The Use of Visual Language to Boost Your Business

Marketing in business is one of the most important key to reach success. It needs to be planned carefully and thoughtfully because every move has its own risk and potential. Marketing strategies are varied in technique and tool. Not all of them can meet your expectation because every business has its own characteristic. That’s why choosing the right marketing strategy is essential for your business growth. There are many things you can do to spice up your marketing strategies to attract more customers. One of them is using visual language. 

How visual language boost marketing success

Visual content often attracts people especially when it is presented in high-quality. That’s why it is right to say that visual content is one of the most important necessities for marketing success. The design of your brand should catch the eyes of people if you want to raise brand awareness. Your visual content should also engage your audience in delighting manner in the first few seconds. Remember that attention is easily distracted. If you can’t catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds, they will turn their head somewhere else and you lose your opportunity.

business meeting


Visual content for your marketing campaign also should be varied. You can’t rely on one type of visual content. You should make sure your visual content is available in various form such as video, info graphic, etc. Also, it is essential to keep making visual contents which are related to your brand. There is no use to make high-quality content if it’s not relevant to your brand. The point of providing visual content is to promote your business more. The visual content in your marketing campaign should represent your brand. It should contain the message you want to deliver about your brand. 

Brand Guidelines

Next, you can follow your brand’s guidelines in creating marketing campaign through visual contents. However, it is highly advised to be more flexible and not to follow them to the T. Keep in mind that there are so many potentials you can get by using visual contents. There are many visual contents you can create for full potential. That’s why do not limit yourself in creating the content. Your brand’s guidelines can be used as the base or root but don’t let it limit your creativity in producing high-quality visual content for marketing campaign. 

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It’s all about the concept

High-quality visual language is not only about using high-technology tools. It is also about how you can produce a content that is not only interesting but also uniquely you. You have to make sure that the visual content you create looks and feels unique to the audience. Make sure to use symbols, words, and visualization to deliver message effectively and build connection with your target customers. In visual language, there are important elements to consider such as illustration style, typography, color palette, and illustration style. Those elements will be a guide for you to create an on-brand campaign through high-quality visual content. It can help drive your business faster. 

Tattoo Bali Design Ideas: Mandala Tattoos’ Various Meanings and Interpretations

The Mandala designs are loved by many, including us over at tattoo Bali who always find something new to admire about different mandala designs we see. Aside from the intricate linework and the sheer display of attention to detail that these tattoo designs have, the mandala has a spiritual significance to both the Hinduism and Buddhism. The word “Mandala” itself is Sanskrit that means “disk” or “circle”. And going by that definition, there are virtually endless ways to make a mandala tattoo unique to you in terms of design.

bali tattoo

Getting a Mandala design for your tattoo Bali 

Although the mandala design has been increasing in popularity when it comes to tattoo Bali that does not mean that just any artist could get your tattoo done. Not all tattoo artists are adept at doing fine lineworks and such. Just like with getting any tattoos, research your artist and choose one whose portfolio reflect what you have in mind. This should be one of your top priorities before getting tattoo Bali whether you have a fixed design in mind or not.

tattoo bali mandala

But what if you did not find a mandala tattoo among the works of your favorite tattoo artist or the best tattoo shop in Bali that you’ve found? That does not mean they can’t do it. So here’s to look out for before you ask the artist: 

Things to look for for a mandala tattoo artist:

  • Artists who are adept at intricate linework 
  • Artists capable of producing fine details 
  • Portfolio in symmetrical and geometrical shapes 

And remember, the best place to get a tattoo in Bali will always be happy for consultations. 

Mandala as a spiritual element

The Mandala tattoo holds spiritual concepts both in Hinduism and Buddhism, and in both religions, the design itself holds an all-encompassing concept. In Hindu meditation, the mandala represents “focus” – one of the ways to achieve a clarity of mind, to better understand the world and the cycle of life.

lotus mandala tattoo design

The use of the Mandala design in Buddhism has fundamental similarities to that of Hinduism as well. In Buddhism, the mandala if often interpreted as a symbolic image of the universe itself. All of the symbols and elements that make up a mandala are thing that contribute to the flow of the universe itself. 

Rebirth and karmic circle: a reminder of the fickle nature of life

For some people, the mandala tattoo may represent a spiritual awareness of the phenomenon of rebirth and reincarnation. Both Hinduism and Buddhism as a whole believed in this concept, and certain mandala designs are used to represent that. But to have a mandala best tattoo in Bali, one does not have to be spiritual.

ankle tattoo mandala.jpg

However, the interpretation of “rebirth” itself does not have to be spiritual for it to relate to your very own personal experience. A rebirth can be interpreted as the fact that you’ve survived catastrophic events to you personally. It could also mean a continuous growth for towards a better self from the little things that you do and work for everyday.

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Tattoo meanings are inherently personal 

Just like languages or any other art form, meanings are something assigned by humans. This is the reason why one artwork can have so many different meanings. What a mandala mean to you can mean an entirely opposite concept to another. This can also mean that, people may not assign any meaning to the mandala tattoo they get. It may just be that they like the art and they decided to get it tattooed on their body. For a design as impressive as the mandalas? That wouldn’t be much of a problem, aesthetic-wise. 

How To Keep Your Innovation Alive As Your Business Grows

Growing a successful business is full of challenges. However, it is not impossible to reach success if you keep innovation alive. Innovation in business is important because it helps business to survive in the long run. Innovation is like a pulse for your business and it is what can make your customers stay loyal. Facing challenges and while keeping your innovation edge is not easy. Losing your edge of innovation can be dangerous for business. What you can do is to create a culture of innovation because it can help in leading you to great ideas which benefit your business.

Keeping innovation edge while growing your own business

Creativity is said to be important point to innovate. The more creative you are more ideas you can come up with. Here is what you can do to keep innovation as your business grows.

How To Keep Your Innovation Alive As Your Business Grows

Understand Your Limits

First thing you should do is to understand yourself and your team by acknowledging the limit. It is not something uncommon for individual to have their own limit no matter how great they are. By acknowledge it, you have more space and time to improve. The process of acknowledgment is important to provide opportunity for creative thinking so new ideas can be earned. Keeping your business operation as early as possible can help in this process to run smoothly. 

Short Terms and Long Terms Goals

Your business must have short-term and long-term goals. Both are important for your business. However, it is important to manage them both properly. Setting long-term goals will allow you to have big pictures of your business. While doing so, you can keep handling short-term goals in a form of daily tasks. This way, you still have space to think of new ideas while maintaining daily operation. Long-term goals are more adaptable to changes without harming your business. 

Take Benefit of Technology

Embracing technology is also a great way to keep your innovation alive as your business grows. It can help you keeping up with the trends. You can set a flag using Google Alerts so you will keep up to date with recent information. Staying informed means you maintain the opportunities to come with fresh ideas. Technology can benefit your business in general aspects. That’s why familiarizing yourself with it will benefit your business in many ways. 

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Brainstorm with Cross Department

Conducting regular brainstorm can be a good strategy to keep your innovation edge. It is highly suggest that the brainstorm is done between different departments. It will provide more infusion because new perspectives are involved during the session. You can start with related knowledge about ideas as examples. From then, new ideas will come out from different perspectives of people who participate the session. 

Try Different Approach

It is also not a bad idea to try and come up with different approach than what you’ve been done. This can help the discovery of fresh ideas because different perspectives are being used. You can also simply schedule time to think properly and fully without any distraction. You can plan the session to be placed in new or different environment to create fresh atmosphere to think. 

Quality of Good Surf School in Ericeira Portugal

When you think about Ericeira Portugal, it’s hard to not to think about surfing. In fact, the Ericiera is one of the largest, all year round surfing destination in Portugal. This region is known for having the highest concentration of waves in Iberian Peninsula with all kind of wave variety. The swells are still pumping even at times when other beaches in Europe go flat. Surfers from all level, all round the world come to Ericeira to have an ultimate surf adventure or even learning all the basics from scratch. Naturally, hundreds of surf school blooms in Eirceira Portugal. Though that means variety of choices, it makes choosing the best Ericeira surf school quite a task. Here we have rounded up qualities that make a good surf school. Hope this helps!

Quality of Good Surf School in Ericeira Portugal

Their Instructor Should Be Fully Licensed

Never book a surf school who employ beach boys as their surf instructor. Listen, the surf instructor will be the source of all important hands-on knowledge you will get. Those tanned beach boys might be skilled in surfing, but that don’t necessarily means they are qualified to teach. A goos surf school in Ericeira Portugal should have fully licensed instructors to prove that they are compliance to teach. There are several surfing certification; ISA (International Surfing Association), ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors), and SGB (Surf Great Britain). It doesn’t really matter what certification that the instructor hold. The priority is having someone with legal requirement to teach you surfing safely. 

They Are Not Sugarcoating About Surfing

Surfing has somehow the image of being the coolest and the most laid-back sport while being identical to holiday. What they don’t tell you is that surfing is also one of the most extreme sport on earth. Beginners are often fooled on deception; thinking that surfing is as easy as it seems. The truth is, surfing requires mastering on combined skills all at once. Great physical power to paddle the board, balancing body on board, reading the waves, tides, winds, and sun, and not harming marine wildlife whilst doing all of that. That’s definitely something you could do with leisure. Find a good surf school in Ericeira Portugal that blatantly tell you about this. They should not sugarcoat surfing as something like an easy summer holiday.

Additional Fun Activities

We love surf schools that have awesome side kicks going on their camps. Side activities like horse riding, beach barbecue, yoga, or movie night. It makes a whole lot difference to staying experience at surf school!

Being Close to Ocean is A Plus for Surf School Ericeira Portugal 

When you head to surf school in Ericeira Portugal, you will want it to be as close with the beach as possible. It would be better if the closest beach suits your level. That would means less time spend to travel and more to do the actual surfing. 

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Small Groups in Ericeira Portugal Surf School

Having smaller class means the surf instructor could give more intense and focused training to students. Take notice at how much the group consist of before booking. Ideally, the peer group should not consist more than 5 students per session. Also, having a smaller group could strengthen the bonds between you and your new friends. It’s great to motivate each other, cheering for one another, and having a good time in all ways. 

The Importance of Brand Management for Your Business

A brand is important matter for your business because it is how you present your value of the business you run including the products and services. It is important to manage your brand reputation as it can help improve the perception of your audience. Brand management is also about building awareness as well as loyalty. As a business owner, you must have known about how branding is important process for your business to grow and develop. As important as the branding, brand management also plays important role because it is about how you proceed to monitor and maintain your brand. 

How Brand Management Works for Your Business’s Growth

Your brand is like the soul of your business because it is alive and you have to treat it like a living thing. It changes are inevitable when it comes to brand. There are many factors that can influence the way your brand grows. That’s why it is important to take control over it through proper brand management. Therefore, you can navigate your business story to communicate value and create loyal, strong relationships with your customers, general audiences, etc.

The Importance of Brand Management for Your Business

Appoint A Brand Manager

You have to appoint a manager to manage your brand so that you can make sure that it works successfully. They are the one who are responsible to manage the brand including navigate it to the right paths so that the value of your brand won’t fall into something negative in the eyes of your customers or general audience. Remember that it is possible for your brand to receive negative feedbacks. Sometimes it is inevitable no matter how hard you try building brand reputation. The problem is not to control what people say but how you respond to them the right way. And that’s why you need a good manager who is able to manage everything related to your brand value, quality, and reputation. 

It’s More Than A Marketing Strategy

Therefore, it is important to remember that brand management is more that marketing strategy because it affects the whole business. However, it is so worth it once you have done it the right way. It can benefit your business in many ways such as boosting your brand awareness, opportunities to increase the price of your products or services, customers’ loyalty, significantly increased sales, happy and satisfied customers. 

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Principles of Brand Management

There are principles in brand management you should be aware of. Things you should pay attention to when managing your brand of business is brand awareness. It is how your target customers as well as general audience feel familiar with your brand.   You need to raise public awareness of your brand to increase the engagement which influences the sales of your products and services. Another principle in brand management is equity. It involves customers’ experiences as the base of how they value your brand personally. This also involves your customers’ associations and perceptions of your brand. Another important principle is loyalty. It is done by increasing the level of satisfaction of existing customers. Customer service department is more influential more than marketing department for this.

Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!

Over the recent years, the far flung Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, has become a romantic magnet for couples. The exotic sights of undulating savannah hills, crooked shores, pink beaches, and auburn landscapes overlooking emerald ocean provides stunning backdrop for fluttering love shots. More bride and grooms-to-be take Komodo sailing trip to have pre-wedding shoots on Komodo’s raw and rustic beauty. If this sounds appealing for your dream wedding, here’s our tips on how to make it work. 

A One Day Trip Sailing or Overnight Komodo Sailing Trip?

image via bridestory

Komodo sailing trip package usually has several options. From a one day trip to 7D8N trip to the Raja Ampat, everything is available. However, you need to set on your priorities. A week of sailing trip would be perfect for an ultimate honeymoon gateway, but for a pre-wedding shoot, a one day trip would be enough. This should give you enough time to take shots at Komodo’s most scenic spots. At least three different spots could be taken on a one day trip, comprising Padar Island, Gili Lawa, Rinca, and maybe the idyllic Pink Beach. In between the visits, you can take fabulous shoot on the phinisi boat itself! Now, how many people have shoot their pre nuptial knot on a beautiful teakwood boat?

Nautical or Rustic Decor Look Best on Phinisi Boat

photo by : George Pahountis Photography ( )

One of the most beautiful thing on Komodo sailing trip is the phinisi boat itself. You will have a chance of sailing the Komodo in all teakwood, rustic looking, colour-coordinated boat that would be very easy to decorate. If you plan to have a session of photoshoots in the boat itself, you might need some decoration. Most yachts and small ship cruises in Komodo is already very pretty—you just need a little touch to emit the wedding vibe. To suit the all-wood look on the phinisi, pick flowers arrangement with matching color schemes with the boat. Pastels, white, and greens compliments the overlooking ocean scenery, while auburn and muted brown colours reflect the rustic vibe of Komodo’s savannah landscape. 

Wear Simpler Dresses on the Komodo Sailing Trip

 Taking A Pre-Wedding Shoot on Komodo Sailing Trip!
Image via tomodachiphotography

One important thing to keep in mind while having pre-wedding on Komodo sailing trip is; wear simpler dresses. Know that you will be moving islands—going up and down the boat frequently and possibly walk in the water to reach the destination. Also, you will be hiking the hills—which will be hard to done in 3 meters tail wedding gown. 

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Take Superb Views on Komodo’s Surrounding Islands

image via bridestory

Now we come to the ultimate question. Which islands work for your pre-wedding shoots? 

You can start at the Pink Beach early in the morning—before the sun gets too high. The Pink beach at 6 am glows like soft cotton-candy shores. This is perfect to have a dreamy, lovey dovey shoots with your beloved. Padar island is travelers’ all time favorite and it’s easy to explain when you arrived at its famous peak. The Rinca island serves a jurassic, wild-looking backdrop with its jagged hills, tall grasses, and lontar trees punctuating the skyline. For more impressive shots featuring dramatic hills, you could opt for Bukit Cinta, Puncak Amelia, and Puncak Silvia. Other vantage points for shooting alternatives are Kelor islands, Gili Lawa, and Makassar Reefs—each is stunning with its unique features. You won’t be lacking of awesome view if you choose the Komodo for your pre-wedding destination!

How Technology Affects Business In The Future

There is no doubt that technology is a powerful aspect in our life including how a business runs. Running a business is considered easy today in operative matter. That’s why it is important to acknowledge the existence of technology if you decide to run a business, online or not. It is powerful tool you can use to optimize the chance of your business to grow bigger. In fact, lots of people agree that technology will inevitably change the way we live and work. Technology has created variety of devices that contributes in transforming the world of business gradually and surely. 

Business and technology in the future

There are lots of business owners who focus their company on technology-oriented. Advanced data as well as automatic system are often used to develop the way the business works. There are many aspects of business are affected by the rapid growth of technology such as product manufacturing, customer service, bookkeeping, marketing analysis, and many more. That’s why it is hard to separate business and technology because it makes the advancement of business more significant.

business tech

However, it is also known that not all people can accept the way technology morphs itself into the world of business. Some of people in the business industry are still facing some hurdles in using technology for the growth of their business not only because they don’t like it but lack of in-house technical expertise. Even though most of business goers acknowledge and embrace technology, difficulties are inevitable. However, it would be such a waste to miss the opportunities of business’s rapid advancement due to the inability to use advanced technology. 


The use of advanced technology in your business can be significant especially in the efficiency of works and performance. There is a wide range of jobs in the business you have to handle. Some of them are repetitive. Therefore, you can automate a system to make those works easier to handle with proper technologies. Therefore, you can allocate the time for other urgent and important matters. 

Train your workers

To optimize the use of technology for your business in the future, you have to   teach your team how to use if properly. Thus, the technology you use won’t go to waste. You can upskill your current employees without hiring new people who have experienced in AI use. You can create special training program for your current employees to perform their task using high-technology devices or AI.

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Artificial Intelligence

Today, lots of business owners try to implement AI or Artificial Intelligence to their business operation. It is not a bad idea but it has its own hurdles to face. It is important to figure out the challenges and optimize the long-term value. It will be beneficial if you can navigate your technological strategies to specific objectives of your business. Thus, it is highly suggested to not just follow what kind of technologies the others use for their business because it might not work the same for yours. You have to know and understand your business along with its characteristics and objectives. 

Catering Denpasar: Planning the Right Menu for Your Bali Event

Denpasar, the capital of Bali, is home to a wide array of culinary delight—making it a perfect destination for various events such as conferences and weddings—thanks to its diverse populations. You’ll find various cuisines from the authentic local Balinese delicacies, Sumatran cuisines, to the ever-growing popular Japanese and Korean cuisines. There are several things you can do to create a memorable dining for your guests before you make a deal to book a catering Denpasar for your event.

catering denpasar

There is no such a thing as the perfect menu for everyone. But that does not mean you should just skimp on the catering services in Denpasar when you’re hosting an event and order whatever, or simply let your caterer do their work without much of direction or communication. It’s no secret that catering menu is one of the keys to a successful event; no matter the occasion you’re hosting or celebrating.

Catering Denpasar: Consider the type of event that you’re hosting 

The types of event you’re going to host is one of the things that you should keep on your mind when you’re hosting an event in Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, or any other places in Bali. So before you look for recommendations and set on your search for professional caterer for various events in Denpasar Bali here are some of the things you can take into considerations:

  • Is it a quick lunch with mostly friends and family for your anniversary celebration? Do you need an experienced wedding catering in Bali that specializes in destination weddings?
  • Is it a formal dinner in a black tie occasion? Or are you having a brunch event with your colleagues together with potential clients? The types of event play a big role is one of the first things that you should consider before you think of which catering Denpasar you’d like to contact. 

Cutting costs of hiring caterers

buffet catering bali

If you’d like to cut some costs, paying attention to the types of events is one of the first ways of doing it effectively. For instance, some events would allow you to simply order a drop-off catering, instead of a full-service one. A quick lunch event at a public place for a product lunch, for example, would make a drop-off possible. You can also order quick types of catering menu such as:

  • Sandwich with various fillings  
  • Onigiri. If you can find some good Japanese caterers. 
  • etc. 

Buffet catering Bali or a seated meal format? 

balinese food indonesia

Aside from the food, the format of the food presentation itself is going to affect what kind of catering you can get for your event. And the food presentation is also highly dependent on the meal format itself. 

Have an estimate of guest count ready 

Guest counts may also affect the meal format (buffet or plated meals) that you can choose for your Bali event. If you have over 100 guests with a particularly limited time frame and it’s imperative that your guests finish at the same time, then buffet is not going to be practical for you. 

wedding catering denpasar bali

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Consider your budget before you pick your food and your caterer 

There are numerous caterers in Denpasar that are quite affordable. Denpasar is known as the capital town of Bali, and yet, you’ll realize that prices are actually lower than, say, that of Kuta and Seminyak, which are obviously tourist areas. As long as you have your priorities straight, you’ll be able to hire catering Denpasar that’s well within reasonable cost and won’t blow a hole in your event’s budget. 

The Importance of SWOT Analysis for Business

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. For those who are involving in business, SWOT analysis is not unheard of. It is framework used in business to evaluate business’s competitive position so that strategic planning can be developed. Through SWOT analysis, internal, external factors and future potentials are assessed thoroughly. SWOT analysis is important for you to run business properly because it can provide realistic, fact-based data you need to find your company’s strengths, weaknesses, etc. You need accurate analysis so that you can make the right plan to grow your business. 

About SWOT analysis for business 

SWOT analysis is designed to deliver objective and factual data of your own business so that you can evaluate everything in detailed. This is important so you can avoid grey areas or baseless assumptions. This analysis will help you to stay in real-life context. The data you gather from SWOT analysis should be used as a guide to make necessary prescription and plan for the future of your business. This way, you have clear vision of the current state of your business and you can choose the right decision of where to go from then. 

The Importance of SWOT Analysis for Business

Strength of your business

Important factors SWOT analysis assessed include the strength of your business which means analyze what your business excels at and what makes it separated from your competitors. The weakness of your business/organization is also analyzed to find out which areas need to be improved. Then, opportunities often refer to external factors which are favorable for your business in a competitive advantage. As for the threat analysis, it refers to various factors which can harm your business potentially such as increasing competition, unstable market, rising costs for materials, and many more. 

Make strategic planning

SWOT analysis is objective and strategic assessment tool you can use to make strategic planning for your business. Your business has its own strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats that need to be recognized so you can make factual evaluation to develop it and make it a better one. This type of analysis will guide you to have fresh perspectives as well as new ideas for the future of your business. There are various factors in which can help SWOT analysis to work better. Diverse groups and voices in your company are important factor. They can provide realistic data points to the analysis so you get better insight and assessment. 

Improve internal matters in business

The technique of SWOT analysis included assessing performance, risk, competition, as well as the potential of a business. Other parts of business are also going to be analyzed at some points such as division, product line, relevant industry, etc. through SWOT analysis, you will receive data that can tell you where you need to improve your business internally. Thus, you can develop strategic plans. You can conduct your own SWOT analysis. However, you can also hire SWOT analysis analysts to help you conduct proper assessment of your business. Besides, professional analyst can make better job in analyzing your business because they have expertise on it. Therefore, you will get realistic data which tells your company’s position. 

The Ups and Down of Three Days in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Some of the world’ best gems are harder to access and one of them is the remote and Jurassic-looking Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site national park boast stunning natural scenery both below and above the water. The Komodo is an archipelagic landscape—the natural park has a string of around twenty islands spread in Flores Sea. This mean embarking on liveaboard Labuan Bajo day trips or multiple day trips is your only choice to see what Komodo has to offer. Mind you, however, that this destination is very remote and with its breathtaking beauty, comes certain challenges. Here we will strip naked all the ups and downs of liveaboard sailing in Komodo, Labuan Bajo.

The Ups and Down of Three Days in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip

Incomparable Natural Landscapes

The Komodo National Park won’t be like anything you have seen before. You are going to see series of barren, yellowish islands looming for turquoise waters, looking like straight from the movie set of the lost world. The national park is filled with every natural paradise you dream about. Steak white beaches, empty beaches, pink beaches, transparent water, and dragons. Not the fire-breathing dragons, but actual toxin-inducing killer lizard. What lies underwater is even more magical. Healthy and beautiful blooms of coral formations, turtles, pelagic, the majestic and graceful Manta Ray, tiny little pigmy seahorses, and thousands school of dishes in one dive. We haven’t even star talking about ethereal sunrise and and sunset in Komodo. You would experience one of the most NatGeo-like sunset of your life, watching thousands of flying bats fly off the Bat island, screeching on crimson sky, from the comfort of liveaboard Labuan Bajo. And when the night come, the clear sky displays arrays of glistening stars and the milky way galaxy. The natural wonders of Komodo is simply incomparable. It’s a perfect place to look a slice of Indonesia—and the world—that’s away from the crowds. 

Basic Accommodations on Average 

With so much that the Mother Nature could offer, however, Flores is still way far from Bali in terms of accommodation, transportation, and food. Finding a good budget hotel that worth the bucks could be quite a challenge. A really low-cost hotel might give you a somber, grubby, and dubious rooms. However, Labuan Bajo is now growing and they have more decent backpacker hostels and luxurious hotels than before. Prices can be more expensive than the same room facilities in Bali, though. 

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Hotel-Standard Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Exist, But with Price Tags

Going to explore the Komodo with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo means that you will need to choose between four types of liveaboard boats. The cheapest, around $300 and lower, might sleeps you on decks with thin mats and shared bathrooms. Mid range liveaboard start around $300 to $400 per night per person with bunkbeds and again, shared bathrooms. The actually decent and lovely liveaboard falls in the semi-luxury Komodo liveaboard category, which also a traveler’s sweet spot. Price ranges from $400 to $500/person/night, which includes private cabins, gorgeous ship designs, air conditioned rooms, and sometimes, ensuite bathrooms. However, they sell fast and actually quite pricey for a multiple day trips. In the top of the all liveaboard class is the luxury liveaboard Komodo, which comprises of all yachts and cruises. Expect to spend $500 and higher per night in this front liner phinisi