Selling Your Property with the Help of Real Estate Agent

Throughout your career in property investing, there must be a time when you decide to sell your investment property. After all, there is a lot of options you can do to your investment such as relocating, downsizing, upsizing, and selling. However, selling your investment property is not as simple you thought. Of course, it is easy if what you care about is to sell it quickly. However, it is not that simple when it comes to property business because you need some considerations. One of the best solutions you can come up with is to hire a real estate agent. Thus, you will be successful in selling your investment property and gain profit you deserve.

Considering real estate agent to sell your investment property

Every investor who decide to sell their investment property aims for successful, hassle-free, smooth, profitable property sale. That is why hiring a real estate agent is good consideration. However, it is also important to choose the right agent to achieve your goals properly. Here are some factors you need to include into your considerations:

  • Before signing any contract with a real estate agent, try to find out more about them. There is nothing wrong with being selective and thorough. It is your property and your asset after all. Choosing wrong agent may lead to unsuccessful selling. It is important to not hurriedly make a deal with the first agent that comes in your mind. Who knows maybe the right one for you is the second, third, and so forth. Thus, do not need to be in a hurry.
  • Ask the real estate agent about the best method to sell the property in their opinion. Basically, there are three options to sell investment property including auction, tender, or private treaty sale. Each has benefit and weakness at some points so there is no really perfect method. However, the right method can be chosen based on the market, time, and type of property you are going to sell. Reliable agent will look at everything your property offers before helping you to choose the right method.
  • The next thing you need to ask of the agent is about the marketing strategy. Advertising is necessary when it comes to selling an investment property. This way, you will gather potential buyers who are interested to buy your property. Every agent may have different approach and strategy regarding to this matter. Make sure to choose real estate agent that comes up with the most effective marketing strategy that leaves impression. This type of approach is more impactful.
  • Try to find real estate agent who not only care about selling your property as soon as possible but rather considering the market situation and other important things. Try to find an agent that can estimate their own time in selling the property. Experienced and smart real estate agent will give you choice and reasons between selling later and selling now. This type of agent needs to be hired because it shows their professionalism and integrity.

Exclusive Holiday with Exclusive Bali Villas

Bali is a more than a nice place for holiday. It is where you can get meaningful travel either alone or with a group of friends and families. To manage your accommodation, you can rely on exclusive Bali villas, a villa management company that can help you finding the right villa for your stay in Bali. It is not that you can’t find it yourself. Trusting rental management means less hassle on your plate especially if you are planning on having exclusive holiday in Bali. By relying more on a rental management, you don’t have to worry about accommodation or stuffs and just enjoy the ride.

What exclusive Bali villas specializes at

There are various villa rental management or agencies in Bali since it is one of the most desired travel destinations for tourists around the world. However, you need to choose the best one if you want to have exclusive holiday along with exclusive service from where you are going to stay. Choosing villas is the right thing to do because then you can really feel the vibe of Bali at its finest. Exclusive Bali villas are specialized at many important things related to accommodation for your holiday such as:

Finding the right villa

It can be challenging to find the right villa in Bali because there are so many of them. It may be easy to find villas with high-end service and grand facilities. However, not all of them fits your preference. Besides, every individual has their own preferences as to what kind of villa they really want to stay at during their time in Bali. Some people look for humble and simple villa and others seek for more luxurious villas. Thus, exclusive Bali villas will help you finding the right one that really suits your personal interest started from the style of villa, the location, the price, and many more important things that need to be taken into consideration.

Villa with supervisor

Every villa featured in exclusive Bali villas include a supervisor to attend to your wish. You might have some requirements either before or during your stay at the villa. Thus, the supervisor stationed at the villa you book is the person you can rely on for any sort of requirements such as asking advice for restaurants, additional service, etc. You can always ask any question to the supervisor regarding to your holiday in Bali and you must have many if it is your first time visiting Bali.

Hospitality from friendly staffs

Everything you need will be managed and organized by in-house staffs ready at your service if needed including babysitter, massage therapist, cook, or tour driver. However, it is important for you to send require for additional services at least four hours prior notice. This will give time for the staff of exclusive Bali villas to prepare. If you cancel your request, you will be charged accordingly. Holiday in Bali is not a bad idea because it provides everything you need started from amazing nature, friendly locals, to exclusive accommodation.

Be Successful in Fruit Juice Business!

The fruit juice business, especially refreshing and healthy drinks, will always exist and promise until the future. Because it is one of the main human needs. Below are the benefits of having a fruit juice business:

Most wanted

The fresh and healthy fruit juice business will always be sought after. Because a healthy body is a condition that everyone wants. One way is to drink fruit juices that contain lots of fiber and vitamins. A person’s immune system increases with drinking fruit juice.


Fruit juice drinks with a variety of flavors such as grapes, apples, strawberries, lychees, mangoes, guava, avocado, melon, watermelon, dragon fruit, soursop, papaya, etc. are experiencing a trend and boom now. High market demand makes this business profitable. So if you are a beginner trying to sell fruit juice business will certainly sell well.


The type of beverage business that will be profitable and selling well forever is a drink that contains benefits for the health of the human body such as fruit juice business. Thus, my friend supports the government’s program to nourish the Indonesian nation.

Be Successful in Fruit Juice Business!

How to Start a Fruit Juice Business for Beginners?

To find out how to open a fruit juice business, here are the steps to start a fruit juice business for beginners, including:

Business Capital Preparation

The first thing to do is to prepare a business capital for fruit juice in the form of reserve money, buy a blender, straw, spoon, plastic, packaging cover press machine, sweetened condensed milk, various kinds of fruits, sugar, boiled water, carts, tables, chair, etc. For business equipment, fruit juices like blenders make sure it’s of good quality

Business Location of Fruit Juice

Choose a business location that is very strategic. Characteristics are easy to reach from all directions by consumers, easily recognized by the market, etc. For example the fruit juice business location on the edge of a busy highway, around the campus, and so on.

Fruits Supplier

After the fruit juice business equipment is complete and the business location, the next step is to get a supply of quality fruits. You can get it on traditional markets, etc. Do not let the fruits that you buy as raw material for rotting fruit juice.


Consumers will feel bored with the taste of the fruit juice. When the sales turnover of fruit juices drops sharply then that’s when you need to innovate fruit juice. So that the fruit juice business is still selling well and big profits. There are various ways that can be taken to innovate fruit juice like adding new taste.


Choose your own brand that is easy for people to remember and unique. This is to distinguish from competitors for example, “Our Juice”. The brand name of the fruit juice business must be listed in the booth of the cart to be seen by many people.

Affordable prices

For the price of fruit juice per glass, make sure it’s affordable for the market share that you’re aiming for. The price of fruit juice per serving must be cheaper than competitors without leaving quality.


Another factor that greatly supports the success of opening a fruit juice business is maintaining cleanliness from the start of raw materials, the appearance of the cart, the appearance of the seller, etc.

Those are the detail explanations about the fruit juice business. Try it!

Komodo Liveaboard Budget that Still Take You Sail in Style

With more than twenty islands to explore, backpacking the Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, definitely gives a different experience from travelling around the rest of Asia. Travelling in this UNESCO-protected national park is identical with a sailing trip—you gotta hop from one island to another within the park to get the best Flores experience. The locals, who descend from Sulawesi’s Bugis tribe, were long known for their seafaring tradition—reckoned as the bravest in South East Asia waters. Flores is a land or pirates, ancient tribes, prehistoric dragons, mysterious jungles and savannah hills, and a bunch of uninhibited islands. You simply cannot go wrong with backpacking sailing trip in Komodo National Park, Flores. 

If gourmet food, ensuite bathroom, and luxury accommodation is not of your concern, then this selection of Komodo liveaboard budget would be enough to deliver your Komodo experience. Though there’s no frill, but you’ll still get the same adventure, epic dive, and cold beer as the pricier boats without breaking the banks on your long awaited holiday. 

Komodo Liveaboard Budget that Still Take You Sail in Style

KLM Helena Phinisi

The KLM Helena Phinisi based liveaboard will suit those who wants a lower price trip to Komodo. If you’re backpacking or on a tight budget, this could be the one for you. Despite for being a Komodo liveaboard budget, KLM Helena is professionally run and provides good food, friendly staffs, and impeccable island excursion. There are 5 cabins to choose from, two with twin beds, two with triple beds (combination of double beds and single), and one with double beds. Bathrooms are shared just like any other common facility on this boat. KLM Helena Phinisi is a no frill boat that would definitely attracts younger crowd looking for a simple boat that offer adventure within their budget. 

KLM Regina Liveaboard

Just like other ships, the KLM Regina Liveaboard operates trip mainly to Komodo, Padar, Rinca, and other surrounding islands. It’s comfortable and very reasonably priced backpackers who wished to enjoy Komodo in limited budget. Designed from the start with the customers comfort, safety, and enjoyment in mind, she has air conditioned cabins for a maximum 8 travelers, an outdoor saloon, and a spacious rooftop terrace with  beanbags and beach chairs for relaxing sunbath with ocean view. This Komodo liveaboard budget offers 2 cabins, one with 1 bunkbed and 2 double beds, and the other one with 3 bunk beds and 1 large double beds. It’s perfect choice when you are travelling in group!

Kelana Boat

The Kelana liveaboard has been very popular in the last few years, running some interesting 3 -5 day trips featuring Komodo’s three major islands, stopping to less visited islands in between (such as the Gili Lawa, Kanawa, and Kelor), and a few dives in Komodo’s best sites. She takes up to 6 persons on boards in there cosy bedrooms with double beds. This 16 meters wooden boat has recently been refurbished, is very clean, tidy, and chic—infused with subtle boho style that would make a perfect Pinterest pin. Kelana is an excellent value Komodo liveaboard budget for sailing the Komodo this season—probably our top choice if you want a budget option on a very well run boat.

Making Long Term Property Investment by Choosing the Right Location

When it comes to property investment, the location always plays crucial role. It is like the basic of property investing. Choosing the right location of the property you are investing will make you be able to outperform any circumstance in the market. Of course, it is not the only point you need to highlight to make long term and successful property investment.

Making long term property investment by choosing the right location

However, it is one of the major points so paying attention to it is indeed important. However, the term of good location sometimes leads to various interpretation. What make property location good is when it has easy drive to your place of employment, situated nearby important amenities such as shops, schools or healthcare service, and safe neighbourhood. This type of property is always preferred by any type of tenant for a long term period.

Location for long term property investment

It is true that every country may have different perspective of ideal living condition including the location itself. However, there is also similarity of the point, lifestyle. Every individual has different lifestyle. Some of them may prefer to start a family later in their life.

Some of them may prefer to live in a place with great walkability to important amenities such as shops, hospital, etc.

and some others may prefer to live in a place with efficient maintenance and cost efficient. With these points, it is easy to conclude that location and lifestyle is related to each other when it comes to make long term property investment. So here are points you need to highlight in your attempt to make long term investment:

Proximity and walkability are important points when it comes to the location of a property you need to invest. Property with great proximity to amenities such as hospitals, workplace, schools, shops, and bus station has higher values.

It is even better when a property has great walkability. It means it is located in an area where amenities are mostly within walking distance.

Therefore, tenants don’t need to deal with long haul transport when they need to reach a destination. Tenants are always willing to pay more to be able to live in this kind of property.

The lifestyle location can determine the value of the property. Therefore, it is important to analyse the lifestyle within the location of the property you are going to invest. If the location of the property has café situated in strategic area, it will make a great and long term investment.

You see, café has become important place for every individual’s lifestyle. It is not a place to only enjoy a cup of coffee anymore. It has become a place where you can meet up with families, friends, or colleague works. Meeting up in a café somehow has become habit or ritual most people adopt in their life.

Thus, choosing a property with great proximity to great café is promising for long term investment especially when it offers great walkability. Remember that café is a place for anyone regardless age and gender.

Exceed Your Family’s Expectations by Stay in Large Villas Bali

Have you ever think about planning a family trip in Bali? If you are in doubt that it will be the expensive trip you have ever planned, just so you know that one of the reasons why Bali is popular among travellers is the cheap and affordable accommodation options. Even if you will have to rent the large family villas in Bali, the price is cheaper in reality than your thought. And that’s what we are going to talk about now why you have to rent one someday.

There are also plenty of budget hotel rooms or the budget-friendly hostels you can choose. But if you are preferring to experience the absolute luxury and tranquility of modern living, then the large Bali villas for your family is the main priority when you are planning for it.

Exceed family expectations by staying in large villas in Bali

Why would you want to reserve the small hotel rooms or hostel for your family with the lack of their facilities and the narrowed rooms? If you can get almost anything you need in your accommodation that will still as affordable as it could be, then renting the large family villas Bali is the right thing you have to do.

Therefore, it is making any sense if the large villas are what you need to find for your family in Bali. And by the way, most of the villas themselves are passionate about providing you the tropical atmosphere experiences that will truly mindful life meaning for all of your family members.

You can also considering to stay in large family villas while traveling in Bali when you are on a special vacations such as to celebrate the special birthday or a private wedding, an anniversary of the marriage and the other romantic getaway for 2 or 3 families and even more.

There are various large villa options in Bali that have been devoted to be the temporary places for families on vacation where you can even bring in dozens of people. In fact, I have been found one that can even be fit and enough for 20 guests or a bit more than that.

Even though I have no idea how many family members you can bring to travel around in Bali, but trust me that there will always be some places you can rent to stay in luxury.

The most interesting thing and could be the important one that I can’t only keeping it for myself is: most of the villas including the large ones that are perfect for all kind of families in Bali are located nearby the beach. The centre of the tourism in Bali itself is always the beaches since a long time ago and there’s the favourite location where all of you can exceed the expectations ever since anything seems to be possible.

Staying in a large family villas in Bali is a dream come true! Not to mentions that the amenity options are better than the other accommodations and services by the talented local staff experiences that can exceed your expectations. Should I write about the best location to rent the villa in Bali one day?

How to Make Your Property Renovation Pay Off

Property development is one of the strategies investors can do to gain more profit from their investment. One of property development strategies is doing renovation to the property.

How to make property renovation pay off

This is expected to increase the value of the property. Lots of new generation also get more interested to renovation. After all, renovating can lead to increasing value, more appealing to tenants, and increasing the rents. However, sometimes your expectation doesn’t meet the point.

Therefore, it is important to use the right strategy in renovation so that it will pay off in the end. The better thing to happen is to make it as long-term investment.

Strategies to make sure the renovation pay off

Lots of investor doing renovation in hope to be able to sell it with increasing value. Thus, they can gain profit from it. However, you can even do better than that. You can use the strategy of buying, renovating, refinancing, and holding for the long term.

This is a smart plan for investor to grow their property business to another level while still gaining more profit. Here are things you need to know:

  1. Make sure that no matter what strategy you are in renovating, you follow the rule of renovating for profit. This type of property investment is highly recommended for investors. Thus, you need to make sure that you make the right purchase of the property. You need to buy property with the right price at the right location. This is to make sure that you are going to make more money when you finish the improvements. Paying too much for the property you purchase is not so wise decision. To decide the right price, you need to determine the end value of the property after the completion of renovation from the beginning.
  2. Always set your budget in realistic measure. You need to expect the renovation to cost more than you expect and take longer than you planned in the beginning. It is quite common for property development project to require extra budget and time than what the investor planned. What you see on TV show about how easy it is to do renovation is never true because it is never as easy as it looks.
  3. Another strategy is to put your foot on your expected tenant’s shoes. You need to think and consider what type pf improvement or property that will attract tenants more. Or, you can instead target certain type of tenants you want to attract. This way, you have clearer plan of what to do with the development project.
  4. It is also important to not let your emotion get involved in your property development plan. Undertaking renovation with your emotion and personal feeling never turns out good. Instead of pay off, the project will put your finance in jeopardy. Therefore, put aside your personal feelings and focus more on making your property livable, functional and profitable. To achieve this kind of goal, you need to use your logic instead of emotional attachments.

How to Deal With On Page Optimisation of Your Site in 2019?

Google has been updated its algorithm last 12th March of 2019 ago and there have been many changes in SERP and affecting many sites in the world. Many of you may have found some sites before on the first page, can be thrown away to the next page or even can’t be found on the 100 first page of result.

Simple on page optimisation for your website in 2019 you can do right now.

But, even though that Google had just updates the core algorithm that are affecting the sites until today, there are still the benefits to know about the on page optimisation so you can still optimising your site to be ranked on first page and top of the result.

Many SEO services may never told you that all of the contents that are displaying on your site right now can be optimised in many possible ways. Those are your own assets that can support the site optimisation itself.

And by saying about the on page optimisation, it all about how to maximise all of the contents along with the website design and development itself if you have all of that skills. But if not, you may will need the website designer and developers as well as the service like the Bali SEO to help your site rank well on search engines.

On page optimisation for your site in 2019

If you just got your own business site and don’t know how to to start your own SEO campaign, you can actually start by evaluating your on page contents are.

I am assuming that you don’t know much or even a bit about the website design and development, so I think you will need a help about that since they are also important for your site’s SEO score.

The design can make your site loaded faster or slower, the colour combination used on the site can make your visitors being comfortable or won’t spend a lot of times in your site, the lack of information you are providing can also be the answer of how fast the visitors are closing their tabs when visiting your site. All of those are contributing in starting your own SEO campaign related to the web design and development.

But don’t worry since it will be done just by buying the theme or template for your new business site so you can then focus on the other parts of the on page optimisation.

Here are things you can do for this 2019 to rank your site well on search engines just by depending on the on page optimisation.

1. Make sure you are researching for the keywords you want your site to be ranked

Researching the keywords for on page optimisation of your site in 2019

If you want your site to be ranked well on Google, then you have to know which keywords that are typed by the users that are related to your business site. Using the Google Keyword Planner or what is now called as the Google Ads as the free tool for that will allowing you to know which keywords that will be targeted and how many the volume is along the competition level.

If you are targeting the keywords with higher volume but have a high level of competition, it will be a luck if your site can be ranked on first page which is mean that will only happen once among the billions of chance.

So, you’d better started off with the low competition keywords to make your site ranked well by the time.

2. Use and apply the keywords in all possible parts of your site

There are things called as the Meta Title and Meta Description. If you don’t know about both, you’d better find how to make use of them right now.

Keywords are flexible where you can apply them into the title of the contents, the URLs, name and the alternative text for your images and videos, image captions, and many more.

So does when you are writing the article or the business offers for your customers, make sure that the targeted keywords are mentioned in the page but you should use them often to avoid spamming and keyword stuffing. Make it naturally readable and human friendly since human are the one that are you writing for.

3. Write long content is better and even keep on recommending by SEO professionalists

How do you think about the articles with a 500 words and the 1,000 words? Which one will have complete or in-depth information?

The longer the content you are writing, the more information your visitors can get and it will also a great way for on page optimisation since search engine will see your page is complete. Moz itself has been created the Page Authority (PA) to score every pages in a site which one is better and can be ranked well on Google comparing to the pages on other sites.

Writing long will allow you to talk more about the important things of what you are concerning of and the readers won’t also get a half information about the topic.

The interesting thing about that is your long written contents can also increase their social media shares since many may found them pretty much complete than the others.

But if that won’t be possible to write long content since you may are offering the products and will only allowing you to write around 300-500 words, make sure you are putting the keywords in and you can simply deal with the Keyword Density.

4. Include your page with representative images and interesting videos if possible

Include with the images and videos of your optimised contents

The next on page optimisation you can apply for this 2019 is to make use of the image and video format files. Both are the clickable assets so your visitors are tempting to read the other pages in your site as well.

Using the image and video files for a long content can also helpful in breaking the page not to be bored and rigid so people will keep on reading your contents no matter how long it is.

Videos and images are also helpful in making your site ranked well on Google. It is because many of the search engine result pages are even shown the images or videos on the top 1 of Google. You must have been seen the videos on YouTube become the very top link on search results right?

5. Don’t forget the relevant internal links

Internal links are the recommendation for the readers to read along the other references that are so much related to the recent topic they are reading.

If you are using the internal links in your site, make sure that as much as possible, they are the relevant links so each pages can also increase the Page Authority of the other linked pages. And relevant is the main key for that. No doubt about that.

And to be honest, using the internal links can also increase the pages to be ranked well on search engines. The more a page is getting recommended, it is possible that it will be the most read and popular page of a site. Later on, when people are spending more of the times on that page, its Bounce Rate can be reduced and people may are sharing it all the times so you will get the advantages of the internal link itself and the social signal, etc.

Later, no doubt that the page can be on first top of Google search for the related keywords that you are targeted.


Top Business Tips for Beginners

Getting as many business tips as you can is very important when you start your own small business. As we all know, starting even a small business is pretty tough. Not to mention that there are so many people who also start businesses these days. The competition will become harder every day. Therefore, seeking some business advice will definitely help you in running your small business. No matter what kind of business it is, tips and advice will help you improve your business to be better. If you happen to begin to start a small business, we will give you some business tips which will help you in running your business.

Always be Passionate

Enjoy and love what you are doing are one of the most important keys in the business world. We all know that starting a business can also come from what the people want these days. However, without enjoying the process and without you putting so many efforts, your business will fall.

Start While You are Still Working

Not all businesses can give you money right away. You will likely get the profit a few months after you start your business. Therefore, it is very important to start a small business when you are still employed. This way, you will have some money as the fund. Moreover, if your business needs a few employees, you definitely need some money to pay them.

Find Supports

Supports are very important when it is your first time starting a business. The support can be from your friend, family member, or from your mentor. They can help you by giving their thoughts about your business and will help you run the business.

Write a Business Plan

The next business tip is to write a business plan. The reason why writing a business plan is so important is that you can avoid getting yourself in trouble when your business fails. Not only that but you can also know what to do if there are some emergency situations in your business.

Doing Some Researches

Master everything that you do is the most important thing in the business world. No matter what kind of business you start, you need to become an expert. For example, if you are opening a culinary business, then you need to master the food quality, food trends, and even the products. 

Always be a Professional

You need to be able to become serious and professional when you are running your business. No matter how small your business is, you need to act like a professional. For example, personal matter cannot be mixed up when it is still a business hour. Another example is that you can prepare business cards, emails, social media which are meant for your business. This way, your clients will see your business as a capable business.

Those are the best tips for you who begin to start a business. Following these business tips will definitely enhance yourself and your business. Do these business tips and you will see the result!

Recommended Small Business Ideas in 2019

Looking for small business ideas before you start your business is very important. These ideas will also give you many benefits. As you know, there are so many youngsters who decide to open up a business in 2019. However, there are also many who have failed after a few months opening up a business. The business ideas will help you in determining what kind of business is perfect in nowadays’ life. Therefore, to help you in finding the best and suitable small business, this article will list down some of the recommended small business ideas for you. Let’s get started!

Recommended Small Business Ideas in 2019

Food Truck Business

It is not a surprising thing if food always becomes the most recommended business nowadays. That is why there are so many people who start food truck businesses as their first step. The idea of selling delicious foods inside a truck will attract so many people and you do not have to bother to pay for the rent. You can stand in anywhere that you like and employ one person to sell the foods.

Coffee Shop Business

The next small business idea is a coffee shop business. As you know, coffee is always welcomed. In fact, most of the people in the whole world love to drink coffee. Mostly, people will love to relax inside a coffee shop and enjoy a nice atmosphere in the shop. If you happen to love coffee, you can start your own coffee shop. You can start to build a small coffee shop with a small investment and a good quality of coffees.

Ice-Cream Business

Who does not love ice-creams? Most of the people, especially children, love to buy ice-creams. This will definitely bring you a lot of profits. You can either build a small shop or you can even use a truck to sell your ice-cream. Both of the choices will only require a small investment. Besides that, you can experiment new or unique ideas with your ice-cream and do not have to fear to fail because ice-cream can never go wrong, right?

Bakery Business

Although opening a bakery business needs a lot of efforts such as baking and management skill, this kind of business will bring you so many profits. If you have already mastered the baking and management skill, you can go start a bakery. You can either open up a small bakery shop with delivery services, or you can use a truck to avoid paying rent.

Bee Farming

For your information, bee farming does not require a spacious flower garden. In fact, you can start with a small flower garden. If you are thinking that bee farming will only produce honey, then you are wrong. Not only bee farming can make you sell fresh honey, but bee farming can also make you sell candles which are made from the wax of the bees.

Those are lists of recommended small businesses which you can start in 2019. The most important key is to be passionate and keep on trying. Now, choose one of the small business ideas from the list and start to plan and we wish you good luck!