Tips To Find A Dream Job You Are Passionate About

Having a dream job is like a dream come true. When you do something you love, you will become more enthusiastic that you will feel easier to overcome anything. It is the same when you decide to start your own business. It is challenging yes, full obstacles as well. However, there is always chance for you to reach your goal of success especially when you do it because you love. And to love what you do, you need to find what you are passionate about first. Everyone can start their business but not all of them will be successful. The few who have more chances to become successful are those who do it with passion. 

A dream business you love

Doing what you love while earning profit must be what most people dream about. Running your own business is challenging. Thus, it will become more challenging if you don’t love it. That’s why it is always advised by experts that it is much better if you start a business where your passion lies. When you love what you do, you will feel more motivated and less scared. Here are several tips to find out a dream business you are passionate about to start.

Tips To Find A Dream Job You Are Passionate About

Find out what you want

It sounds vague but it is true. That’s the first start you need to do. You need to find out what you want to really do in five years from now. To make it easier, try finding out what you are good at. When you decide to start a business that can also develop your skill at the same time, you will become more confident to do it because you already knew some things and are eager to learn more. 

Talk to someone who share the same interest but with more knowledge and experience

You can talk to several expert of business you want to start. You will have better understanding of how it works, what you should do, and what you should avoid. This can be a good insight because then you don’t have to dive into the darkness. However don’t feel discouraged when you reach them out but they refuse to share their knowledge or experience. It is not something new because some people think sharing with people who have similar interest means they will have more obstacles. Don’t give out reaching out people. 

Once you figured out what you really want, start making specific target

Make your idea to be less vague. This is important to build your focus. That way, it will be easier for you to pursue what you want. To run a successful business, you need to show your effort. Starting a business is easier than growing it. Thus, you need to find business idea that will make you stay motivated to pursue it. When you do things you like, you won’t get easily give up especially if you have specific target. Obstacles might still there but at least you are not afraid to face them because you love what you do.

Best Time to Enjoy Surf School Portugal

Bali, Hawaii, and Thailand might be the ones to first come to mind when you think about surfing. Have you ever guess that Portugal is among best destination to surf as well? Thanks to the influence of the Atlantic and Mediterranean ocean, Portugal is blessed with marine Mediterranean climate which made it just perfect for surfing holiday. Summer in Portugal is 5-7º cooler, and winter are 2-3º warmer. The midl climate and great variety of waves along the coastline make Portugal a perfect surfing destination for all levels. It might went unheard, but Portugal surf tradition has been around since a hundred years ago! Today, the culture blossomed and many surf school Portugal and other surfing-related business flourished along the Portuguese coasts. 

Enrolling in Surf School Portugal for Every Season

The beaches are open for over 300 days a year and seasoned surfers practically can surf all time of the year. Beginners, however, might want to pay more attention to weather details—which would influence their surfing experience. 

Enrolling in Surf School Portugal for Every Season

Spring Season 

March to May are definitely our favourite. The seas are not too rough, the weather is just perfect, and the streets are blooming with flowers. If it’s your first time to come to Portugal, spring would definitely leave the best impression. Coming to Portugal during this season, we suggest you to look at surf school around the Matoshinhos, Peniche, Lisbon, and Espinho. 

Summer Season

May to September mark the season when the waves are smaller and less frequent. It’s best for vacationer or beginners who just begin their surfing debut. However, popular beaches and surfing spots might get crowded, especially on July and August, the peak of summer. You don’t need to be picky with surfing places during summer. All surfing spots are in their best condition. A lot of surfing school in Portugal open their class in summer. Programs are plentiful. Many surf school offer exciting side programs that you can’t find in winter!

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Autumn Season

September to November are just the best shoulder season for surfing. Many surf school and camps around Portugal coastline still open in this season. Some even offer cheaper accommodation. The weather is fantastic, but the crowds are drastically decreasing. It still generally feel like summer—with emptier beaches. The waves starts to get bigger and more thrilling, yet the water is still in its warmest. If you seek a more challenging surf experience, this is the time to go. Unlike other European country up there, Portugal still get plenty of sun during the autumn season! 

Winter Season

December to February offers something different for surfers. During this month, you will experience light to hard raining. Snows only fall in the norther region, while the south is practically dry with moderate temperature. The waves are bigger and attractive to the pros. Not all surf spot are accessible during winter. Look to the southern region. Lisbon, south of Peniche, and the Algarve provides good shelter from the rain and the winds. We know a number of surf school in Portugal which open winter surf camps, mostly around Algarve and Lisbon.

Growing Confidence for Kids Surf Lessons

Surfing is that kind of sport that offers excitement, constant challenges, and laid back lifestyle all rolled in one package. Once you try surfing, it will constantly consume your mind. You will always thinking about riding waves, the next technique you want to try on, reading the winds, and more. And having your kids sharing the excitement definitely feel amazing. While surfing is fun to watch in the eyes of kids, however, it could be quite discouraging for these little explorers. Teaching kids surf lessons the wrong way could potentially grow their resentment to the sea—as well as your surfing hobby—instead of joy. Rolling the kiddos to surf camps for kids is a great idea to introduce them into the fun of surfing. But first, you have to grow their confidence on the sea, and this is how. 

Growing Confidence for Kids Surf Lessons

Take Them to Swim, Swim, and Swim

Number one rules of teaching surf lessons to kids: train them to master the water! Without the confidence of good swimming skills, the lapping waves would only looks like giant monster ready to swallow them whole anytime. Let swimming be a regular part of family’s activity. Train the kids to be a confident swimmer and able to tread the water without feeling anxious. We know that not everyone have personal swimming pools in their backyard, so try the local pools. Or the apartment’s public pool, if yours has one. Once they got familiar in the water, try to take them to the ocean where the waves are smalls to nonexistent. 

Let the Love of Surfing Grows Naturally

No one likes to be push to like something, and so does your kids. Just because their parents love to surf, doesn’t mean that your kids have to follow the path. Just like how you hate your mom telling you to clean your room—or that you have to be a dentist to be successful. The more you push the kids for surfing, the less likely they want to do it. Instead, let the kids watch you having fun riding the waves and letting yourself all out. Show them your best tricks. And don’t forget to pack extra googles or little surfboard as you go, without pressuring anything to the kids. If you look happy and awesome out in the ocean, sooner or later the kids would want to try on their own.

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First Surf Lessons for Kids: the Boogie Board

This is the time that you’ve been waiting for. Actually teaching surf lessons to the kids! You could start with boogie board. It’s ideal for little surfers as it’s easier to manage and lack in sharp fins that could be dangerous for young beginners. Boogie board is great to learn how the waves and the ocean works, and gain the confidence. It’s so fun to ride with, especially with their beloved Mum/Dad steering in the front board! This could further grow kids’ interest in surfing in fun way. 

Share Your Joy of Being On the Ocean

Sometimes, the best lessons of surfing for the kids is not the surf itself. More often than not, it’s the closeness to the ocean that grow their interest on riding the waves. It’s about building sandcastles, taking parts in beach cleanups, catching crabs, snorkelling in shallow water, or trying out some paddling. It’s about enjoying the ocean at its essence. 

Measuring The Success of Your Business

Business can be considered as number game. That’s why every step needs to be calculated by the risk as wells potential. However, it is also true that there is much more to success than mere numbers and data. Measuring success of your business is important so you know how far you have built it. Every individual may have different expectation of the success the business they run. Success can be relative but you can use the same method to measure.

How to measure your business success?

Running your own business is a long-term process. Thus, do not feel like you lost the battle when you haven’t reached success after handling your business for a year or two. There are many other opportunities to reach success. Measuring the success of business is important of running business so you know what to do and what to expect next. Here are some ways you can measure it.

Measuring The Success of Your Business

The most reliable and important element to measure your business success is financial statement. It includes three major documents; income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheets. Financial management is one of the major keys in reaching success when you run a business. Steady cash flow and balance sheet can be a good indicator of your success.

When you run a business, one of the main focus lies on the sales. It can be indicator to measure the success of your business as well. The elements of sales which can help you measuring the success include the volume and frequency. You need to track down the sales by breaking down sales that comes from new customers and the existing ones. Through sales, you can find out more the profit you have made so far. The number of sales are important elements you can use to make better plan for the next moves.

You can also use customers to measure the success of your business. The larger the number of customers you have, the clearer the sign of success. Growing number of customers is fair indicator of the success you have gained so far. By tracking down the growth of the number of customers, you can make better strategies or methods to attract more customers and keep the existing ones.

Measuring your success in running business can also be done by measuring the Return of Investment or ROI. This is related to the marketing effectiveness. It is important to know if your marketing strategy worked effectively or not. The important indicators to measure marketing strategy include cost per sale, cost per lead, conversion rate, as well as customer lifetime value.

Aside from tracking down the number, you can also measure the level of satisfaction of customers as well as employees. You can ask your customers to write their reviews of products or services they bought from you. Happy and satisfied customers are great indicator to your business success. This goes the same to the level of your employees’ satisfaction. You can use the same method to gain accurate measurement and reliable data.

The Best Advice of Getting Feet Tattoo in Bali

How many people think of having their first tattoo on their feet? This is not a popular decision, obviously. But feet tattoo is just too gorgeous to skip. We have seen tattoos of high towering city, gothic cathedrals, victorian steampunk, henna motifs, to simple astronomical signs engraved beautifully to one’s feet. Some even loves to draw lovely water lily lines while on their vacation in Bali! On level of pain, though, feet tattoo is definitely not the easiest. In fact, you might want to hold back your tears from bearing the severe pain. But worry not. We are here to prepare the best advice to have if you want to have feet tattoo done in Bali. 

The Best Advice of Getting Feet Tattoo in Bali

Yes, It’s Gonna Hurt. So Bear for It

We have warned you before, and we’re going to warn you again. Even the best tattoo parlour in Bali won’t be able to make it less painful than it already is. You see, foot is all about bone and skin. The side of foot is softer and cushiony, which could dull the pain. However, the top of the foot got nothing to pad the skin with the bones. It’s only has bunch of nerve endings that would only make your pain even worse. You might won’t feel it on the lining process. It feels more like someone is scratching you on weird way, endlessly. But once it’s over, you will taste the real pain. That’s when the tattoo artists decide to get into the next step; colouring and shading. Prepare to hold on the chair for your dear life. 

Choose the Best Tattoo Design while in Bali

Not every tattoo is best applied in foot. Thin, sharp towers with intricate details (think of picturing Hogwarts castle to your feet) is undoubtedly breathtaking, but it would cost you lots of blood and screams. Unless you are very strong or have high tolerance to pain, choose smaller tattoos with simpler designs. But not too small cause foot tattoo tends to quickly turn into a mess of smudged ink from frequent friction with the footwear. Black lines as the best. Their minimalistic design is in favour with the current trends and they require little to no colouring and shading. That means you are going to spend shorter time in pain. 

Choosing Gentle Tattoo Artist Bali is the Best Decision You Can Have

You don’t want to rush into any artists if you want to have the best experience of getting foot tattoo in Bali. Having gentle artist to take care of the tattooing process could at least helping you bearing the pain. You want someone who know how to handle foot tattoo quickly and precisely, not too rough on stabbing the skin, and not too heavy handed.

Numb It with Cream 

The best thing to do if you can’t handle the pain is seeking help from numbing cream. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be totally pain-free, though. Unfortunately, you will still be suffering especially when the numbing effect has wear off. The effect might vary between people, so don’t expect too much. 

The Recipe of Successful Team in Business

Running your own business is promising and rewarding if you do it the right way. Of course, making mistake is part of the consequences but it’s not supposed to discourage you to achieve more. To run your business successfully, you need a recipe. However, keep in mind that you cannot just copy the other’s recipe and expect for the same result. Every business has its own potential and risk so you can generalize carelessly. However, there are some basic principle and foundation you need to know and have to make your business flows more smoothly. It is a successful team. You need a great teamwork when running your business if you aim for long-term success. 

What are the qualities owned by successful team?

Building a solid team to help your business grow faster and bigger is not easy. It is impossible to do it overnight. It may take months or years to build a well-established team. Mutual understanding, shared vision, and attitude are not something you can create easily. However, having successful team is a dream of every business owner. Here are the qualities of successful team you should know so you can start build your own team.

The Recipe of Successful Team in Business

Have goals and results to focus on

As mentioned earlier that your teammates should share the same vision. This will help to achieve the goals efficiently. Thus, the team set a work-frame based on the goals and results not based on the amount of work being done. With clear plan, your team will be able to achieve every goal by combining every individual’s effort. Every individual gives contribution and reach the goals as a group. 

Good communication as the key

One of the most important ingredient for the recipe of successful team is good communication. Disagreement and disputes are common when working in team. However, it won’t affect the business much if they can communicate well with each other and being open. Maintaining good communication within a team is challenging because every individual has basic ego. However, it won’t be a problem when every member understand, trust, and respect each other. 

Responsible to the responsibilities

Successful team have quality to be responsible to their own responsibilities. Remember that working in group means you need to contribute your fair share. Understanding each other’s responsibilities is crucial in team so that the workload can be done efficiently. By having responsibility and understand it at the same time, every teammate have a sense of belonging which makes them motivated to reach the success. 

Organized, diverse, but supporting

These are qualities a successful team should have. A team will work smoothly if it is well-organized with the right system under good leadership. If not, only chaos will ensue. You also need to build a team with diversity in skills, experiences, or knowledge, so that every individual can cover the other in a team. Team can also help to motivate every member to work harder. However, it is more important to have a team that can support each other to improve productivity. 

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Could Be Your Home, This Is Why

No one could deny the otherworldly beauty of the Komodo National Park. Located in the remote part of Flores, Eastern Indonesia, this mini archipelago radiate strong vibes of raw wonderland. Jagged mountains, undulating islands, savannah hills, and transparent blue ocean made a dramatic show from the Mother Nature. Here, sailing is the norm. Exploring the Labuan Bajo means embarking on liveaboard, cruises, or yachts and spend a few days sailing between islands and hidden dive sites. When you go for sailing, however, you are essentially leaving the comfort of a land-based home. But worry not, because the best Komodo liveaboard could provide the convenience of a home—if not better. One even compare the facilities and accommodations to be in par with a starred resort! 

In this article, we are going to dig up what’s inside first-class liveaboard in Labuan Bajo. We are going to take a look how it would make you feel better for sailing the far-flung ocean. 

Cabins on Many Level

The majority of basic liveaboard in Labuan Bajo has only one to three cabins with bunkbeds, which all located in the lower deck. Some of the second-class liveaboard may have a semi suite in the upper deck with double bed and ocean view windows, but that’s all. The best Komodo liveaboard, however, know that there’s many personal preferences need to be accommodated. Rather than a mere liveaboard, they resemble more like yachts—or mini cruises. Some of the most luxurious liveaboard Labuan Bajo that we know like Prana, Ayana, Alila Purnama, or the Plataran Komodo, have several cabins situated in the upper, main, and lower deck.

The Best Komodo Liveaboard Could Be Your Home, This Is Why

Cabins on the Best Komodo Liveaboard is Better than Your Room Back Home

Not to exaggerate anything, but we think that the rooms in these luxury liveaboard are better than our room at home. At least that’s for us. On each side of the queen size beds, you will be having nightstand and cabinets—which is truly a luxe in a sailing ship. You know, not many liveaboard could afford giving extra storage. They provide comforts of full-size drawers (some are even double, enough for your travel buddies!),  smart TV, writing desks, tea and coffee maker, sink, ensuite bathrooms, and even separate toilets. If you have enough money to splurge, try the upper deck cabins. You will get spoiled with wraparound windows and oceanfront display every morning—and that’s alone is a treasured luxury incomparable with anything. 

The Best Saloons on Komodo Liveaboard

The onboard living on first-class liveaboard is oversized gangways, decks full of clean sun beds, services bars, and some time alone in the book-filled library. It’s true that space is limited in a ship, but the these yachts are big enough to fits dining tables, kitchens, sofas, and loungers—and still provide abundant natural lighting presenting idyllic ambience. 

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Wide Storage Enough for A Week of Sailing

Everyone says that space is limited on sailing boats. Well, that’s true. On the majority of liveaboard in Labuan Bajo, travelers try to pack as light as possible. There won’t be enough space to store their clothes, diving equipments, camera, and everything else in the shared cabins. But the best Komodo liveaboard know how to accommodate this needs. Newer and more luxurious boats are more spacious. They are built with seafarers’ needs on minds. With so much storage available, you can even pack one-day-one-outift luggage to your suitcase and still find extra spaces!

How to Be More Productive Running Your Business

Sometimes you wonder how people can get many things done in a day where you can only finished a thing or two. It is common to feel envy when you look at those who can fit in their day so easily. Being more productive is surely a challenge especially when running a business.

How to be more productive in running business

You need a goal to achieve but you feel like the time doesn’t provide you enough. Or is it you that lack of time management so your day is less productive than others? It is not something you cannot fix. You still have chance to be more productive running your business.

Make your day more productive when running a business

Productivity is not only about how many tasks you can finish in a day but also about the quality of the work as well as the goal you can achieve. Productivity is important element for running a business. It affects the performance of your business.

1. Prioritize the task

This may sound simple but many business owners still don’t have a clue how to prioritize their tasks. Sorting out which tasks that should be prioritized is important so you can bring more positive results. It is better to finish a major task that affect the main objective of your business rather than handling multiple minor task which minor influence to your business. Choose a task that needs your hand with high level of urgency to finish first.

2. Focus more on doing things you most need to improve

There must be some aspects you know best which make you feel safe in your comfort zone because you have expertise on it. However, you need to practice other things that can expand and improve your expertise. This is how you take a step forward and not stay at the same place. This how you can be more productive because you try to improve. When you can step up your game, you have more opportunities to grow. You will also get better in handling your business.

3. Find out your waste hours and turn it into productive hours

There must be times when you spend hours scrolling your social media accounts or replying chats with friends. Or, you are used to spending hours for sleeping and lazing around. You can change this habit and turn your wasted hours to productive hours. Use your wasted time such as waiting in line to check email, read financial report, or plan out your work for next day.

4. You can also set the deadline yourself

Set the amount of time you need accomplish a task. This will make you more focus on your task and won’t easily get distracted because your time limit is specified. You can set your own timer and turn off your phone or anything that can distract your work. For example, you set 30 minute to finish your financial report without any distraction. Working in short time with focused burst is more productive than spending hours without accomplishing anything.

5 Reasons Summer Surf Camp is Bringing an Endless Fun

Summer surf camp sounds a great idea for travellers who are looking for an adventure through the waves, sea, sandy beaches, breaks, and even yoga.

But even though it is perfect for only summer season, yourself will be the main reason and limit of when you will be going for it. Being in a surf camp is important for the first timers since it is allowing you to learn surfing the best and professional ways with the certified instructors that are ready to teach and being asking about anything relevant.

Starting your first surf camp adventure in summertime will also allowing you to experience that a week or even a month of holidays will never be enough.

Reasons summer surf camp is bringing the endless fun

There will always something new you can experience as well as the waves, the sea and the beaches themselves are the things that seem to be impossible to make you bored to death. Haven’t heard such a thing before, have you?

1. Not only perfect for summer, surf camp is the all season holiday package

If there will be many ideas on how to spend holidays that can be perfect and fit for all the seasons all year round, then learning how to surf in a surf camp will be one of them.

Summer surf camp may sounds tempting, but even though you can’t control yourself for surfing in the cold winter, ensure that you’ve got the surfing wetsuit to wear on to keep yourself of being warmth. That’s what it is for.

Think about when you are going to experience the surf camp europe where there are more countries that can be as cold as your body can’t be handled for being hours on water.

So, you’d better save the money after you are getting back from the surf camp and start planning about buying the surfing wetsuit with enough thickness to help you dealing with cold water.

2. Where there will be the summer, there will always be an ocean of adventures to catch

For many countries, summertime is always the longer holidays in a year. It means that there will be more time to spend in luxury or in an adventure.

In case you are a big fan of the ocean, being on a luxury cruise may your dream of lifetime. But did you know that summer surf camp is also offering the same? You can charter the boat and even the cruise to catch the perfect waves while experiencing how luxury it is of spending your holidays in the middle of the ocean.

Even, if you’d love to experience the surf camp for beginners in the summer that combine the beach activities as well as the adventure on the ocean in searching for the waves and luxury, there have been many surf operators are offering such thing.

It then will becoming an endless fun for your holidays since you can always decide when you will go for it, if summer is not possible for you, think about the early of an autumn and else.

3. Every surf spots in the world are the popular ones for the beginners

Our mind have been provoked that there are only one or some popular surf spots in a certain country. The true is, you don’t need that at all. Any kind of beaches or sea’s corners in this world can be used as your surf playground as well as the place for a surf camp as long as the spots are beginner-friendly ones.

That’s it. If you think that the waves can be well-handled and controlled in term of the intensity and heights, the beaches are not containing the rocky bottom, then you can always started your summer surf camp anytime you want.

The sea is seems to be the endless object for us and that will also be the reason it will be providing us the endless fun and adventure.

4. Summer is always the great match to the beach and sea, that’s when the surf camp will be the perfect activity to spend your holidays

It is in summer where the beaches will get the most crowded visitors ever. It is also summer where people are becoming the big fan of swimming and surfing and anything related.

As if God have been creating the summer, the sea and the beaches for that. Or that perfect combination may the special gift from God to its creatures? Summertime’s surf camp may the way to spend your holidays, but who would have guessed that the waves are also the gift from heaven?

5. Summer surf camp surely be a way to explore the exotic islands or countries at their best

Tropical countries or islands are always the best things to explore in a lifetime. The tropical atmosphere is always the paradise especially when the wind is blowing the smooth breezing. Could you imagine that?

Now, let’s take it a bit further! Can you see yourself paddling or jump out of the surfboard and being on it all over again as the other surf beginners are also doing the same? The sun is hot and the water is a bit warmer, your skin is getting tanned slowly and there will be a fresh drink with a little umbrella in it at the beach. Sounds tempting to experience? Then plan to be in a surf camp at summer so it won’t be an imagination only.

At where you are living now, the summer may have been passed by or just getting started and there are two question remain, when and where your first surf camp experience will be started?

Is Professionalism Important for Small Business?

Running a small business should less your enthusiasm to reach success. In fact, you can go big by starting small. Starting a small business gives you the opportunity to do everything right. No matter how small your business is, you need to treat it like a business. One of the most important elements in business is professionalism.

Importance of professionalism for small business

Even if your business started small, you need to build and maintain professionalism from the start. Professional workplace behavior is crucial to help you reach a long-term success in business.

Professionalism in small business

Professionalism in business includes how every individual interact with each other in workplace, as well as how maintaining relationships with customers. If professionalism is excluded from your business, it will be impossible for you to reach your objectives and goals. Professionalism is also important because it can boost the performance of your business. Here are why professionalism is important even for small business:

  1. Professionalism can set appropriate boundaries. It doesn’t mean you need to be strict all the time and overworking your teammates. Professionalism help you setting up appropriate boundaries as to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings. By adopting professional behavior, every individual know not to cross the line when having conversation or interacting. Imagine if you ask something too personal to your coworker, superior, or clients. They might get offended and it can affect your professional relationship which more or less can jeopardize the performance of your business as well.
  2. Ensuring credibility and accountability. Building your reputation including your credibility and accountability is not an easy feat especially when you start your business from the scratch. You need to make people believe that you and your business are reliable and credible in providing products or services. Gaining trust from clients, teammates, or business partners takes time. However, professionalism can help you achieve it in the long run.
  3. Professionalism is also important for your business to establish respect especially for authority figures, co-workers, and clients/customers. By maintaining professionalism you can reduce the chance of gossips or inappropriate personal conversation which unrelated at all to the work. Besides, gossiping is disrespectful. With professional attitude, you can create positive working environment.
  4. Professionalism is needed to avoid conflicts. Your business might be small and your employees are not large yet. However, working in team will always have windows for conflicts because every individual has different traits and characteristics. It is easy to get offended when opinions are clashed. It can lead to attacking each other’s personal life. However, it can be avoid if you and your team can maintain professional behavior. Professionalism can help establishing mutual understanding and respect so conflicts can be prevented because nothing personal is included.
  5. Professionalism can also help boosting personal improvement. You and your teammates are in business environment so you are required to operate professionally. It can help boosting personal growth in many ways. It is because you and your teammates will feel better about yourself. Therefore, you will be encouraged to perform even better because it makes you feel good.