Developing Unique Personality For Your Business

Personality is what makes us who we are. It is something unique and it is not always related with person because the same goes for business. Business regardless the size has its own unique personality which can gives off certain vibes to people. It can make people attracted and become a loyal customer or turn their heads to the other direction. So what kind of personality should you develop for your business?

Showing who you are through your business’s personality

One of many ways you can connect more with your customers is to show who you are. And nothing can do it better than your business’s personality. However, it is not something easy to develop either. Sometimes, business owners try to copy their competitor’s personality to gain the same impact. However, it is not a guarantee that the same success will be achieved especially because customers today are very smart.

Successful and unique business personality needs to be developed properly. It is important for your business’s persona to match in every aspect of your business such as product/service, mission, culture, brand, etc. Develop personality that your customers can relate with. Hence, it is essential for you to get to know your customers first. Narrow down your target audience. Once you know them, you can decide how to develop business’s personality they can relate with. 

Then, you need to perfect your voice and tone to develop your business’s personality. Keep it cohesive so you use the tone that is appropriate with who your customers are. You don’t want tot use a casual, silly tone to your customers who are a group of business professional. Find out what kind of voice and tone your customers will love the most, it can be something more with professional, casual, or funny vibe. 

Tell a good story to develop your business’s personality because who dislike good story? Storytelling is not uncommon in business marketing strategy. It can make you being noticed by your audience if you deliver good story with the right strategy. If your business’s stories are not pretty, don’t be afraid. Don’t focus on telling the glamorous part. Tell the story of how your business grow from having nothing to how strong it is today. It is inspiring for others. 

Always stick to your own brand’s guidelines. It helps keep your business’s personality  consistent. It will be easier for the audience to digest because you don’t just randomly use different colors, logo, visuals, or font. Make your personality look unique but stay consistent. Keep in mind that consistency is one of quality customers like about a brand. You need to show consistency of your business’s personality in every place such as website, marketing materials, social media, emails, etc. If you constantly changing, you ask customers to keep up and know your business. And mind you, they won’t.