can see a magnificent landscape of the rice fields from above. This is the favorite spot of taking memorable photos for the tourists.

Ruteng is definitely one of the places in NTT worth visiting. You can go there by yourself by asking a local guide or join a Komodo yacht charter that provides an option to visit there. Check out the gorgeous town by yourself on your holiday

Intellectual Curiosity To Boost The Success Of Your Business 

Business is not only about money. There are many things to be involved for a business to grow successfully aside from money. It doesn’t make money less important. However, there are other elements which as important as money to boost the chance of success. One of the key for successful business in intellectual curiosity. It is true that running a business is possible for everyone even for those who don’t have relevant educational background or experience. However, it the quality of the individual affect significantly to the success of the business. One of qualities an entrepreneur should possess is intellectual curiosity. 

Intellectual curiosity and successful business

Formal education in business can help you gain deeper understanding. However, it is not a one-stop stop. It should be treated as your stepping stone to grow successful. It should be the boost to start your development. The understanding might not come from coming into the class but by in contact with passionate thinkers and educators instead. However, you should take it as opportunity because those kind of people will have great impact on you. 

Continuous learning

It is great if you develop voracious consumption of knowledge. It doesn’t make you any less than other people. In fact, it is your great investment. When you run a business while still maintaining intellectual curiosity, it is a form of commitment. There is nothing wrong when you develop intellectual curiosity when running a business. In fact, it can help you having detailed understanding of the business. It is also a great way to help you keep up to date with the state of affairs in business world. 


Intellectual curiosity allows you to be more prepared with any possibilities. It also helps you to find more opportunities the other don’t see. Therefore, do not get discouraged when people comment your tendency to get more curious in learning or understanding things especially related to your business. It will make you step ahead of the others because you know and understand more than the others. You know what to do because your take actions with reasons and strategies. You don’t take decision solely based on your goals to achieve success. Therefore, the chance for you to grow successful business is much higher. You know what you look for and how to bring your dream into reality. 

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Think creatively

Developing intellectual curiosity also allows you to be thinking out of traditional ways. It allows you to have various perspectives so you are not stuck in one place. You keep improving the more you fill yourself with new knowledge and understandings. Instead of being confused because you know so many things, you are getting closer to perfection in running your business. Not to mention that intellectual curiosity will help you to be good at both starting and running a successful business. Also, keep in mind that intellectual curiosity allows you to have life learning experience. It helps you to gain success in business but also in your personal development as a human. 

Bali Tattoo Studio Facts to Consider Before Getting Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are cute and trendy and they certainly has their own charm. However there are certain things you need to be aware of before you contact your Bali tattoo studio and decide that you’re getting tiny tattoos. Tiny tattoos have the advantages of being easily hidden. It’s perfect for people who might have certain restrictions that limit them to have body art or body modifications, whether it’s because of work or other reasons. It’s certainly convenient in this context. However, if you don’t have such restrictions, have you thought of why you’re opting tiny tattoos instead of regular-sized ones?

bali tattoo studio

Tiny tattoos are great, but they come with their own set of complications. Before you get tattoo Bali with your desired design, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

Bali tattoo studio trend on tiny tattoos 

Tiny tattoos are here and they’re going to stay, that’s for sure. Many people love them, some first-timers think it’s a good idea for their first tattoo to be a tiny one. But before you decide on a cute little tat, why don’t you consider some of these things first? 

There are Bali tattoo artists who won’t do tiny tattoos 

Art is a highly personal endeavor. And this of course applies to body art just as much as any form of art. Aside from the personal styles and fortes of each artist, you need to remember that some artists just are not willing to do certain types of tattoos. It can be that your artists just don’t specialize in that type of tattoo, or they simply don’t like doing tiny tattoos. Many artists in Bali tattoo studio consider their works speak as their own means of advertisements. And let’s face it, tiny tattoos just won’t do that. Some people won’t even notice they exist. Whatever their reasons  are, know that some artists just won’t do them. 

studio tattoo bali

Tattoos with fine lines fade fast 

Tattoos are meant to last forever on your skin, yes. But your skin changes. It shed and stretch and grows. Needless to say, tattoos change over time. Discolorations, fading, and everything that could happen to your skin will happen to your tattoo. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that tiny tattoos that usually consist of really fine lines are going to get the most of the burnt of whatever happens to your skin. Tiny tattoos fade faster, that’s just fact. 

tiny tattoos fine lines bali

Tiny tats are cool and all but are they going to last? 

Those who are just considering their very first tattoo might think that going small is the right way. And it is. But going tiny might just disappoint you in the long run. The mechanism in tiny tattoos often mean that they’re not going to last for as long as regular tattoos. It’s a simple fact that fine lines will fade faster, period. If you want your very first tattoo to be something that will last, it’s better to rethink getting a tiny one. You can consult with your artist on how to create a design that’s originally for tiny tattoos to a regular-sized one, with less fine lines. 

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Avoidable Mistakes of The Sales process

Sales process is vital for a business and it affect the customers the most. However, It is also one of the most challenging processes when running business. There are techniques and strategies which are supposed to be the guidelines for the sales team. However, it is not that easy to implement all strategies and techniques in reality. There are many factors that can cause misunderstanding and chaos to ensue. In fact, too much information often lead to more confusion in the sales process. After all, business is till about human interaction which is not always easy to handle. 

Avoidable Mistakes of The Sales process

Mistakes and misunderstandings to avoid in the sales process

As mentioned earlier that there are many things can cause problems during the sales process. The use of technology can be beneficial. However, relying on it too much will only results in less authentic persuasion. Thus, your customers will fail to understand you. Here are several mistakes or misunderstanding regarding to the sales process.

Information overload

If you think that information is all you need for successful sales process then you are misled. Information is needed for you to come up with realization. Lots of entrepreneurs and business leaders think that more information is better. However, it won’t make any effect if you don’t know what to use the info for. What you need to do is put information for good use then make persuasive conversation with your customer’s best interest. It is often more effective beyond what you know. In short, action speak louder than words. 

View experience as credibility

Avoidable Mistakes of The Sales process

Another misunderstanding related to the sales process is to view experience as credibility. Customers surely looks for reviews, track records, and so on. However, experience is not the only thing matter to build credibility. Another important element is innovation. If you don’t have experience, you can still build your credibility and reputation through innovation. Keep in mind that innovation is the solution which can help lots of customers solving their problems. Customers will be more interesting to look for solution instead of experience. 

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Seeing experience as everything

Next mistake is to see experience as the sole reason for your business to grow successfully. As mentioned earlier that experience does matter but not the only important thing to count. The more important other than your experience in business is your experience you create for your customers. That’s one of the most important keys to count instead. When you focus more on your customer’s best interest, experience will come eventually. Providing the right service and solution for customers will create more significant progress to your business. 

Relying too much on techniques

Relying too much on techniques without considering your customer’s perspective is also a mistake in the sales process. The thing that can influence your customer to make decision is not your story or pitch but your customer’s own world. Their perspective plays huge role in their decision making. They won’t see your business value because what matters more for them is their own needs. 

What Set the Best Komodo Liveaboard with the Rest

The recently famous Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia is basically still very remote and located off the beaten paths, but its wonder is almost unbeatable. The last land of the prehistoric Komodo Dragons totally looks like a set of island hat are just thrown off from the “lost world”. This frontier destination is fully covered by crips savannah lands, sparkly beaches, and magical wonders. Anyone visiting these barren islands will be totally awed by the rugged beauty. And what’s better than embarking on the best liveaboard Komodo to enjoy this breathtaking destination? Here are three top qualities that set the best liveaboard in Labuan Bajo than regular, more budget sailing ship. 

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

It’s not just sailing across the Komodo or visiting destinations. The best liveaboard Komodo knows how sailing can turn into an uncomfortable events and how to make you feel like at home. Or better, if they could. They are basically a floating starred hotel and they really do take it seriously. You can expect to see a very comfy double spring beds in well-lit cabins and cushiony sofas that will take your seasickness away. They know that the Komodo can be very hot during the day, so they make sure all indoor rooms are air conditioned. And whenever you feel tired after adventure, you can always take a blissful rest at the window-side loungers or just relax on the beanbags at the deck. Some of the most luxurious liveaboard here even have private outdoor jacuzzi! Take a leisure bath with a glass of champagne in your hand all while you enjoy the passing sceneries. 

They Take Interior Design Seriously

You will instantly know which liveaboard Komodo is the best simply by looking at the interior. They know that pleasure is also felt in the eyes. Decorating the interior of the ships with matching themes and colour are just as important as presenting creature comforts to the passengers. 

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The Best Komodo Liveaboard Feels Even Better than Your Home

Another thing that’s just widely different from low to budget Komodo liveaboard with the best ones are the food. In lower price liveaboard, you can expect to find basic foods for all three meal times. Common menus are Mie goreng, nasi goreng (fried rice), some simple veggies, eggs, Indonesian traditional home cooking, and simple international dishes like pasta. In high-profile liveaboard, their professional chefs are able to serve classier menus like lobsters, jumbo prawn, sushis, barbecue, international take on Indonesian local dishes, down to cheese platters and creme pudding for treats.